Spin Rewriter vs WordAi – Which Is Better?

Spin Rewriter and WordAi are automated tools used for rewriting articles for faster and efficient publishing that can cut down costs of hiring writers.

Both tools are built on artificial intelligence that helps automate as much work as possible, where users only need to make small tweaks before publishing automatically generated content.

However, both Spin Rewriter and WordAi work differently.

Down below, I have discussed the two tools. This will help you decide which is a better choice to fit your needs.

What Is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is an automated content generator and re-writer that can spin existing articles with the help of emulated natural language technology.

It’s mostly advertised as a tool ideal for search engine optimization specialists that require unique yet human-quality content that can rank high in search engines.

Spin Rewriter is also one of the tools that can understand what words mean to generate readable and human-quality articles with one push of a button.

The tool developer is so confident in the tool that you can test it out live on the official Spin Rewriter page to see the results for yourself.

What Is WordAi?

WordAi is an artificial intelligence tool that can write and generate text to complete sentences, enrich the existing text, rephrase ideas differently, improve general content quality, and even improve clarity with the help of sentence splitting.

WordAi claims that there’s no duplicate content, yet the users have full control over the generated text to enhance it manually before publishing.

On top of that, anyone can extend WordAi’s functionality to get the most out of the tool to be highly productive, cut content costs, and improve workflow.

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How to Get Started

Spin Rewriter

It’s fairly easy to get started with Spin Rewriter. All you have to do is visit the official Spin Rewriter page.

You’ll see a large “Try for Free” button that leads you to a free sign-up page. You only need to input your email and set a password to gain access to your free account.

However, keep in mind that you can also try Spin Rewriter near the bottom of the official landing page. You don’t get to choose the text, but you get to see the whole process behind the tool and even see the final result.

This can be more than enough to decide if this tool is the right fit for your needs.


Getting started with WordAi is simple, and all you have to do is visit the official WordAi page.

From there, you’ll see a “Try it Free!” button that will lead you to a free 3-day trial. On this page, you’ll also get to see the pricing models, so you know what to expect if you like the tool and you decide to continue using it.

Also, it would help if you keep in mind that you can go straight with the paid pricing plan since there’s no risk involved as WordAi provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool.

Work Process

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter’s process is based on three steps where the first step is to paste an article and click the rewrite article button.

The tool takes it from there and generates a spun article without any duplication. The second step is to select words and phrases to match the article with your tone/style.

The final step is to generate unique articles from one article you pasted into the tool.

From only one article, Spin Rewriter can generate up to 1000 unique articles that you can publish.


WordAi is also a tool based on rewriting other articles to create plagiarism-free spun articles that make sense.

All you have to do is enter the article into the WordAi tool and select the desired action you’d like to take.

You can choose from complete sentence restructuring, enriching the text, rephrasing the sentences, improving overall quality, splitting sentences, or improving clarity.

As soon as you paste an existing article or a couple of sentences, click the rewrite button and let WordAi do the work. You also get to choose a number of rewrites you would like, which is also a great feature to have since WordAi can produce more than one rewrite from one pasted article.


Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi have a very similar and efficient work process, so this category is a tie.

WordAi - #1 Text Rewriting Software

Create quick, high quality & original content in a flash. Features like bulk creation, downloading, HTML support make WordAi the rewriting software of choice. Try now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Turnaround Time

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is time-efficient as it can rewrite an article in only minutes, which is pretty quick. But, of course, you should keep in mind that if you choose to create more than one article from the pasted article, you’ll have to wait for a couple more minutes.

However, this tool is still efficient since writing takes a lot more time, and if we consider research and post-writing polishing before publishing, Spin Rewriter can save a lot of time.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to be present to oversee the process and make needed changes as you generate spun articles.


WordAi can rewrite a whole article (of about 1,000 words) in only seconds. This is a lot faster than its competitor Spin Rewriter, which also provides additional benefits.

With a tool such as WordAi, you can improve the speed of your content output by ten times, which also helps meet deadlines faster and get more work done.

By minimizing the turnaround time to seconds, you can spend less time on articles and, as a result, make more money taking on more orders, or even better yet, you can invest the free time to focus on more important aspects of your business.


Spin Rewriter and WordAi have a similar turnaround time. While both tools are quick, WordAi is slightly quicker, which provides additional benefits and can improve the workflow just a little bit better. Therefore, WordAi wins this category.


Spin Rewriter

Even though Spin Rewriter offers a quick three-step process, users still have plenty of control over the article rewrite, which is important for every user who uses Spin Rewriter to deliver work for clients.

With Spin Rewriter, you get to see the changed phrases you can keep by default or change to improve.

The rewritten article is 100% editable, so as a Spin Rewriter user, you can spend as much time as you wish polishing up the rewritten article.

