45 Video Game WordPress Themes (Free & Paid)

The gaming industry is rapidly growing daily. 

And in a few years, it could rise to become one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. 

To stand out in this industry, you have to give your fans the best they can get. 

Amazing WordPress themes for gaming will help you build a perfect gaming website that will thrill and interest your audience. 

Having the best themes can provide a lasting solution to your gaming website.

Some of the best themes are also flexible. They allow you to change every aspect of the theme without touching code.  

These themes contain all elements summarized in a single website and thus offer visitors an amazing gaming experience. 

If you are looking for a WordPress gaming theme that will give you the best website with easy navigation, impressive images, as well as web pages, this review will suit your needs.

Here are 45 video game WordPress themes:

1. Acrane Gaming Community Theme

The Acrane Gaming Community theme is one of the best free gaming themes we have around. 

The theme allows you to create large game communities with a lot of people. 

It also allows the user to create teams and tournaments, challenge each other, which therefore encourages more users to participate. 

Also, the theme allows them to view matches, exchange content with each other, and lots more.

2. PixieFreak

PixieFreak is a gaming theme that is well known for its wide range of options and several amazing features. 

The structure of this theme is highly flexible and allows you to tweak it until it suits your needs, as well as your users’ desires. 

You can adjust the color, style, and a lot of other features as well. 

If you are really passionate and enthusiastic about electronic sports, PixieFreak might just be the best for you. 

It allows you to set up an eSport website, game, and formation portal and can be used to organize a tournament.

3. Lazio – Game Accessories

The Lazio WordPress theme is one of the more modern styled themes. 

It is suitable for toys and game accessories due to its page layout. 

Features like quick view and product image zoom are also available to aid easy navigation and help users find products quickly. 

The layouts also make it easy to organize your products and introduce them to your customers.

4. PixieHuge

PixieHuge is specifically great for its amazing output in the eSports organization.  

It gives an amazing color scheme to make it very attractive to customers, particularly eSport fans.

Similarly, PixieHuge allows you to add an unlimited number of players, teams, sponsor ads, and allows you to watch live streams as well. 

It is particularly popular in the gaming industry because it is built to meet up with the latest standard designs in the industry. 

Also, PixieHuge allows you to display multiple teams in different games, thus allowing your users to keep track of the profiles of their popular players.

5. PixieClash

PixieClash is widely popular because of its ability to host interesting competitions among your fans. 

Features such as groups and parentheses make it very suitable to host eSports tournaments and competitions. 

Your fans get the opportunity to come up against each other in an interesting challenge.

PixieClash provides you with more than 100 unique options including the addition of teams, groups, matches, sponsors, and so on.

6. Jumbo

Jumbo has a series of amazing features that allow your website to be functional and responsive. 

It is a theme suitable for flash and HTML5 mobile games. 

The outstanding features that make Jumbo exceptional amongst other gaming themes include:

A functional and effective review system.

Sharing buttons

Multiple ad placements

Inbuilt translators

Among others. 

Despite these features, Jumbo is still easy to navigate for users.

7. Gamez

The Gamez WordPress theme is one of the most responsive themes in the gaming industry. 

Its amazing features are particularly designed to fit websites for games, film, and music reviews. 

It provides a remarkable user experience because it is easy to install and use. 

The features are simplified and the theme is affiliate friendly.

8. DW Gamez

DW Gamez is an impressive gaming WordPress theme because of its clean layout, cool effects, and animations.

It is widely used because of its flexibility. 

DW Gamez presents you with an opportunity to manipulate the features and turn it into a website of your desire. 

This theme is also impressive for the creation of online game magazines as well. 

9. Ruby

Ruby gained its popularity particularly amongst bloggers because of its functionality and amazing user experience. 

It provides a very impressive and appealing interface that excites users and gamers. 

Ruby presents an amazing theme for bloggers interested in creative gaming, designers, as well as those interested in creating a blog for gamers in general. 

We can say it is specifically created with bloggers in mind.

