25 Best About Me Website Examples 2024

Websites are more than just a place where visitors get information. They’re a part of the brand and about me pages are super important.

Sharing information about your brand is not enough. Being relevant to your audience and sharing your mission, but also the reasons why anyone should trust you is key.

If you can do that from a unique perspective or even include some story-telling, you will have visitors interested in reading more!

About me or about us pages are not easy to write. However, you can practice and learn skills that will help you create an efficient about me page. Down below, you’ll find 25 of the best about me website examples that will help your creativity flow.

Why Is The About Me Page Super Important?

People don’t shop or do business only because they need something. With so many options out there, it’s important to help your visitors understand you and your business.

Many people don’t know that people will support and do business with companies that inspire them and brands they can relate to.

The about me page helps regular customers identify the “face” behind the business, reasons why they should do business with you, and even help them learn technical information about the business or your goals.

Therefore, share a story, share something from your past, share your mission or goals, and be as genuine as possible. Of course, not everyone will be interested, but those who are will support you more than ever.

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25 Best About Me Website Examples

The about me page is the best place on your whole website where you get the chance to show yourself, tell your story, and tell people why they should choose you over any other business.

Twenty-five of the best about me website examples are truly genuine and unique, so they are more than a great way to learn and even get ideas.

1. Nike

It’s hard to believe, but not every largest brand still has an about us page. However, Nike is striving to inspire everyone, no matter how small or big their customers are.

Nike’s about us page serves as a way to inspire customers, spread their story, help people to get to know Nike, and feel like part of the company.

After a short yet well-written “about Nike” section, Nike touches on things they excel at but also shares more about the team and the impact they have on the community.

They also share more about their mission and how they help preserve the future of sports through their products. This is one of the about us pages that you can’t stop reading.

2. Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest online forums that is still connecting people no matter what the topic is.

They used the about page space to share exactly what they’re about, educate new users, and teach others how they work.

Even though Reddit mentions very little of its founders, the past, or their mission, it’s minimalistic yet informative.

Reddit’s about us page shows what they’re all about and they back it up with numbers, which is hard to resist!

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3. Twitter

Twitter has a very well-designed about us page that clearly states what Twitter is all about and shows what they stand for.

Their about us page helped them stand out and brand themselves as the number one servant for public conversation on the internet.

Combined with interesting and colorful images, and a very visual scrolling method, Twitter shared what they’re the best at.

Twitter did also split their about page into a couple of different pages to learn more about who they are and check in on their priorities with a couple of clicks.

At the bottom, Twitter even introduced a job offer to everyone who feels the vibe of their company which is an interesting addon.

4. Moz

Moz is an expert company in SEO (search engine optimization) and they have a very short but clear about us page.

Their about us page consists of a short introduction, what Moz is all about, the foundation, and even a bit of history.

Therefore, while you read Moz’s about us page, you might feel like you’re going through a timeline.

At the bottom, you reach the future goals and Moz’s mission to strive, and even a fun fact before diving into their products.

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5. Lizard Shop

Lizard Shop is a great example of how you can integrate a small about page into your website even if you don’t feel like it is a great fit for your website.

As I’ve previously mentioned, about us pages are super important and Lizard Shop shows a great way to “sneak” one into your website.

Their about us page is all about telling people what they’re the best at and why anyone should trust them. From there, they let the cute lizards take it away as customers dive into the gallery and available products.

This is a great example of how even a small about us page can make a huge difference in the shopping experience.


Everyone knows who LEGO is and what they’re about, but that didn’t stop LEGO from sharing more about what they love the most.

Since everyone knows LEGO products, LEGO used the about page space to share more about the management, company’s mission, and the brand.

Lego also split the about page into a couple of different pages. For example, if you are interested in learning LEGO’s history, their about page can take you to the history section in one click.

Well thought and designed about us page as this one will spark more interest in the company’s products.

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7. Tumblr

Tumblr can serve as a perfect example of a minimalistic about us page that directs users towards the service.

Combined with an interesting design, Tumblr’s about page shares more about their presence, but also helps narrow the ideal customer type for the platform.

Tumblr also shares the most interesting information in a quick “at a glance” view. From there, they take you to trend blogs so there’s no way you don’t end up engaging with one of them.