However, that might not be necessary for every rewrite since Spin Rewriter can understand the meaning of the words. This helps the tool relate to every other word and context, so a high-quality and readable article is a final result.


What’s interesting about WordAi is that it keeps the users in the process of rewrites. This means that you can choose between a couple more options than Spin Rewriter that can help you create an article that will fit your style and tone.

You get to choose the amount of control you’d like to have over the article. This means that you choose between keeping the rewrite conservative or a rewrite that’s adventurous and full of changes.

This way, you get more control over the content to ensure it fits you or your client’s criterion, and yet also enough freedom to have exceptional content readers will love reading.


Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi provide great overall control of the content rewrites, but WordAi has slightly better features that ensure better controllability, which is why WordAi wins this category.

Content Duplication

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter doesn’t mention the content duplication rate, but they mention that their rewritten articles are 100% unique.

They understand that for better and higher search engine rankings, unique content is a must-have. Therefore, they claim that Spin Rewriter articles are safe to use on any website to improve search engine rankings.

Of course, such a rewriting tool wouldn’t have been a success if it had a hard time rewriting unique content. But, on the other hand, I’d like to see plagiarism checks integrated into the creation process, be on the safe side, and help everyone with doubts to use the articles without worrying about content duplication in the back of their mind.


WordAi is very strict when it comes down to duplicate content, and with good reason. Duplicate content won’t only get you results, but it might even get a website penalized by search engines.

Therefore, all of the rewrites are 100% unique, and WordAi even goes a step further to explain how they ensure no plagiarism is ever found in their rewrites.

WordAi has a strong rewriting tool that easily manages longer sentences. It helps rewrite a sentence using the same idea yet with completely different words, so there’s no similarity.


Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi ensure that all rewritten content and spun articles are 100% unique and safe to use on any website. The only improvement could be a visible plagiarism check, but this category is a tie.

WordAi - #1 Text Rewriting Software

Create quick, high quality & original content in a flash. Features like bulk creation, downloading, HTML support make WordAi the rewriting software of choice. Try now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Manual Editing Features

Spin Rewriter

No rewrite tool is perfect, and you’ll most likely always need to do some manual editing work.

Spin Rewriter makes manual editing simple by allowing users to edit anything in the rewritten article in the second step.

You get to see changed phrases and new phrases that are set in place. From there, you can read the whole article before exporting it or publishing it to your website.

If anything is off, you can manually rewrite anything that comes to your mind. However, keep in mind that other than that, there are no additional manual editing features inside this rewrite tool.

But with the Semantic Spinning technology and Emulated Natural Language, this spinner can understand the meaning of the words to improve the flow and ensure no structural errors.


WordAi has many different features that work well together to provide unique content for humans.

However, you still get to edit the articles manually. WordAi features a uniqueness score, which tells you how unique your rewritten article is.

As you make changes in real-time, the bar keeps informing you on the uniqueness percentage, so all your edits are done to improve the uniqueness and readability of the article.

Other than that, there’s no other editor where you can implement more changes or have better editing capability.


Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi work differently, but they have decent editing capability for all users who want to edit articles manually to polish them before publishing. Therefore, this category is a tie.

Additional Features

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter has plenty of additional features that help users generate and prepare rewritten articles that people enjoy reading and website owners benefit from.

Spin Rewriter allows users to make a side-by-side comparison, integrate stock photos, work on all devices, effortless paragraph creation, and even bulk article spinning in combination with mass export.

On top of that, Spin Rewriter supports all spintax styles, so these articles can be used with every other rewriting system there is.

If you ever get stuck, Spin Rewriter also has a full library of educational videos that can help you get started.


WordAi includes great features that allow you to do bulk rewrites to save time and do more work than you could do on your own.

Also, WordAi is pretty technical. They help users add and publish their articles directly through API integration but keep in mind that WordAi supports HTML5, code view, and even article forge integration.

Suppose you don’t have text to use for a rewrite. In that case, your article forge integration allows you to import any article on any topic and generate rewritten articles with the touch of a button.

You can do this for as many articles as you wish, and you can still generate up to a thousand articles from only one text. From there, you can use the bulk download feature to download all your articles to your computer if you don’t want to publish them directly with the help of API integration.


Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi have pretty great additional features that expand their functionality. While WordAi focuses on the technical side of features, Spin Rewriter has additional features that improve the workflow and rewrite generation. Therefore, Spin Rewriter wins this category.

WordAi - #1 Text Rewriting Software

Create quick, high quality & original content in a flash. Features like bulk creation, downloading, HTML support make WordAi the rewriting software of choice. Try now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

AI Benefits

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is based on the Emulated Natural Language technology in combination with Semantic Spinning Technology. The company claims that they’re the only tool that relies on this type of advanced technology.

