Drupal Website Examples [Top 20 Picks of 2024]

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While most people turn to WordPress to turn their vision into a website, Drupal is one of the most overlooked popular open-source content management systems.

But how popular is Drupal  and is it as effective as the most modern-looking sleek website everyone loves?

If that’s what you’re looking for, this is the post for you. Not only will you find out the benefits of Drupal and why you should consider it even in 2021. You’ll also find 25 of the best Drupal website examples that are live in 2021.

You’ll be shocked to find out some of the biggest brands that are powering their official websites with Drupal, so keep on reading!

Why Should You Consider Using Drupal to Build Your Website?

Drupal is a great content management system and yet it’s often overlooked.

Drupal is very reliable. It comes with built-in standard features, offers great performance, and it has excellent security.

However, Drupal excels in one aspect the most and it’s the flexibility. Since Drupal is based on open-source code, you can use this to your advantage to build the most unique website on the web.

With that, Drupal is equipped with a community full of website designers and developers who contribute back to the open-source system and are always there to help fellow Drupal users out.

Drupal websites can be easily accessible, hard to hack, easily scalable, and most importantly, they provide an excellent user experience.

These are some of the strongest advantages of Drupal and if you’re still doubting whether you should go with Drupal onto the next journey of building a website no matter its purpose, keep on reading.

Down below, you’ll find 25 of the best Drupal website examples that you can visit and yet you’d be really surprised.


Some of the websites have very high authority and it’s most likely that you’ve visited them before without even noticing that the website is powered by Drupal!

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Top 25 Drupal Website Examples

Now that you are aware of Drupal’s strengths, it’s the perfect time to get visual and see what Drupal is all about. If you’re wondering what is possible and what is not, you’ll love to see my list of top 25 Drupal websites below.

1. Tesla

If you’re not familiar with Tesla, they’re an electric car manufacturer that’s the fifth most valuable company on Wall Street’s list.

Their cars are all about efficiency and minimalism and that’s exactly what they wanted their website to look and feel like.

Tesla took the advantage of Drupal’s flexibility by making sure that each one of their website pages is built separately. Therefore, you’ll find that each page has its own structure, is full of specially designed features that fit the Tesla brand, and most importantly, it’s very pleasant to use.

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2. Los Angeles City

Are you looking for more authoritative websites that chose Drupal over any other content management system?

Los Angeles City’s website is built using Drupal and the result is amazing. This city’s website is considered to be the most beautiful city websites on the web, but is also the most efficient.

With the help of Drupal, Los Angeles City built a colorful and expressive website full of information that’s very easy to use.

3. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is another authoritative source that relied on Drupal to create a very extensive website.

This website has a very complicated structure because of all the information that it requires. Drupal allowed them to create a complicated structure on the back-end that is very easy to use, quick, and efficient on the front-end.

When you visit the University of Oxford website, you’ll be swamped with information and yet you’ll find exactly what you need in only seconds. That’s a perfect example of Drupal’s combination of efficiency and design no matter how extensive your website needs to be.

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4. Warner Bros. Records

Warner Bros. Records has one of the most artistic Drupal websites on the entire web. They went full out with large images, animated visuals, and most importantly, a lot of custom clickable objects.

Their main goal was to create a website that will represent everything they do in the entertainment industry and they’ve achieved that with the help of Drupal’s stylish side.

If you’re looking for a Drupal example of a design that’s combined with efficient navigation and quick loading speed, Warner Bros. Records’ website is the perfect example.

5. Jysk

If you’re doubting that Drupal can provide a great shopping experience or even run an eCommerce store, this is the perfect example of Drupal’s strengths.

Jysk is one of the world’s biggest leaders in the retail industry for homes and goods. If you ever visited their website, the chances are you’ve been amazed by the shopping experience.

Drupal helped Jysk take advantage of the flexibility to create a multifunctional website that won’t only provide everything they need to run an errorless store, but also to educate and provide content to their audience.

Jysk did a really good job because now when you visit their website, not only can you be a customer, but you can also learn everything there is about their company. It’s a great example of creating and running a complex website across different regions and yet providing a quick and flawless user experience.

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6. Arsenal

Arsenal is a football club with over five decades of history and they took full advantage of Drupal’s flexibility to create an astonishing website that provides everything Arsenal fans need.

They were able to integrate club history, news, tickets, and live-match results. What stands out the most is Arsenal’s content hub that helps the Premier League to transform fan engagement.

Arsenal did put in a lot of work but with the help of Drupal’s advantages, they were able to re-create their vision to provide their fans with a website worthy of their loyalty.

