15 Best Carrd Alternatives

Carrd is a one-page website builder that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to build landing pages. It provides free mobile-friendly templates that allow you to create a business page.

Carrd is easy to use and offers ample flexibility to users. With an array of templates, you can create your website in no time.

Even though it sounds good, not all is great about Carrd. Some features are unavailable to free users. You must pay for the Pro account to get them.

Even so, paid plans like the Pro Standard and the Pro Plus may have inadequate features. For example, it has no SEO and not many plugin options exist.

Due to this, it makes sense to explore Carrd alternatives. In fact, I am going to discuss a few of them in this post. Of course, not all of these are free. Most of them are, but their paid versions have something to offer that Carrd does not.

Let’s find out more.

Best Carrd Alternatives

1. WordPress

There are two types of WordPress, as shown below:

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

The .org version is completely free, but you need a web host to run it and make it work. The .com version already has a web host and a free plan. WordPress is the most used website builder in the world, and 43.2% of all websites are built on this platform.

The one thing that WordPress excels at, not just compared to Carrd but for many website builders, is plugins. There are over 55,000 WordPress plugins that you can install to make your site better.

Plugins are applications that do not come with the standard CMS or website builder. They are programs that enhance the functionalities of your website that come from software developers. Most of them are free.

In addition, WordPress has a built-in SEO tool. In it, you can add meta titles and meta tags to your posts, standardize your URL, and much more.

While you can add some widgets to Carrd, the number of these widgets is pretty much limited. Most of these widgets lean towards email capture and payments, but these are not enough to provide you with a fully functional site.

2. Wix

Wix is a website builder that already includes hosting. Like Carrd, it offers a free website, but this website has its limitations.

The big difference between Carrd and Wix is that Wix offers a true drag-and-drop website builder. What this means is that from a blank page, you choose a section or function that you want from a control panel and then you drag it to the blank page.

The drag-and-drop website builder allows you to design your website from scratch. With Carrd, you are dependent on templates.

Another feature Wix has that Carrd does not have is you can convert your Wix website into an online store. While a Wix online store is not free, it gives you unlimited bandwidth and the tools you need to process payments, sell on social channels, and sell in multiple currencies.

With Carrd, you can only create payment forms, but then you cannot convert the website into a store where you can have several individual product pages.

Finally, Wix allows you to use several SEO tools and marketing solutions to help you make a sale. They have product review apps, subscription payment systems, dropshipping tools, and also the integration with social media channels like Facebook, where you can sell your products or services.

3. Weebly

Weebly is like Wix in the sense that it is a website builder and you can also convert your website into a store. Unlike Carrd, the free Weebly account already comes with SSL security and 500 MB of storage.

Here are the best features of Weebly:

  • Site Search – Your site visitor can use a keyword in a site search box to easily find what he is looking for.
  • Shopping Cart – You can add a shopping cart widget where the site visitor can just add products to the cart and checkout once they are done shopping.
  • Payment Gateways – You can use the payment gateway of Square or use third-party solutions to process credit card payments.

Weebly offers a coupon and discount program, which Carrd does not. Here, you can generate coupon codes to share with your target buyers. Then, if they use that coupon on your website, they will get a discount according to how you programmed that coupon to work.

Weebly also has a feature where you can integrate shipping labels. You can print shipping labels directly from your backend dashboard. Carrd does not offer this.

Finally, Weebly also has automated tax calculators, site analytics, forums, pop-ups and notifications, and so much more.

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4. Webflow

Webflow is a website builder, web host, and CMS all rolled into one. You can build a free website with submission forms and upgrade to a higher plan later should you need more features.

Here are the best features of Webflow:

  • Workspaces – Having a workspace means you can assign someone who can collaborate with you on the website.
  • Guest Editors – These are people you can add and who can edit the content of your website.
  • eCommerce – You can convert your website into a store, sell items, charge payments, and use marketing features.

One thing you can find in Webflow that Carrd does not have is the permission setting. Here, you can program what users can toggle to the website.

For example, you can give billing permissions to specific people so they can view and process financial transactions. For others, you can give them publishing permission, allowing them to add and edit content to your site.

There is also this thing called Advanced Permission, where you can give someone control over global changes in the design of your website.

Another area where Webflow excels over Carrd are the CSV reports. Although Carrd allows you to capture email addresses and site visitor information, Webflow does this better because you can export that data in CSV form, which you can open in Excel or any spreadsheet program.

