15 Rocket Lawyer Alternatives 2023

rocket lawyer alternatives

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal services platform that gives you access to affordable legal support from the comfort of your phone.

Since it came on the scene in 2008, Rocket Lawyer has been one of the fastest-growing companies in the legal tech space.

The platform connects you to lawyers and allows you to create personal and commercial legal documents or get clarity on legal issues through virtual consultations—anytime, anywhere.

Whether you want to create a will, incorporate a business, establish a contract, or have a document reviewed, Rocket Lawyer is there to help.

However, it’s not the only reliable online legal service that you can use. There is a need to look at other excellent Rocket Lawyer alternatives because you might require a service with more versatile offerings.

Or maybe you want an option that’s cheaper, easier to use, or even one that has specialized services and features that are absent from Rocket Lawyer.

If you’re in the market for quality legal services, these Rocket Lawyer alternatives are the best in the business and worth considering.

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Best Rocket Lawyer Alternatives

1. BetterLegal

BetterLegal is a legal service that specializes in incorporation, document preparation, and filing for businesses.

Unlike Rocket Lawyer that deals with a variety of legal documents and scenarios from business to human resources and nondisclosure agreements, BetterLegal only concerns itself with helping people set up and arrange the aspects of their business that deal with the law.

BetterLegal offers a vast range of state-specific document preparation and legal services that are difficult to find on other platforms. It makes it super easy for you to terminate your old business entity when you move or set up in a different state.

In terms of pricing, BetterLegal’s base incorporation package goes for $299 in addition to state filing fees, whereas Rocket Lawyer costs $99.99 excluding state fees.

However, BetterLegal’s package comes with more add ons like company bylaws, tax analytics, insurance evaluation, and a free website that make up for the price difference.

Since pricing can be subject to change, please refer to BetterLegal’s pricing page for updated information anytime.

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2. LegalZoom

If you’re a small business owner without an in-house legal department or the budget to keep a lawyer on retainer, LegalZoom would be a great option for you.

LegalZoom acts as a one-stop shop for all the legal services a small business needs. For a small, fixed price, you can get access to legal reviews, attorney consultations, and a wide variety of legal assistance.

The platform also offers a wide range of personal and commercial services such as incorporation, business operations, deed transfer, intellectual property, power of attorney, real estate, wills, divorce, business advisory, and more.

This RocketLawyer alternative is one of the oldest and most popular digital legal services, so it’s very reliable. Its website is easy to use and houses a large collection of legal forms.

Like Rocket Lawyer, LegalZoom has a monthly subscription plan for individuals and businesses who need regular legal services. Of course, specific services like business formation, registered agents, and name change services attract separate costs.

While Rocket Lawyer bills its members $39.99/month, LegalZoom charges only $31.25, making it the cheaper option. The plan includes access to a business tax professional, free copyright registration, and annual business evaluation services, which are absent from Rocket Lawyer’s plan.

For up-to-date pricing information on different packages, refer to LegalZoom’s pricing page.

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3. BizFilings

One of the competitors disrupting Rocket Lawyer is BizFilings. It’s doing an incredible job of streamlining the process of forming a company and ensuring your business is compliant with relevant state laws.

BizFilings also offers federal tax ID obtainment service, sales tax registration, payroll tax registration, and expedited processing.

Priced at $99 plus state fees, the cost of BizFilings basic incorporation service is the same as Rocket Lawyer, with a difference of 99 cents.

Regardless of which BizFilings formation packages you opt for, you’ll be getting a business name availability search, registered agent service, 24/7 business monitoring, and access to a comprehensive library of free, customizable legal forms.

4. Trust & Will

Another amazing website that’s similar to RocketLawyer is Trust & Will. It’s a great choice for people who are interested in arranging their affairs by drawing up a living trust, will, or guardianship arrangement.

The company’s goal is to make estate planning inclusive, simple, and affordable, and it does that by prioritizing customer support, data, and design.

