Spigen vs OtterBox – Which Is Better?

No doubt, phone cases are essential if you own a smartphone, especially an iPhone. Not only do they protect your phone from damage, including a hard drop, but they also leave your phone looking as new as the day it was bought.

Quite frankly, there’s just something about using a smartphone with a cracked screen or chapped cover that just doesn’t seem right. And fixing those issues can be pricey depending on the type of phone you’re using.

That’s why the importance of phone covers cannot be overemphasized. And out of the handful in the market currently, Spigen and OtterBox are two of the best.

I understand how confusing it might seem to make a final choice because both cases undoubtedly have great features.

However, in this article, I have provided a detailed review of these two brands including their pros and cons and difference in prices to help you decide which would be most suitable for your smartphone.

Let’s get started.

Spigen vs OtterBox: Introduction

What is Spigen?

Spigen is a recognized company that provides one of the best mobile accessories in the industry. The name of the company is derived from two German words which are ‘Spiegel’ and ‘Gen’ each meaning ‘Mirror’ and ‘Gene’ respectively.

Spigen used to be known as SGP, a South Korean mobile accessory company until it started operating in the United States. Launched in 2008, Spigen has been providing phone users with quality accessories that are durable and worth the dime spent.

With an extensive range of cases, smartphone users can select the most suitable depending on their functionality and design. Spigen has five lines of phone cases from which smartphone users can choose.

Spigen is perhaps one of the reputable phone case brands not just because of the design and quality of their cases, but because of their price.

They’re relatively one of the affordable brands that still provide functional, quality cases to protect your phone.

With this reputation, Spigen has successfully grown its customer base and loyalty.

What is OtterBox?

Founded in 1998 in the Fort Collins area of Colorado, OtterBox is the brainchild of Curtis Richardson who wanted to produce waterproof cases for his smart gadgets.

Coupled with his love for otters and their waterproof fur, OtterBox was born. It is a renowned company known for producing top-notch phone cases, accessories, and even coolers.

OtterBox is mainly concerned with producing high-quality protective cases for not only phones but tablets, laptops, and other smart devices.

In terms of price, OtterBox products are quite pricey but this hasn’t stopped phone users from patronizing the brand, as their products are known to be durable and worth the amount spent.

Over the years, OtterBox has grown to be a household name especially when phone cases are mentioned and there’s also a variety to choose from.

Spigen vs OtterBox: Design


When it comes to design, Spigen surely goes all out as it is clear that the company emphasizes aesthetics and functionality. Spigen offers variety as there are up to four different series for each case model released for phone brands.

If you’re a huge fan of minimalist design then Spigen would be a great choice as most of the cases come in dark, muted colors like black and gray. These cases also come with well-designed patterns and of course, a nice, grippy-textured phone doesn’t slip easily.

Another thing to like about the design of Spigen cases is the fact that users can choose just how thick or thin they want their cases to be. This is because you get to choose from a variety of five cases (each with its series) and these are:


The Armor series is the toughest case from Spigen and they provide thorough protection for your phone without being too bulky. The series under this case model includes Rugged Armor, Tough Armor, Slim Armor, Geo Armor, and Mag Armor.

Thin Fit

The Thin Fit model is designed for those who want to retain the original form of their phone and still protect the phone from scratch. The Thin Fit series include Thin Fit and Air Skin.


The Hybrid model is your perfect choice if you’re desirous of showing off the main color or design of your phone. It protects your phone and still gives a clear view of your phone’s aesthetic. The series in this case model are Ultra Hybrid, Ultra Hybrid S, Quartz Hybrid, Neo Hybrid, and Matte Hybrid.


The Liquid case series is clear and shows off your phone’s design while providing a non-slippery grip/protection. These are made of TPU layers and are durable. You can choose either Liquid Air, Liquid Crystal, or Crystal Glitter.


Perhaps the most innovative of the Spigen case designs, the Wallet is a combination of a phone case and wallet where users can keep a little cash, credit card, or their IDs. The series here include Slim Armor CS and Crystal Slot.

Whatever your choice, Spigen has got something to match your preferences and lifestyle.

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OtterBox on the other hand emphasizes functionality and durability, and there isn’t much of a visual appeal. They are made of military-grade materials that ensure that these cases are extremely tough and shock resistant.

Aside from that, OtterBox cases are mostly made with non-textured backs although there are a few models that are textured. They have a soft feel and a bezel that adds an extra layer of protection.

Unlike Spigen, OtterBox cases come in a variety of colors including bright colors. This phone case also offers a variety of case models you can choose and these are:


If you need a case that provides thorough protection for your phone, the OtterBox Defender series is a perfect choice. It is the toughest case from OtterBox and offers DROP + 4X protection alongside three extra layers for extra protection.


The Symmetry case is best for those who want to protect their phone while being able to still show off their phone design. It has a transparent and soft-touch design.


This series is great for those who want a slim case that still provides military drop protection. It offers DROP + 3X protection which means it is bulky but built to withstand impact.


The Strada case model provides both front and rear protection and doesn’t require getting an additional screen protector.

