Difference Between Yellow Pages vs White Pages

Once upon a time, businesses relied on Yellow Pages – printed books to advertise themselves. It was also the primary tool customers used to find a business. But for the last 20+ years, things have changed, thanks to the advent of the internet. You can now list your business on Google, social media, and Yelp. In this post, we discuss vital differences between Yellow and White Pages to help you understand each platform in depth.

Yellow Pages vs White Pages – A Quick Summary

Yellow Pages still remains to be one of the preferred directories to list a business online. You can list your business on Yellow Pages for free or pay for it. That’s not all: they also allow you to place an ad and reach a greater audience.

On the other hand, Whitepages consists of the street addresses and landline phone numbers of people in a particular area. You may also find a person’s home address in case an email address or phone number isn’t listed.

Simply put, Whitepages is a directory for individuals living in a specific area while Yellow Pages are a business directory.

What is Whitepages

Whitepages is a directory of people in a particular area. The information is organized alphabetically, by name.

Whitepages lets you conduct a name search and view publicly accessible information about any individual. All of the information on these pages is accessible via methods other than a simple web search.

There are several ways to find out information about someone’s location, such as searching a jurisdiction’s website or visiting a public records organization. Whitepages merely compiles digital representations of the information into one location.

That also implies that not all publicly accessible information on an individual is included on a Whitepages’ profile, nor is all material contained in a report accurate.

Given the nature of the firm and similar enterprises, data may be erroneous, missing, or outdated, or may be connected with the incorrect people. You can even come across duplicate profiles for the same person or none.

Evaluated assumptions would discover at least a few errors in the reports ordered throughout the examination.

Due to the high probability of errors in any particular report, customers are not permitted by law to utilize such services in any professional duties.

The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) forbids users to utilize person searches and background checks to assess tenant and employment eligibility, among other purposes.

Find out what are the best alternatives to Whitepages to consider.

What is Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages are phone listings of businesses ordered alphabetically by category instead of business name. The information is arranged geographically, alphabetically, and by category. Advertising is sold on these directories.

Yellow Pages are used mostly for business advertising, whereas Whitepages is used for non-commercial advertisements.

A city’s telephone directory contains a big part of yellow-colored pages, generally the second or last one. These pages list companies by their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

These are subscription-based listings, which means that businesses must pay an annual fee to have their information printed on these Yellow Pages. It is typical for consumers to browse these pages to obtain the contact information for plumbers, electricians, physicians, and other service providers.

You may be wondering why some firms use strong and colorful typefaces while others use small spaces and little black letters.

That is because various Yellow Pages charge differently for standard and attention-grabbing information.

Because the listings are alphabetical, if you’re looking for a plumber, you’ll want to start with this category and then go on to the alphabetical listings.

Nowadays, as mobile users and commercial premises increase exponentially, most cities have their own Yellow Pages directories.

These directories are likewise growing as new categories and establishments are added regularly.

Although individuals conduct internet searches for services and goods, the venerable Yellow Pages continue to generate leads for companies.

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Features Difference


The service enables individuals and companies to locate, vet, and verify individuals, provide their phone numbers and addresses, and contact and background information.

Whitepages’ features include:

Reverse Address Lookup

Whitepages is the most comprehensive cheap reverse address lookup tool available online.

They are not your typical Whitepages directory or phone book since they contain extensive contact details for over 300 million people.

Business Directory

Whitepages is the top-regarded free business search tool available online with approximately 25 million companies’ contact information, including their work hours and locations.

People Search

Whitepages People Search is the most detailed online persons’ search engine for finding people, locations, and phone numbers by name. Whitepages enables individuals to reconnect, send cards, and locate the owners of missing pets, among other things.

Background Check

Whitepages provides a complete database of a person’s contact details and criminal history, culled from databases in all fifty states of the United States.

Their information comes from public resources, such as court documents and other third-party authorities. This information, however, is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages may be a source of significant success for your business. Whether people search for you by your name or the products or services you offer, be certain they can find you.

Here are its key features:

Extended Search Solutions

It helps promote your business online by increasing your chances of being discovered by shoppers through their leading websites and digital platforms, which receive billions of searches each year. Some of its platforms include its proprietary sites, Superpages.com, Yellowpages.com, and DexKnows.com.

Besides, Extended Search Solutions are simple and cost-effective.

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Search Engines Optimization

It enables customers to discover your business by optimizing your website’s visibility on search engines like Bing or Google.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Its comprehensive search engine marketing solutions enable you to engage in local searches all across the internet.

With its proprietary technology, broad network, and committed search marketing staff on your side, it will help boost the marketing of your business to the outside world.

Reverse Lookup

Is someone contacting you repeatedly but never leaving a message? Are you receiving strange texts from a phone number you don’t recognize? A reverse phone lookup might help you locate your enigmatical contact.

Online Listings Management

It keeps an eye on and nurtures your internet reputation. Online Listings Management enables you to maintain complete and consistent online listings for your business.

It conveniently enables you to browse and reply to reviews and ratings from a single spot.


Each platform is endowed with magnificent features that can assist users in obtaining their desired outcomes. It’s a draw.