Even though Tumblr dedicated a whole page for this about us section, they’re keeping it minimal and yet informal for the user.

8. Bulldog Skincare

If you’re trying to create a loveable and memorable page, Bulldog Skincare is a company that can serve as a great example.

Bulldog Skincare’s about us page is very interesting because it is combined with great graphics, and yet it is very engaging because it talks about the correlation between their products and their mission.

Even if you have used their products, their about page would help you connect with the company on a whole different level, and most importantly, learn more about the company itself.

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9. Jack the Traveler

What if you’re on your own? Is the about me page still an important aspect of your website?

Yes, it is! Jack the Traveler is a perfect example of how the about me page can even serve as a big part of your website.

From the moment you visit this blog, you will be getting to know Jack, even without realizing you’re reading his about me page. This is what’s so great about it.

You get to learn more about the person behind the blog, learn more about the services, and even see the testimonial of his work before you jump into the interesting blog posts.

If you’re the main person behind your website, you can make it known through an interactive about me page, just like Jack did.

10. Tesla

Tesla has a clear mission. They’re all about reducing pollution, empowering people to drive fully electric vehicles, and transition everyone to sustainable energy.

You might be surprised that Tesla didn’t use any visuals to help them create their about us page.

However, they’re very minimalistic and it looks like Tesla didn’t want to add any distractions in the most important place of their website.

That’s why it works! The minimalistic approach with a short about us section fits their brand. As soon as you start reading, you’ll be intrigued by the company, feel empowered to make a change, and live a sustainable lifestyle.

That’s how Tesla stands out from its competitors and that’s what you will learn from their about us page.

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11. Apptopia

Apptopia uses their about us page to share more on how the company works and how they stand out from the competitors.

In a competitive industry, it can feel like it’s impossible to stand out.

Apptopia uses its stats, services, and large database to show everyone what they’re the best at and how it impacts users worldwide.

Combined with great visuals, sometimes all you need is data-backed information to help people make the right choice and Apptopia is doing exactly that.

12. Side Hustle Nation

Nick, the person behind Side Hustle Nation did a great job at creating an engaging, interesting, and easy-to-read about me page.

Side Hustle Nation’s about me page is all about the person behind the project, his story and experience, and his mission.

The most interesting part is the 25 random facts about the person behind the project. When you get to know the founder and get a feel for his personality, the end of the about me page is an offer to join the platform that most likely converts well!

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13. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is one of the companies that rely on their brand and word of mouth to share the experience and sell the products.

Their website offers a great feel of the brand while the company’s about us page briefly touches on the company’s history before it takes you through their brands.

That’s where Hugo Boss shares their passion for their mission and the target audience. If you feel like you’re part of the audience and you get a good feeling about their mission, you’re most likely going to become a customer.

It’s a minimalist about us page with great visuals that show its strength once you read it a couple of times.

14. Doomtree

Remember that I said story-telling improves the about us page?

Doomtree’s about us page shows, tells, and even has an interactive soundtrack. Even if you spend a couple of seconds on this page, you’ll learn more about the band, find their events, listen to their hits, and learn more about the crew.

For everyone interested in more, the news section will keep them engaged, which shows how this about us page is a great example of an informative yet minimalistic style.

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15. Mailchimp

Even if you are not familiar with Mailchimp, their about us page will make you feel like you’ve known the company for a long time.

Their about us page shares their story, helps you to meet and understand the founder and his vision, and even shares their ideal vision of the culture.

With more information integrated at the bottom of the page, you’ll quickly get a feel if Mailchimp is a company worthy of your time and money.

16. Bentley Motors

Bentley produces one of the most luxurious vehicles on the planet and tradition plays a huge role in the way their company operates.

This is exactly what you can learn from Bentley Motor’s about page. They share the history, tradition, their mission, and most importantly, their high-end level of build quality.

Therefore, their about us page can feel like a virtual visit to one of their factories as you will find a lot of information you couldn’t get anywhere else.

They put all of that into one page and the result is a strong and engaging about us page.

17. Eight Hour Day

If you are shy, don’t like to brag, or you only have a couple of things to share, Eight Hour Day is a perfect example.