With Trust & Will, you can create a trust to protect your assets and determine how they are controlled and eventually transferred to your beneficiaries.

You can also draft a will and nominate trusted guardians to look after your kids in the event of your untimely demise.

Not sure which documents are right for your situation? Worry not because Trust & Will’s quiz feature will help you find the right forms or suggest an attorney as the better option for you.

The company uses state-of-the-art encryption to keep your personal information safe and secure. You can either download your documents or request for them to be printed, packaged neatly, and shipped to you for free.

Trust & Will’s prices depend on the estate planning service you require. For Trust, it charges $399 and $499 for individuals and couples respectively.

Will goes for $89 and $159, while Guardian goes for $39 and $69. Feel free to refer to the pricing page anytime for current information about Trust & Will’s service prices.

5. LegalTemplates

Do you want to form a business, sell a property, create business contracts, borrow/lend money, or plan your estate and require legal documents to that effect? This alternative to RocketLawyer can help you with all that and more.

LegalTemplates makes it easy for you to create and use binding legal documents by simplifying legalese into simple and clear language.

Instead of being slowed down by the twists and turns of the traditional legal process, LegalTemplates allows you to customize documents to suit your needs in just a few minutes.

LegalTemplates offers a 7-day free trial and flexible plans that are cheaper than RocketLawyer’s prices. You can opt for a yearly subscription, at $7.99 per month for unlimited access to all documents or pay between $19.95 – $59.95 for unlimited access to a single document.

For evergreen pricing information, check LegalTemplate’s pricing page.

The downside to this alternative is that you cannot book consultations with a lawyer or get legal advice on LegalTemplates. It also doesn’t tell you what you need for your particular situation, it just grants you access to the library of documents to do as you please.

So if you’re not entirely sure of the right documents to get, you’re likely to get frustrated.

6. Incfile

Incfile is a legal services company with a focus on business formation, taxes, registered agents, and compliance.

The platform’s unique value proposition is that it charges $0 to help you prepare and file the articles of incorporation for your business, so all you have to pay for are the state filing fees.

This is a lot of savings compared to RocketLawyer’s $99.99 plus state fees. Incfile will even throw in a registered agent service for one year at no cost. Meanwhile, RocketLawyer will charge you $149.99 for a registered agent.

The company also offers two comprehensive business formation packages priced at $149 and $299. They include features like EIN tax number, business banking account, tax consultation, lifetime company alerts, IRS Form 2553, banking resolution, operating agreement, and unlimited phone support.

You also get business contract templates, website, email, and expired filing. To stay updated on Incfile’s prices, consult the pricing page.

Incfile has a modern, user-friendly dashboard that’s easier to get the hang of than RocketLawyer. It also offers plenty of educational support, so if you don’t understand something, there’s probably a resource for it in the Learning Centre.

On the downside, Incfile can be quite pushy with the upsells so make sure you pay attention to what’s on your screen to avoid accidentally signing up for a service you don’t want.

7. Sparqa Legal

Sparqa Legal is home to thousands of legal answers and hundreds of customizable legal forms. The company’s services cover a wide array of legal issues that a business may face and provides cost-effective solutions for them.

Whether you’re looking for legal advice or documents relating to everything from HR to data protection, debt collection, business formation, share transfer, staff furlough, NDA, and more.

All of Sparqa’s legal documents and content are written by in-house lawyers with decades of experience working for leading law firms and barrister chambers in London.

Sparqa Legal also gives you the option of speaking to a lawyer to get situation-specific advice for your business, review a contract, or get answers to important questions.

You can get free access to all of Sparqa Legal’s documents library and educational resources and only pay for the documents you need.

Alternatively, you may opt for the monthly plan at £10 to be able to use any of Sparqa’s 300+ documents and templates. To save even more money, you can go for the yearly plan priced at £99.

On the other hand, RocketLawyer’s monthly membership plan costs $39.99, so you’ll be saving a lot of money if you decide to pitch your tent with Sparqa Legal.

