Why Should We Hire You? – 15+ Best Answers

When you’re interviewing for a job, it’s important to know what makes you unique. You have to stand out during the interview process, not only because you’re talented, but also because you are able to show your worth.

Hiring managers and recruiters have a lot of ways to test this and determine whether or not you’re the right fit for the position. One of those ways is by asking “Why should we hire you?”.

This question can be tricky and answering with the typical “because I’m the best person for this job” may not help you at all. In fact, it could end up hurting your chances.

So, how can you get it right?

In this article, we’ve compiled over 15 of the best answers to this question. These examples will help you impress your interviewer and set yourself up for success.

Read on!

Tips to give the perfect answer

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When the hiring manager asks you why they should hire you, you need to be able to articulate why you’re the best person for the job and how you can contribute to their company’s mission. Here are a few tips to help you ace this question:


  • When asked why you should be hired, highlight your greatest strengths and explain how you can use them to help the company.
  • Think about your answer carefully. Your prospective employer wants to know why he or she should hire you instead of others who applied for the same position, so make sure your answer covers these three points:
  1. Your success record in the field in which you’re applying
  2. The specific skills and experience that are necessary for this job
  3. The reason why they should hire you now before they find someone else. It could be because of your flexibility with location or schedule, your timeframe to start, or even just because you’re really excited about the job.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or try to hide your weaknesses. The interviewer is looking for honesty from you, so be confident in your abilities and honest in your responses.
  • Give specific examples of how you’ve been successful in similar positions, including relevant numbers and metrics.
  • Show a little personality and mention some of your interests that aren’t related to the job. This will help you seem more likable as a person.

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  • Don’t just say that you’re good at something. Instead, explain how your skills and experience have helped previous employers and how they make you a strong candidate for this position.
  • Don’t tell them they should hire you because you’re willing to do anything, or are 100% flexible. This will come across as desperation and will give the impression that you’re available for any job.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit your weaknesses. It shows that you’re self-aware and willing to grow, which is a trait that any company likes in an employee.
  • When you’re asked about your former bosses or coworkers, don’t say anything negative about them. It can make you seem petty and unprofessional, and it also makes people wonder if you’ll treat their colleagues the same way.

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Best answers to the “Why should we hire you?” question

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1. I’m the best candidate for this position because I have a comprehensive understanding of the field and have been honing my skills for several years. In fact, I’ve been working as a [job title] since [year], and I’ve collaborated on a wide variety of [industry] projects, from small to large-scale.

I understand what it takes to complete a project, and I look forward to using this knowledge to get your company’s [main product or service] even further.

2. Because I have the passion and skills to do it well. I have [number] years of experience in the field, and have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients, from start-up companies to major conglomerates.

In my last position, I handled all aspects of a growing business, from sales to marketing to customer service. This experience taught me how important it is to learn how to multitask while working on several projects at once, and since you mentioned that’s something crucial for this role, I think I’m the perfect fit!

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3. I think you should hire me because I’m a skilled and hardworking candidate who is willing to improve your company. I love learning new things, and I’m always up for new growth opportunities. I’m great at taking initiative and getting things done. I’m also passionate about helping my company succeed by working closely with my team.

4. I believe you should hire me because I’m open to feedback, eager to learn, and always looking for ways to improve. I want to be part of a company that helps employees grow and succeed, and I clearly see that your company is such a place.

I have [number] years of experience in [field], but what I’ve learned through my work is that success is about more than just being good at your job; it’s about working well with others and being able to roll with the punches.

Besides, my last job was as a [job title], where I directly worked with customers every day. My former boss said that my ability to build trusting relationships with customers was one of the best things about me, so if you’re looking for someone who can do just that, hiring me would be an excellent choice!!

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5. I believe I would be a great fit for this position because I have a proven track record of delivering results by motivating others and because my leadership skills have allowed me to make positive changes. I’ve spent most of my career as a [job title], and I’ve always been comfortable leading teams.

At my last job, I was the team lead for a group of five [job title]. I increased my team’s productivity by 20% and reduced turnover by 50% by communicating clearly with each member and ensuring that everyone had what they needed to do their job well.