Performance Difference


The Whitepages website provides a lightning-fast experience. You input your search parameters into the dialog box and click the “Start” button at the most fundamental level.

When you search for someone, you’ll need to give some basic information about them, like their names, where they might live, etc. That will help you get a better return on your search.

Given the volume of data included in the Whitepages databases, the way this information is scanned and returned is rather impressive.

Yellow Pages

There are millions of businesses in the Yellow Pages database. The ability of the site to scan the information is so amazing. Interestingly, when you search for any business, you’ll see several results in seconds.

Besides the search, the platform gives its users real-time metrics for their business advertisements. That happens to millions of business users worldwide.


Both sites are fairly quick and responsive.

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Ease of Use Difference


Users can use the web browser-based experience or the Whitepages app. The latter is essentially a customized version of the online edition that enables users to examine their most recent contact information.

Whitepages has targeted this, particularly those who wish to connect with others or learn who is phoning them immediately.

The app experience, like the desktop version, is rather basic, as you’re just accessing the Whitepages databases.

Nevertheless, the Reverse Phone Lookup is useful if you’re looking for a quick and simple tool that compliments Whitepages by providing information about phone numbers. The tool is excellent for performing rapid number searches. However, it is only accessible on iOS.

If you locate a person and wish to get a more detailed report, Whitepages lets you do so as you go.

Yellow Pages

Like Whitepages, Yellow Pages has both the application and web-browser versions. We all know this platform helps you to locate businesses near you, so their web browser is simple to navigate. It has listed close to ten business categories from which you can choose.

Both Apple and Android Apps give their users the options to find cheap gas, bookmark favorite places, and find local pros.

It has a search bar with two sections; ”What are you looking for?” and location. Here, you’ll need to insert the information and get your results right away.


The winner is Whitepages. Compared to Yellow Pages, newcomers can use Whitepages with no difficulties.

Support Difference


If you reach a stage where you require support with this online platform, Whitepages features the industry-standard online Help Center. This section includes a knowledge library with frequently asked questions, premium-level support, and assistance for consumers accessing the Whitepages platform on mobile devices.

Also, you may request if you have more difficult queries that are not addressed in the expertise or if you have a question concerning your account, billing methods, or anything else.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages has a well-structured customer care system for users in need of assistance.

The platform has a Questions and Comments part where you can provide feedback or express your view on how Yellow Pages may improve the platform.

Users of Ordering Directories receive a personalized phone number that they may use to place an order or cancel delivery.

Those interested in pursuing a commercial relationship may contact the Business Development department, which welcomes queries about strategic partnerships, alliances, and other business prospects.

However, please keep in mind that they do not accept unsolicited concept submissions outside of pre-existing commercial agreements.

Existing advertisers on the platform have been issued a unique phone number to contact the customer support department.


Yellow Pages is the winner. In comparison to Whitepages, the site features many customer support divisions. You can quickly connect with specialists who can assist you.

Pricing Difference


Whitepages Unlimited is $3.99 per month and includes many basic lookups, such as current address, landlines, and relatives. Additionally, there is a money-back guarantee.

The other paid options include Premium Whitepages Unlimited at $4.99 for approximately 20 premium lookups or $19.99 for as many as 200. That includes phone numbers and previous addresses.

Moreover, a Background Report is available for a one-time price of $9.99.

This service includes mobile phone and landline numbers, current and previous residences, information on relatives and acquaintances, criminal background data, property, financial, and public records, and the same money-back guarantee.

You may also select the Whitepages Free version, which provides limited basic search capabilities, including current address, landlines, and relatives, but excludes cell phone numbers and previous addresses.

Customers and small business people will benefit from Whitepages Premium, while landlords benefit from Whitepages Tenant Check.

Yellow Pages

Listing your business on YP is both free and paid. To claim a free listing, visit the website and scroll to the section Claim Your Business then click on the Claim Your Listing button. Here, you will be required to provide business details, such as company name, telephone number, payment options, hours, and more. You may also call 1-866-794-0889 to get started.

While a consumer may not see all of your business details during an initial search, search engines will see the information, helping return better results.

On the other hand, a paid listing may allow your business details to be highlighted, boldfaced, or get a priority listing on the platform. Paid listings are different from ads. So what’s the difference between the two?

Well, paid listings are billed on a monthly basis while ads are paid for based on their size. The best approach is to create an ad with intriguing content that users will like and search engines recognize.

If a large Yellow Pages advertisement is not profitable, do not despair. You might want to experiment with a smaller Yellow Pages ad to see how well it performs.

Other than the ad’s size, the advertising cost may also depend on the targeted geographical region. For example, advertising in a highly-populated area, such as Manhattan, might cost more.

Yellow Pages does not display the listing or advertising costs on the website, but as you initiate the process and communicate with them, they may supply those details.

If you operate a local business and cannot rely solely on walk-in customers, it may be worthwhile to experiment with Yellow Pages display advertising.

It records how consumers discover you, and a current tally of the clients you acquired from your Yellow Pages displays advertising expenditure.

In this manner, you may determine whether your monthly Yellow Pages advertising charges are profitable.


