10 Best Open Source Grammarly Alternatives in 2024

Grammatical mistakes may impact your blog’s rating, popularity, and personality. Even though minor errors can be overlooked, writing error-free articles should be your primary concern.

Identifying and fixing grammatical errors is a daunting undertaking for a non-native English speaker unless assisted by others. Most people rely on Microsoft Office, although it is only helpful for spelling problems, not grammatical and other faults.

Although Grammarly is a complex program with many capabilities, its expensive plans may compel you to seek an open-source Grammarly alternative.

Before we begin, you should be aware that Grammarly allows you to choose between British and American English, check plagiarism, offers a variety of writing styles, makes ideas for vocabulary enrichment, detects grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and much more.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a cross-platform cloud-based application that helps you to make your writing clearer and more effective.

It is one of the most advanced, contemporary, and ideal programs that gives various features in one location, and there is no other tool that can compete with it right now.

Even though there are several services, Grammarly’s sophisticated algorithm works flawlessly and suggests all probable errors in a matter of seconds. So, give it another try and take advantage of the 7-day FREE trial.

Key Features of Grammarly

  • It eliminates grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
  • It suggests related words for commonly used phrases/words or enhances vocabulary.
  • Instantly check plagiarism to avoid duplicate content.
  • Help you improve sentence structure with examples.

Whatever your reason for looking for Grammarly alternatives, whether it’s the cost, the quality, or something else, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best open sources Grammarly alternatives.

Best Open Source Grammarly Alternatives

1. LanguageTool

Individuals and companies utilize LanguageTool, an open-source online grammar solution, and proofreading application. The program assists users in identifying and correcting grammatical and stylistic errors in their articles or texts.

Unlike Grammarly, LanguageTool is well-known for detecting mistakes in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, and Russian. Grammarly supports only English at the moment.

Also, LanguageTool, when compared to other grammar and spell checking tools, may uncover faults and difficulties that the former cannot.

LanguageTool has a noteworthy feature that allows users to add words to a personal dictionary. These are terms that they frequently use but that are not found in a standard dictionary.

Furthermore, the program may be utilized in a variety of ways. It is available as a browser extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Last, but not least, LanguageTool includes keyboard shortcuts to help users proofread their writing more quickly.


  • Multiple languages
  • Privacy-focused
  • Google Chrome extensions
  • Custom dictionaries
  • Automated proofreading
  • N-grams
  • Neural network
  • Proofreading
  • Microsoft Edge extension
  • Grammar check
  • Grammar tool
  • Firefox extensions

LanguageTool Pricing

  • Free Trial – Supports
  • Premium – €19/mo.
  • Enterprise – Contact vendor

2. Grammalecte

Grammalecte is a French grammar checker. The free source application also includes four spell check dictionaries (from which to select), a conjugation tool (with about 8000 verbs), a text formatter (to repair most mistakes automatically), and a lexicographer.

Grammalecte, unlike Grammarly, is developed entirely in JavaScript, does not require a server, and can be used offline.

There is no data transmission through the internet. Grammalecte is also available for LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Firefox, Chrome, and other applications. It’s also worth noting that Grammalecte is a grammar checker in French.

Grammalecte’s design is fantastic, and the application makes it easy for individuals to follow along with interest.

Grammalecte performs well and is compatible with a wide range of devices. Grammalecte’s support is excellent and valuable, and the best part is that Grammalecte is free or possibly freemium.

Grammalecte features

  • Typography
  • Spell checking
  • Google Chrome extensions
  • Grammar check
  • Firefox extensions
  • French

Grammalecte Pricing

  • Starting: Free
  • Pricing model: Free or Freemium
  • Free Trial: May be included; however, check on the official site. The Grammalecte software price is free, or freemium which means you can genuinely enjoy the Grammalecte software.

3. Editsaurus

Editsaurus is an open-source, no-frills application. It is a web-based tool that tries to help you improve your writing without being overly complex to use and it succeeds in that goal. As a result, you get a bare-bones UI with one area where you may paste or write your content.

When you press the Go button, the software highlights certain words in the text based on the boxes you select from those that are accessible.

To put it another way, this is neither a spellchecker nor complex software that provides alternative recommendations or links to more extensive explanations. Editsaurus shows you what’s wrong with your writing, but you’re on your own after that.

