What Does MK Mean in Text On Snapchat? Slang Explained

Whether your teenager is texting on Snapchat or you’re a new Snapchat user yourself, you’ll likely come across various slang abbreviations, such as MK, ICYMI, FYI and SCB. These slang abbreviations and acronyms are sometimes hard to figure out. There are so many possibilities as to what they stand for.

MK means “Mmmm, OK!”, ICYMI means “I See You Missed It”, FYI means “For Your Information”, and SCB means “Snapchat Back” on Snapchat.

Not only these, there are countless other Snapchat slang you might not know about.

If you’ve ever felt confused by a Snapchat slang, this article is for you.

Today, I will be talking about the most common and uncommon Snapchat slangs. I’ll even give you resources to help you figure out the meaning of any slang acronym not on this list.

Let’s get into it.

Snapchat Slang Explained: The Complete Guide

In this section, I will be listing some of the most common Snapchat slang terms and explaining what they mean. Bookmark this article and use it as your personal “Snapchat slang dictionary.”

What Does MK Mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, MK is usually an abbreviation of “Mmmm, OK!”

There’s a crucial difference between MK and OK. A regular OK just means “okay” – nothing more, nothing less.

However, MK means you are adding the “mmm” before the “okay,” which gives it a whole new meaning. Someone might text “MK” when they don’t really believe what the other person is telling them – something like, “Okay, if you say so!”

They might also use MK to express disinterest – like, “Okay, whatever!”

Among Spanish speakers in the United States, MK can also stand for “Marica,” which is a slang word that people use to address their close friends in some Spanish dialects. It can be offensive in other dialects or when talking to someone who is not your close friend.

Among gamers in the US, MK can also stand for Mortal Kombat.

For the most part, however, you can assume that MK means “Mmm, okay,” unless the context indicates otherwise. MK as a standalone text almost always means “Mmmm, okay.”

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What Does ICYMI Mean on Snapchat?


ICYMI stands for I See You Missed It. In this case, each of the letters represents the first letter of different words, except for the letter C, which is a way to express the word “see” in text messages.

You can use ICYMI in various situations. Typically, you would use it to tell a friend that they missed your snap – on Snapchat, you can see if someone opened the snap you sent them or not.

After writing ICYMI, you can then explain exactly what your friend missed.

If someone texts you “ICYMI,” they might be trying to tell you that you haven’t opened one of the snaps they sent you.

People might also use ICYMI to tell you that you missed anything, such as an event, news update, class, or test.

ICYMI has another possible meaning: In Case You Missed It. Someone might be informing you of something, like a school update, that you might have missed.

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What Does FYI Mean on Snapchat?

Pascal Huot/Shutterstock.com

FYI means For Your Information. People use FYI at the beginning of a Snapchat message to say something like, “Well, just in case you didn’t know, you should know about this-and-this.”

FYI can sometimes be passive-aggressive. People often use it to express surprise and incredulity that the other person doesn’t know a basic fact.

People also use it in arguments when trying to prove a point.

However, FYI doesn’t necessarily carry any negative connotations. It all depends on the context – people can use it when expressing incredulity at something someone has done, for example.

FYI is not an abbreviation that is exclusive to Snapchat, by the way. It is used on WhatsApp, in SMS messages, and on many types of chatting apps.

Interestingly enough, the origins of FYI go way back to the first half of the 20th century, when people were still sending telegrams.

FYI still meant For Your Information, but its intentions were slightly different – it was used to indicate that the contents of the telegram were for the recipient only and not to be read by others.

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What Does SCB Mean on Snapchat?


SCB stands for Snapchat Back and is an abbreviation that is unique to Snapchat. Typically, if someone writes SCB to you, it means they want you to “snap” them back and reply to their message.

SCB can signify urgency or simply that the person wants to maintain a streak on Snapchat with you. Sometimes, people will text SCB when they’re simply in the mood for chatting – it doesn’t always indicate urgency.

Other Slang Abbreviations

What Does SCM Mean on Snapchat?

SCM is similar to SCB. It means “Snapchat Me,” and it is a way of telling someone that you want them to message them back and chat about something.

SCB and SCM are interchangeable.

What Does SB and SM Mean on Snapchat?


SB and SM are similar to SCB and SCM.

SB means Snap Back, while SM means Snap Me. Both mean that the other person wants you to engage them in conversation.

What Does ESB Mean on Snapchat?

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

ESB stands for Everyone Snap Back and is another abbreviation unique to Snapchat. People will use ESB in their Snapchat stories.

Snapchat pioneered stories back in 2013. Stories are posts that are visible to all of a Snapchat user’s friends – but they only stay up for 24 hours.

Facebook and Instagram now allow you to post pictures or video stories too.

