Indeed vs ZipRecruiter: Which Is Better?

Finding the right talent to recruit into your organization can be one of the biggest challenges. However, if you get it right, your organization can start off on the right trajectory toward success.

The same applies to job seekers hoping to get a lucrative job. It is difficult to find an employer that can offer the right terms.

Online employment services seek to bridge the gap between job seekers and companies that are looking for the ideal talent. These services often allow job seekers to upload their resumes to the system for easy perusal by potential recruiters.

On the other hand, employment services allow employers to list their opportunities and let interested candidates submit relevant applications.

Two of the most popular employment platforms are Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

While sometimes it may be difficult to choose the best when seeking a job or looking for potential employees, the truth is that a closer look at these two can easily reveal which is better.

What is Indeed?

Indeed is one of the most popular employment platforms in the world. It is an independent subsidiary of the multinational firm known as Recruit Company Limited.

Indeed has headquarters in Austin, Texas, and in Stamford, Connecticut. It has several other offices in different locations across the world.

The company’s online platform was launched in 2004 and has become one of the most used employment services for employers and job seekers.

The platform receives approximately 63 million unique visitors every month. One of the reasons why this website is popular is because it tends to put the needs of job seekers first.

Such individuals get the opportunity to search for jobs that fall within their field and can submit applications with just a few clicks of a button.

Indeed has a database of over 200 million resumes.

What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is another one of the most popular employment platforms in the world. It is owned by ZipRecruiter, Inc. and has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

The company also has offices in other regions including Arizona, London, and Tel Aviv. ZipRecruiter has an estimated 1,000 employees spread across its different offices.

The company’s platform was launched in 2010, about six years after the launch of Indeed. However, it has also gained significant traction and receives approximately 25 million unique site visitors monthly.

ZipRecruiter utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to match job seekers to potential employers which is one of the reasons it has become a popular platform.

ZipRecruiter has a database of over 32 million resumes.

Getting Started


To start using Indeed:

  • Head over to and find the sign-up button
  • You can sign up as a job seeker or an employer
  • You have the option to sign up online or download the Indeed app
  • Once you click on the sign-up button, you’ll be presented with a form so that you can enter your details
  • Alternatively, you can sign-up with your Apple, Facebook, or email address

Once you are done filling in the details, you’ll receive an email asking you to verify your account. Immediately after the verification, you’ll have to create a profile.

This should include all your qualifications and bio. You can also upload your resume or use the built-in resume editor to create a new one.

Some of the details you’ll need to fill out include your real name, work experience, qualifications, job preferences, and so forth.

If you are signing up as an employer, you’ll not have to worry about including your resume. However, you might want to include your company’s profile and website link.

Such information helps potential employees determine if you are a good employer or not.

Overall, the process of signing up on Indeed is free of charge and takes up a few seconds or minutes depending on what you have to do.


To get started with ZipRecruiter:

If you are a job seeker, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up with your existing email address. You can also open a fresh account using unique details but you’ll need to link your account to a working email for verification purposes.

Once you verify your email, you’ll need to fill out your profile with details such as your name, address, and availability to start work. You’ll also need to upload your resume.

There is also the option of including a cover letter in your profile. That can be helpful when you start applying for jobs and you simply want to click a few buttons to complete the entire process.

As a potential employer, you’ll need to fill out details regarding your organization and the type of candidates you are looking for. This information helps the AI make precise matches when it comes to pairing job seekers with potential employers.


Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter make the process of signing up a breeze. Job seekers can even go ahead and sign up using existing social media or email credentials and that can go a long way in saving time and energy.

Both services allow you to upload your resume or create one with user-friendly tools that are built right into the system. Another advantage is that job seekers do not have to pay a dime to start using both services.

The process is also pretty straightforward for employers and that makes both sites stand out from the rest of the competition.

A look at all these factors shows that they score almost similar points when it comes to getting started.

Interface and Search


Indeed has a simple interface with few function buttons that you can navigate through within a short time. For starters. You’ll be able to see the search bar at the top center of the homepage.

You can use it to run searches for various jobs depending on your needs. When running searches for jobs, you can even narrow it down by city and country.

If you are an employer, you’ll be happy to find a well-laid-out dashboard where you can manage all your postings and candidates.

Indeed has a standard template where you can include the job description and give a few details regarding the type of candidates you wish to get.

Employers may choose to post their jobs with screener questions to help narrow down their pool of candidates.

Once you get a match, you can go ahead and send more specific questions and even conduct live chat or video interviews on the website for free.

