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Best DAKboard Alternatives

DAKboard is a great “digital” calendar that is easy to integrate and can be the digital assistant that will help you stay right on track.

However, nothing is perfect and it’s a possibility you might not find everything you need from DAKboard. That’s where DAKboard alternatives come into play.

But why would you need a DAKboard alternative?

Don’t get me wrong. DAKboard is brilliant as it is versatile and can fit many industries. But for some people, it is just missing a couple of important features that could improve the usage.

For those reasons, DAKboard alternatives make a great choice. Whether you’re looking for better app compatibility, a simpler interface, or more features, chances are high you will find exactly what you’re missing in one of these alternatives.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you can definitely find an advanced version that’s similar to DAKboard, but a lot better.

With more features to use, you can change the way you schedule your digital appointments, meetings, and tasks.

I’ve heard that many people look for DAKboard alternatives for one small but important reason which is not being able to use Google shared photos right within the app.

DAKboard can be very restrictive with some features and this is just one of the examples. However, if you’re looking for more “freedom”, check out my top 10 DAKboard alternatives below!

Best DAKboard Alternatives

I chose 10 similar, but very different, alternatives. Not every one of these alternatives might work for you, but I’m confident that at least one or two will.

Therefore, check out all these options and decide on a couple of them to narrow your list down. Change might not be easy for everyone, but it’s definitely not something to be afraid of!

1. CalenGoo

Most people love Google Calendar for two reasons. It integrates well with Gmail and other products from Google, and it has a very simple yet efficient approach.

However, not every Google Calendar user is a big fan of its editability and smartphone compatibility.

That’s why CalenGoo is a great DAKboard alternative. It takes the best features of Google Calendar, and it puts them into a modern calendar app that corrects the flaws.

CalenGoo is accessible across all devices and it’s easy to customize, which is a huge advantage over Google Calendar.

I believe that the biggest CalenGoo advantage over DAKboard is the ability to use the app without internet access. Therefore, if you have bad reception or a long subway ride awaits you, you’ll still be able to update your calendar and access your to-do list.

We can all agree that DAKboard has a sleek and attractive interface. However, another advantage of CalenGoo is that it is based on the colors we all know (Google Calendar colors) which are combined with a simple month view.

This is more than enough for most people, yet CalenGoo didn’t stop there.

With CalenGoo, you can add an unlimited number of reminders and events without experiencing any limitations.

With that being said, you can think of CalenGoo as a crossover between Google Calendars and DAKboard to create a simple but efficient alternative that provides more freedom to its users.

CalenGoo is compatible with all operating systems and the desktop version offers a free trial. The mobile phone app costs only $5.99.

2. Rainlendar

If you’re a big fan of the Windows operating system and you need a simple calendar that is more than a calendar, yet doesn’t disturb you throughout the day, Rainlendar is a great choice.

Rainlendar works differently than DAKboard and the biggest benefit of Rainlendar is that it can work as a widget in the background.

From the moment you turn on your computer to the moment you turn it off, Rainlendar will serve as a desktop widget calendar.

Below the calendar, you will have a quick insight into your events and to-do tasks, so you can still keep track of everything you have to do.

Even though it’s only a widget, Rainlendar is very customizable. I believe the biggest advantage over DAKboard is the alarm.

Since Rainlendar works as a widget where you can quickly schedule events or add things to your to-do list, it’s going to run in the background as long as your computer is on. A silent alarm will keep you notified of upcoming events or to-do tasks.

Rainlendar can be integrated with third-party options, such as Outlook, so all of your events from Outlook can be added in Rainlendar with only a couple of clicks.

DAKboard has a great approach, but Rainlendar has an interesting approach that can benefit people who don’t always have the time to check it in the app.

Instead, you can benefit from Rainlendar since it’s lightweight and it can run in the background for the whole time you use the computer without ever noticing it until it notifies you about an event or task you have to do.

Therefore, Rainlendar reminds me of an actual calendar you would have on your wall with a modern approach that helps you focus on your tasks and worry less about the planning.

Rainlendar is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it’s not compatible with smartphone devices. The Rainlendar Lite version is free and the Rainlendar Pro version costs only $11.73.

3. TimeTree

If you are in love with DAKboard and yet you’re missing the communication aspect of the ability to share the calendar and tasks with others – TimeTree is a great alternative.

TimeTree is a shared communication calendar that gives users full communication ability with the help of social shares.

Where TimeTree excels over DAKboard is that you get to keep multiple calendars that you can share with different groups of people. Therefore, you can have one calendar for your personal life, one for your family, one for your work, and one for your friends.