5. Squarespace

Although Squarespace is primarily built for eCommerce, you can use this to build a one-page website, similarly to how you can do it with Carrd. Squarespace, however, does not offer a free account.

Like Carrd, the website you get from Squarespace is already mobile-optimized. So, with the basic plan, you can already enjoy unlimited bandwidth with Squarespace, plus you can also use its extensive analytics to understand what is going on in your business.

Squarespace allows you to convert your personal website into an eCommerce one, unlike Carrd. However, this does not mean you must sell products because you can sell services on this site if that is what you want.

In addition, Squarespace offers subscription selling, whereas Carrd does not. Subscription means you can charge your site visitors a monthly fee for the products or services you sold them.

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6. SITE123

SITE123 is a free website builder where you get to use templates to get started. For better features, the company offers only one paid plan where you can significantly increase your site storage and bandwidth.

Here are the things that it can do:

  • Use templates – There are hundreds of pre-built websites. Simply choose the one you like and then change the contents to reflect your business.
  • eCommerce – You can turn your website into an eCommerce store, which means you can dedicate product pages and add checkout pages and shopping carts.
  • Multiple languages – You can build your website and make it available in various languages. The user simply has to click on “translate” to show your website in his language.

One thing that SITE123 has that Carrd does not offer is the app market. The app market allows you to browse, download, and install apps like you would with Shopify or WordPress.

In addition, SITE123 comes with SEO standards that you can use to make your website more friendly and crawlable by search engines, especially Google.

For example, you can use meta tags, sitemaps, 301 redirect tools, and more. These features allow you to manage many things that search engines look for.

7. WebStarts

WebStarts is an excellent alternative to Carrd if you also want to build a blog. In addition to this, you can also build an online store.

Here are some of the cool features of WebStarts:

  • Automatic domain – There is no need to point your domain to your server. This process is automatic as long as you get the domain from WebStarts.
  • HTML – If you want to code your website, you can do this with your site’s HTML or CSS pages.
  • CDN – The system uses a content delivery network or CDN, which allows your website to load the pages faster depending on your site visitors.
  • Image Editing – You no longer need tools like XnView or its alternatives to edit photos. The website builder comes with an in-house photo editor.

What makes it different from Carrd is that it offers more design options. For the font alone, WebStarts has more than 700 fonts that you can choose from, making it easier for you to give your website a distinct character.

Another feature that WebStarts has that Carrd does not is Live Chat. With WebStarts, you can implement a chat widget that allows your site visitors to send you instant messages. Then, if you are available, you can answer them right away.

8. Mozello

Mozello offers a site builder and a store builder. Like Carrd, you can build a website in only a few minutes without coding skills.

Here are the best features of Mozello:

  • Domain name – You can customize your domain name and point the servers of Mozello to your specific domain.
  • Marketing – You will have access to several marketing tools to enhance your sales. processes. Some examples are Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, integration with social networks, and SEO.
  • SSL – You automatically get SSL security with the free plan of Mozello, but this is a paid service in Carrd.
  • Mobile-ready – All templates and websites made in Mozello are ready for mobile deployment. There is no need to toggle the code to make the website mobile-friendly.

Unlike Carrd, you have the option to convert your website into an eCommerce store or build your website this way from the start.

Also, the Mozello website you build comes in different languages, while Carrd does not. It means that you can reach specific markets or audiences farther and wider than Carrd because there is no language barrier.

9. Strikingly

Strikingly is a free website builder that also offers paid plans. Its key strength is that it already includes website hosting, and you can save on costs if you want to build multiple websites.

Here are the things you can do with Strikingly:

  • Unlimited sites – You can build unlimited sites with this program, even with the free plan.
  • Big bandwidth – You can enjoy up to 5 GB of monthly bandwidth.
  • Multiple pages – You can build up to five pages per website on the free plan, while you can only build one with Carrd.

One feature that Strikingly offers that Carrd does not is that you can add collaborators. Like WordPress, you can add people who can access the website, make changes as necessary, and control their permissions.

Another feature Strikingly offers is that you can turn your site visitors into paying members. You can convince them to subscribe and pay monthly to access exclusive content on your website.

10. Google Sites

Google Sites is one of the best free alternatives to Carrd because it works best in the Google universe. Here, you can build not only a one-page website but also a business one.

Here are the best features of Google Sites:

  • Basic elements – You can choose from default templates and then replace the content with yours. You can also embed images, HTML codes, and content blocks.
  • Table of contents – If you have a blog, you can do it in a way where the reader can just tap on the specific part of the page that they want to read.
  • Image Carousels – You can add a carousel to showcase your products or any image that you think is important for your site visitors.