Both platforms offer a free plan and paid plans customized to the different needs of their users. I, therefore, think there’s a tie in terms of pricing.

Yellow Pages vs Whitepages – Key Similarities & Differences


  • Unlike Whitepages, professionals pay to have their names and phone numbers published on Yellow Pages, which is still an effective kind of advertising.
  • Yellow Pages allows businesses to place ads while Whitepages only lets you look up people’s landline numbers, addresses, and other personal information.
  • The Yellow Pages are utilized when consumers need the contact information for service providers such as electricians or welders, while Whitepages is meant to search for people.
  • Whitepages includes the names, phone numbers, and locations of individuals with landline connections in a city. In contrast, the Yellow Pages lists the city’s names, phone numbers, and locations of businesses and providers.
  • Whitepages has no-cost listings, whereas Yellow Pages contains free and paid listings.


  • Since the growth of the internet, Yellow Pages and Whitepages have shifted online, and anybody can now view their local directory listings from practically anywhere.
  • Both exhibit a high level of performance.
  • Both provide subscription-based services.
  • Whitepages and Yellow Pages have excellent features that users can use to suit their demands.

Whitepages vs Yellow Pages –Pros & Cons



  • It is simple to use
  • Comes with plenty of information that users can search on the platform
  • Information is obtained from reputable sources


  • Has payment alternatives that are difficult to understand
  • Only the most basic searches are provided for free

Yellow Pages


  • Businesses may reach a wide spectrum of users in a metropolitan region by advertising in the Yellow Pages.
  • The cost is far below that of a thirty-second television commercial, a newspaper ad, or a large magazine advertisement, making it economical for businesses on a tight budget.


  • Consideration of this sort of service is out of touch with the times.
  • There is a lot of competition if you want to explore Yellow Pages advertising for your business.
  • It is tough to maintain control over this advertising approach.


What is the distinction between Yellow Pages and Whitepages?

The Yellow Pages are a collection of business listings that include local establishments’ names, phone numbers, and addresses. The phone book’s yellow pages are usually found in the rear part of the book, after the white pages.

What is the purpose of Whitepages?

Whitepages is a supplier of internet directory services, fraudulent screening, background checks, and user identification for consumers and companies in the United States. It provides the most comprehensive collection of contact information about people.

Can you find addresses in a phone book?

Users may find home listings in the White Pages of the telephone directory. People who have chosen to be listed in the phone book are listed in the White Pages in alphabetical order, while those who have not chosen to be listed are not mentioned.

Is it free to list in the Yellow Pages?

The Yellow Pages can be either free or paid. By phoning the number or visiting the www.yellowpages.com website, you may claim a listing for no charge. When applying for a job, you’ll be asked to give relevant information about your organization.

Is Whitepages a legitimate business?

Whitepages is a lawful business where clients pay to learn more about persons, former classmates, workmates, available internet vendors, etc.

How many telephone numbers does Whitepages contain?

Whitepages is the world’s most trusted name in people’s search. The company provides extensive contact information for over 275 million individuals nationally, including mobile phone numbers.

What is a listing in terms of SEO?

It is an online entry for your company that comprises its name, contact information, address, and any additional information that may be required.

Where in the phone book are the yellow pages?

The phone book’s yellow pages are usually found in the rear part of the book, after the white pages. The yellow pages are a collection of business listings that include local establishments’ names, phone numbers, and addresses.

How can you install Whitepages People Search for PC?

To install and utilize the Whitepages People Search app on your PC, you must first download and install a desktop application emulator.

Download an Android emulator on a computer

  • If you wish to use the program on your computer, go to the Windows App Store and download Bluestacks PC.

Installing the emulator on your computer is simple.

As soon as you’ve downloaded the emulator of your choosing, you can navigate to the Downloads folder on your PC and double-click the emulator or the Bluestacks application to launch it.

  • Click on it to install the application or executable file on your PC.
  • Now, to accept the licensing agreement, click Next.
  • To ensure that the program is correctly installed, follow the instructions on the screen.

You will finally deploy the Emulator application if you follow the instructions above.

What sources do the Yellow Pages rely on for their information?

Several significant data sources offer Yellow Pages information on business listings. Many websites with publicly available information provide them with the information they collect, which we use.

Also, some government resources, such as several public information websites, provide information about businesses.

When did the phone book come to an end?

In the 21st century, print phone directories are rapidly being condemned as wasteful. In 2012, when certain North American communities approved legislation prohibiting the circulation of telephone directories, an industry organization filed a lawsuit and won a court judgment allowing the marketing of telephone directories to continue.


Whitepages is a people’s directory while Yellow Pages are a directory for businesses. Yellow Pages are available in most countries, but Whitepages is only limited to North America.

If you want to target more consumers in a particular area with your services or products, then Yellow Pages would do. You can list a business there for free or pay for a listing or even an ad.

Similarly, Whitepages has a free version, although with limited features. The paid versions depend on the number of monthly searches you would like to make.

All in all, each platform is excellent in helping you find information about people or businesses. So, go ahead and choose a platform that suits your needs.

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