Thin Flex

The Thin Flex series is ultra-thin and offers DROP + 2X protection. It provides very minimal protection and isn’t as durable as other OtterBox cases. In addition, it also has a very limited color variety.


The Core is the latest addition to the OtterBox case models. It is made from recycled/sustainable materials. The Core series doesn’t have any DROP + protection but it comes with fun and elegant designs. However, it is limited to just iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

Other OtterBox series include Figura, Universe, and Aneu Series.

Spigen vs OtterBox: Construction


When it comes to construction, Spigen makes use of quality materials to ensure that their cases are not only stylish but provide the utmost protection for phones.

Most of these cases are made to have dual layers which is a combination of a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) interior and a very rigid polycarbonate shell.

Due to these layers, Spigen cases maintain their shape and color for quite a long time, making them a very durable option if you’re looking to get a long-term protective case for your smartphone.

These layers also ensure that the cases are thin and lightweight. What this entails is that Spigen cases are not bulky and very comfortable to move around with. Some Spigen cases also come with raised bezels to protect the rear camera and phone back from scratches.

Another noticeable quality of most Spigen cases is that it incorporates air cushion technology that ensures that your phone is cushioned against damage caused by forceful impact. All Spigen cases have received the military standard MIL-STD 810G – 516.6


OtterBox is known for its highly protective phone cases that are tough and made to withstand almost any form of damage.

These phone cases are made of rubber and a hard outer plastic shell, the result being drop-resistant, shock-resistant, and water-resistant cases that are the ultimate option for smartphone users.

However, OtterBox takes things up a notch as the Defender series is made with a polycarbonate interior, a silicone outer shell, and a belt clip holster.

These layers add an extra layer of protection against scratches. Its construction also includes port covers that protect your charging port from dust and dirt.

Another awesome feature to note here is that because OtterBox uses military-grade materials in producing its cases, its quality is quite superior to Spigen although they tend to be bulkier and slightly uncomfortable.

Spigen vs OtterBox: Protection


Spigen makes use of military-standard materials to produce its protective cases. Coupled with its double-layer protective properties, this smartphone cover not only protects your phone from physical damage from impact but also protects weak points like buttons.

However, the button covers do not provide optimal protection for these weak points, and they can still be damaged with a forceful drop.

With its combination of hard polycarbonate shell, Air Cushion Technology, and TPU interior, your phone is not only cushioned/protected against impact but the TPU layer absorbs shock.

That is, Spigen cases are mostly drop-resistant and shock-resistant. While the Armor series provides almost all-around protection for your phone, Spigen cases are not water-resistant.

Another point for Spigen cases is its textured back that offers extra grip and prevents your phone from slipping easily. This is more useful when driving and your phone is attached to a car phone holder.

If by chance, you have to brake too quickly, you can rest assured that your phone won’t suffer damage in the process. Its raised bezel also protects your rear camera from scratches.


In terms of protection, OtterBox cases are simply superior to Spigen. Made with heavy-duty military-grade materials, OtterBox cases are the best option especially if you’re a risk taker or love adventures.

Their cases, especially the Defender series, are made with three layers that provide security against drop, shock, and water. Most OtterBox cases also come with an inbuilt screen protector that also protects the front of your phone from cracks in cases of collision.

The company thoughtfully produces cases with an inbuilt protector to have a raised bezel that protects the rear camera from scratching.

OtterBox cases also have port and button covers that protect every button on your phone as well as the charging port area to prevent debris and lint.

Although most of this brand’s cases do not have a textured back, they come with a holster that doubles as a belt/bag clip as well as a kickstand.

With all of these, choosing an OtterBox case means your phone is protected from almost any form of damage whether in the form of environmental or weather conditions.

Spigen vs OtterBox: Fit


If you’re looking for cases that come in sleek, attractive designs, Spigen cases rank at the top of the list. But if you need a case that offers protection while fitting closely, also think of Spigen.

Most of their cases, especially the Thin Fit, Liquid, and Hybrid case series are form-fitting and will retain the original shape and weight of your phone. These cases are ultra-thin, rigid, and quite flexible.

You can use a Spigen case without fear of your phone slipping out, especially when used with a car phone holder. The best part is these cases also fit snugly without feeling uncomfortable when held or when kept in your pocket.


OtterBox cases, on the other hand, fit well but compared to Spigen, they do an average job. Although its Thin Flex and Symmetry case models offer form-fitting protection for phones, they don’t feel or look extremely sleek.

While this is mostly due to the use of heavy-duty military-grade materials in its construction, these cases are not a great option if you want to retain your phone’s original design and shape.

Aside from that, OtterBox cases are quite bulky and slightly uncomfortable especially when placed in your pocket.

Spigen vs OtterBox: Add-on Features


Aside from the protection they offer, Spigen cases provide add-on features and these include:

Built-in wallet

The Spigen Wallet case model provides a slot where phone users can store a single card, ID, or a small amount of cash in the wallet compartment.


The Spigen Armor series, alongside a few others, comes with a built-in Kickstand that provides comfort especially when you want to operate your phone hands-free. However, you should be careful when using the kickstand as most are flimsy and can break easily.

