15 Best AnyWho Alternatives 2024

Millions of people go online every day to search for background information about others. Details such as birth records, phone numbers, family tree information, and more are part of these searches.

AnyWho is just one such site that allows you to find contact information for anyone listed in their database. You can find the white and yellow pages, which list people and businesses respectively.

There are plenty of sites you can use to find people for free or reverse lookup a phone number. TruePeopleSearch, Intelius, and Instant Checkmate are some good platforms. The best AnyWho alternative is TruthFinder. It offers in-depth information about a person which includes background checks, government records, dating profiles, and work details.

The need to explore AnyWho alternatives

AnyWho has certain limitations. To begin with, the site is limited in terms of the information you can get, and you can’t use it to browse multiple leads at a go.

Not only that, but it’s also time-consuming having to search AnyWho for every single lead, only to end up with multiple results. The result is that you don’t get exactly what you need to know about a person or business.

As mentioned above, there are several other tools you can use in place of AnyWho. Here are the 15 best AnyWho alternatives to help you find people information quickly.

Best AnyWho Alternatives

1. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is a fast people-search tool that’s free to use when looking for people. You can find your contacts by phone number, name, physical/postal or email address, associated names, relatives, and more.

The site offers free and more detailed results compared to AnyWho and other similar sites. You also get details like the person’s age, wireless or landline phone numbers, previous towns they lived in, relatives, associated names, and possible associates.

If you have many records, TruePeopleSearch doesn’t bog you down like AnyWho. Instead, it provides filters you can use to narrow down the search results using different variables like age and others.

If you want a full report about a person, you can select the link on each person’s page and get more results.

The site offers three ways to search for people, and you don’t need to enter their last name. Plus, you get lots of free results with each search.

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2. Intelius

Intelius takes a different approach in displaying the search results to you. The people finder service uses a spidery graph, which makes it easy for you to see how different people are connected.

As one of the oldest and most established people finder services, Intelius ensures that you’re covered on most fronts. You can perform the usual people search using details like email, social network search, reverse lookup, and background check.

However, unlike AnyWho, Intelius goes even further to search for social networks, property records, criminal records, and educational history.

The underlying data Intelius provides helps you track someone down or check their resume. You can also pay up for the Intelius Premier Plus plan and get unlimited searches every month, which isn’t as time-consuming as AnyWho’s search.

Whether you want to reconnect with old friends or get information based on US numbers, Intelius provides reliable data you need to review a person’s background from property to criminal and court records, background checks, and more.

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3. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a user-friendly people search and reverse phone lookup site that appears to search every register. The comprehensive reports it returns can even tell you whether there are registered sex offenders in the area, marriage and asset details, criminal history, and more.

Founded in 2010, the site has grown to offer its services to more people. Its well-designed and intuitive interface ensures you can get your search done in a matter of seconds and have the information within minutes.

You can access Instant Checkmate from any device and find out how and when to use the information you get from the site.

Their reports may take some time to generate, but you definitely get more than what you’d find in AnyWho’s reports. Plus, all of Instant Checkmate’s pricing plans offer unlimited reports, including one of the most comprehensive services including details like weapon permits and bankruptcies.

You can use the free five-day trial for only $1 to run completely free reverse phone number lookups and background checks.

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4. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is another good AnyWho alternative that offers thorough searches and does an awesome job at finding people and looking up details.

You can find information about a person including traffic offenses, court records, misdemeanors, felonies, judgments, bankruptcies, phone numbers, arrest records, sexual offenses, and more.

The site checks for a person’s email address, work information, education, death, and government watch list records, dating profile, social media images, blogs, domains, and more.

These in-depth searches ensure that you get all the information you need to furnish your research about a person. The person’s full name is provided for free, but you can get a full report by paying for one or two months if you want to save on cash.

Unlike AnyWho, which is limited in terms of the information it provides, TruthFinder gives you a wide range of information from different background checks. You also get a person’s past and current location, list of possible relatives, email provider, and the last four digits of at least one of their registered phone numbers.

The site searches cover private and public databases and can extract information from criminal records and social media, among other sources.

