15 Best Secret Messaging Apps For iPhone 2024

One of the best ways to protect your privacy is by hiding sensitive text messages. And there are secret messaging apps to help you with that in case you leave your phone somewhere and someone unexpectedly gets hold of it.

Some of the best secret messaging apps for iPhone include Signal, Viber, Threema, and several others. However, Notes App is the best secret messaging app for iPhone.

Due to its unusual name, people won’t get an idea if Notes App can also be used for messaging. The app offers a plethora of useful features too.

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There are many reasons why you would want to keep your messages from snooping eyes. Maybe you’re planning a surprise for someone’s anniversary or birthday and don’t want them knowing who’s involved and what will happen.

Or perhaps you just want to keep whatever you type or write secret in case someone borrows or picks up your phone to check something or use an app.

If you’re looking for messaging apps that will help you keep your personal information hidden, we’ve rounded up 15 of our top picks for iPhone users. They’ll give you the freedom to speak to whoever you want without divulging your personal information with outsiders.

Many of these secret messaging apps also make reaching family and friends free and convenient without having your private messages read by people you don’t trust.

Whether you’re sending confidential or sensitive details, these messaging apps for iPhone will help keep your private messages even more private.

Best Secret Messaging Apps For iPhone

1. Notes App

The first thing prying eyes do when they get hold of your iPhone is to check your messages. Most messaging apps on your iPhone are fairly known so it’s common for people to look first into those.

However, there are some apps that aren’t so popular like the Notes app. With this app, you can even have a secret chat without the fear of someone handling your phone finding out.

You can secretly chat with someone else using Notes by creating and sharing a note with them. Plus, you can share the note with many other people, and even make edits that will appear in real-time to anyone you grant access to.

It’s almost like a chat session, but you can also let specific users (in your group) to only view the chat.

Besides secret messaging, you can jot down your thoughts or create checklists to save longer notes, web links, images, handwritten notes, scanned documents, or sketches. And you can sync all your devices thanks to iCloud so you always have all your notes and chats with you.

You can secure any notes that have personal or sensitive data with a password. You can also share the note with another user after confirming the permission being granted to that person.

Once they get your invite, they can open the note, add their messages, and you can access the edits made to the note in real-time. You can also customize the note you share to enhance its text clarity and appeal as more people edit it.

To end a chat in Notes, just stop sharing it with other users – if you’re the one who created the note. Once you do that, the note will be removed from all other users’ devices, but it’ll still appear on your iPhone until you delete it.

2. Signal Private Messenger

Signal is a private messaging app for secret texting that allows you to hide messages and communicate with others instantly without incurring SMS charges. You can also create groups and chat in real-time with others, share attachments, and media in a completely private setup.

The app’s server doesn’t store your data, nor does it have access to your communications. Plus, Signal uses an advanced end-to-end encryption feature that offers privacy for all your messages each time you create and/or send them.

Signal uses your existing mobile number and address book to hide text messages. You don’t need separate usernames, logins, PINs, or passwords to manage – so there’s no worrying over lost credentials. Plus, you get audio call support from Signal in case of any issues.

3. Viber

Viber is one of the popular secret messaging apps that’s famed for its fast, secure, and simple service. The free app is also one of the best for video chatting and has a large active user base.

You can make high-quality calls or text in secret without worrying that someone will access your data or sensitive information. You just need a WiFi connection or mobile/cellular data plan and start chatting in private.

The encrypted messaging app also allows you to open group chats with close friends, send text messages, and make free international calls.

Plus, Viber has excellent maintenance and support services that ensure the app is free from security breaches or bugs. You can enjoy end-to-end encryption – which protects the information you share between you and others on your contact list, and not have to think much about hackers.

And, you can start a Viber Community, send a variety of stickers and GIFs, or use the self-destruct feature for your secret chats. You also get the Chat Extensions features for enhancing your regular conversations and sync your iPhone with your desktop or tablet.

4. Threema

Threema is a top-secret messaging app for iPhone users that keeps your data away from prying eyes including surveillance by governments, third-party developers, and hackers.

The app comes with encrypted messaging services, so you can use it anonymously to make voice calls that are secured with end-to-end encryption, as well as chats.

Threema’s enhanced features ensure you can share business-related documents or personal information while keeping hackers and other online snoops away from your messages or calls.

You can keep your details and documents safe from the knowledge of others, and handle confidential information without worry. You can also use Threema on your desktop and you can secure your status messages and files, too.

