Avada vs Enfold – Which Is Better?

Avada Vs Enfold - Which Is Better?

Given that there are around 455,000,000 websites using WordPress, it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd if you want to be seen. That’s why it is so important to choose the right WordPress theme. 

A good WordPress theme not only makes your website stand out and look professional but also improves the user experience and makes your site easy to navigate. 

Today, we will be comparing two popular WordPress themes, Avada and Enfold, to help you figure out which one is best for you and your website. 

What Is Avada? What Is Enfold? 

Avada is a website theme and builder. You can use it to create custom footers, headers, page layouts, and more, as it has tons of options for customizing and designing your website. 

Enfold is also a WordPress theme. It is a multi-purpose theme, so it can be used regardless of what kind of website you are trying to create. 

Let’s start comparing the features of the two WordPress themes, one by one. 

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Avada - Build Any & Everything

Trusted by 600K+ beginners and professionals worldwide, Avada is the go-to tool for WP web building. You get 70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer & more.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

Website Builder

To start our comparison of Avada vs Enfold, let us first compare the website builders that come with each theme. How easy is it to design and customize the theme according to your liking? 


Avada’s website builder is fairly easy to use. Since it is a live editor, you can see how your website will turn out in real time, as you are editing it. 

As you work on your page, you can add one of the many design elements that are available in the Avada website editor. There are way too many elements to list here, but suffice it to say that there is such a wide range of elements available that you will be able to find what you are looking for. 

For example, you can add columns, sliders, social media buttons, icons, pricing tables, testimonials, user login sections, and much more. 

The Global Styling feature lets you make changes that take effect across your entire site. For example, you can change the colors across your entire site; alternatively, you can use the Page Settings if you want the changes to only take effect on a specific page you are working on. 

To make changes across your entire site, you will be changing the settings in the main theme settings. There are over 50 different panels that you can use across your site and customize including sliders, menus, and contact forms. 

Avada also integrates with various third-party plugins (more on that later), and each plugin gets its own control panel so you can customize how that plugin appears and is used across your site. 

The website builder also lets you create and design your own footer and header, as well as change the typography options as you type content. 

For a full list of Avada’s website builder features, go to this page and scroll down until you see an area with a list of features and links. However, as of the time of this writing, some of those links lead to 404 error pages. 


Enfold has what they called the “Advanced Layout Builder,” which is a website builder/editor that allows you to create your site using drag-and-drop. 

Like Avada, there are various elements that you can add to your site. These elements are divided into three groups: Layout Elements, Content Elements, and Media Elements. 

Use the Layout Elements to control the layout and look of your website and its pages. For example, you can use the ½ split layout or the grid row layout. The Content Elements are what you will use to build the actual page and fill out the layout of the page. 

For example, you can add sliders, icons, blog posts, contact forms, social sharing buttons, progress bars, tables, and many other elements. 

Finally, you can add Media Elements to your site to add visual media. This can be an image, a featured image slider, a Google Maps widget, a photo gallery, and more. 

Once you create a page layout and add the elements you want, you can save that layout as a template so that you can use it again for future pages. This way, you can easily create new pages that have the same layout without having to do a lot of work all over again. 

Although you do not need any coding knowledge in order to use the Enfold Advanced Layout Builder, you can certainly use the developer options if you do know how to code (for example, you can add custom classes to your elements). 

Who wins here: Both Avada and Enfold have easy-to-use builders. They’re pretty much equal, although some people may prefer the interface of one over the other. 

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Demos/Premade Sites

Which platform has more premade sites: Avada or Enfold? How good are those premade sites or demos, and how easy is it to use them and integrate them into your own website? 


Avada has a total of 69 prebuilt website demos that you can use to create your own site without building a new layout from scratch. These demos cover a whole range of categories and website types. 

For example, there is a website demo made for online tutors, another one for landscapers, and yet another one for takeout restaurants. Other demos are designed for podcast sites, restaurants, driving schools, barbers, electricians, and various others. 

The best part is that you have full control over how the demos are imported. It is really easy to import a demo, as all it takes is the click of a button. 

Avada - Build Any & Everything

Trusted by 600K+ beginners and professionals worldwide, Avada is the go-to tool for WP web building. You get 70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer & more.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

At the same time, if you don’t want to import an entire demo, you can choose to only import parts of it, such as pages, posts, sliders, or images. In addition, you can “fuse” various demos together by importing the parts of various demos that appeal to you. 

This way, even if you use the pre-built demos, you can still create a site that is entirely unique. 

The demos are of pretty good quality, as you can see in this screenshot of a demo for consultants:

You can also uninstall demo features if you don’t want them anymore and Avada will tell you when a certain plugin needs to be installed for the demo you imported to work properly. 

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Enfold, on the other hand, only has 38 demos (as of the time of this writing; additional demos may be added later). However, their demos are still varied and can be used by businesses in any niche. 

There are two default demos: The Enfold 2017 Demo and the Enfold Default Demo. These two demos show all features available from the Enfold theme. 