The biggest benefit is the chat room that allows calendar users to share their thoughts or opinions. However, on top of the chatroom, you will also get the ability to only leave comments on certain tasks or events on the calendar.

The to-do list is another great aspect that simplifies time management but also improves the standard to-do list with the help of simple notes anyone can leave.

What I like the most is the ability to list all the upcoming events so that changes can be made without ever feeling rushed.

TimeTree’s biggest advantage over DAKboard is its communication and sharing ability but it’s also free and available on all platforms including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

There are no premium features hidden in the paid versions which is one of many reasons why people choose TimeTree over any other digital calendar.

4. Calendar Widget: Month

If you know Candi Apps, you’d know that you can expect only the most modern, futuristic solution that’s combined with a simple and convenient experience.

Calendar Widget: Month is considered to be an enhanced collection of a calendar widget that looks attractive, modern, beautiful, and most importantly, quick.

With that being said, Calendar Widget: Month is most likely going to bring a lot of joy and confidence in your task and event planning instead of dreading doing it.

Calendar Widget: Month is very similar to DAKboard, and the biggest advantage is the modern approach that still provides the most essential features such as:

  • Manage activities
  • Schedule events
  • Add reminders
  • Keep a to-do list

There are many other smaller yet significant features that go well with the sleek display of events. With only a glance, you’ll know exactly what awaits you for the day or the whole week ahead.

I should also mention that Calendar Widget: Month can be synced with Google Calendar so you will be able to quickly switch and track everything you need in a modern user interface with additional features such as quick browsing and push notifications.

Calendar Widget: Month is available as an app for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices so you’ll have access to your calendar wherever you are.

5. DigiCal+

If you’re looking for more of a commercial calendar app that has an advantage over DAKboard, DigiCal+ is a great option.

DigiCal+ is a digital calendar that’s built for businesses, remote workers, and entrepreneurs to stay organized as it allows you to easily keep track of all tasks, events, and notifications.

But why is DigiCal+ a great DAKboard alternative?

It’s a great alternative because of its unique features such as:

  • Time management
  • Task management
  • Scheduling
  • Quick list management
  • Lunar calendar

These are just some of the features you won’t find in DAKboard, and you might even have a hard time trying to find it in some other alternatives.

However, what I like the most about DigiCal+ is that these unique and very useful features are combined with a pretty and easy-to-use interface. You even get the chance to choose between 42 color templates.

You’ll also have a great adjustability and customization option as DigiCal+ features a couple of widgets and smart features such as the search action bar that improves the way you use your calendar.

In fact, it can take your regular calendar use to another level. I believe this is something true businesses, professionals, or remote workers need to stay on top of their game.

You can also sync it with all your existing calendars so the transition will be easy.

Even though there is a free DigiCal version you can try out, I recommend you to go with the DigiCal+ version as it unlocks all the modern and advanced features for only $4.99.

6. ActionTiles

ActionTiles is one of the most unique web-based control panels. Not only it can help you keep a calendar with tasks and a to-do list so you know exactly what awaits you, but it goes a lot deeper than that.

In fact, ActionTiles allows you to keep an eye on both your schedule but also on the schedule of your home.

If you are a proud owner of a smart home or a smart apartment, you will be able to schedule smart home-related tasks with ActionTiles.

Therefore, ActionTiles can help you worry less if you have switched off the light and focus more on your daily tasks even when you aren’t home.

This is definitely a different approach, but it is very much suitable for professionals who rush through the door in the mornings and yet want to come home to a warm house when they’re done with work.

ActionTiles is very different from DAKboard, and since it takes a different approach, it’s hard to compare these two. However, I’m sure that there are people out there who are trying their best to bridge the difference between digital and physical life.

You can use ActionTiles in your browser or you can order the official hub to place anywhere in your home. No matter which option you choose, you will be able to schedule any work around your home into one calendar.

With one look at the ActionTiles calendar, you’ll know what needs to be done and what was done in your home.

ActionTiles offers a 14-day free trial, and after that, you can get it for only $28.99.

7. Jorte

Finding a free DAKboard alternative can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, Jorte is a great choice.

Jorte is one of the simplest digital calendar apps that is backed up with plenty of features that make it different from using a regular calendar.

Therefore, it’s a go-to digital calendar for personal use, professionals, businesses, and remote teams.

My favorite thing about Jorte is the customizable side menu. In the side menu, you can choose what to display from widgets such as:

  • Events
  • To-do tasks
  • Diary

There are also many other widgets you can use to track almost everything you have to do whether it’s daily or monthly.