Besides, as a [job title], I always look for ways to improve processes and increase efficiency. I believe this is an important skill in any organization because it helps the company deliver better results to customers faster than before, allowing us to be more competitive in today’s market.

6. I’d love to be part of your team because we have a lot in common and I think the synergy would be great. For one thing, I’m passionate about customer service.

Your customers are the reason you’re in business, so it’s important that they’re treated well and feel like they’re getting good value for their money. That’s something I believe in wholeheartedly.

I’m also a results-oriented [job title] who works collaboratively with my colleagues and with my clients. My experience in different environments has shown me that this approach leads to better results for everyone involved and, ultimately, to a better product for your customers.

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7. I’m a hard worker who won’t stop until the job is done the right way. I’ve always been able to work well with others, even when dealing with difficult and stressful projects. In addition, I’ve worked in a fast-paced environment before, and am used to having multiple tasks at once.

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8. I am a natural fit for this position because I am extremely knowledgeable about this industry. I have been doing [industry-related jobs] for more than a decade, and my work has always been top-notch.

I also have a lot of experience in [industry] as a [other industry-related jobs]. In fact, I was one of the first people to do it in our area!

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9. I’ve been working in this industry for [number] years, and I’ve always been able to motivate my team members to collaborate toward our goals. I’ve also been able to adapt to changing situations and find new solutions when necessary – something that will be very useful as [job title] at your company.

10. I’m passionate about [company name] and the work you do. I think you guys are making a difference in your industry and I would love to be a part of it. I want to bring my expertise in [field] and help you continue to do amazing things.

I’ve been working in this field for over [number] years, and my experience includes working at [previous company name], where I learned a lot about how companies like yours operate and what it takes to get things done on a day-to-day basis.

This makes me think I can bring the knowledge of best practices and a passion for helping others succeed to your team!

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11. I’m a hard-working, dedicated employee who is always looking for ways to improve myself and my work. I’ve been working in the [industry] industry for just over three years now, during which time I have learned a lot about the industry and have developed a deep understanding of how it works.

I’m always eager to learn more about new products and services offered by [company], so you won’t find me losing interest or slowing down anytime soon!

When it comes to working with others, I believe that communication is key. If there’s something that needs to be done, or if someone has questions about what they should be doing next, I will always be available to help, even if it’s outside of my job description!

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12. This job would be ideal for me because I love the industry and I’m drawn to companies that are always growing and changing, so every day at your company would be an opportunity for me to learn something new about the business.

I have experience in [industry], so I know how to take direction from customers, understand what they need, and create a product that meets those needs. In addition, I’ve also done some [industry-related jobs], which have taught me how to organize a team and make sure that everyone works efficiently toward a common goal.

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13. I know that you are looking for someone who can hit the ground running, and I’ve got plenty of experience doing that.

I’ve been working in this field for over five years and have built my own career from the ground up. I am extremely passionate about what I do, and it shows in my work.

My previous employer had a long list of clients that they worked with regularly, so they needed someone who could jump right in and work on their projects right away. That’s exactly why I’m here today – to help you get your project done as quickly as possible so you can focus on other things.

14. I am incredibly excited to work with your company and be a part of the team. I have been following your progress and found it to be something I am passionate about. Your product aligns with my values, and I am confident that I will be able to contribute to your success.

I’ve also worked with startups and small businesses, as well as large corporations. I understand you need someone who can work well with all types of clients, and I’m that person!

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15. I believe that I am an excellent candidate for this position because of my background in [industry] and my passion for helping people.

I have had the opportunity to work on large-scale projects like [project name], where I was responsible for managing our entire social media presence with over 100 million followers, as well as small projects such as [project name], where I helped ensure that all of our employees were able to find their way around the office easily.

In addition, in my previous role at [company name], one of my responsibilities was training new employees on how to use our company’s software system. This involved working closely with them one-on-one, which gave me a lot of insight into how each person learns differently and what kind of teaching style works best for them.

