Best Grabify Alternatives 2024

Grabify provides short aliases for redirection. The site carries extra detailed analytics reports for long URLs, including special features such as IP logging. Grabify helps you find and track IP addresses for anyone through easy-to-follow steps.

Popularly known as Grabify IP Logger & Shortener, the site also provides detailed and advanced metadata for your links. Grabify is well-designed to offer user-friendliness. It also provides an API for developers to use the service in their applications, websites, and programs.

Grabify is very useful in creating short and beautiful links, which you can easily copy and paste on leaflets, flyers, and other printable items.

If you want to explore more, stick with me. In this post, I’ll be discussing few of the best Grabify alternatives just in case you need more options.

Let’s get started.

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Best Alternatives To Grabify

In a world where cybercrimes are rising, IT gurus continuously develop multiple IP tracking platforms for any online violator’s account. The platforms use specialized technologies to discover the addresses and process more user information.

Grabify is one of the most popular IP-tracking web-based sites. And from the above review, you can agree that it is the most used site, with the ability to load URL searches in seconds.

However, it’s not the only tool in its segment, keep reading to discover more places like Grabify.

1. IP Logger

IP Logger is an excellent alternative to Grabify that offers advanced analytics for traffic through visitors to your online store, website, blog, or links.

Like Grabify, IP Logger can help you find your location, find your IP address, track the exact location of your devices, and check URLs for hidden redirects.

What makes IP Logger better than Grabify are its great features. In addition to IP tracking and URL shortening, IP Logger is home to robust features such as a Location tracker for finding exact GPS locations for mobile devices, invisible image features, IP counters, user bars, and informers.

Other features include Mac address Lookup for checking your Mac address to get information about the device and an internet speed test to allow you to check the speed of your internet quickly.

The best thing about IP Logger links is that they are all GDPR compliant. The tool is legally safe if you enable consent collection for short links. The geo-logger tool is also helpful, as it allows you to obtain an accurate location for your devices.

IP Logger is a free web-based tool and app and is available for download on Google PlayStore.

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2. Abstract IP Geolocation

Another IP tracker that couldn’t miss on our top list is Abstract IP Geolocation. The tool gives you the location of any IP address of a world-class serving region, country, or city. Like Grabify, Abstract allows you to shorten and manage multiple URLs with its robust link shortener API.

Abstract IP Geolocation has worldwide coverage with about four billion APIs. The tool excels at providing precise location data, including Unicode and time zones. What will make you choose Abstract over Grabify is its real-time daily updates and ease of implementing and maintaining it.

Abstract is trusted by over 10,000 developers, thanks to its reliable uptime and excellent technical support. Abstract’s Geolocation is also enriched with other details, including country flags in PNG, SVG, emoji, and Unicode.

The tool is designed to strike a perfect balance between simplicity and power. Abstract IP Geolocation offers a free trial for 20,000 requests.

If you wish to make more requests, you can upgrade to its Starter package at $9 per month for 200,000 requests or Pro-Plan for 1.5 M requests at $49 per month.

3. Opentracker

If you are in the eCommerce space and would like to track your customer journey through an eCommerce dashboard, then I recommend using Opentracker. It is an excellent Grabify alternative, offering silver-bullet metrics and direct insights into your customers’ journey.

The web-based tool is unique and uses real-time analytics to engage your customers. The best thing about this tool is that it makes you relax as it engages your customers. Over 800 companies trust Opentracker for tools to help them make informed content management and advertising decisions.

Unlike Grabify, which also offers URL shortening, Opentracker’s specialty is tracking IP address locations. Its other robust features include cross-domain tracking, tracking unique visitors, conversion reporting, audience segmentation, and search for all visitor data.

Opentracker offers a free trial and also features competitively priced paid plans for personal use, starting from $19.

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4. IP Address Locator

IP Address Locator is an excellent replacement for Grabify, which provides an easy way to search IP locations and find an IP owner. The tool uses advanced technology to accurately and instantly check IP address information.

In addition to finding information about IP addresses, the tool uses a Whois IP Lookup to provide practical information about the owner of any domain. IP Address Locator also has an email tracking tool that helps you track the email owner sending suspicious emails.

The web-based tool was launched in 2011, and since then, the tool has helped thousands find their location using its precise tracker.

The only downside of IP Address Locator is that despite its years of existence, the site still needs to develop. Therefore, more tools may be added in the future.

IP Address Locator is a free tool.

5. Spylink

Let’s talk about a Grabify alternative that helps you locate someone, their IP address, or the version of windows they are using without them knowing.

Spylink is another excellent IP tracker that goes beyond offering locations even to provide information about the computer configuration of your target user.

Like Grabify, Spylink is easy to use. All you need to do is create a spy link in four simple steps, then send it to a person you wish to track. The minute someone clicks on the link, you’ll instantly receive their private information through your mailbox without them knowing.