Refer to Sparqa’s pricing page for the latest information.

8. UpCounsel

UpCounsel is another platform like Rocket Lawyer that helps you find expert business lawyers to assist with your legal issues.

However, unlike Rocket Lawyer, UpCounsel doesn’t offer only run-of-the-mill legal services. It also doesn’t operate with a subscription-based model.

Instead, UpCounsel deals with more complex legal situations like immigration, trademarks, patents, securities, labor & employment, and general counsel services – all of which are powered by its network of over 5,000 business attorneys who have worked in top law firms and global organizations like Apple and Google.

Whether you’re looking to hire a freelance legal department or you’re in need of a one-time consultation, UpCounsel’s attorney community is at your service. The platform has over 10,000 businesses ranging from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies in its portfolio.

Considering the level of experience they’re bringing to the table and the kind of issues they deal with, UpCounsel’s attorney services cost more than Rocket Lawyer’s rate.

However, using UpCounsel will still cost you up to 60% less than traditional law firms. Simply post a job, receive free proposals from high-quality lawyers, compare prices, and choose a proposal that fits your budget.

If you’re not ready for an attorney consult, you can still take advantage of UpCounsel’s free online resources consisting of documents, startup legal tips, forms, articles, and general business information.

9. LegalNature

If you’re looking for mobile-friendly legal services that offer high-quality documents for personal, business, and real estate matters that are affordable and easy to understand, give LegalNature a shot.

LegalNature guides you through the entire process of creating binding legal documents. When you’re done completing your forms, you can download and print them.

In terms of monthly subscription prices, LegalNature is almost on par with Rocket Lawyer. Its plan costs $38.95, which is only a $1 difference. LegalNature also offers a cost-effective annual plan for $84, while access to single documents starts at $34.95.

If you’re not happy with the service, LegalNature promises to return your money within 30 days after your purchase. You can always visit the pricing page for the latest info.

There’s an online knowledge base, as well as email and phone customer support available from Monday through Sunday to help you resolve any issues you might have with LegalNature’s service.

10. 3StepDivorce

3StepDivorce is owned by Divorce Source, a company that has been providing comprehensive divorce resources since 1997. This legal service focuses on providing quality divorce documentation for all 50 U.S. states and their counties.

Its mission is to take the stress out of filing for an uncontested divorce by allowing you to complete your divorce paperwork and the rest of the procedure yourself while saving time and money.

3StepDivorce has a lot of benefits to offer such as step-by-step filing procedures, instant form generation, easy form completion, free & speedy delivery, name change guide, online divorce negotiation center, personal divorce organizer, child support calculation worksheets, marital settlement agreement, free divorce books, and manuals.

It also guarantees that forms you create on the site will be accepted and approved by the court when filed or 3StepDivorce will return your money in full.

With 3StepDivorce, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees. Instead, the platform provides flexible and cheap payment options that can be settled at once or in installments for up to four months.

Unlike Rocket Lawyer, 3StepDivorce doesn’t offer legal advice or attorney consults, so if you need or desire the input of a lawyer in your divorce proceedings, you’ll have to go hire one elsewhere.

11. Inc Authority

Inc Authority is one of the newest online legal services in the market. It was established in 2019 and is already a strong competitor to Rocket Lawyer. It offers incorporation and business formation services.

Like Incfile, Inc Authority charges $0 to help you establish your LLC or Corporation business entity, so you’ll only need to pay for government filing fees.

Benefits like business name check, document preparation & filing, s-election form, credit & funding analysis, registered agent, and tax planning consultation are included in this free package.

In addition, Inc Authority offers other kinds of services—business plans, startup bundles, custom websites, trademarks, logos, and more—at moderate costs to help you protect your brand, take your business mainstream, and scale effortlessly.

To help with your personal financial planning, Inc Authority also offers revocable living trust services. The platform is easy to use.

If you have any questions about Inc Authority’s offerings, you can speak to an expert member of the support staff via phone or email.

