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5 Dummy Text Generators For Designers To Know

However, if the real content is not yet available, using dummy filler text is a popular way to fill those spaces.

Nowadays, text generators are becoming popular aside from the traditional Lorem Ipsum generators.

It offers a quick and easy way to fill that empty space on your website design and make sure everyone understand to see the vision you have created.

Furthermore, filler texts are important to see the relative weight of the text on the page in proportion to the other design elements.

Dummy Text Generators For Designers To Know

1. Blind Text Generators


Blind Text Generator offers 10 different languages or language styles. Also, it includes the CSS parameters if you want to fully customize your design.

It further give you the option like defining the number of words or characters as well as the paragraphs.

2. Loripsum.net


This text generator is a perfect tool for those who wants to orderly design their website. Aside from adjusting the amount of word or characters and paragraphs, this tool also includes lists, block quotes, code samples, and many more.

So, if you really want to enhance your content then this one is your bet.

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3. Cameron Creative Filler Text


This filler text is a composition of an English gibberish. The owner also put together useful content such as the Term and Conditions excerpt. Most often, it includes HTML and CSS styling.

4. Random Text Generator


This is a simple text generator, which similarly offers several other languages. You are also opted for HTML formatting and the smart URL system to generate snippets on the fly.

5. Bacon Ipsum


Have you ever get tired of using the same Lorem Ipsum again and again? Then here’s a fun way to incorporate to your design.

This text generator talks about some names of best cuts of meat around. This will surely entice the meat lovers.


There are various text generators nowadays, the answer to the question “what works well?” depends solely to your needs and functionality.

The key is finding the one that works for you.