10 Best Hunter.io Alternatives

You want to send a pitch to a business prospect or your resume to a recruitment manager but you keep hitting a wall trying to find their email address.

With an email finder service, you can save yourself the time and effort needed to get your message across to decision-makers and other people who you really want to contact.

Not only that, but it will contribute to the success of your email.

An email finder also eliminates the need to scrape email addresses manually off company or business sites when trying to build up your mailing list.

This way, you don’t need to rely on incoming leads alone, plus, you can identify people or companies who were not previously on your radar.

While Hunter.io is a great email finder for businesses who want to find emails based on specific search parameters such as payment processors, you may have to run a second query to verify active inboxes because it lacks a two-in-one email finding and verification service.

Plus, Hunter’s web extension operations may not work with LinkedIn, meaning if you use LinkedIn as your primary prospecting source, you may not find all the data you need.

We looked at several email finders on the market, compared them based on features, accuracy, and price, and narrowed them down to the 10 best Hunter.io alternatives.

How We Evaluated The Best Hunter.io Alternatives

Business executives and professionals in different departments such as sales, marketing, recruitment, PR, content marketing, and others typically use email finders to find email addresses.

This way, they can reach out and introduce themselves and their company’s offerings to their prospects.

For this to be successful, accuracy is very important as is finding the email addresses themselves.

However, good email finders should also be easy to use, affordable, and offer the information that you need with a few other extras.

To find the best Hunter.io alternatives, we evaluated based on advertised accuracy rates for found email addresses, ease of use, accessibility, price, added prospecting functionality, and bonus features like system integrations.

Based on these criteria, we narrowed down to our 10 picks, all of which offer more integrations, Chrome extensions, reasonable pricing, and curated lists of verified email addresses.

Best Hunter.io Alternatives

1. FindEmails

FindEmails is ideal for businesses looking for an accurate yet affordable email finder. Unlike other email finders that rely on LinkedIn or internal databases to search and verify potential emails, FindEmails uses its own technology to do the same in a single step.

Unlike Hunter, which lacks two-in-one email finder and verification and doesn’t use LinkedIn as their primary prospecting source, FindEmails offers both these features.

Plus, FindEmails offers detailed scoring along with found addresses, and you can access it with a browser extension or via their website.

If you’re looking for the best mix of accuracy, features, and price, FindEmails is worth considering.

Both email finders offer powerful features, but they’re categorized differently. FindEmails is categorized mainly as email verification, while Hunter is classified as Sales Intelligence.

In terms of features, both platforms offer Chrome extensions, email finder functionality, and email verification, except that Hunter treats the finding and verification services as separate steps.

FindEmails also goes further and curates email contacts to help you build out a mailing list and speed up your prospecting efforts.

Another difference is that Hunter offers integration with Google Sheets, while FindEmails doesn’t, though the latter integrates with Zapier.

What this means is that with FindEmails, you may have to toggle between apps when building your list of prospects.

FindEmails three premium plans that you can subscribe to and use for email searches, tests, and more.

While it doesn’t offer a free plan as Hunter.io does, FindEmails offers 1000 search and verification credits, which is 500 more than Hunter’s Starter plan that costs $20 more.

2. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is ideal for organizations that only need verified emails and no confidence scores.

The email finder and checker tool can be used as a web-based tool but you can also incorporate it into other tools.

The software is priced in such a way that you only pay for the email address that are identified with a high probability of deliverability. This way, you and your team members only pay for email addresses that are verified.

Some of its key features include the option to find either single or bulk emails based on the domain, name, or job title of the prospect. Plus, you don’t have to pay for duplicate emails or invalid/uncertain emails so you get to save money.

Anymail Finder can also scrape bulk emails from LinkedIn or Twitter, which you can’t do with Hunter, but it does this via extension partners such as Followerwonk, Scoutzen, or Dux-Soup.

Like Hunter, Anymail Finder also offers a browser extension and you can also use the API to load verified emails into your customer relationship management system.

Anymail Finder offers a free trial for all plans unlike Hunter, which offers a Free plan with 50 searches and 50 verifications.

With Anymail Finder’s free trial, you get unlimited verified emails, all features in the premium plans, and you can use it with all team members.

Plus, Anymail Finder’s $49 plan offers 1000 verified emails, which is 500 more than Hunter’s Starter plan for the same price.

3. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is ideal for companies seeking email addresses of bloggers, journalists, and social media influencers.

The software is designed to help you identify the persons you’re looking for from its database of over 4 million leads, which includes executives, who can boost your brand.

The robust CRM and email marketing tool is best for small business owners who want to connect with teams and influencers relying on viral marketing.

In terms of features, NinjaOutreach also offers a Chrome extension like Hunter, but you also get link building software, CRM, and a scalable and effective influencer outreach service.