10. Youplay

Of all the WordPress gaming themes used in the game industry, Youplay is one of the most creative, clean, and flexible themes. 

The theme comprises of wonderful features that allow you to create bbPress forums, WordPress blogs, as well as WooCommerce in the most flexible way possible. 

It comes with visual composers that give room for creativity and flexibility.

11. Kappa

If you intend to express yourself on your gaming website, then the Kappa WordPress theme could be the best for you.

The theme allows you to come up with extensive creativity to market your products, display the latest highlights of gaming news, exhibit your work to your fans, as well as explore your unique passion for creating games that captures attention in the gaming community.

Kappa is a Wordpress theme created to allow developers to explore their creative inspiration.

12. Game Addict

Game Addict is a WordPress theme that allows the creation of family games and any other large game you have in mind. 

It allows you to create and manage clan wars and multiple teams as well as incorporating multiple games. 

Also, the theme allows you to create games that suit your interests and allows you to engage multiple users at the same time. 

13. Orizon

The Orizon WordPress theme is suitable for creating gaming, entertainment, and news content. 

The theme has amazing features because it was made using CSS3. It provides users with easy navigation and usability. 

It can help you convert the website to a personal project that suits your interests and satisfies your users. 

14. Escapium Room Game

One outstanding fact about this WordPress theme is that it is designed with games of reflection and real-world companies in mind. 

It can also be used as event-based sites where you can incorporate a lot of activities. 

The theme has a lot of features included in its thematic package that allows for plug-in reservations. 

15. Bazinews

Bazinews is a stylish game theme that is professional, unique, and embedded with amazing features.

The theme has features that include a template for a magazine home page, widget header area, as well as featured message slideshow. 

It has a two-sidebar presentation that makes it very responsive. 

Its features provide your users with an amazing experience as well as allowing you to explore the great features to suit your needs.

16. Gauge

Gauge is a unique gaming WordPress theme due to its wide range of utilization. 

It provides easy navigation and contains items flexible enough to be reviewed by both users and administrators. 

Gauge is also suitable for video content such as games and movies. It is garnished with modern designs and up to date features. 

17. BombGame

In the gaming industry, themes that trend have complementary features with a user-friendly interface. 

These are some of the characteristics that define BombGame and make it stand out among other themes. 

It is a modern theme with specifically great features for the lovers of games and technology generally. 

It has the features that can help you engage your users because of its attractiveness and level of professionalism. 

Not only that, it is interesting to know that these premium packages are free.

18. Gaming Mag

Gaming Mag is a WordPress gaming theme that is designed creatively with amazing features. 

You can customize your own suitable features such as layouts, widths, size, and so on.

Part of the features allows you to feature articles and blog posts with ease. 

It uses HTML5, making it very responsive, fast, and easy to use.

Also, it is known to be childfree, meaning it is suitable for a wide range of users.

19. Gaming Fan Board WordPress Theme

The Gaming Fan Board theme differs from others because it looks to increase the number of general participants. 

The design and creativity in this theme will add a professional touch to your website, as well as the gaming business. 

It engages your users and provides them with the best experience. 

It permits images, videos, and sliders on the website. 

20. Video Gaming

Video Gaming is excellent for its inbuilt templates that allow advanced features such as video and audio options.

It attracts the attention of the audience with its high-resolution and quality images that can as well be replaced. 

It provides a user-friendly interface as a result of the harmony between the multiple contents block and page elements. 

The dynamic features of Video Gaming are powered by the WordPress theme, Cherry framework.

21. Respawn

Respawn is a WordPress gaming theme with modern designs and allows for variable selection of the website demos. 

The outstanding offer of Respawn is that it has prebuilt demos that help you build any type of website you want. 

The available demos include demos for promoting eSport events, demos for building a gaming magazine website, likewise the demo for fans and players. 

It is also easy to use and build on the already existing templates.

22. Gameleon

If your intention is to have a multipurpose, highly responsive, magazine-style Wordpress gaming themes, then Gameleon is the right option for you. 

Video compatibility, large screen, full-screen options, and 3D utilization are some of the remarkable features of the Gameleon theme. 