The main idea behind Threema is that only you and the intended recipient of your messages can read them. The app also supports multi-file formats, has the option to share pictures, locations, and videos, and conduct polls with its polling feature.

5. Private Message Box

Private Message Box helps you hide your private conversations especially if you’re worried that someone else will check your chats with your friends.

The app can save secret contact messages behind a PIN pad. It’s easy to use and can keep your chats secret with 100 percent security and secrecy.

You also get free texting between you and other PMB app users if you sign in with your number, after which you can send unlimited messages, location details, and photos to others.

Plus, you can chat only with users when they enable free messaging. The app offers free emoji support for up to 300 emojis so you can represent emotions, free multimedia messaging, a privacy guard so no one else can open it, and password protection.

The pro version of the app removes ads from the platform, and you can buy a virtual number to hide private chats from your current cell phone bill. You can also keep your number hidden from other contacts, and get or send messages from any location, worldwide.

The secret messaging app for iPhone also helps you save specific contacts as secret and any messages you send out or receive will be made secret, automatically.

6. Telegram

Telegram is another encrypted, secret messaging app that connects you and your contacts over a distributed global data center network. The app has millions of active users especially after people migrated from WhatsApp in the recent past and supports data syncing over multiple devices at a go.

You can access messages over different platforms, send files and media without restrictions on size or type, and get all your chat history intact without affecting the disk space on your iPhone.

The data is stored secretly in the Telegram cloud for however long you need it and you can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large files – documents or videos – and set up bots for specific tasks.

The app is perfect when you want to chat secretly but also if you host large online communities and coordinate teamwork. Its end-to-end encryption helps people chat without the fear of their private messages and details being exploited.

You can access the secret chat by going to the contact you want to chat with and then tapping Start Secret Chat. These secret messages won’t be included in the synced data but you can only see them on your device.

7. CoverMe

CoverMe is a secret messaging app for your iPhone that comes with private call and texting capability, covered by military-grade encryption algorithms, self-destructing messages, and private file sharing.

A private vault is included that’s impenetrable by others who may want to access your data, files, and documents. You also get useful access control settings to protect your phone from thieves or intruders.

The free app offers in-app purchases to unlock some features, and this costs some amount of credits.

However, CoverMe provides secure calling and private text messaging, plus you can call from a burner line without being tracked. You can also hide your passwords, videos, text, or other files.

The app provides a swift private messaging experience with texts that disappear and you’re free to make calls anonymously. Your conversations are end-to-end encrypted to keep prying eyes – hackers or spies – out, and you have enough security to make your calls or texts secretly.

And, you can safeguard your personal data – videos or photos – by setting passwords. If someone enters the wrong password, they’ll see an empty vault. You can also use a secret code word known by you and the intended recipient of your messages.

8. Wire

Wire is an encrypted secret messaging app for iPhone users that’s designed for people who rely on secure communications. The app encrypts your sensitive and confidential information, which is further protected by European privacy laws.

With this app, you get some conventionally used chat features besides protected communication and strict privacy. Plus, it works on all major social media channels, so your data – calls, files, and chats – are always in sync.

You can send instant messages, call with the best-secured channels, share files securely, and log in with multiple accounts.

If you’re in a team, the app helps you increase productivity while keeping your messaging private. You can communicate and share information like files, messages, private conversations, and conference calls easily and securely – in context – through private or group conversations.

You can also select the one-click conference call button to start your video or voice meetings on time or invite customers, partners, or suppliers to unique guest rooms for collaboration.

Plus, you can use Wire’s ephemeral messages and device fingerprinting, integrate it with your services or apps – especially for companies – but family and friends can also opt for the free version.

9. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is a fully encrypted voice memo and voice calling app that lets you connect with loved ones individually or in groups instantly. You get end-to-end secret messaging and sharing of images, files, or videos.

Plus, you can fully control who can access your content and how long it will be accessible to them. The app keeps your address book private because it stores nothing on its servers.

You also get end-to-end encryption and for user content, there’s forward and backward secrecy, which makes it one of the best secret messaging apps to use with your iPhone.

You can send self-destructing messages with documents, videos, or photos, determine how long they’ll be available before self-destructing, and include geotags, timestamps, and other metadata – all without leaving traces of any conversations.

The app uses new keys to encrypt your messages and vetted back-to-back encryption that’s quite robust. It also provides private group options with up to 10 users max and overwrites on any content you delete.