Since it is from Google, one thing it can do that you cannot do with Carrd is integrate with some Google Apps. With Google Sites, you can integrate Google Drive and Google Maps. You can even add YouTube there.

In addition, Google Sites is one that you can use for collaborative practices, whereas you cannot do this in Carrd. For example, you can use Google Sites to schedule activities and publish content for your internet team.

11. Leadpages

While Leadpages is not free, it does have a lot of features that you will not find on Carrd. Leadpages is primarily a one-page builder like Carrd, but it is a much more powerful tool.

Here are some of the best things you will like about Leadpages:

  • Lead capture – The entire framework of Leadpages rests on one goal – to get leads. As such, you have the tools to offer opt-ins and you no longer need to integrate other programs like Aweber.
  • Sales – The site builder is not only a landing page specialist but you can also build a page where you can sell digital or physical goods.
  • Pop-ups and alert bars – You can customize pop-up windows or alerts that your site visitors will see if you want to announce something important.

One thing that Leadpages offers that you will not see in Carrd is the split test. It is a process where you can create two versions of the same page and then analyze later on which version is driving more sales.

Another key feature of Leadpages not in Carrd is GDPR compliance. All the systems that run on Leadpages comply with European and American privacy laws.

12. Builderall

Builderall is a business-oriented website builder that comes equipped with the best marketing tools. It also supports several site builders like WordPress and WooCommerce.

Here are some features to take note of:

  • Cheetah builder – It is a drag-and-drop website builder software that you can use on WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Professional email – You can create an email address that carries your domain and this email address will not carry the Builderall domain name.
  • Marketplace – The company has a network of affiliates who will sell your products for you. In exchange, you give them a commission whenever they make a sale.

Builderall also has a WhatsApp Automation tool where you can send messages via the app. Carrd does not have this, and there is also no way to integrate social media with Carrd.

Another feature you may like that Carrd does not have is the quiz builder. You can create quizzes that could attract your target market. Before the system sends the result to the site visitor, he must supply his email address.

13. Mailchimp

While Mailchimp is primarily an email subscription and lead generation tool, it has now branched out into providing more services to its users. Now, you can create a website on this platform for free.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Pre-built templates – You can choose from several pre-built layouts to get started, but you can also customize the sections, contents, fonts, and colors.
  • Real-time view – You can see your edits on your web pages in real-time. There is no need to save your work and preview it on another window.
  • Free media – Mailchimp has more than two million photos you can use without worrying about copyrights.

Carrd does not have eCommerce capability, but Mailchimp does. As such, starting a free online store will be easy. You only pay if you make a sale.

Another advantage of Mailchimp over Carrd is that it allows you to offer appointments online. It is a great tool for people who offer services.

14. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a conversion-focused landing page builder. Conversion can refer to sales, email subscriptions, downloads, and other things. As such, it has a hefty list of tools you can use for marketing.

Here are the best features of ConvertKit:

  • Customization – You can customize your website by using the built-in editor. You can also use the templates of ConvertKit so you do not have to build your landing page from scratch.
  • Stock photography – You will have access to more than 100,000 images that you can use for free. There are no copyright issues to worry about.
  • Mobile-friendly – You do not have to code to make the website work in its optimum format. Your website will show on the browser the best way according to the visitor’s device.

The beauty of ConvertKit is that it has a sales component, which Carrd does not have. You can charge your customers a fee for the product you are selling and you can sell either a physical or digital product.

ConvertKit also offers live chat where you can communicate with your customers. In addition to this, you can use its automated email sequencing, where you can program the software to send emails automatically.

15. Zyro

The last on our list is Zyro, a powerful website builder that provides many options to customize your site. Besides the website builder, Zyro offers an array of tools to make your content look professional.

Below are several features of Zyro not available in Carrd:

  • AI Writer – This tool creates content for you automatically. You no longer need to hire a writer. Of course, the content is basic, and it is always better to hire a professional writer to create your content.
  • AI Background Remover – This tool allows you to remove backgrounds from images. Upload the file, and the system will automatically remove the background.
  • AI Slogan Generator – You can use this tool to create catchy phrases that your site visitors will remember you by.

You can also build an eCommerce store with Zyro. Overall, it offers a hefty list of features that can help you build a landing page or a full website.


While most alternatives listed above do the job pretty well, if you want a reliable alternative, then I suggest WordPress.

Not only is it simple, and extremely user-friendly, it gives you ample flexibility to make your website and landing pages in quick time.

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