In case you’re wondering why you should avoid adverbs, there’s a brief explanation in the app, as well as a brief About section.

It cannot further modify the text or preserve the changes you make and other functions. Editsaurus only displays words that you might wish to replace if you want to make your content more pleasant to your readers.

Editsaurus is a simple little tool that identifies specific style errors. Though It does not operate as a spell-checker like Grammarly, it can still be handy for a fast style check, mainly because it lacks intricacy nearly to a fault.

Features of Editsaurus

  • Text highlighting
  • Writing tool
  • Grammar check
  • Educational
  • Readability
  • Grammatical error checking
  • Spell checking

Editsaurus Pricing

  • Free

4. Ginger

Ginger is another excellent open-source Grammarly alternative that includes online checks as well as a Chrome plugin.

It is a beautiful tool to use if you don’t use Google Docs and need to spell-check your emails and social media postings.

Ginger also does not have as many languages and versions as LanguageTool. It does, however, provide you with the option of toggling between American and British English. That may be sufficient for most individuals, given that Australian spelling is generally close to UK spelling, but there are minor variances.

Ginger also has a Safari Chrome extension. A translation tool is another feature provided by Ginger. You may use this tool to translate text between more than 60 different languages.

For instance, if you are going to write to a client or business that speaks Spanish and you only speak English, you could still write your email in English and use the Ginger Translation tool to translate it into Spanish. When they answer in Spanish, utilize the tool to translate their reply into English.

Another helpful Ginger feature accessible in the Chrome extension is looking up meanings for terms you don’t know quickly. Double-click a word to get its definition.

Features of Ginger

  • Dictionary
  • Error analysis
  • Grammar checker
  • Mistake practice
  • Personal trainer
  • Sentence rephrasing
  • Text reader
  • Translation

Ginger Pricing

The Ginger software pricing is available in the following plans

  • Free trial
  • Monthly – $29.96/month
  • Quarterly – $41.97/quarter
  • Annual – $89.88/year

5. Grammark

Grammark is an open-source grammar checker that is ideal for writers, students and professionals. It is an online writing assistant and editing tool that can detect grammar errors in academic works such as college-level essays.

It looks for occasions in a text when a student or writer employs a passive voice, a wordy phrase, a run-on sentence, or a transition.

The program’s most intriguing feature is that it checks for grammatical mistakes and writing style difficulties in real time. As users enter in text, it immediately identifies errors and recommends ways to improve the content.

Like Grammarly, Grammark is also customizable, allowing users to change the settings included in the application.

Finally, Grammark provides database entries for wordiness, transitions, grammar, and eggcorns. It is also designed to detect particular mistakes in a document. It looks for sentences in which the passive voice is used, obscuring meaning and making sentences harder to understand.

Another mistake that the program detects in a document is wordiness. As a consequence, users will be able to swap long sentences with short ones.

Grammark can also check transition terms in a document. Transition words are necessary for arranging concepts so that readers can follow the text and avoid becoming confused.

Grammark allows users to identify nominalized sentences to rewrite thick sentences that are unnecessary. Nominalized sentences contain ambiguous nouns.

Nominalization is the process by which these nouns are generated from a verb or an adjective. The word “improvement,” for example, is a nominalization of the verb “improve.”

Users may make their statements more direct and forceful by using Grammark’s ability to recognize nominalized phrases or sentences rather than depending on abstract nouns.

Grammark Features

  • Checks 6,239 Grammatical errors In O.144 seconds
  • Passive voice
  • Sentence length
  • Transitions
  • Academic style
  • Nominalizations
  • Grammar rules
  • Text score
  • Database records for wordiness, transitions, grammar, and eggcorns
  • Customizable presets

Grammark Pricing

  • Free

6. Readable

Readable is an excellent alternative to Grammarly and the Hemingway App. The nice thing about Readable is that it scans for spelling and grammatical errors and provides a readability score, unlike Grammarly.

In reality, it provides you with various readability ratings based on several techniques of measuring readability.

One of the scores it offers is the Flesch Reading Ease score, which multiple organizations, including government bodies, utilize. This score ranges from 0 to 100. The higher your score and the closer it is to 100, the better.