You also get extras like self-monitoring tools, which you won’t find in AnyWho. With these tools, you can see what others may be able to look up on you.

A reverse phone number lookup is included so you can identify who is behind a particular phone number and get a full report on them besides their name.

The service has a slick and easy-to-use interface and quality results that are worth the cost.

5. Facebook

With 2.85 billion users on the platform, Facebook is a worthy contender against AnyWho. The social media platform is the leading service besides YouTube and WhatsApp, which allows you to find and connect with people you know, used to know, or even complete strangers.

You can search for anyone on Facebook, and the odds of finding them are much higher than on AnyWho. Depending on what the person has added to their profile and made public, you can find lots of information including phone number, email address, associated people, and photos.

You can search for people by name, city, school, or workplace and find colleagues, friends, and their friends as well. You can also find people in specific geographic locations that live in your locality, whom you may know, along with any associations like clubs and more.

Most people keep their profiles private, meaning the information is only available to those in their immediate family or circles of friends. However, if the profile is public, you can access their photos, posts, statuses, and other personal information.

Facebook reveals the personal details you may not find in most people’s search tools including AnyWho, and it has unique filtering options to narrow your search more.

6. BeenVerified

BeenVerified covers more bases compared to AnyWho. The people finder and reverse lookup search engine allow you to search using a wide range of data, including details of the person’s vehicle.

The search suite delves into employment history and other data, not just basics like name and phone number. You get information like criminal records, social media info, and property records.

You can also search for unclaimed property in your own name and the site will dig up a wealth of information from its millions of data points and data sources. This way, you can get background reports, phone and contact information, physical and email addresses, and much more.

BeenVerified also lets you find anyone using any information including their online usernames. With the paid plan, you can get faster searches and unlimited reports with information like when the data was last verified as accurate and built-in social media feeds.

You also get maps with past and current locations, asset details, and loan records.

The site provides four different ways to search for people and several ways to pay for reports, though sometimes you can get really cheap reports.

7. Whitepages

Whitepages is a popular AnyWho alternative that allows you to search for people by phone number and first and last name. You can see who is behind a phone number and the site will search from more than 200 million entries, though in the US only.

Unlike AnyWho and most other alternatives, Whitepages offers a nice, simple interface with four different options. You can search people by name, use reverse phone search or reverse address search to the best accuracy you can.

The site may not allow you to search for mobile numbers but you can use the fourth tab to search for public numbers and look for people that you’re interested in finding on the platform.

The service also offers a premium offer and app, unlike AnyWho, which is a web-based platform. You can also use the Whitepages app as a caller ID app to know who is calling you.

8. Spokeo

Spokeo is another good alternative to AnyWho, which has been in the people-search business for almost two decades.

As one of the biggest people search engines on the web, the site provides accurate reports in quick time, with information like address records and other publicly available personal information on a person.

You can track numbers based in the US, and use Spokeo’s reverse email search to see the person’s name, videos, photos, social networking platforms, non-email contact, and blogs.

The reverse search engine finds people based on the email addresses you input, which helps in situations where you get messages from people you don’t know.

The search results often return personal details including the person’s name, physical address, phone number, and the websites they use the address on.

While it’s a bit of a hit or miss technique, you still get more data than you would by using AnyWho or other platforms like social media sites where people keep their information private.

9. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is another way to find people by their names, physical addresses, or phone numbers.

The site is free to use and you can get public information and records including phone directories or court records. You can also search people by phone numbers or names.

You also get free results that show the person’s age and address, and deeper reports if you follow the links on the person’s page to the Intelius site.

ZabaSearch offers near-instant results unlike AnyWho searches, which may take time to return results, and you get some information for free.

10. Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine with billions of search results for different queries. The free people search tool helps you do quick searches and get information like name, phone number, email or physical address, photos, and social media pages.

As a people finder and reverse phone number lookup, you can reconnect with people by finding their details on the search engine.

You can find a person’s phone number on Google Search, both residential and business, or put quotes on someone’s name to narrow your search to a specific phrase. You can also track them using Google Alerts to stay informed of their doings on the web.