10. Line

Line is a top-secret messaging app for iPhone that offers security and privacy. The app was designed by engineers in Japan to communicate during crises or emergencies, like when their infrastructure was damaged and they could only converse via the internet.

The app allows you to enable or disable end-to-end encryption dubbed Letter Sealing, which can be used by many people to hide text messages.

Line has a large user base who enjoy its benefits for free while transforming how they communicate and closing the distance between loved ones. You can make video and voice calls, send messages, and get new features and services for a more fun and convenient experience.

The app also offers stickers, themes, and emojis so you can express yourself however you want, and access to your friends’ birthdays and list, sticker shop, and other Line services.

You also get the Line VOOM feature to discover accounts or posts that you like and follow them to stay updated. You can chat with up to 200 friends at the same time, use the quick poll option to run polls, and call friends who aren’t using Line as well.

11. Voxer

Voxer helps you protect your real phone number and hold private chats with end-to-end encryption. You can also send unlimited text messages, share media files privately, and be completely untraceable.

The app combines the best of text, voice, video, and photo with its free and secure messaging app that’s also available on the Apple Watch. You just push a button to talk and communicate in real-time instantly and live.

Plus, you can listen to saved messages, share photos, text, locations, and videos. The app works with iPhones and other popular smartphones and allows you to create messages even when offline.

You can upgrade to the pro version to access walkie-talkie mode and get instant voice messages whether you’re in the app or not, voice-to-text transcription, admin control, hands-free, increased storage, more notifications, Dropbox integration, and more.

12. Smiley Private Texting SMS

Smiley Private Texting SMS app protects your privacy by keeping your real phone number private when you don’t want people to know it. The app allows you to text people with a completely new phone number without leaking your personal one, and you can use it for free while you’re at it.

Plus it comes with private texting so you can send anyone a message with an actual second phone number.

The app supports MMS messaging, and you can delete a whole conversion or individual messages, block numbers you don’t want to text or receive messages from, and text free using anonymous numbers.

And you can check the caller ID or the number of the person you’re calling. Install and launch the app, enter the number you want to text, and send however many texts you want. Your contact will view the texts as coming from your new number, and the messages are delivered for free.

You can protect your messages and identity knowing you’re not exposed. And when you’re done, you can burn the number and get a new second number next time you open and use the app.

13. Mattermost

Mattermost is an encrypted messaging app that’s considered a secret texting app as it offers privacy-focused features.

You can create and maintain separate circles to chat with secretly, have safe individual or group chat, share files easily in an encrypted format, and connect with other integration like webhooks or Slack-compatible ones.

The app also lets you integrate music and media management and use its live feature to explore a global audience.

14. Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular secret messaging app for iPhone that offers self-destructing messages and encrypted messaging. The app allows you to secretly text others by taking a snap – photo or video – and adding a caption or text over it before sharing with others.

You can hide your messages and use other secret ways to text people you want.

It offers customizable security settings and has no third-party servers. Plus, you get free cloud storage, and your messages are deleted automatically after 24 hours.

The app doesn’t back up your data so your information is not held at all, making it a reliable secret messaging app to use.

You can express yourself with filters, lenses, Bitmoji, and more, stay in touch with friends through live messaging, or use Group Stories to share your day, video chat with up to 16 friends, and express yourself with Friendmojis.

Snapchat also offers other features besides being a secret messaging app, which includes Spotlight – to showcase your best snaps or share with others, Stories – to see your friends’ days and show your own, Map – to share locations, or go off-grid with Ghost Mode, and memories among others.

Explore the best alternatives to Snapchat here.

15. Dust

Dust allows you to own your world by giving you control over your digital life. You can control your texting and whatever is known about you from prying eyes, sketchy hackers, data mining, and others.

The encrypted messenger helps you send texts or share photos with loved ones or workmates, and exchange sensitive information without worrying about it getting leaked out.

Plus, you can unsend any message at any time, and your history is erased after 24 hours. Dust also detects and alerts you when someone takes a screenshot.

It encrypts all your conversations and no one can access them – not even Dust creators themselves. And you can delete messages off their devices in real-time, and it won’t ever be recovered.

Wrapping Up

Privacy matters, especially in the digital world we live in today. Whatever you exchange between you and your intended recipient should ideally be between the two of you, unless you’re in a group where you fully control what happens.

There will always be prying eyes and snoopers who more often than not violate your privacy, but with these best secret messaging apps for iPhone, you can lock them out for good and protect your privacy and data.

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