15 Best Vyond Alternatives 2023

Best Vyond Alternatives

No matter what type of business you do, you must market. You must reach out to people to build engagements and relationships and ultimately convert them to customers.

In today’s world, you have a better chance of success doing this online than offline, and videos go a long way to help.

However, you need a dependable video-making solution to create good videos. That’s where platforms like Vyond come in. Vyond provides a video and animating solution for small and medium businesses, enterprises, affiliates, and agencies.

With Vyond’s top-notch features, it’s not surprising that the platform has a client base of more than 14,000 businesses. However, not everyone opts for the platform.

One notable reason some users choose other video-making platforms over Vyond is the pricing. The most affordable pricing plan on Vyond is $49 per month, although you can save close to 50 percent with annual pricing.

Some Vyond users also attest that they would prefer more customization options and the number of actions by characters.

If you’ve tried Vyond and would like a different solution, check out the 15 best Vyond alternatives below.

Best Vyond Alternatives

1. Powtoon

Powtoon makes creating, managing, and sharing videos as easy as it gets. It’s a platform for businesses, just like Vyond, but it’s relatively more cost-effective.

You can use Powtoon to create videos for your marketing campaigns, internal communications, team training, recruiting, and onboarding. Notably, the platform offers an education solution for teachers and students, one of its main differences from Vyond.

Powtoon lets you create animations using an intuitive online video editor. You’ll find hundreds of professionally designed animation templates. So, you can save time by not making your videos from scratch.

Powtoon and Vyond have similar pricing plans, as their premium plans cost $89 per month. However, while Vyond has a $49 per month Essential Plan, Powtoon offers users a free account.

As a result, Powtoon is one of the best Vyond alternatives for small businesses on a budget. You can create marketing videos of up to three minutes with a Powtoon free account and access up to 100 MB of storage.

You also get access to royalty-free music and objects. However, the only downside of the free account is that it comes with Powtoon branding.

2. Moovly

You can consider Moovly if you need a Vyond replacement as an individual marketer. The platform also has solutions for businesses and schools.

Moovly works for sales & marketing, HR, learning & development, and communications videos, to name a few. You can create different styles of videos, including but not limited to footage-based videos, motion graphics, cartoons, and doodles.

Typically, you can create your videos from a blank canvas or existing templates. Moovly may not have as many video templates as Vyond, but you’ll find a template to match your video type.

In addition, you can create your own video templates or copy templates from other users if they share.

With Moovly, it’s easy to collaborate with multiple users as a team. The platform supports timestamped in-video feedback, which means all users can communicate in real-time.

Moovly pricing plans for individual marketers are similar to Vyond pricing plans for businesses. But, Moovly gives you a free account. There’s also a free Moovly account for Edu users.

However, Moovly doesn’t have public pricing plans for businesses. You must contact the sales team for a quote.

3. Plotagon

One of Vyond’s flaws is that the platform doesn’t have a mobile application. Perhaps that’s why you need an alternative. In that case, Plotagon is one of the best options to consider.

Plotagon lets you create video animations for any task, whether marketing or otherwise. The app is available for Android and iOS, and you can download it from their respective official application stores.

Since it’s a mobile app, Plotagon is far easier to use than Vyond. In fact, it works in just four steps. First, choose a scene; second, create the characters; third, write the script; fourth, save and share your video.

You can also use Plotagon on your desktop. However, unlike Vyond, it’s not available via the web. You have to download and install the software, which is currently only available for Windows PC.

To use Plotagon desktop, you have three pricing options: Business, Discounted, or Academic pricing. The Discounted pricing is the most affordable at $7 per month or $70 per year, which is cheaper than what you get on Vyond.

4. Animaker

Animaker promises a revolutionary video-making experience. It’s a relatively popular platform, more popular than Vyond, and is usable by beginners and advanced creators.

Most of the video templates you get on Vyond are animations, which is no different from what you get on Animaker. In addition, both platforms also support live-action videos.

As a platform optimized for everyone, working with Animaker is seamless. The platform comes with a drag-and-drop builder, which, according to the developers, “even a child could use.”

One of Animaker’s main strengths is the number of options for creating characters. You can create up to a billion different characters with the drag-and-drop builder. As a result, your videos will always be unique.

Furthermore, Animaker gives you over a million stock photos and videos and thousands of templates.

However, the main advantage of using Animaker over Vyond is the affordable pricing plans. You can opt for the Basic Plan at $20, the Starter Plan at $35, or the Pro Plan, at $79.

All three are more affordable than Vyond’s premium plan, which costs $89 per month. Not to mention you can save up to 50 percent if you pay for Animaker annually.

5. Renderforest

Renderforest is a comprehensive design suite, not just a video maker. As a result, it’s a reliable Vyond alternative if you want to do more. With over 15 million individual users and 100,000 business users, Renderforest is a viral platform.