7. Worldpay Help Centre

Even if you don’t know anything about Worldpay, you’ve probably used their payment processing platform whenever you had to pay for anything in public.

They’re the worldwide leader thanks to their payment processing technology and the Help Centre part of the website is built using Drupal.

This part of their official website helps Worldpay take care of thousands of monthly support sessions without any hiccups in the system.

This is a perfect example that Drupal isn’t only suitable for creating a visually appealing website that runs perfectly. Instead, it can be used to create one of the most helpful ways to engage with customers and improve their experience.

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8. Sevilla FC

Sevilla is another world famous football club that decided to provide as much support as possible to their fans. Not only that, Sevilla took a huge part in shaping the way football clubs interact with their fans in La Liga.

With the help of Drupal, Sevilla created a perfect sports entertainment platform that’s full of the content that die-hard fans want.

The website is very dynamic and engaging as it features everything from a central content hub to a merchandise shop, team information, and even interactive stadium tours.

9. World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund needed a platform that would help them deliver a rich website, full of information, and most importantly, impactful on the mission they’re doing.

Therefore, as soon as you open their Drupal website, you’ll be immersed into the animations, visuals, and calls-to-action in a very minimalistic, clean-looking, and attractive design.

Navigational and user experience is outstanding, the website is quick, and I don’t believe that there was a better way to build a website that would represent everything they’re about.

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10. Virgin

Virgin needed a corporate website that would represent everything they’re about while providing immersive content for their users and fans.

Drupal helped them to design a masterpiece where they can produce content daily without overwhelming the speed, performance, and navigation of their website.

When you visit Virgin’s website, you’ll notice that Virgin took full advantage of Drupal’s flexibility and then took it a bit further to create customized effects and boxes that will fit their needs.

As a result, Virgin’s website is very bold, interactive, impressive, and full of content that’s easy to navigate.

11. The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society is a great example of a Drupal website in the informative industry that’s connected to a charity organization.

This website is built to help spread awareness and improve the way this charity engages with its audience.

The result is full of bold visuals, informative headings and content, stories, and even an integrated way to donate.

The Children’s Society website is full of content that’s very easy to navigate thanks to large elements that are combined with great visuals that make the user experience flawless and enjoyable.

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12. Gurney’s Resorts

So far, you can see that every company is taking advantage of Drupal’s flexibility to fully express their message and create a way for engagement.

However, Gurney’s Resorts is a fully commercial platform that shares its luxury offerings down to users while creating a streamlined experience.

On top of that, Gurney’s Resorts used Drupal to create an optimized booking system that creates a perfect flow for their business (room bookings, reservations, and appointments).

With custom elements such as the custom search engine, Gurney’s Resorts website combines content with an actionable way of booking experiences with a great user experience.

13. Bycyklen

Bycyklen is a brand that spreads awareness of green, healthy, and economic lifestyles through the production of their public bike-sharing service in Denmark.

They needed an interactive website that will help spread their mission but also engage with their users in an easier way.

They turned to Drupal and this helped them create a very unique, compact, and simple website that gets the message across. The main purpose of the website is to improve the attention span of the user with animated visuals and a fun way to navigate the website.

This is a perfect example of how you can take advantage of Drupal’s flexibility to create a very small yet informative website that will catch everyone’s attention.

14. Princeton University Press

Would you be able to make a press type of a website using Drupal? Sit back and check out the Princeton University Press website that’s built with the help of Drupal.

Princeton University needed a platform that’s easily scalable as they have a lot of content to publish, and yet they needed a platform that’ll be very simple to use, easy to navigate, and will provide a great user experience.

With the help of Drupal, they were able to create a very simple-looking website that is full of books, resources, and pages that are all about providing valuable content.

It’s a great addition to their main website. Drupal served its purpose well and it’s needless to say that their users love it.

15. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

If you’re still doubting the power of Drupal, you’d be surprised to know that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website is powered by them.

They turned their website into a beautiful museum experience with a focus on artists.

As you can guess, with so many professional artists featured in the Hall of Fame, this virtual museum required a complex setup. However, that was a perfect challenge for Drupal and the results are promising.

Along with individual pages for all artists for specific content, this website also features exclusive content across the whole site which is another great way of introducing the content to a Drupal website.

16. TraffickWatch Nonprofit

Drupal is an ideal solution for creating nonprofit websites for organizations and TraffickWatch Nonprofit is the second website of such type in this review.

As you can imagine, TraffickWatch is doing a serious business fighting human trafficking and their website is all about education, but also prevention.