When someone writes ESB in their story, it means they want everyone who sees their story to reply. They are probably bored and want to chat with as many friends as possible, or they might simply be looking for everyone’s opinions on the post they just shared.

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What Does NRS Mean on Snapchat?


NRS stands for No Replies, and it has the opposite meaning of ESB.

If someone writes ESB in their Snapchat story, it means they want everyone to reply. However, when someone writes NRS in a Snapchat story, it means they don’t want anyone to reply.

Why not? There could be many reasons – perhaps they are busy, perhaps they are not in the mood to argue about what they posted, or perhaps they are going offline or have limited data and won’t be able to respond.

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What Does AMOS Mean on Snapchat?


AMOS stands for Add Me On Snapchat. Someone might send you that message when they want you to add them back as a friend.

People might also text you “AMOS” on WhatsApp or other chat platforms, along with their Snapchat username or QR code. It just means they want you to find them and add them on Snapchat so they can add you back.

What Does BRB Mean on Snapchat?

BRB stands for Be Right Back. If someone texts you BRB in the middle of a conversation and then disappears, don’t be concerned.

It’s not because they don’t like you or are going to ghost you. BRB is a way of saying that something urgent came up, and they can’t continue the conversation right at that moment – but they will be back after a short break.

What Do GMS and GNS Mean on Snapchat?


GMS stands for Good Morning Streaks, while GNS stands for Good Night Streaks.

Snapchat streaks are a feature that motivates users to continue using the app. A streak is when you and your friend have been sending each other snaps at least once a day for consecutive days.

So, if you have been snapping each other every day for seven days, you have a seven-day streak.

You don’t win anything of substance from maintaining streaks. However, you do get a special emoji that appears next to your and your friend’s names in each of your phones.

Many teenagers love maintaining streaks. It’s fun and mostly harmless – although it can be addictive and time-wasting when you’re trying to maintain streaks with many people at the same time.

You and your friend only need to snap each other once a day to keep the streak going. The problem is that missing even just one day can ruin your streak, forcing you to start your streak all over again.

To avoid that, many users send each other snaps once a day, either in the morning and at night, to ensure they maintain their streaks. They might snap multiple people at the same time, depending on how many people they are “streaking” with.

You can send a snap of anything – the sky, a building, or even the floor. The point is simply to maintain the streak.

People will often include the message GMS or GNS in their daily snaps, depending on the time of the day they send it.

Those acronyms inform the other user what the purpose of the snap is so they don’t think the other person is trying to annoy them with pointless snaps. It also reminds you to snap them back so you don’t lose the streak.

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What Does SFS and S4S Mean on Snapchat?


SFS and S4S both mean the same thing: either Snapchat For Snapchat or Shoutout For Shoutout. In this case, the number 4 is replacing the word “for,” which is common in texting.

Whether the user is referring to Snapchat For Snapchat or Shoutout For Shoutout, the intention is the same. They are looking to expand their Snapchat social circle and add new friends or followers, and they are looking for people to collaborate with them on that.

If you promote their Snapchat account to your friends, they will promote your Snapchat account to their friends. Typically, they will upload a picture of your special Snapchat QR code or mention your username.

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What Does SNR Mean on Snapchat?

SNR stands for Streaks And Recents. In this case, the letter N is replacing the word “and,” a common texting abbreviation.

If someone from your social circle texts you SNR, they simply want to know the people you are maintaining a streak with and the last people you snapped on Snapchat.

Perhaps they want to know who you are close to, or perhaps they are curious about which people in your social circle are good at maintaining streaks for days on end.

What Does SMH Mean on Snapchat?

SMH is a common abbreviation that you will find not only on Snapchat but also on other messaging apps and on online forums like Reddit. It stands for Shaking My Head.

When someone writes SMH, they are expressing feelings such as disbelief, exasperation, disappointment, etc. They might not necessarily be upset with you – they might simply be surprised at what someone else had done or about something they learned.

What Does STFU Mean on Snapchat?

STFU stands for Shut The F@&! Up. Someone might say it angrily when they want you to stop arguing with them, but don’t take offense unless the context shows that is what they are implying.

Many people type STFU jokingly or playfully. It could mean something like, “Get outta here, that’s not possible!”

What Does BTW Mean on Snapchat?


BTW is a simple abbreviation that you will find on many messaging apps and online forums. It means By The Way, and people use it in text messages just like they do in everyday conversation.

What Does LMK Mean on Snapchat?

LMK stands for Let Me Know. If you say that you might do something or might be willing to meet up with someone, and they text back “LMK,” it means that they will be awaiting your decision and want you to inform them once you make one.

What Do IDK and IDC Mean on Snapchat?

IDK and IDC might look similar, but they mean two very different things.

IDK stands for I Don’t Know. People might use it as a response to a question, or they might use it when suggesting something that they are not sure about.