Other than these features, Gameleon also comes with some premium tools that include a notification bar plugin, custom login page, and slider, as well as a review plugin.  

It has also already created spaces for ad development.

23. PlayerX

PlayerX is a WordPress gaming theme that is suitable and appropriate for the development of gaming and eSports websites.

It contains interesting and eye-catching graphics that will attract the attention of your users. 

The templates of the PlayerX theme are not only suitable for gaming websites but are also suitable for eSports and gaming studios, as well as the promotion of the latest gaming news. 

There are no limitations to how you can use the PlayerX theme. The theme supports a high level of eCommerce.

24. Eldritch

The Eldritch gaming theme has all the features you desire in a WordPress gaming theme. 

The templates of Eldritch themes makes it easy for users to navigate and provide them with the best experience once they visit your site.

This theme also allows you to create a wide range of responsive websites. 

As a result of its compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin, PlayerX is suitable for eCommerce support. 

25. Blackfyre

Blackfyre is not only suitable for you to build an online gaming website, but it is also perfect in creating an online gaming community that allows for engaging your users.

Each of your members are able to create their own profile page as well as owning and managing teams, even for other users. 

You are able to create this community because of the BuddyPress, WordPress, and bbPress community forum plugin.

26. GameZone

GameZone is one of the modern and responsive themes with an amazing interface that provides users with the best experience. 

It has several amazing features that can perfectly suit your needs. These features include guide templates and reviews. 

Aside from these features, it has a lot of customization options including color, writing pattern, and widget areas. 

This theme can also help you automatically resize your image. 

27. CrystalSkull

CrystalSkull allows you to create almost any website using WordPress.  

It can be used on a variety of projects including gaming news blogs, review sites, or building an online gaming community.  

The theme also provides opportunities for you to customize and tweak the website to fit your desire. It also supports eCommerce.

28. NewsGamer

NewsGamer is particularly useful for the creation of a gaming news and reviews website. 

The WordPress style is particularly suitable for magazines and professional news. 

Its organization, layout, and template makes it easy for users to navigate and locate content. 

The theme is very functional and responsive and this functionality extends beyond the front end to the overall theme settings options. 

29. Engine

The flexibility of the Engine WordPress theme is the reason for its popularity in the gaming industry. 

It has a design suitable for a gaming blog or news portal. 

It’s also perfect for websites that want to publish content due to the default layout of the homepage. 

The Engine theme makes it easy for you to build a stylish gaming website, particularly websites with high gaming content.

30. eGamer

This theme is particularly useful for the creation of a flexible website. 

eGamer has an amazing feature of two layout options for magazine and blog. 

It also has in it the ability to easily integrate videos and automatic thumbnail, as well as an inbuilt star rating system. 

Aside from these features, the theme also has tools that will make building your website relatively easy. 

These tools include shortcodes, templates containing multiple pages, as well as several theme options panel.

31. TheSource

TheSource is a WordPress game theme that is specifically magazine-styled. 

It combines both a sophisticated and attractive interface to give one of the finest themes in the gaming industry. 

Its ease of organization makes it suitable for websites that have a large amount of content. 

The theme has several customization options that make it very flexible and easy to adjust. 

32. Oblivion

The Oblivion WordPress game themes are specifically useful for creating portfolios for games. 

It was created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. Therefore, it is a modern theme for the creation of outstanding review sites. 

It helps you create a responsive design that is user-friendly as well as features that aid eCommerce.  

The special features include a rating system and a parallax slider. 

Likewise, it is WooCommerce and bbPress compatible. 

33. Explicit

The Explicit WordPress gaming theme is loaded with a lot of remarkable features that single it out as a mobile-first theme. 

It has several tools for the ultimate gamer, including page builders, reviews, and ratings. 

The significant features embedded in this theme include master slider, category icons, colors, and mega menu, amongst others. 

34. Entropia

Entropia is one of the best WordPress game themes because it has all the features you need to build a responsive and functional gaming website. 