This is another Drupal website that required a complex content structure but the hard work paid off.

On this website, you can find facts, discover real stories, and most importantly, make an impact via simple and efficient navigation.

17. Instabar

We saw a couple of examples of an eCommerce store, but Instabar is a very typical eCommerce store built using Drupal.

This company produces healthy snacks and their website is highly visual, with a lot of visual elements and graphics.

With a very attractive website, navigation is flawless and the user experience is perfect. Therefore, Instabar helps retain focus and attention and increase their brand awareness with the help of this Drupal website.

18. Think Global Health

How about global-changing projects and companies? Can they benefit from Drupal? Of course they can, and Think Global Health’s website is a perfect example!

Think Global Health took advantage of Drupal’s flexibility to create a complex multi-author website where they explore changes in the global health system.

Not only does this website feature a lot of content from multiple contributors, but it’s also focusing on the health of the entire world.

Therefore, Think Global Health is a cultural and educational website with a great responsive and sleek design with perfect data visuals that go well with the content.

19. Challenge the Code

Drupal is ideal for all industries and it fits all types of websites. Challenge the Code is a website designed for the promotion of the movie and it’s a single page website with interactive animations and great transitions.

The whole website is extremely responsive, and even though it’s one of the lightest Drupal websites on this list, this is a perfect example of how sleek a Drupal website can look and even work.

Clean, simple, and visual is the best way to go and this was probably one of the easiest Drupal websites to make, yet it’s as good looking as every other website on this list.

20. Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day is a website made by a Belgian national radio station that serves one purpose. It allows radio listeners to listen to the most popular song of the day directly on the website.

Of course, this website is also a type of promotional website where colorful, horizontal layout and great visuals in combination with unusual navigation promote the brand of the radio station.

It’s a very simple website and with the use of Drupal elements, it’s very responsive on all devices even though it features unusual navigation.

21. K2 Digital Agency

Can you build your agency around a Drupal content management system? Of course, you can and K2 Digital Agency did this.

K2 Digital Agency is a Polish marketing agency that advertises its services using the sleek website they’ve made using Drupal.

Not only is their website a great place to learn more about their services, but it’s also a great place to showcase the work they’re able to do for their clients.

The website is based around storytelling with the help of interactive and graphic design which is a great example to see in the tech industry.

22. The National Forest

The National Forest is another organization that used Drupal to create a website that would spread the awareness of creating the world’s largest forests in England.

They have integrated the business aspect along with cultural and educational points of view thanks to the use of responsive design and elements that even enable them to sell products or accept donations.

With big background images and color schemes, this website is a joy to use and it’s very easy to find your way around it. Of course, it’s a lot harder to make such a simple website than it looks but it’s very easy to use, which is the most important benefit.

23. Hotel Icon

The true question is, can you run a hotel business by only using Drupal to create interactive websites with the booking and payment processing system?

The answer is yes and Hotel Icon is a perfect example, not only for the hotel industry but also any type of booking industry.

Hotel Icon created a very animated website with big background images that offer a clean and yet flawless user experience. Interaction through gestures is another advantage and not only do they use the website to promote their hotel business, but they end up matching the luxury level of their website to their hotel.

Now, if that’s not good enough of an example, I’m not sure what is!

24. Benech Neurosurgery

How serious can Drupal be? Can it be a great fit for almost anything, even serious businesses such as neurosurgery?

Yes, it can!

Benech Neurosurgery is a great example of a Drupal website that’s as professional as its service is.

With a bright design (just like their ordination) and big background images, Benech Neurosurgery created a very clean and sleek website with a great navigational experience.

By visiting their website, you’ll have the feeling that you’re already in their clinic which is a great way to promote their business and services.

25. Davidoff

Everyone knows a good deodorant and the chances are you’ve come across Davidoff at least once when shopping for a new fragrance.

But have you ever visited a perfume website?

Davidoff’s website is a perfect example of the advantage and flexibility that allows some of the biggest brands to rely on it as their “virtual real estate”.

This website features a clean design with great color choices and it even introduces video elements for a great storytelling experience.

The website is highly responsive on all devices and it’s a pure joy to learn more about the brand and check out their latest products.


Not many people know the true strength of Drupal and many even overlook this content management system.

But I believe that these are 25 of the best Drupal website examples that will change the way you think about it.

If Drupal is good enough for some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world, why wouldn’t it be a good fit for anything you have on your plate?

No doubt, Drupal is a very reliable system with highly improved security, and since it’s based on open-source code, it provides flexibility unlike any other closed-source content management system on the market.

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