One thing you’ll love about Spylink is that you can choose the type of information you wish to know about the person you are spying on. Unlike Grabify, which you can access and use without logging in, Spylink requires your email address to send your target’s information.

Spylink has a free version, though with limited access to information. If you wish to access more features and get more information about your target user, upgrading to Spylink premium starting from $6.30 monthly would be best.

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6. Shorten.REST

Shorten.REST is a URL shortener and IP tracker that developers love. It is one of the most secure platforms accommodating multiple URL domain forms, including advertising, social, SMS, and more.

One thing you’ll love about Shorten.REST is that it only takes you minutes to get going. The platform does not limit you to the number of branded URLs you can create. Like Grabify, Shorten.REST is an excellent tracker that tracks unlimited clicks on URLs.

The web-based platform allows you to customize your links in any language, making them meaningful to your business audience. Shorten.REST runs on the fastest servers using multi-cloud technologies, meaning you’ll get blazing-fast redirects.

Unlike Grabify, which is more inclined to IP address tracking, Shorten.REST performs enterprise-grade tracking to offer businesses an in-depth understanding of traffic trends and behaviors. Additionally, the platform provides free SSL certification for all your domains.

Shorten.REST integrates with over 5,000 Zapier apps, and you can get it free with access to limited features. To make the best out of Shorten.REST, upgrade to its Startup package for $95 per month or the Business plan for $295.

7. Bitly

Another site you should check out on my top list of Grabify alternatives is Bitly. Bitly is one of the most known URL shorteners that generates links and monitors and embeds crucial data on the link. The tool guarantees you a secure URL encoded with HTTPS.

It is your go-to place if you wish to integrate a URL with essential API. Like Grabify, you can shorten a link on Bitly without creating an account.

Bitly stores both the original and shortened URL. The tool also collects and stores your IP address, Geolocation data, and the time and date you shortened a link. If you share your shortened link on social networks, Bitly stores the platform’s name and username.

If you wish to find the location details of a specific link on Bitly, click Links in the left sidebar, scroll down, and choose the link pane details. The tool lists up to 20 top countries on screen, but you can export data from up to 500 locations.

Bitly started collecting city data on October 13, 2019, and any location that cannot be identified by the tool is categorized under “No city data” or “No country data.”

Bitly’s most outstanding features include link management that helps businesses make powerful connections between content and their audience.

Link management powers another exciting feature called Link-In-Bio, which enables you to curate, package, and track some of your favorite links.

Bitly integrates with over 800 apps. It can easily customize a link using an SMS mode, an excellent solution for contacting customers. The web-based tool boasts 5.7 M active monthly users and over 500K paying customers globally.

Get started with Bitly for free and enjoy up to 10 Bitly links per month.

If you wish to create more connections, access support, or access advanced performance dashboards, you can upgrade to the Bitly Starter plan for $8 per month for 200 links or the Basic plan for $29 per month for 1,500 branded links.

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8. TraceMyIP

The last on my list of the best Grabify alternatives is TraceMyIP. The tool excels at delivering advanced and private IP tracking for website visitors, surveillance, website analytics, and analytics. TraceMyIP has unique features you can hardly find with other monitoring services.

TrackMyIP is a product of SaaS software technology. Its implementations have been featured on news networks such as Boston Business Journal, Business Times, New York Business Journal, and Daily Herald for their innovativeness.

Created in 2018, the tool is on a mission to help web publishers to understand IP tracking, their online, operational status, online security, website visitors, and the outcome of their web presence. Apart from geolocation details, the tool also offers likes and favorite content of website visitors.

Like Grabify, TraceMyIP is web-based and is compatible with major operating systems and their native browser apps. The instant tracking of visitors’ computer IDs, IP addresses, and any IP address changes will make you like the site more.

TraceMyIP offers free access to basic essential information and features.

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Point to Note

IP trackers need to be accurate. If you use trackers to get information about your website visitors, the IP addresses recorded on the traffic logs might not be 100% correct. This might hinder you from knowing exactly who visits your website and what they do on that website.

These tracking tools can be used for malicious intent. If someone gets access to your site’s traffic logs, they can easily use your visitors’ information to track them and cause harm individually.

For this reason, always ensure that your traffic logs are securely stored and can only be accessed by authorized users. Develop a habit of deleting old traffic regularly and only tracking IP addresses for users who give you explicit permission.

While many tracking services are available and the internet might not give accurate information about them, it’s essential to do thorough research and only settle for a tool that best suits your needs.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this review of Grabify and its alternatives. Most of these trackers are valuable tools for your business, especially when trying to understand your business and boost your website performance.

I also hope that by understanding the unique features and safety of the use of each IP tracker and URL shortener, you’ll be in a better position to make data-driven decisions to help you grow your business and increase revenue.

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