I believe these experiences will allow me to excel in this position because they give me a unique perspective on how brands can communicate effectively.

16. I am a hard worker who is always looking for ways to improve my skills. I like working in a fast-paced environment where I can learn new things, and I am always open to constructive criticism.

I am reliable and responsive. I can meet deadlines without having to be reminded. I am also extremely organized and I know how to set goals and track my progress towards them without micromanagement.

Furthermore, I’ve had a chance to work on projects that require me to collaborate with colleagues all over the world, and because I’m an extrovert, talking with people is one of my favorite things to do. That’s why I’ve been told that I’m a great team player and communicator in all my past jobs, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for!

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17. I’m confident that I can offer your business a lot of value because of my experience in the industry. I’ve worked with a lot of different teams, and each one has been unique.

In each case, my role was to work with other people and help them reach their goals. That’s what I do best – get others motivated and excited about their work so they can make the most of it.

The reason I’m applying for this position is that it seems like there are a lot of people here who are really talented at what they do, but they might not feel like they’re being challenged enough or that their talents are being utilized to their fullest potential.

If you could give me a chance to help them reach their potential, then together we’d be able to make some incredible work happen!

18. I’ve worked in the [industry] sector for over [number] years and in that time I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be successful in this business. My work experience has taught me how to develop strong customer relations, communicate clearly and concisely, and lead teams of people dedicated to excellence.

In addition to my work experience, I have two degrees from [university name] that back up my qualification for the job. I have a bachelor’s degree in [degree title], and a master’s degree in [degree title].

In addition, I have strong leadership skills and have been praised by all my past employers for my ability to work well with others in teams (both internally and abroad).

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19. My passion for this industry knows no bounds. I have always loved working with people, and I’ve been interested in business since I was a child. It’s amazing to find a job at [company name] that allows me to combine these passions.

I worked as a [job title] in a small law firm, greeting clients and answering the phone. I also scheduled appointments and learned how to use the firm’s software program. I also worked as an intern at [company name] and learned how to sell properties by cold-calling and networking at community events.

Besides this experience, I have taken several courses on sales techniques and customer service skills, which I think will help me succeed in this role.

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20. I think I would be a great fit for your company because I’m willing to work hard, and I know that there are a lot of opportunities for growth and development here. I’m not afraid to take on new challenges and learn from them. I’ve always been someone who likes to learn by doing.

Whether it’s working with a new software package or figuring out how to get the most out of my personal productivity system, I love being able to constantly improve myself.

I also really enjoy working with people, whether it’s my coworkers or the people who use our products. I want our company to be successful because it means that we are helping people reach their goals, which is an important part of what motivates me personally.

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21. I am a highly motivated and dedicated person who is always looking for ways to improve myself. I know this job will require me to constantly learn new skills, and I’m excited about the challenge. I have a positive attitude and work well with others, which is why I was so successful in my previous roles.

I have developed a number of skills in [skill 1], [skill 2], and [skill 3]. These include [list specific examples of how those skills have been used]. I believe these skills will be useful to the company because they are all important aspects of this position, and I’m sure they will help me achieve all the goals you expect of me.

22. I am a hard-working, detail-oriented professional who has a passion for learning and a strong desire to be a part of a team. I have experience working in the [industry] industry and want to bring my skills and knowledge to your team.

I know that you value people who are patient and understanding, who can work well with others, and who do not give up easily. I strive to fulfill these values because it is important to me that my coworkers feel comfortable working with me.

I also believe that my work experience has given me an edge over other applicants because of my attention to detail and ability to learn quickly.

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Final Word

When you’re looking for a job, it’s important to remember that you’re selling yourself to someone, and that means making sure that what you’re answering has value for the position and company you’re applying to.

That means that the best way to prepare for an interview is to develop a statement that explains why you are qualified for the job. If you can’t explain why they should hire you, it’s unlikely they will extend an offer.

Once you’ve identified your value, it’s time to relate it to the qualities you bring to the position and company. As we’ve shown here, there are many possible angles for this, but whichever you choose, make sure it’s specific and tailored to what they’re looking for in a candidate!

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