Eight Hour Day created a very simple yet visually appealing about us page. They share wisely chosen photos that represent what they do, and since they’re a design & illustration studio, there’s very little text going on.

However, the little text there is, is used to its full capacity to share more about the owners and their beliefs.

18. Ceros

Interactive about us pages are always a step in the right direction and Ceros has a great example you should see.

A small introduction section that tells more about the company that’s combined with great visuals and a very appealing design shares the most important information.

This way, readers learn about the culture, about the company, and even see the award-winning space displayed with great visuals.

From their about us page, you can head to the “Why Ceros” page which is a great addon to any about us page.

Clean, minimalistic, and yet very visual is the right way to go and tell (or show) your story.

19. HubSpot

HubSpot has a great about us page that is clean, simple, and yet effective.

They’re sharing their story and their mission in the easiest way possible. Integrated with a couple of visuals and a great custom-made timeline, HubSpot quickly guides you into their services.

When you know exactly what the company is all about, you’ll find it easier to choose services that would work best for your needs and that’s exactly how HubSpot’s about us page works.

Sometimes, less is more so let’s have this about us page as the perfect example.

20. Refinery29

When you have too much to say and a lot to show, it can be hard to put everything into one about us page.

Refinery29 did a great job at showing what’s most important in the about us page that’s full of information and yet isn’t overwhelming.

The easy-to-read about us page includes everything from the company’s mission, essence, promise, to the vibe and headlines as a testimonial.

All of this is featured in only a couple of sections where each section can lead you to another page that is good at lowering the bounce rate.

However, the contact information at the bottom is wisely placed for everyone ready to take the leap of faith and work with the company.

21. Under Armour

Under Armour created a simple and very attractive visual about us page that displays the most important information.

From the brand’s message and mission to the values and even their history, you can find every aspect of the company’s business.

Getting to know the team and even contacting them is a possibility and all of this happens through one about us page.

For everyone interested to learn more about the brand’s business can keep on reading recommended articles at the bottom of the about us page. However, even if you don’t keep on reading, you’ll feel empowered by bold visuals and product displays alongside the message.

22. I Shot Him

I Shot Him has a very simple and bold about us page that doesn’t seem to provide a lot of information, and yet everything you might be looking for is right there.

They displayed their motto, more about the company, what they’re the best at, and even helped you meet the crew.

It’s a very minimalistic about us page that doesn’t take a lot of time to create, but it is well thought through which is why this is a great example.

23. Marketive

Marketive is a marketing agency that takes every chance on their website to provide help to their potential customers.

Therefore, their about us page is full of information. That’s exactly what the about us page needs to be, instead of making it all about the company.

Through the list of services and aspects of the business they excel at, they help readers understand how they can benefit by using their services.

It’s only later on the about page where you find the company’s timeline which is placed right before the offer.

Therefore, this about us page is wisely created to help readers find a solution to one of the issues they might have (while providing information on their services), learn more about the company, and be ready to take action.

24. Kero One

Kero One is a musician who created a very interesting page full of information every fan is eager to find.

This about me page shows the musician’s history, timeline through the hits, and more information on the recent success.

What’s interesting about this about me page is that it is written in five different languages. However, the about me page still looks great and the clean design doesn’t provide any distractions.

It’s a simple and straightforward about me page that is dedicated to years of work.

25. SkinnyDipped

It’s important for an about us page to be authentic and down-to-earth and SkinnyDipped did exactly this with their about us page.

This interactive about us page runs you through its beginnings, mission, beliefs, and social proof.

This is a great example of what a company’s about us page should look like. What I like the most is the email newsletter box at the bottom which probably converts well.

Built on bold colors and unique design, everything written on the page stands out.


It’s normal to feel stuck when creating the about me page. Not everyone likes to talk about themselves or their history.

However, the difference between a brilliant about me page and not having the page at all is huge.

These are some of the best about me website examples in 2021. You can notice that each page is different.

However, each page is unique and great in its own way. As long as you stick to a couple of general rules, you can be as creative as you wish and still create an awesome about me page.

Therefore, there’s no limit on creativity and no rush to create your best version of your own about me page.

When you craft your ideal about me page, you can integrate other aspects into it, such as a call to action to improve the conversion rate!

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