Google also provides reverse image searches through Google Images. This helps you find someone by typing their name and filtering it by size, color or type, and time uploaded.

You can find a person by pinpointing a location on Google Maps and searching for their address to find Street View, see their neighborhood, check business listings, and get directions to their location.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a large professional networking platform that’s easy to use, offers direct results, and you don’t need a user account to view them.

Unlike AnyWho, which offers results on phone numbers and other records, LinkedIn is limited to professional details but you can find better details like email and phone number than on AnyWho.

LinkedIn also shows you where people work, who they work with, former or current employers and positions, recommendations, and other details based on your search.

You can pick up a few details about how people are connected to each other and to the business profile you’re looking for.

Depending on the person’s privacy settings, you may not see everything you want to find on their profile. Once you connect with them, you can get some contact details and work profiles that can help you with your search.

12. PeekYou

As its name suggests, PeekYou is a search people and reverse lookup tool that allows you to search for people’s online presence, and find them by name or phone number.

The site peeks into the person’s profile and verifies their usernames, age, and other details to help you dig up the dirt you need on them.

You can search for people in multiple ways and get basic results for free. The platform pulls data from other sites and offers useful search refining tools to help you narrow down your searches.

PeekYou is easy to use and provides quick information unlike AnyWho, whose search results may take some time to generate the reports you need.

13. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a good alternative to AnyWho in many ways. The people search engine offers a few details for free like a person’s age, aliases, several digits of their phone number, and family members.

For a full search report, you can pay a few bucks to get the trial of the full plan or more if you want a comprehensive background report.

The search report includes full names, phone numbers, current addresses, age, aliases, relatives, prior residences, neighbors, bankruptcies, property records, marriage and divorce records, sex offender or criminal information.

The tool allows you to enter the person’s name or address, sometimes the phone number and age to refine your search further. It checks from over 43 billion public records to provide information on millions of people.

The site may be primarily a background checks platform, but unlike AnyWho, you get more options including address lookup to find others who may have lived on the property or the property itself.

You can also search a database of criminal records that allows you to pick through court records for arrests or other legal violations. You can also run less onerous checks to identify callers before you pick up the call.

The site offers relatively inexpensive reports, explains what the report did and didn’t find, and you get other basic results faster than you would with AnyWho.

14. Pipl

Pipl is a people search engine that allows you to find people by name, phone number, email address, or username. The results of the searches include professional and personal details, which you may not find with AnyWho.

The site delivers a huge number of results including phone numbers and emails in its comprehensive report.

The online identity information company collects, cross-references, and connects identity records from online sources to give you highly accurate information on a person.

The data helps you detect trustworthiness, investigate people of interest, and prevent fraud. The site serves prevention specialists to help them approve transactions and mitigate risks like fraud, professional investigators, marketing and sales tech platforms, and other professionals.

Pipl is easy to use as a search engine, with no deployment required in your system. You also get current and historical data on a person, corroboration across multiple records for accuracy, which AnyWho lacks, and connectedness of individual pieces of identity information.

The entry plan offers up to 200 user searches per month, but higher plans offer even more searches between 500 and unlimited use with the Pipl Pro plan.

Data is collected algorithmically so the accuracy will vary from one person to another. However, you can contact Pipl if you have issues with any of the information you get back and they’ll correct it for you.

You can use Pipl API for your company and automatically verify identities across your decision platforms, unlike AnyWho, which is web-based and lacks an API for official use.

15. US Search

If you’re in the US and want US-based details for people living in the area, you can get information on US residents.

The service may not be as comprehensive as other platforms mentioned here, but it trumps AnyWho by providing laser-focused details on US-based individuals.

The site offers single reports per individual search. If you want more regular reporting, you can pay up for premium plans and get details including public records and social media use.

You can run unlimited searches and get unlimited reports from the paid plans, and if you want marriage data, you can get it in up to 11 US states.

Wrapping Up

Finding people has never been easier thanks to people search and finder services. Any of these AnyWho alternatives are sure to help you trace a long-lost friend, relative, or confirm a person’s identity.

As you’ll see, there are several differences between the services, so be sure to check them first so you can find the service that best suits your needs.

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