Unlike Hunter, which offers five different pricing packages from a Free to an Enterprise plan, NinjaOutreach only offers two plans: Flex $119 per month for 1,000 contacts and Pro $199 per month for 4,000 contacts.

This means that NinjaOutreach is a tad bit costlier than Hunter but you get unlimited searches with NinjaOutreach.

The main difference is that NinjaOutreach may not be able to locate all emails because it relies on its in-house database of contacts like Hunter, which has 66 million website sources of data and indexes 101 million professional email addresses.

4. GetProspect

GetProspect is ideal for B2B (business-to-business) teams that use LinkedIn and need a tool that will help them find email addresses and manage their list of prospects.

The tool can be used to find contacts based on domain, company size, industry, and position. You can also manage your mailing lists within the system or export them to your preferred CRM software.

Plus, GetProspect offers accurate email searches once you input your search criteria, and then it finds a list of names with position, industry, corporate emails, LinkedIn profile, and URLs among others.

Some of the features you’ll find in Hunter that are available in GetProspect include bulk import and export to XLS file with extracted emails and other information.

You also get useful company information like physical addresses, company website, company size, phone number, and number of employees among others.

In terms of functionality and accessibility, GetProspect offers more integration with over 750 apps including Hubspot, Salesforce, Gmail, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, and MailChimp. This is more than what you get with Hunter.

GetProspect also has a chrome extension like Hunter, but you don’t get the more rigorous email checks that Hunter offers, meaning you won’t be guaranteed the likelihood of deliverability of emails.

Both platforms offer five different plans with the same pricing that Hunter offers its features for, including a dedicated Free plan.

However, GetProspect isn’t clear as to whether Priority Support is available with its packages.

5. Snov.io

Snov.io is an email finder that’s used by several professionals such as sales or marketing professionals to find qualified leads, follow ups, and convert better.

Other executives in the business development, recruitment, outreach, and lead generation departments of an organization can also use it.

These executives use Snov.io to find people integral to your success, find the perfect candidates, streamline marketing and reach out to potential clients easily.

The low-cost email finder and verification service offers several features and relies on LinkedIn for its matching, unlike Hunter, which lacks the LinkedIn integration.

However, Snov.io doesn’t have robust search capabilities like Hunter, but it lets you pay only for verified email addresses.

The software comes with a free option just like Hunter, which has a free plan, but Snov.io is better if you’re cost-conscious and want less than 100 monthly verifications.

Plus, you get an all-in-one email outreach platform that accommodates most of your needs, with pre-verified emails collected from other sources.

Snov.io also boasts accurate data and good deliverability, having found over 260 million emails in the last year for its more than 680,000 users.

Like Hunter, you can find emails on Snov.io by domain, company or from names, or collect using a Boolean search and find the right prospects or candidates by location, skills, or position.

In terms of pricing, Snov.io offers 50 free monthly credits once you register with them, and there’s an Unlimited Freemium plan that doesn’t require any credit card to sign up.

The premium plans start from $39, which offers 1000 credits and unlimited users, while the most expensive plan costs $578 per month for 100,000 credits and unlimited users.

Compared to Hunter, Snov.io offers more value for money especially with its XXL plan, which offers 70,000 more email search credits.

Both services offer a Chrome extension. Plus they also lack a few similar things including integration with Facebook, and Snov.io’s reliance on LinkedIn makes it more of an email scraper service than one that matches patterns.

6. Skrapp

Skrapp is a leading email finder and verification service in the B2B email research industry that enables email marketing professionals to build relevant mailing lists.

The out of the box tool uses data matching algorithms and email verification methods to help you scrape verified B2B emails.

The single email finder tool lets you find emails using a domain search and also within your databases and sheets using the Bulk Email Finder feature.

You can import a TXT or CSV file using names or company names, or even websites and launch the bulk tasks to find verified emails instantly.

Like Hunter, Skrapp has a Chrome extension that integrates smartly with Sales Navigator or LinkedIn and offers verified email addresses of your leads in a matter of milliseconds.

This way, you can reveal decision-makers, key leads, and company emails as you visit any site.

The software verifies emails accurately while analyzing the status of your emails, and uses your email credits once it returns an email with its verification status.

It also tracks each email you have searched since you signed up with Skrapp.

Skrapp offers a free plan like Hunter, but only one user can use the tool to search up to 150 emails.

Its cheapest premium plan – Starter – costs $49 for 1000 emails per month all the way to its Global plan for $299, which offers 50,000 emails; that’s 20,000 more email searches than what Hunter offers.

7. Prospect.io

Prospect.io is not just an email finder but a sales automation platform that allows you to build email lists, prospect, analyze, and synchronize data via integration with many other services.