Renderforest lets you create videos, websites, logos, mockups, and graphics. To compare it with Vyond, we’ll focus on videos. You can use Renderforest to create videos as an individual marketer, business, school, freelancer, or YouTube.

Notably, the platform allows you to create almost any type of video with Renderforest. This includes animations, intros, slideshows, presentations, and music visualizations.

You will find templates for any of the above in the packed template library. Notably, Renderforest has a more extensive template library than Vyond. You can search for video templates using keywords or by simply sorting the tags.

Despite having such comprehensive features, Renderforest is not as expensive as Vyond.

In fact, Renderforest has different pricing plans. Hence, you can use the free account or go for the Lite Plan, which costs just $14.99 monthly. Other options are the Pro and Business plans, with prices starting at $29.99 for each.

6. VidToon

Here, we have a Vyond substitute that mainly focuses on marketing. It’s a fast, straightforward option for making explainer marketing videos using animations.

Unlike Vyond, VidToon is not available via the web. It’s desktop software you can download and install on Windows or Mac devices. Notably, the software is light and compatible with low-end and high-end laptops and desktop devices.

If you opt for VidToon, you’ll appreciate the smooth transitions, effective typography, and easy customization. You’ll also enjoy the software’s simplistic technology, rapid personalization, and character conversations.

While Vyond gives you multiple pricing plans, VidToon offers a single pricing plan. You can get the software on your Mac or Windows computer for $49 per month. However, the price changes from time to time, sometimes at $67 per month.

Nevertheless, since you get full access to VidToon features at one price, you’ll pay cheaper than with Vyond.

7. FlexClip

At number seven we have FlexClip, an online video editor for marketing, social media, and personal videos, among others. FlexClip has a client base that includes top companies like Google, Windows, YouTube, and Facebook.

Like on Vyond, you get hundreds of templates on FlexClip. It’s difficult to say which has more templates among the two platforms, but you won’t lack a template with FlexClip.

You will find corporate, introduction, outro, education, birthday, business pro, and more templates. By simply choosing and customizing a template, your video is ready to go. Alternatively, creating your videos from scratch is also possible.

If you opt to create videos from scratch, FlexClip presents you with over a thousand text animations and preset styles. In addition, you have millions of dynamic vector elements to use with rich transitions and overlays.

FlexClip securely stores every video you create in the cloud. Sharing videos you make on social media platforms is easy with a single click.

Unlike Vyond, it’s possible to use FlexClip for free. If you want to upgrade to a paid account, the FlexClip pricing plans are also affordable, beginning with $9.99 for the Basic Plan.

8. VideoScribe

Developed by Sparkol, VideoScribe is primarily about animations – similar to Vyond. It’s a platform you can use via your browser or install on your desktop.

Like other tools on this list, VideoScribe features hundreds of video templates to help you save time. There are templates for business, education, marketing, and not-for-profits.

Using VideoScribe is simple as the video editor is drag and drop. The platform has over 11,000 custom illustrations, giving you various options if you create videos from scratch.

To get the full VideoScribe experience, you should go with the desktop solution rather than the web-based one. Although both are dependable, the desktop software is more reliable for complex video-making tasks.

VideoScribe and Vyond are both 100 percent premium video-creating solutions. Hence, you can settle for your preferred VideoScribe pricing plan.

However, with VideoScribe, you get a seven-day free trial before paying. The free trial is risk-free as it doesn’t require your payment details.

When the trial expires, your next option is the monthly plan at $39 or the annual plan at $168. Note that VideoScribe offers discounts for team plans.

9. Cartoon Animator

Cartoon Animator, a software by Reallusion, is one of the best Vyond alternatives for 2D animation. Previously known as CrazyTalk Animator, the software boasts versatile designs and effects to create the best videos.

While editing with Cartoon Animator, you’ll find options to use 2D talking heads, prop dynamics & SFX, and smart IK motion. These are advanced features you’ll appreciate if you’re a pro editor. Notably, Cartoon Animator lets you convert 3D animations to 2D seamlessly.

However, the significant advantage Cartoon Animator has over Vyond is the add-ons. Vyond doesn’t work with any add-ons, but Cartoon Animator lets you integrate with Motion Live2D, AE Script for CTA, iClone Motion LINK, and the Photopea Image Editor.

Furthermore, Cartoon Animator offers new users a 30-day free trial, which you don’t get with Vyond. In addition, its premium plan, which costs $179 per year, is more affordable than Vyond’s annual plans.

However, Cartoon Animator isn’t available on the web. It’s desktop software that only works on Windows.

10. Vimeo

You most likely know Vimeo as a widespread video-sharing and hosting platform similar to YouTube. However, if you’re unaware, the platform also has a powerful video maker.

The Vimeo video maker primarily works for Vimeo users to create and share videos on the video-sharing space. However, with recent upgrades, it’s now a full-fledged video marketing suite that can rival Vyond.

