15 Best Personio Alternatives 2024

Personio is a relatively new software that’s growing very quickly. It’s a people operating system that small and mid-sized companies can utilize to stay on top of their HR tasks.

It’s a tool that keeps all HR processes in one system so you can have everything you need in one place, from managing and handling HR tasks to finding talent, recruiting, and dealing with finances and payroll.

Even though there are dozens (if not hundreds) of such software, there’s no perfect software. It’s very likely you might be missing some features in Personio such as the overview of employees’ titles/promotions, or reports regarding titles and possible promotions. Also, Personio can be a bit difficult to learn at first due to the interface that could get a refreshment.

Yet if you’d like an improved version or something a bit more convenient for your HR situation, you’re in the right place.

Down below, you can find 15 of the best Personio alternatives that won’t let you down!

Best Personio Alternatives

Personio is brilliantly designed, but unfortunately, with so many factors and tasks that HR handles daily, Personio might not be the best fit for every company. Therefore, these 15 Personio alternatives might offer exactly what you’re looking for.

1. BambooHR

BambooHR is the most similar Personio alternative because it has many identical and similar features, with slight improvements.

However, the biggest difference is that BambooHR has some features that Personio is missing, such as 360-degree feedback.

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software that helps companies organize data and use analytics to run their workforce efficiently with the help of an easy-to-use interface.

This HR tool can keep employee records safely, provide a great workflow, easily manage approvals, and provide visual reports and analytics.

While the features might be similar to Personio’s, BambooHR seems easier to administer and use.

Also, BambooHR is better at meeting minimum requirements, so it is a better fit for start-ups and companies that are only starting.

One thing that BambooHR is definitely against is keeping all employee information in spreadsheets. This only puts the information at risk, so BambooHR ensures that its tool is easy to customize and personalize to the company’s needs.

This way, BambooHR can free up time for meaningful work and almost automate the important but time-consuming HR tasks.

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2. Zoho Recruit

Suppose you find Personio to be a good HR management software that can get tasks sorted and done easily thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, yet you’re interested in a tool that will improve how you recruit new people into your company. In that case, Zoho Recruit is a great alternative.

Zoho Recruit is a tool based on the applicant tracking system, so it provides a more effortless way of tracking all applications during the recruitment process.

It’s a tool specially built for companies who grow quickly and need a tool that will help HR keep up with the demand.

In comparison with Personio, Zoho Recruit has additional searching features that can help find candidates, track regular activities, keep contacts, and manage much more information in one place.

Personio doesn’t have a place in the tool to monitor the whole recruiting process and even manage all of it within one tool. While this might not be an issue for many companies, others who grow quickly will often struggle with recruitment.

Therefore, Zoho Recruit, with features such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), is a more powerful alternative that could help companies whose HR struggles with this aspect.

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3. Rippling

Rippling is an employment management platform ideal for a company’s HR who wants to stay on top of the employees, benefits, apps, devices, finances, and much more.

As a Personio alternative, Rippling has a much more intuitive interface that is easier to set up and easier to integrate into your HR routine.

For example, Rippling comes with PEO, which helps with risk mitigation. It can help track time and attendance, fully automated time tracking an employee clock into the moment a company needs to pay the paycheck.

Talent management is missing in Personio and yet Rippling features specifically finding top talent to hire.

At the same time, you’ll be able to manage health insurance, 401K, and other benefits in one system.

Another brilliant feature in Rippling is the ability to manage third-party apps your employees use, such as Slack, GSuite, and others. Not only will you be able to efficiently keep track of all your employees and take care of tasks, but you will also be able to run your company from inside of one tool only.

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4. Oracle PeopleSoft

Suppose you are looking for a Personio alternative that you can run in the cloud that will save you a lot more money in the long run and yet provide similar benefits. In that case, Oracle PeopleSoft is a great alternative.

Oracle PeopleSoft is powered by Oracle Cloud, which is directly associated with database systems and the ecosystem of the apps in the cloud.

This way, you can combine PeopleSoft with other Oracle products, but you can also manage and even automate workflow routines directly in the cloud that can help you manage the whole team in one place.

Oracle PeopleSoft comes with a bit more advanced salary structures and organization management, which gives you more power and flexibility to customize the workflow to your company’s needs.

Not only is Oracle PeopleSoft better at providing some features such as labor rules and monitoring management, but it is also a lot better at overall mobility and performance than Personio. This can be of huge importance to companies going through rapid growth that have no time for mistakes or to figure things out on the go.

That being said, you should also keep in mind that even though Oracle PeopleSoft is a slightly better alternative to Personio (thanks to its innovation), it is also a lot more expensive.

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5. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a great Personio alternative because it strictly focuses on automating the HR tasks, giving more time to the HR employees to focus on more important business, and even reducing the number of staff needed in the HR.