I believe that the biggest advantage of Jorte over DAKboard is the ability to set a countdown timer on any tasks you add to the calendar. This helps you meet deadlines or work under pressure but can also be a beneficial time-tracking feature.

Jorte’s calendar is available on almost all platforms for free, but there are also three different pricing plans which are worth upgrading to:

  • Jorte Premium – $2.99/month or $29.99/year
  • Jorte Plus – $3.99/month
  • Jorte Buffet – $1.99/month

8. Any.do (Google Calendar & Widget)

Any.do is one of the greatest DAKboard alternatives because it works on syncing all your devices and accounts into one place.

From there, you can organize your whole life, work, and business without missing out on anything.

On top of that, Any.do is ideal for organizing tasks or events with others by being able to easily share the plans, catch up, and keep the communication open.

Any.do works with Google Calendar so if you’re a fan of Google Calendar, you can use it n addition to benefiting from more features. However, there’s also a widget version that allows you to take full advantage of Any.do’s features.

Along with the attractive and simple calendar, many other parts help you stay organized that aren’t featured in DAKboard.

This includes a grocery list, reminders with timers, shared tasks, a daily planner, and a to-do list.

My favorite feature is the ability to keep a track of the calendar and task list side by side so I know exactly what and when it needs to be done.

But one of the benefits everyone will like is compatibility. Not only can you integrate the Any.do calendar with Google Calendar or use it as a standalone widget, you can also use it with gadgets such as Amazon Alexa or virtual assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.

However, the biggest advantage of Any.do is that it’s free to get started. The free version offers a lot, but the Premium version allows you to level up and benefit even more from Premium-only features for only $5.99/month.

If you decide to go annually, it’ll cost you only $2.99/month while a 6-month subscription will cost you $4.49/month.

9. Business Calendar 2

DAKboard is great but if you’re trying to keep your business tasks in order, you might be needing an alternative. Business Calendar is a great alternative because it is an option that is strictly focused on improving business organization and workflow.

Along with a regular calendar that is compatible with most devices and gadgets, you’ll also get access to advanced functions that are integrated directly into the calendar.

These functions are what separates the Business Calendar from DAKboard and make it a great alternative.

With these functions, you’ll be able to:

  • Manage regular activities (great for daily workflow)
  • Graphical presentations
  • Textual presentations
  • Stickers that increase productivity

I’m a big fan of the sleek interface that doesn’t only look great, but its navigation is also very elegant and quick. You will notice this by scrolling up and down, using a search function, switching between timelines, or simply syncing Google tasks into the calendar.

Business Calendar also features additional widgets which are optional but also make great use for customization purposes.

With that being said, Business Calendar isn’t only a top-notch calendar that provides a great user experience to businesses, but it’s also a great all-in-one app that can eliminate at least three different business apps.

Managing workflow, increasing productivity, and keeping an eye on all operations while trying to manage personal life has never been easier.

Business Calendar 2 is available for iOS and Android and it is free to use, but to avoid ads and unlock all features, I highly recommend switching to the Premium version that only costs $6.98.

10. Dollarbird

Managing time is hard enough, but managing finances can be a deal-breaker for most people. Dollarbird uses a different approach than DAKboard which makes it a really unique alternative.

Dollarbird manages both tasks/plans and finances. This allows you to track and manage finances and even get help from AI features that will help you make sense of your finances, teach you how to budget properly, and how to manage your money and savings.

On top of that, you’ll always be able to schedule tasks, events, and keep a to-do list so this is a two-in-one calendar app. Along with that, you’ll be able to tie these two features into one so you can always visualize your transactions and tie your events or tasks from to-do lists with your spending.

Dollarbird will help you visualize your transactions which will help you learn exactly how your money comes in and what happens to it throughout the month.

I really like the ability to collaborate with my partner using the same account to manage mutual finances and stay on top of each other’s finances at all times.

Therefore, if you’re looking to organize both your day but also your finances – Dollarbird is a great personal finance calendar.

You can try out Dollarbird for free using the trial, or you can upgrade to the Pro version for only $4.99/month or the Pro Unlimited version for only $6.99/month.


DAKboard is a great go-to calendar, but if you’re missing some features or you aren’t able to do everything within one app, you shouldn’t feel guilty about finding an alternative.

Every one of these alternatives is a great choice, but as you can see, they’re all different and unique in some way.

Therefore, I recommend creating a list of features you require the most but also think of the way you would like to use the app and what you’d like to keep track of.

This will give you a better insight into things you require and will lead you to a narrower choice of only a couple of alternatives. One thing is guaranteed, once you find the best DAKboard alternative, timekeeping and scheduling will never be an issue!