It also provides the Gunning Fox Index score, which is beneficial for professional and business writing.

It will tell you how many phrases have several syllables and how many words contain more than 12 characters. It even highlights adverbs and clichés.

Readable is not intended to test the readability of your text. It can analyze text quality and keyword density to provide you with various data that will help you make your content clearer and more understandable.

It guarantees that the content is well-written and offers thorough reports with a summary of the essential topics.

Overall, we believe Readable is a fantastic tool that combines spelling and grammar checking (similar to Grammarly and LanguageTool) with readability testing (like the Hemingway App).

Features of Readable

  • Text analysis
  • Website scoring
  • URL analysis
  • Email scoring
  • Bulk scoring
  • Readability scoring
  • Keyword density
  • Readability API
  • Readability reports
  • Readability alerts
  • Result sharing

Readable Pricing Plans:

  • Free Trial
  • ContentPro – $5
  • CommercePro – $27
  • AgencyPro – $77

7. Expresso app

Expresso is a little program that allows you to modify text and enhance your writing style. It will teach you how to express yourself more effectively via writing and will assist you in making your text more readable, precise, and engaging – even more than Grammarly.

The Python Natural Language Toolkit module serves as the foundation for Expresso. If you want to check how well you’re writing, you may use the free text-analyzer in Expresso to get a thorough breakdown of whatever you offer it.

The web-based Expresso, discovered on Product Hunt, lets you enter or paste in text to examine various data about your writing. Click the “Analyze text” button to find out how many sentences are extra-long or short, which words are filler, and which verbs are weak.

After selecting a metric, Expresso will highlight the appropriate text in a variety of colors. Expresso, which is still in beta, allows you to thoroughly evaluate how you write and how frequently you use specific sorts of words.

Analyzing your work reveals that you often utilize grouped nouns. What exactly are clustered nouns? They are “three or more consecutive nouns,” according to Expresso.

Hovering your cursor over any metric you don’t recognize will offer you a brief explanation, so don’t be concerned if you can’t identify a nominalization or modal on your own. Expresso provides a wealth of valuable stats and works best alongside a good text editor.

Expresso has an obvious appeal for authors, but it might also be beneficial for editors or teachers to rapidly paste in material and detect weak portions that may have gone unnoticed or gain an idea for varied patterns of writers.

Expresso Features

  • Custom dictionaries
  • Automated proofreading
  • N-grams
  • Neural network
  • Proofreading
  • URL analysis
  • Email scoring
  • Bulk scoring
  • Readability scoring

8. PaperRater

PaperRater is a web-based proofreading program that helps users improve their writing and language teachers assess the materials of their pupils.

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Computational Linguistics, and Data Mining are used by the automated program to run extensive grammar, spelling, and plagiarism scans stated to be on par with expert editor assessments.

Typing or copy-pasting text into a dialogue box on the PaperRater website activates the technology. Files can also be directly posted to the site.

It is also necessary to specify the document presented, ranging from business communication to essays and stories, articles and reviews, etc. These standards enable the system to make adjustments based on what users require.

Although it is an automated scanner, PaperRater says that the quality of its reviews is not compromised. It claims that its accuracy rates are greater than those of other proofreading applications.

According to comparison tests conducted by PaperRater employees, Grammarly identifies just around half of the actual number of grammatical and spelling mistakes in a text.

The pricing and deployment of PaperRater also make it a perfect and dependable tool for students and entry-level jobs. Although it is free software, it stresses that tools are not buried behind unexpected signups, log-ins, and trial offers.

Users do not need to download any software because PaperRater is cloud-based; as long as their device is connected to the internet, they may do quick writing checks whenever they need to.

In addition to PaperRater’s primary grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking tools. This extra feature is designed to assist writers in learning more complicated terms and apply them correctly.

PaperRater features

  • Grammar checker
  • Spelling checker
  • Suggests corrections
  • Enhanced plagiarism detector
  • Vocabulary builder
  • Grammar exercises
  • Automated scoring
  • Maximum submission length of 20 pages per submission
  • Unlimited total submissions
  • Free from ads

PaperRater Pricing

PaperRater Pricing Plans:

  • Supports Free Trial
  • Basic – FREE
  • Premium – $7.48/mo

9. PrePostSEO

PrePostSEO is a Pakistan-based Search Engine Optimization service provider. As part of its service, its toolset includes an online plagiarism detector and a content optimization tool.