The biggest Breezy HR’s advantage over Personio is the automation of the hiring process. This tool can automatically generate a list of people suitable for the role and generate a scoreboard from where HR only needs to narrow the list and make a pick.

Also, Breezy HR seems to have better security with the help of the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature that maintains privacy and security for all your data.

What’s also interesting is that there are predesigned email templates that can help save time and auto-scheduling for interviews that increase work efficiency and improve overall workflow.

Breezy HR is also better at integrations since it can be integrated with Office 365, Slack, and other software and tools the company might be using.

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6. SAP SuccessFactors

When you need a way to manage people and take care of the most important HR tasks, SAP SuccessFactors can help.

SAP SuccessFactors uses a modern approach to all HR tasks as it removes standard HR transactions and engages them, replacing them with intelligent technology.

This intelligent technology helps make transactions and engaging simpler and easier, where HR staff won’t have to spend as much time.

The biggest SAP SuccessFactors advantage over Personio is that it links employee feedback to operational data. By doing so, HR will have an easy way and a chance to oversee everything going on in the company to make well-informed decisions that will support the company’s growth and results.

On top of that, SAP SuccessFactors covers planning solutions and people analytics, which is a great advantage.

However, in the long run, SAP SuccessFactors might be a bit more expensive, which is something you should consider and weigh the pros and cons of if you find it a better solution than Personio.

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7. Recruitee

If you don’t need a very elaborate HR tool yet, you are struggling with recruiting, and no matter how big a recruitment team you have, if you are not satisfied with either convenience or quickness, Recruitee can be a great option.

Recruitee is a great tool for HR who needs help in managing the recruitment part of the HR’s tasks.

This tool helps create a workflow for recruitment that is very simple but effective. It features a pipeline where you can see applications, interviews, and offers.

There’s also activity and reports that will help you keep track of everything and scale and hire as many people as the company requires.

The biggest Recruitee advantage over Personio is that it makes recruitment even easier by featuring API access. HR can create custom teams and integrate GSuite, Slack, and other third-party communication tools.

Another great advantage is that Recruitee comes with a smartphone app that helps HR get things done even on the move or when they’re out of their office.

Of course, while Recruitee provides a much better recruitment aspect, it lacks other HR regular activities and tasks, and it is a must-have tool for rapidly growing companies.

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8. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce is very similar to Personio, but its features tend to meet the requirements much better.

This tool is cloud-based, and it has all features in one tool built on a single database. This way, you will have access to and manage payroll, benefits, time, and labor, and even manage the human resources.

All of the features such as payroll processing and tax filing, performance manager, and more, are interlinked, so it’s very easy to take full advantage of this all-in-one tool. On top of that, ADP Workforce Now is backed with quality visual insights into the company’s workflow, which also helps HR to make even the hardest decision with ease.

Compared to Personio, ADP Workforce Now helps make tax and all tax-related compliances easy as the company scales.

Besides these improved features missing in Personio, ADP Workforce Now can also help companies find and manage new talent, benefit administration by automating time-consuming processes, keeping time & attendance, and more.

It even offers a smartphone app which is another advantage of this alternative over Personio.

9. Comeet

Comeet is a tool that integrates as many features into one to help HR and the whole company grow without being overwhelmed with daily tasks.

Comeet’s biggest strength over Personio is that it is interested in automating most of the payroll tasks that can be automated to save time, provide a modern approach for HR to stay organized, and help grow the company faster.

Recruitment improvements are a huge part of Comeet since it is designed in such a versatile way to fulfill the needs of companies in various industries.

Comeet always helps improve the information flow, offers accuracy, and provides a safe and secure database with recovery options when it comes down to the company’s information.

What’s even better yet is that Comeet can also help find out inconsistencies, constrictions, and even difficulties thanks to the easy-to-understand analytics dashboard that collects data and displays it visually. From there, HR can use this information to determine the necessary actions that will improve the company’s future.

10. UKG Pro

If your company is struggling with managing employees, processing payments, and is having a hard time processing a high workload, UKG Pro might be an ideal tool that can help out.

UKG Pro is designed to help companies and organizations increase engagement and productivity, improve workflow, and manage payroll efficiently.

In comparison to Personio, UKG Pro has a much better rate and a chance of helping you transform the way people work for your company since it provides personalized insights and even tips that help.

It’s a tool that will help you keep the focus on your values & goals and yet, at the same time, provide you with everything your HR team will need to help the company.

Along with HR and payroll management, UKG Pro can also support finance, operations, and even HRIS or IT.

But what’s interesting and very different from Personio is that UKG Pro allows you to select your needs and even select a challenge you’re looking to overcome as a company.