As a result, you can rewrite 100% unique articles and benefit from higher rankings in search engines, better productivity, and even better profitability if you combine Spin Rewriter’s rewritten articles with profitable keywords.

Therefore, you can write more articles, which leads to ranking for more keywords, so your website can bring more organic traffic, and as a result, you can make more money in the long run from this AI rewriter.

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WordAi focuses all benefits on content production that helps people create ten times more content in a ten times faster timeframe.

Regardless of the quantity, WordAi isn’t publicly discovering the technology they’re based on, but they promise great benefits and results from boosting the productivity and scaling the earnings to improving the quality of content and generating up to thousands of rewrites in only minutes.


Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi include great benefits thanks to their artificial intelligence systems that power these tools. Therefore, this category is a tie.

Ease of Use

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is very easy to use, and for everyone who needs help, Spin Rewriter has a video library full of videos that can help users take full advantage of the tool.

This tool only has three steps, and even before you sign up for the tool, you can see how it works in real-time by the sample available on the official Spin Rewriter landing page.

While the process of creating spun articles is simple, you might need time to get used to all other additional features that can improve your efficiency and productivity.


WordAi has plenty of features integrated into the tool which help produce the best possible rewrite based on the inputted text.

Therefore, you don’t have much work to do as a user, which means that WordAi doesn’t have a learning curve.

Even before you sign up for the tool, you can see a three-step process of how it works directly on the official WordAi landing page.

Everyone with more technical knowledge can take advantage of additional WordAi features to expand the functionality and improve the workflow. While these might be a bit complicated for average users, it wouldn’t take long if you wanted to learn how to implement these features.


Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi are very simple tools that don’t come with a learning curve and are very easy to use to generate unique and high-quality content for different purposes.

Therefore, this category is a tie.

WordAi vs Spin Rewriter – Pricing

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Spin Rewriter has three different pricing plans. But even before you consider the pricing plans, keep in mind that Spin Rewriter has a free trial that lasts for five days.

After the trial ends, you can choose one of the following pricing plans:

  • $47/per month (monthly)
  • $77/per year
  • $497/one-time payment (lifetime)

This is the current pricing at the time of writing, so visit the official Spin Rewriter pricing page for the latest pricing information.

WordAi Pricing

WordAi has a very simple pricing plan in place. First, you can get a free three-day trial, which gives you the chance to truly experience this tool’s features and functionality.

After the trial ends, you can choose one of three available pricing plans:

  • $57/month (billed monthly)
  • $27/month (billed annually)
  • Custom – Enterprise (contact WordAi support)

This is the current pricing plan at the time of writing, so for the latest WordAi pricing plans, visit the official WordAi pricing plans page.

WordAi - #1 Text Rewriting Software

Create quick, high quality & original content in a flash. Features like bulk creation, downloading, HTML support make WordAi the rewriting software of choice. Try now!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


  • Both tools offer unlimited spins
  • Both tools are based on the artificial intelligence spinner
  • Both tools can integrate with third-party tools
  • Both tools offer text comparison
  • Both tools offer deep spinning, sentence and paragraph spinning, and HTML support
  • Both tools offer efficient grammar and spell check
  • Both tools can save your content and offer a bulk spinning


  • Spin Rewriter provides a one-time lifetime pricing plan
  • Spin Rewriter allows stock photo integration
  • Spin Rewriter has many more video tutorials
  • WordAi gives users the ability to add hyperlinks
  • Spin Rewriter offers a five-day trial while WordAi offers a three-day trial
  • Different pricing plans and pricing structure

Pros and Cons

Spin Rewriter Pros

  • Single to bulk article spinning ability
  • Built using the advanced ENL technology
  • Very easy to use
  • Side-by-side comparison of the articles
  • Ability to integrate it with third-party options
  • Supports HTML format
  • Easy-to-follow video tutorials

Spin Rewriter Cons

  • Sometimes you just have to edit the rewritten article to improve quality manually
  • Only supports spinning articles in the English language

WordAi Pros

  • Ability to comprehend words with the use of artificial intelligence
  • Ability to test the tool for free
  • Easy accessibility and ease of use
  • Ability to directly import your articles instead of copy/paste
  • Great way to rewrite articles in bulk

WordAi Cons

  • It can be relatively slow when performing bulk orders
  • No lifetime plan
  • It’s slightly more expensive than other rewriting tools

Conclusion – WordAi vs Spin Rewriter, Which Is Better?

Both Spin Rewriter and WordAi are efficient tools that provide similar features and also work similarly.

Many categories were a tie, but WordAi is a winner because it won more categories and can benefit users in more ways than Spin Rewriter.

It also looks like WordAi’s system is slightly better than Spin Rewriter in producing quality content that requires very minimal editing.

Even though WordAi is a bit more expensive, it’s worth it since it is also a lot more efficient in providing quality and unique content for humans in only seconds.

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