The tool helps your outbound sales team increase their productivity using its platform by starting conversations and closing more deals.

With Prospect.io, you can build quality lists, automate outbound marketing by combining personal emails, follow up calls, tasks, and social touches into a campaign that will help you reach prospects where they’re at.

Not only that, but you can also analyze the performance of your campaigns while tracking the goals and objectives of your sales team to meet quotas.

With the email finder feature, you need not use time and effort to find new prospects. This powerful tool uses some algorithms to find emails in just seconds.

You can also find contact information while browsing the web using its Chrome extension, which Hunter also offers.

Both Hunter and Prospect.io also verify emails to check if each email address it returns exists and is deliverable for better deliverability.

You can search for a single prospect or in bulk as you would with Hunter, and search on professional networks to find names, job titles, and emails in a single click.

Prospect.io lacks a free plan, which Hunter offers, and its starting Essential plan is a bit pricier than Hunter at $89 per month and then $29 per additional user.

With the Essential plan, you only get 250 email finder credits per month but you also get integrations with Zapier, Slack, and Piesync and an unlimited list of prospects.

The software also offers a Business plan, which is cheaper than Hunter’s Enterprise plan.

However, with Prospect.io, you pay $39 for every extra user and only get 1000 email finder credits per month plus CRM integration with Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive among others.

8. VoilaNobert

VoilaNorbert is an accurate email finder and verification software. It helps sales, business development, recruiting, PR, content marketing, and other professionals build long-lasting relationships with anyone important to the business.

With this tool, you can fill up your sales pipeline with qualified leads, get personal with decision-makers, build lists and contacts of interests, and hunt down and reach out to talent with the right message at the right time.

You can also find the right reporters and create buzz, as well as reach out to blogs, contact authors, build links, and spread your content.

Like Hunter, you can find and validate emails to reach people and build more and better relations. You can also enrich contacts to target prospects with the right message in the right place and time.

VoilaNorbert has a success rate of up to 98 percent with a database of B2B contacts at your fingertips.

Plus, it’s built for scale, which Hunter also offers via its Bulk actions feature, and offers native integrations that you won’t find with Hunter such as a Gmail plugin and integration with Pipedrive, Zapier, Google Chrome, Salesforce, Drip, Hubspot, and more.

In terms of pricing, VoilaNorbert doesn’t offer a free plan like Hunter, but you get 50 free leads after which you start prospecting at $49 per month for unlimited team members.

You won’t get charged for duplicate emails and you can get started with its free API, which works with Python, PHP, Node.js, and Ruby.

VoilaNorbert also charges on a pay-as-you-go scale for verification and to enrich leads with powerful data points so the costs could be low or high depending on the number of emails you need the tool to verify or enrich.

9. RocketReach

RocketReach is used by marketing, sales, and recruiting professionals to fuel business growth.

The platform offers a first-degree connection to any professional so you can connect with the right decision-makers and access its wide and accurate database of emails and direct dials.

The service offers an 85 percent accuracy rate in its advanced search for 450 million professionals across 17 million companies globally. This way, you can prospect, connect, and converse with leads at scale.

Unlike Hunter, whose integrations are limited, RocketReach integrates with more application tracking systems, and leading CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce among others to boost productivity.

The software also comes with a Chrome extension, Edge extension, and bulk lookups.

However, in terms of pricing, RocketReach lacks a free plan, and its Essentials plan starts at $59, which is higher than Hunter’s $49 basic plan, and offers only 125 lookups per month compared to Hunter’s 500 searches and 500 verifications.

10. Lusha

Lusha is an email finder tool that’s available as a Chrome extension designed with sales and recruiters in mind. The tool is useful when you want to make your prospects list as it scrapes email addresses and contact numbers.

Unlike Hunter, which doesn’t offer much integration, Lusha supports LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Gmail, which are big email-rich platforms.

For sales professionals, Lusha offers accurate B2B contact details to help you prospect and reach out to future customers. Recruiters can also benefit from Lusha as it helps them reach top candidates with accurate emails and phone numbers.

You can also get to the hard to reach prospects by adding the extension to the browser and get personal with them. The software offers accurate data and phenomenal hit rates for the best results.

Lusha is available as a free trial, which gives you 5 free contact details each month, but this isn’t a free plan like Hunter provides.

Each paid plan offers different credits and features based on your company’s needs, but they’re costlier than Hunter and offer fewer email search credits.

Wrapping Up

Email is still one of the best ways for business professionals to contact B2B and B2C prospects. If you don’t want to miss prospect opportunities, you need a good email finder tool. 

Our top 10 Hunter.io alternatives will help you identify specific contacts or accelerate the process of searching for individual professional profiles to add to your mailing list.

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