MagSafe Compatibility

Although not all Spigen cases offer this add-on feature, the Mag series are MagSafe compatible, there’s no need to remove your phone case before attaching your iPhone to a MagSafe charger.

Also, the company has released a new series that adds MagSafe Compatible Ring to existing cases.


Like Spigen, OtterBox cases also come with incredible add-on features that provide all-around protection and convenience for smartphone users. These features include:

Inbuilt Screen Protector

Unlike Spigen, OtterBox cases come with an inbuilt screen protector that not only protects the back but also the front of your phone. Rather than spend money getting an additional screen guard, an OtterBox case covers that for you. The OtterBox series with inbuilt screen protector includes the Defender Series, Commuter, and Strada Series

Built-in Storage

The OtterBox case also comes with built-in wallet storage that allows users to store their credit cards, IDs, and a free little wad of cash. It is convenient and doesn’t add extra bulk to the case. You can even attach up to four cards to your OtterBox Wallet series case.


Another useful add-on feature that OtterBox has that Spigen doesn’t, is its holster. This serves as some form of clip to fasten the phone to your pocket, bag, and even belt. This holster found in most Defender Pro Series also acts as a kickstand for times when you want to relax and see a movie without holding your phone.

MagSafe Compatibility

OtterBox cases are compatible with Apple MagSafe and don’t require you to take off the phone case before connecting to a MagSafe wireless charger. This feature is available for OtterBox Symmetry, Plus Series, Figura Series, and the Aneu series.

Port Covers

Most OtterBox cases have a port cover that protects your charging port from damage, as well as dust and debris. Even when submerged in water, the port cover can protect your port from damage for as long as 30 minutes.

Spigen vs OtterBox: Pricing


If you are looking for high-quality cases that won’t break the bank, Spigen is a great choice. Due to the quality of materials used as well as the protection they offer, Spigen cases are quite affordable.

In fact, you can purchase a Spigen case for as low as $19.99. With sleek designs, thoughtful features, and maximum protection all of which are offered at a low cost, it isn’t hard to see why Spigen is easily a favorite among phone users.

Almost anyone can afford a Spigen case for their smartphone and be guaranteed that it will perform as desired.

The best part is that despite its affordability, Spigen offers a two-year warranty, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee for every Spigen case you purchase.


Many OtterBox die-hard fans can even brag that these cases will protect their phone from an earthquake. While this is understandable considering the military-grade standard used for their construction, it is impossible to expect this brand to be cheap.

OtterBox is a premium brand, hence their cases are one of the most expensive in the smartphone accessories industry.

Even though Spigen seems to hold its own quite well, you can’t compare the value you’d get from using a Spigen case with that of an OtterBox.

In addition to that, this smartphone cover produces more effective and sophisticated protective cases, along with more advanced features that increase its value and clearly set it apart from Spigen.

However, some OtterBox cases cost more than $60 which is overly expensive to pay for just a phone case regardless of its features. But really, if you can afford it, why not?

Spigen vs OtterBox: Pros & Cons



  • Spigen cases are very affordable
  • They comprise sleek, aesthetic designs.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable
  • Spigen cases are durable
  • They provide effective protection
  • It comes with a kickstand for convenience.
  • Nice texture that allows for easy gripping and non-slippage
  • Two-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with most phone models


  • The color variety is very limited
  • Some cases wear off over time
  • Doesn’t come with an inbuilt screen protector



  • OtterBox cases are made with premium materials
  • Offers all-round protection
  • Cases are very durable
  • Some OtterBox cases are water-resistant, although not entirely waterproof
  • Cases have a wider range of colors to choose from
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with an inbuilt screen protector


  • Overly pricey
  • Limited designs and patterns
  • Uncomfortable due to its bulkiness

OtterBox vs Spigen – Similarities & Differences

Appealing DesignYesNo
Color VarietyNoYes
Product VarietyYesYes
Military Grade StandardYesYes
Add-on FeaturesYesYes
Smartphone CompatibilityYesYes

Verdict: Spigen vs OtterBox – Which Is Better?

Both Spigen and OtterBox are two premium brands that produce the most outstanding and high-performing products and accessories for smartphones and other tech gadgets. Spigen would easily come to mind if you want a phone case that’s flashy and very affordable.

However, if you’re willing to overlook the price and bulkiness of OtterBox cases, these are the best choice because the most important reason why covers are necessary is to protect your phone. Their beautiful and flamboyant designs are secondary reasons.

With OtterBox cases, your smartphone will likely not get accidentally cracked. The cases are made with higher quality materials that are shock-absorbent and also drop-resistant due to their multiple layers.

Aside from that, they can also protect your phone from damage when dropped into water for up to 30 minutes, due to their water-resistant quality. You also do not have to worry about buying extra accessories as these cases come with a holster/kickstand, an in-built screen protector, and are MagSafe compatible.

Best of all OtterBox cases are durable and come with a limited lifetime warranty, so despite the initial high price, you’re likely not going to need to purchase another one for years to come.

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