It is very flexible and gives you the opportunity to change the layout and elements without really changing the codes. 

It also provides you with amazing interior and exterior pages. 

These pages provide you and your users with the best experience, therefore making it an ideal choice if you intend to create powerful games and sports websites.

35. GamingMag

Although GamingMag comes with minimal design styles, it still allows you to create a responsive magazine website. 

The theme still has several amazing features such as slide shows, social media integration, threaded-comments, and custom widgets, as well as automatic thumbnail raising.

It also allows easy customization and flexibility to your website. 

36. SanFrancisco

SanFrancisco is one of the best gaming WordPress themes when it comes to publishing the latest news and reviews covering the entire video game industry. 

Another amazing feature in SanFrancisco is that it enables you to combine demos present on its website. 

SanFrancisco’s package also enables you to customize the already available templates to suit your needs. 

37. GoodLife 

The Goodlife WordPress theme is one of the few themes that help you create a wide range of websites as long as it suits your intent.

Its demo has all the features you need to create a professional video gaming website.

It has the right colors and amazing features for the creation of an outstanding website. 

Other notable features of the Goodlife theme are ranking trackers, ads placement options, and viral quiz builder tools, among others. 

38. Play

Play is one of the few free WordPress themes that offer a lot of features along with the best tools. 

These features can help you create a wide range of versatile content. 

The amazing tools include YouTube and social media integration, as well as WooCommerce. 

Likewise, the theme is easy to set up with high responsiveness that can help you smooth your journey into the gaming industry. 

The key features of the Play Game WordPress theme include inbuilt Google custom forms, Google Maps integration, and customizable logo design.

39. Middle Earth

Middle Earth is amazing and exceptional because of its fantasy-oriented design. 

It has features that can help you incorporate a wide range of options into your website.

It is highly flexible because it allows easy customization with the use of sidebars, social share bars, and so on. 

Some of the key features include WooCommerce support, completely responsive design, as well as integrated Google Maps.

40. Paraxe

Paraxe is a modern theme with a sleek design that is suitable for both gaming blogs and magazine related content. 

It has integrated features that make it useful for eCommerce. The translational feature also helps engage users even if it is a non-English language. 

It has several key amazing features that include multiple blog layouts to allow easy customization, SEO optimized with WPML support, responsive web designs, and advanced sliders, among others.

41. Gamelab

Gamelab gives your website every touch of professionalism because of its key features. 

These key features include custom sidebars and configuration, slider ready design, custom menus, anti-spam features, and so on. 

 It also provides eCommerce support and allows you to customize the website easily.

42. GameCenter

GameCenter is one of the most amazing themes used for the creation of gaming websites. 

It helps you create a website with full functionality because it comes with multiple page layouts, custom sidebars, and post formats, among others. 

It also allows eCommerce because it is supported by WooCommmerce.  It also features the ability to translate several languages.

The GameCenter theme is fully compatible with all web platforms.

43. GameForest

The biggest feature of the GameForest WordPress theme that makes it popular in the game industry is that it allows you to customize your website. It is also highly responsive. 

It has useful elements such as listing pages for games, dedicated gaming widgets, game reviews section and provides space for users to create profiles. 

Notifications, plugins, sliders, and effects are other key features of the GameForest WordPress gaming theme.

44. GameScript

GameScript can be used for a lot of purposes including news channels, editorials, commercial markets, and many more.  

The features in the design contain elements that can help with the full design of your website.

YouTube and video integration, threaded comments, and eCommerce are some of the key features of the GameScript WordPress theme.

45. Grich

Grinch gives you the old school fantasy and warcraft vibe that you might need to incorporate in your website. 

These themes give you an avenue to create storylines and explore your imaginative mind to the fullest. 

It can also let you create responsive websites to provide amazing user experiences for your users. 

Slider ready design, WooCommerce support, and multiple custom pages are some of the key features of the Grich WordPress gaming theme. 

Final Words

So, there you have it. 

The top 45 Video Game WordPress themes that you should consider using for your next gaming website project.

Which one would you consider using and why?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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