IDC stands for I Don’t Care. It could be used by itself – “I don’t care (about what you just said)!” — or as part of a sentence – “IDC if he does it or not!”

What Does FFS Mean on Snapchat?

FFS is a vulgar abbreviation that stands for “For F&%!’s Sake.” People use it to express exasperation and disappointment at something, whether directed at you or a third party.

What Does SMO Mean on Snapchat?

SMO is an abbreviation that many Snapchatters use. It stands for Serious Mode On.

Someone will text you SMO in the middle of a conversation to provide context – they’re indicating that they mean what they are saying seriously and aren’t joking or being sarcastic. Someone might also text you SMO when they want you to be serious with them.

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What Does STG Mean on Snapchat?

STG stands for Swear To God. People use STG when they want to show how serious they are about what they are saying, especially when it would otherwise sound a bit unbelievable.

They also use it when they are promising to do something and want to show you how serious they are about it.

What Does HMPH Mean on Snapchat?


Unlike the other slang terms in this article, HMPH is not an abbreviation of anything. Instead, it is a sound that people use – “Hmph!” to express annoyance and irritation.

People might also use it to show that they don’t really believe what you are saying.

What Does TB or TBT Mean on Snapchat?

TB stands for Throwback, while TBT stands for Throwback Thursday. When someone posts an old picture or memory of theirs, they might add the hashtag #TB to their snap.

When someone does that, they are indicating that the picture is not from today but rather from a long time ago. So, if you see them at a certain café or mall, you’ll know that they didn’t actually visit there that day.

Throwback Thursday is a social media trend in which people post memories and old pictures or videos on Thursday. When someone posts a memory on Thursday, they might accompany it with the hashtag #TBT.

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What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

Travel man/Shutterstock.com

GTS is similar to TB. It stands for Good Times, and people use it to indicate wistfulness and nostalgia.

It also shows that the picture was taken a while ago and that the Snapchat user is not posting in real time.

What Do WYA, WYM, WYD Mean on Snapchat?

WYA stands for “Where You At?” WYD stands for “What You Doing?”

Both of them have similar meanings. The person texting you WYA or WYD wants to know what you are up to.

Normally, it means they are interested in hanging out and are asking if you are busy.

WYM stands for What You Mean?

If someone texts you “WYM,” they haven’t understood what you just said and want you to explain yourself further.

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What Does HMU Mean on Snapchat?

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HMU stands for Hit Me Up. If someone writes HMU in their Snapchat story, they are showing that they are willing to hang out and want people who are available to text them.

If they are posting a picture of something they are selling, HMU means that they want interested buyers to text them.

You can also use HMU as part of a sentence, such as “HMU if you want to come to the party with me tonight.”

What Does JK Mean on Snapchat?

JK stands for Just Kidding. People will usually add it to the end of a sentence to indicate that they are saying something in jest.

If someone says something to you that is mildly insulting or offensive but ends it with JK, they are just kidding around and mean no harm. That’s why it’s important to know the meaning of this acronym.

If they say they will do something but then add JK, they probably won’t do it.

What Does IG Mean on Snapchat?

Marcelo Mollaretti/Shutterstock.com

IG means Instagram or I Guess. You’ll need to look at the context for this one.

For example, if someone says, “Check my IG,” it means they posted something on Instagram and want you to check their Instagram page.

On the other hand, if they say, “IG i’ll have to ask him tomorrow,” IG stands for I Guess.

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Where to Find the Meaning of Different Snapchat Slang Abbreviations

This guide isn’t comprehensive – there are many other Snapchat slang and text abbreviations that I didn’t have room for. However, there are many useful resources on the internet that will help you find their meanings.

SlangIt has an entire dictionary of different texting abbreviations and what they stand for. While not all of them are exclusive to Snapchat, you’ll still find it very helpful.

Use CTRL + F to find the exact abbreviation you are looking for.

Another good resource for abbreviations is NoSlang.

Finally, the most useful resource you’ll ever find is Urban Dictionary. It’s the largest slang dictionary on the web, with submissions from users.

Just use the search bar at the top of the page to find the abbreviation or slang term you are looking for. The good thing about Urban Dictionary is that it doesn’t just include abbreviations but all types of slang words and phrases.

There may be several entries for one slang word, so browse through all of them until you find one that fits the context. Entries usually have example sentences to give you an idea of how you would use the slang phrase in real life.

Wrapping It Up

Snapchat is a fun and useful app, but new users might get overwhelmed by the amount of slang Snapchatters love to use. After reading this article, however, you’ll already have a good grasp of the most common slang terms and abbreviations you’ll see.

For any other slang terms or abbreviations, check out Urban Dictionary. Remember, you can also simply ask your friend what it means!

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