Keep in mind that there are lots of upsells on Inc Authority’s website so if you’re making use of the free entity formation, ensure you uncheck all the boxes for paid services during checkout.

12. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a public benefit corporation that helps you prepare and file all the paperwork you need to start a business or keep your existing business compliant with state regulations.

The platform provides everything you need to successfully grow and manage your business, and avoid potential liability issues. ZenBusiness offers worry-free services and fast filing speeds.

While Rocket Lawyer’s business formation service costs $99 exclusive of state filing fees, ZenBusiness only charges $49. The latter’s service also includes operating agreements and registered agents for one year.

ZenBusiness has pro and premium business formation packages containing more benefits like expedited filing, employer identification number, custom website & email, domain name registration, and banking resolution templates.

Many of these features are unavailable on Rocket Lawyer, and those that are priced much higher. This makes ZenBusiness a better option if you want to get more value for less. However, ZenBusiness doesn’t offer consultations or legal advice as Rocket Lawyer does.

13. Swyft Filings

This Rocket Lawyer alternative helps you get your business off the ground quickly. Swyft Filings offers standard formation services for LLC, DBA, C Corp, Non-Profit, and S Corp.

Swyft Filings can help you obtain your employer identification number and serve as your registered agent to ensure you comply with every state requirement as your business takes off.

With the Swyft Filings business name search tool you can find out if your proposed company name is available in your state at zero cost and get results in an hour.

At $49, Swyft Filings’ basic formation service costs $50 less than Rocket Lawyer, so you’ll be saving money with the platform.

When you use Swyft Filings, you’ll be assigned a personal business specialist who will be in charge of answering questions and resolving issues you might have. You can reach this specialist through their direct phone number or email and get a speedy response.

14. LawDepot

Since it was founded in 2001, LawDepot has been committed to providing affordable, accessible, and safe legal resources to cover a wide array of situations.

The main difference between Rocket Lawyer and LawDepot is that the former does the filing for you, but you have to do the filing yourself when you use LawDepot.

You can find over 150 document templates for about a dozen countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Nigeria, and New Zealand. All you need to do is answer a few questions to create or edit a custom document, then fill it out, download, and file by yourself.

LawDepot has documents covering everything from affidavits to power of attorney, articles of incorporation, bill of sale, contracts, and residential lease agreements. They can also be customized to suit your specific legal situation.

These templates are drawn up by qualified lawyers with years of practice, so you can be sure that the document you’re getting is the real deal.

LawDepot’s website is easy to navigate and it features a document wizard that serves as your guide for personalizing legal documents.

Depending on the resource or document you need, you can either download it for free or make a one-time purchase of $7.50 – $119.

Alternatively, you can cop a LawDepot subscription at $33 per month or $95.88 per year (amounting to $7.99 monthly), which is cheaper than RocketLawyer’s offering.

For updated information about LawDepot’s prices, consult the company’s help page.

15. CorpNet

CorpNet is a well-established legal services firm specializing in business incorporation and compliance for all 50 U.S. states.

It monitors your business and lets you know when there are documents or reports you need to file, and the dates they’re due.

If you’re not sure about the steps to take to establish your business, there’s no worry because CorpNet offers free consultations that can help guide you to the right path. You can request the Express or 24-hour rush filing service if your needs are urgent.

CorpNet also offers a variety of other services including trademark search & filing, business consultation, registered agent, business licenses & permits, and sales & payroll tax registration.

Its basic business formation package costs $79, which is $20 cheaper than Rocket Lawyer. However, the registered agent service for both platforms has the same price.

You can get the latest information on the prices of all of CorpNet’s services and packages on its pricing page.


As you can see, there are plenty of fish in the sea of online legal services with different offerings depending on your particular needs and situation.

However, if I had to pick the best of the best from amongst them, I’d have to go with LegalZoom because its services are reasonably priced and it has the largest variety of forms for just about every legal issue be it business or personal.