PrePostSEO’s objective is to create original content—whether for search engines, SEO material, website content, or blog content.

This software evaluates usage via questions, which it describes as a simple phrase. That indicates that a 600-word essay would require between 50 and 60 inquiries.

Free users can make up to 500 searches per month, whereas paying users can make up to 75,000 queries per month, depending on their membership level.

PrePostSEO includes a widget that can be added to your website to assist you in vetting your content before posting it.

They also have a WordPress plugin that works in tandem with the popular platform to allow you to post your material. PrePostSEO is an online plagiarism detector program that subscribers may use in various languages, including English, Spanish, Turkish, and German.

You can omit specific websites from the plagiarism checker report using PrePostSEO. This is a beneficial function that many businesses do not provide.

Another helpful service provided by this website is the PrePostSEO paraphrasing tool. If you discovered duplication in your work after utilizing the website’s plagiarism checking tool, you might quickly erase plagiarism by using the paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing a text is a complex process that requires a significant amount of your time and work. You may easily rely on the online paraphrase tool by PrePostSEO to skip the tedious job.

Students, authors, freelancers, bloggers, and even researchers will benefit from our rewriter service. PrePostSEO’s domain authority and page authority checker tool are very well-known. With this tool, you can quickly determine the domain authority score of a page.

Grammarly has a good chunk of these features, but you cannot get them for free as you would with PrePostSEO.

PrePostSEO Features

  • 86% out of 86% accuracy
  • 16+ billion database
  • 150k word limit
  • Includes plagiarism detection
  • Five-device limit
  • 1-hour response
  • Acceptable limitations
  • Website plugins
  • Diverse languages
  • URL exclusion

PrePostSEO Pricing

  • Free

10. GradeProof

GradeProof is an artificial intelligence-powered grammar proofreading and plagiarism detection application.

Like Grammarly, It offers a restricted free plan that checks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The actual value of GradeProof, though, comes from its Pro plan, a paid membership service that includes a plethora of smart features, including a plagiarism checker.

The first thing you’ll notice about GradeProof’s Pro subscription is that it consists of a free trial membership. That’s always nice to see because you want a grammar and punctuation checker software that will stand behind its service and allow you to test it out for yourself.

GradeProof provides you with seven days of complete access to all of the Pro subscription’s features. You must enter credit or debit card information to begin your trial, but you will not be charged until the free week is finished.

When it comes to grammar checking tools, a week is plenty of time to see what you’re receiving. Typically, you may upload a document from your computer to get a sense of how the service works. GradeProof offers an outstanding platform lineup.

It is available as a web app online. That means you may access the service by logging in to the website from any browser. There is no desktop application. It also includes Google Chrome and Google Docs plugins.

GradeProof offers a plagiarism checker as part of their Pro plan. Plagiarism is a problem in the writing world, but a lot of it is unintentional.

Using a sound plagiarism detection system, you can ensure that your writing (or that of your students or clients, if you’re a teacher or editor) is error-free.

The AI Eloquence Engine is one of the most popular Pro features on GradePro. It employs artificial intelligence to improve the overall eloquence of your writing style.

It examines your writing and gives you suggestions on making it more concise by removing erroneous words, combating passive voice, and simplifying your jargon to present an easy-to-read final product.

GradeProof features

  • Engines for spelling and grammar
  • A custom dictionary
  • The AI Eloquence Engine
  • Word confusion
  • Capitalization
  • Punctuation
  • Repetition
  • Plagiarism checker

GradeProof Pricing

  • Monthly – $9.95 per month
  • Quarterly – $14.95
  • Yearly – $24.95


There are a plethora of excellent Grammarly open-source alternatives! Although Grammalecte is a close second, we feel that LanguageTool is the most acceptable Grammarly replacement since it provides accurate suggestions and corrects errors that Grammarly does not.

Furthermore, LanguageTool is quite simple to use, whereas other programs might be overwhelming at times. The availability of a wide range of languages and language variants is also an advantage.

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