There is also the option of searching for companies that have listed openings on the website.


ZipRecruiter features a simple interface allowing you to view every function button at a glance. As a job seeker, you can navigate to the jobs section and browse through the list of available openings.

If you do not want to spend too much time browsing through jobs, you can go ahead and utilize the Phil bot which helps you identify jobs in specific categories.

The Phil bot will ask a few questions and use your answers to bring up a list of jobs that match your preferences. Just like Indeed, ZipRecruiter allows you to narrow down your job searches to cities and countries.

You can also filter results according to job category or industry. Just above the home page, you can view sections for job seekers, small & medium-sized businesses, and finally the enterprise section.

Helpful Resources


If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find important resources including career advice.

There is also a review page where you can enter the name of a company and let the database bring up information about it.

Reviews often include employee opinions on the companies they are currently working at or those they have worked for in the past.

By reading through such reviews, you can learn about the best places to submit your job applications. Another impressive feature of this website is that it has a salaries section.

If you navigate to the section, you’ll be able to find out about the average salaries for various job positions. This can help you make informed decisions when applying or when you are asked the amount you would like to receive in terms of salary.

Another impressive feature is that candidates are grouped according to their job qualifications. That means the most suitable candidates will appear at the top of the dashboard.

Once an employer picks their favorite candidates, the rest will be informed automatically about their failure to make the cut. Don’t worry though, it’s all done in a professional and humane manner.


An impressive feature you’ll find is the salaries section. Here, you can browse through various job categories and compare the average salaries for each.

That information can help you submit applications and demand salaries that are relative to your qualifications. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll be able to find the resume search section.

As an employer, you can click on that section and browse through the database of resumes available on the website.


Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter have simple interfaces that allow you to get a glimpse of every function button. Navigating various sections is pretty straightforward.

Indeed stands out as the best option for individuals that want to learn more about a company before submitting an application. That is because it features reviews on different companies.

The website also has helpful information regarding the different job categories and their average salaries. ZipRecruiter on the other hand stands out as the best fit for employers who want features that make finding talent easy.

The AI integration helps ensure that matches are done relatively fast and accurately. Categorization of small, medium, and enterprise firms also helps cut down on the hassle of filtering candidates and job opportunities.

Mobile Apps


Indeed offers job seekers and employers a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. To get the app, all you have to do is visit the App Store or Google Play, search for the app, and download it.

Once installed on your device, you can synchronize it with your online profile so that everything matches. With this app, you can send applications with one click of a button, thanks to saved profile preferences, resume, and cover letters.

Another impressive thing about the app is that it sends you a notification when a potential employer views your application. That means you’ll be in the know immediately after your application gets into the review stage.

The app provides you with insights including the number of applicants for specific posts, response time, and offer expirations. Another impressive feature of the app is that it sends you timely notifications about jobs you might be interested in.

In case you receive a message from a potential employer, you don’t have to leave the app. Instead, you can respond directly within it.

The app also provides employers with helpful tools for posting jobs in multiple locations, tracking applications, and scheduling interviews.


ZipRecruiter also comes with a mobile application that you can download from Google Play or Apple App Store. The download and installation process is easy and costs nothing.

With this app, job seekers can simply go online and search for work. The app allows you to narrow down your search according to industry, city, and country.

The app also sends you notifications about jobs that match your skills and qualifications. Once you apply, you’ll receive a notification immediately when a potential employer views it.

Another positive aspect of this app is that it lets you submit applications with a few clicks of the button. Of course, you can edit your cover letter and resume in case you need to add or remove certain details.

Like the Indeed app, ZipRecruiter lets employers monitor their job postings, helps them manage candidates, and even schedules interviews.


Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter have made significant investments in mobile apps and this makes it easy for both employers and job seekers to get paired.

Both apps have state-of-the-art features for communication and allow both parties to get timely notifications about their interests.

After careful consideration of both apps, it’s easy to conclude that the two services tie in terms of the score under the apps category.



If you are a job seeker on Indeed, you do not have to worry about paying anything. The service is completely free and won’t require you to pay a dime even when you utilize its built-in tools to develop your profile.

As a potential employer, you can subscribe to one of the free or paid plans available on the platform. If you choose the free plan, your job posting will appear in the general search results.

You can also accept applications that are made via mobile apps. Additionally, you can manage candidates directly from your account dashboard.

If you go for the paid job ad, your posting will appear above free listings. This helps ensure that you get quality responses within a short period. Note that you’ll only pay when people click on your posting.