If you need a Vyond alternative to create advertising videos, the Vimeo video maker is among the best. It gives you access to a library of thousands of professionally designed templates.

Notably, these templates come with in-video CTAs, shoppable hotspots, and overlays, allowing you to quickly convert random viewers into customers.

The Vimeo video maker works hand in hand with Vimeo’s video-sharing functionality. Hence, it’s possible to host virtual live events like any regular Vimeo user.

Vimeo allows free accounts with its video maker but has many limits. So, your best option is to subscribe to a premium plan.

Vimeo premium pricing starts at $12 per month with the Starter Plan, which is cheaper than Vyond. The Advanced Plan, which costs $55 per month, is suitable for businesses.

11. VideoFork

This free tool, VideoFork, allows you to make animated explanation marketing videos in minutes. Although still in its beta stage, users attest to it being one of the best on the internet.

VideoFork lets you create videos using premade animations, images, screen recordings, and screenshots. It gives you access to a vast database of free and high-quality SVG images to make your videos more engaging.

Perhaps what you’ll love most about VideoFork is the automation. The tool supports workflow automation with some first-rate integrations. This makes it relatively easier to use compared to Vyond.

To use VideoFork, you have three different pricing plans to choose from. The Personal Plan at $20 is ideal if you’re a starter. On the other hand, professional marketers will prefer the Professional Plan at $79 per month.

Like Vyond, VideoFork also accommodates businesses with the Business Plan, which costs $239 per month.

12. Animiz

Do you need a Vyond alternative that works on a Windows PC? If yes, one of the simplest options to consider is Animiz.

Animiz will work on Windows x64 or x86 systems. Interestingly, it still supports old and new Windows OS versions, including XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win10.

One of the perks of using Animiz is the abundant free resources available. Characters, icons, SVG graphics, and shapes are just a few of the hundreds of pre-designed elements in Animiz’s library.

After creating your video, you can upload it to the Animiz cloud storage or on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The videos can be in six formats, including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, and MKV.

Animiz qualifies as a free alternative to Vyond. A free account lets you create videos with up to five scenes with a maximum of 576P quality.

If you want more, Animiz offers premium pricing plans. There’s the Standard Plan at $29 per month, which is not as expensive as Vyond’s Essential Plan.

13. Vidra

Vidra and Vyond is significantly different in terms of compatibility. While Vyond is an online video animation software, Vidra is only available for iOS mobile. Nevertheless, Vidra is ideal for you if you are an iPhone user.

Vidra lets you create video presentations in minutes. You can do this using vector shapes, text, images, and voice recordings. Within the app, you’ll find up to 5,000 pictograms and numerous background music clips you can use.

What’s interesting about using Vidra is that the app doesn’t need an internet connection to download the pictograms. You’ll only need an internet connection if you want more from the online library.

You can share your video presentations on Facebook and YouTube when you finish. Alternatively, you can save it to your device’s camera roll or export it to the Files app.

Vidra isn’t a free alternative to Vyond. However, it doesn’t demand a recurring subscription but a one-time payment. The cost is $6.99.

14. Filmora

Filmora is a video editor software that lets you do more than create animations. It provides professional-level tools in a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to use.

With Filmora, you can edit and export videos in High Definition and 4K resolution and any current video format. You also get 4K video resolution with Vyond, although it’s only available with the Premium Plan and higher.

Unlike Vyond, Filmora is a desktop software that supports Mac and Windows. One of the advantages of it being desktop software is the support for GPU acceleration, which allows speedier encoding.

Like many other video solutions on this list, Filmora lets you share your videos via YouTube and other social media platforms.

Filmora is not free software. However, there is a seven-day free trial to get started with. The platform has different pricing plans for individuals, teams & businesses, and educational institutions.

Notably, you can purchase the software for life with the Perpetual Plan. It’s a cheaper option than Vyond and will help you save money in the long run.

15. Canva

Canva is a popular design platform. Unlike Vyond, which focuses on video animation, you can design almost anything with Canva. However, among the many design tools that Canva features is a free animated video maker.

Making videos is quick and easy with the Canva animated video maker, thanks to the user-friendly video editor and an expansive library of video templates. You can share your videos via social media or email or download them as MP4 files.

While the Canva animated video maker is free, you may need to access some premium elements while editing. Hence, you may need to switch from the free plan to the pro plan.

Canva Pro costs $12.99 per month, and you can save 20 percent if you pay annually. Whichever you opt for, you will pay less than with Vyond. In addition, Canva has separate plans for teams and educational institutions that cost less.

Bottom Line

For me, Powtoon ranks number one on the list.

Many users who have tried both Powtoon and Vyond cite the short learning curve and free account as the major factors influencing their choice of Powtoon.

That said, other Vyond alternatives on the list are worth considering too. You should go for software that suits your needs and convenience. Pick the one you like.