11. Workday HCM

If you feel like a regular HR software such as Personio won’t meet all your needs, yet you’re looking for something you can customize and add/remove workflow elements, Workday HCM is a great option.

Workday HCM is a tool based on a single system where it gets information from a single source of data. However, you get the chance to add other systems such as Financial Management, Workday Payroll, Recruiting, Learning, Planning, and even a couple of other systems.

Therefore, with so many features, you can pinpoint exactly what your company requires to progress, improve its workflow, and make much better progress that will help the company meet its goals.

Workday HCM is all about innovation and changing how HR handles the business through experiences that engage everyone in the company.

On top of that, this tool is also pretty decent at automating some manual tasks that occupy a decent amount of HR’s time.

But Workday HCM’s biggest advantage over Personio is the ability to set flexible rewards for the whole team, such as compensation plans and benefits in general.

12. JazzHR

JazzHR is very different from Personio since it’s based on a software-as-a-seller tool that’s customized to fit the company’s needs of recruitment, handling internal approvals, tracking candidates, and managing HR.

Not only does JazzHR provide a smoother hiring process than Personio, but it is also a lot more stable. JazzHR also has a very advanced and scalable recruitment system, highlighting their HR tool.

What’s also great about JazzHR is that it’s highly customizable, and it can even integrate with all other HR tools your company might be relying on. These integrations include LinkedIn, Salesforce, and others.

So if you believe Personio might not get you up to the recruiting speed or capability your company currently requires, JazzHR is a great alternative that is exactly designed to improve upon the flaws of all-in-one HR tools.

13. Workable

Workable is a great Personio alternative because, just like JazzHR, it also focuses on the recruitment part with additional talent-management features that help with automation and HR processes.

Compared to Personio, Workable can make recruitment smoother at even higher numbers, ideal for small or mid-sized companies and large companies, enterprises, and organizations, thanks to its smooth recruiting process that’s integrated into the tool.

Another incredible feature helps you set a budget for the recruitment plan so Workable can help you stay under budget and yet find the best possible talent for the company.

Along with strong recruitment features, Workable also evaluates existing workflow, improves company collaboration, automates time-consuming HR tasks that don’t necessarily require manual labor, and more.

In comparison to Personio, Workflow tends to have more advanced technology that’s based on artificial intelligence. Such technology is used to automate communication, scheduling, and offers and manage various things HR needs to keep an eye on.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a more advanced Personio alternative that focuses on automation and hiring, Workable might be a great fit for your needs.

14. Paylocity

If you need a powerful and advanced HR tool that provides some highly useful payroll features, Paylocity might be a great Personio alternative for your company.

Paylocity is also an all-in-one tool that helps HR of any sized company manage daily tasks, ensure payroll is on time, create custom benefits and keep them in check, find talent efficiently, and manage the workforce.

Paylocity’s biggest advantage over Personio is that they don’t only sell and provide software. They also work with companies one-on-one to identify and provide solutions that will help with their specific needs.

Therefore, this company knows how important it is to plan and stay organized for a better tomorrow. Still, they also know exactly how important your employees are when it comes down to achieving goals and results as a company.

With that being said, Paylocity can do anything from managing and finding an easier way to handle daily HR tasks to spending more time on the important things that will make the most results in your company.

Paylocity relies on an advanced technology that powers their software to empower companies to modernize their workforce and trust automation systems to help improve the way companies manage things, grow, and achieve better results.

15. Gusto

When you’re just getting started and need modern and simple but efficient HR automation, payroll features, and benefits, Gusto is a great pick.

Compared to Personio, Gusto has the ability to help start-ups and new companies build their HR system for a team of even the smallest size.

Regardless of being a great fit for smaller companies and start-ups, Gusto covers anything from full-service payroll, employee benefits, time and attendance to hiring, talent management, and insights & reports.

Therefore, Gusto is far easier to set up than Personio, it’s easier to administer, and it’s also better at meeting the company’s requirements, especially in the start-up phase.

Gusto is also incredibly good at providing a way to hire people from anywhere around the world and manage freshly hired talent remotely.

On top of that, not only can an HR team benefit from Gusto, but also the company as a whole as it helps them stay organized, oversee every part of the job, and even provide insights that HR can use to guide team members to do an even better job, thanks to the versatile range of features.


In my book, BambooHR is the best Personio alternative because not only is it easier to set up and administer, but it also comes with features such as 360-degree feedback and better analytics.

HR can take advantage of these important and convenient features to ensure the team is on the same page and that the company’s goals are achieved.

Combined with automation features, BambooHR can establish a new modernized HR system in the cloud for any type of company. And even though it might come at a higher price (per quote pricing system), it’s worth it since it’ll help create a solid ground for your company to grow upon.

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