A paid plan can cost as little as $0.01 per click or $5 per day. This plan also ensures that you can reach more candidates through their desktop, mobile, and Job Alert features.

There is also a third option which involves creating a hiring campaign. With this plan, the team at Indeed will provide a hands-on approach in helping you to come up with a unique strategy to get the right candidates within a short time.

The team helps you create a budget and determine the right job ads to sponsor. The plan also allows you to sponsor jobs from your career site or ATS.

You can either go for the Standard Plan which costs approximately $120 per month or $1,150 per year. The second option is the Premium Plan which costs $300 per month or $2,880 per year.


As a job seeker on ZipRecruiter, you do not have to worry about paying anything to use the service. You can go ahead and upload a resume, search for jobs, and even send applications for free.

On the other hand, if you are a potential employer, you’ll have to subscribe to one of the three paid plans to have your job opening advertised on the job board.

A notable feature of ZipRecruiter is that it does not have a fixed rate for job postings. Instead, the service is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of different organizations.

For instance, some packages are suitable for small organizations while others may be ideal for large entities.

Because different organizations have varying needs and budgets, it is only prudent to accommodate each in a unique manner.

However, it is worth pointing out that employers can pay as little as $299 per month to have their postings listed and advertised.

One of the offerings you can get on ZipRecruiter is the Standard package. With this package, your posting will appear on over 100 partner sites.

That is impressive because even people who do not visit the ZipRecruiter platform can still bump into your job posting. This package also unlocks the features of ZipRecruiter’s powerful pairing AI.

The second offer is the Premium package which also unlocks the AI features and posts job openings on over 100 partner websites.

This package also grants you access to over 36 million resumes. You can filter them depending on the specifics you are looking for.

The third offering is the Pro package which gives you access to four times more candidates than the Standard package.

You also get access to over 36 million resumes and unlock the full power of AI technology for matching jobs with quality candidates.

This package also grants you TrafficBoost which can be an excellent way to get candidates for hard-to-fill jobs.


Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter offer free services to job seekers and this makes it easy for such individuals to browse through jobs and submit applications.

On the flip side, employers on Indeed are likely to pay less to have their jobs advertised. However, ZipRecruiter offers future-facing solutions to employers who want to sift through the large pool of talent and find the most ideal candidate within a short period.

The issue of pricing, therefore, boils down to an employer’s specific needs, deadline, and budget.

Customer Support


In case you run into trouble while using Indeed to search for a job, you can head over to the Help Center and try looking for solutions.

The Help Center features commonly asked questions and solutions to them. However, job seekers cannot get in touch with the service provider.

There is no option for live chat, telephone contacts, or email. The good news is that the Help Center is full of content that can be useful when you need to resolve common issues.


ZipRecruiter has pretty helpful Help Centers for both job seekers and employers. Both resources include frequently asked questions that can be ideal when dealing with common challenges.

However, ZipRecruiter also features a contact form where you can write your message and send it directly to customer support.

The service provider also lists a telephone number that you can use to get in touch during regular working hours. Finally, this platform has a Live Chat option you can use to get quick answers.


When it comes to customer support, ZipRecruiter scores highly as compared to Indeed which basically avails information through its Help Center only.

Pros and Cons



  • Free job posting plan
  • Over 200 million resumes to choose from
  • Comes with an easy-to-use app
  • Features a built-in resume maker
  • Relatively cheap


  • Caters more to the needs of job seekers than employers
  • Has basic features for job searches



  • Utilizes AI technology to match employers and job seekers
  • Features a modern interface that offers a refreshing experience
  • Active customer support offers timely assistance
  • Customizes packages to suit different business models
  • Offers a database of over 36 million resumes


  • It’s slightly more expensive than its competitors
  • Focus more on employers than job seekers

Similarities and Differences

Mobile Application
Resume Uploads
Resume DatabaseOver 200 MillionOver 36 Million
Free for Job Seekers
ATS Integration
Customizable TemplateX
AI-Driven MatchesX
Customer SupportX
Company ReviewsX
Salaries Section
Sponsored Listings
Job Alerts
Filter Search

Conclusion: Indeed vs ZipRecruiter

Indeed receives almost three times more site visitors than ZipRecruiter every month. That makes it one of the best places to go when looking for a job or potential employees.

Job seekers are likely to find Indeed more appealing because of its built-in resume editor, job seeker resources including career advice, and company review section.

However, both platforms offer amazing features for job seekers and employers alike. The platforms also come with mobile apps for exceptional communication and information dissemination.

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