You can actually view the Enfold Default Demo here

However, the other 36 demos can be also imported to your site, depending on the type of business you run or the type of site you want to set up. For example, if you are setting up a “coming soon” page for a new event, business, or branch you are going to start, you can use the “Coming Soon” demo: 

On the other hand, if you operate a band and would like to create a website to showcase your events, music, and accomplishments, you can use the Band demo:

As for importing the demos, you can import them easily by clicking the import button. However, if you want to import the demo files without changing the theme settings back to their defaults, you can export your settings so you can import them again later, or you can import only the content of the demo using the XML files so that you do not overwrite your settings. 

You can only import one demo at a time. If you want to only import certain parts of a demo, you can follow these instructions:

Who wins here: Avada definitely wins when it comes to demos. First of all, they have a lot more demos than Enfold (in fact, they have almost double the number of demos). 

In addition, Enfold’s demos are just not as specific and varied as Avada’s demos. We saw that Avada has demos for many different kinds of businesses, and while Enfold also has demos for gyms, online consultants, weddings, spas, health coaches, DJs, bands, and more, they simply do not cover the full length of the spectrum like Avada does. 

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Let’s move on to eCommerce. Which theme is better for eCommerce stores: Enfold or Avada? 


Avada integrates with WooCommerce and will always be compatible with new WooCommerce versions. As such, you can use their builder to create stylish, modern, and beautiful eCommerce pages showcasing your products. 

Avada also has several demos that are made specifically for selling online and WooCommerce. For example, the Takeout theme we mentioned above is one of them.

Avada - Build Any & Everything

Trusted by 600K+ beginners and professionals worldwide, Avada is the go-to tool for WP web building. You get 70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer & more.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

Other demos include Restaurant, Interior Design, Classic Shop, and Fitness. If you want to create a landing page showcasing a specific product, there is a demo for that as well. 

However, any Avada demo/pre-built website can be used with the WooCommerce plugin if you want to add products to your site.

There are tons of customization options you can take advantage of. For example, you can create a store with a sidebar such as this one: 

You can even make a site with two sidebars. You can add multiple images to product pages, add social sharing buttons, and do a lot more. 


Enfold is also compatible with WooCommerce, so you can use it to create your online store. There are some custom elements that are made specifically for those using the WooCommerce theme, which you will be able to use after you install WooCommerce. 

Who wins here: Both Avada and Enfold can be used to sell products. There’s no real winner here. 


Which theme is best if you want to create a WordPress site that features a slider? Let’s look at the slider options offered by Enfold vs Avada. 


The Avada Fusion slider is the main slider available from Avada. It can be used on any page, anywhere on the page. 

There are a lot of customization options available for the slider, which can be used to showcase your own images, your own videos, or videos that are hosted on a third-party site like YouTube or Vimeo. 

Other options include changing the size (height and length) of the slider so that it fits your site and adding parallax scrolling effects (which makes the background move at a slower pace than the foreground to add stunning visual effects). 

However, you don’t need to change the size of the slider in an effort to make it fit mobile devices as the slider is naturally mobile responsive and will adapt to any screen size. 

You can also make the slide sections link to a URL or add buttons at the bottom to add a call to action. 

However, the default Avada slider is not the only slider you can use if you have the Avada theme, as the theme comes with a free license to use the Slider Revolution 6, which is bundled into your purchase. Slider Revolution is a great slider that allows you to add beautiful sliders and carousels to your site. 

Finally, the Layer Slider is also bundled in with the Avada theme, so you can use that for free as well. You can create sliders with drag-and-drop and add all kinds of effects to engage your audience. 

There are also slider elements that you can use for WooCommerce. The Featured Products Slider lets you showcase your featured products while the regular Products Carousel element lets you add a product slider anywhere on your site. 

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If you want to create a slider on the Enfold theme, you can use the Easy Slider. This is an element that you can add to any page from the elements section. 

You can add images or videos and choose between fade and slide transitions; you can also choose how long you want the slides to stay before transitioning to the next slides. There is also the Content Slider element, which allows you to create a slider that displays different blocks of text. 

Who wins here: While you can create sliders with both Avada and Enfold, it seems as if Avada gives you more options to choose from and more flexibility. 


What about third-party plugins? 


Avada integrates with a number of top plugins in addition to WooCommerce. These plugins include Font Awesome, WPML, Yoast SEO, bbPress (which allows you to create a forum site), and various others. 

The cool part is that each of these plugins will get their own control panel in the Avada settings so you can customize your site for their use. 

Of course, there are tons of other plugins that you can use with Avada. 

Avada - Build Any & Everything

Trusted by 600K+ beginners and professionals worldwide, Avada is the go-to tool for WP web building. You get 70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer & more.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.


Enfold also integrates with tons of plugins from the WordPress plugin directory. However, if you are looking for a list of recommended plugins that work best with Enfold, you can read this forum post

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One way to figure out which theme is better is to check how many people are using it. The more popular it is and the more websites that are using it, the better it is likely to be. 

Of course, this is not set in stone, as lesser-known themes can be better for your business than more well-known themes, but it is still worth knowing which theme has more users. 

Another thing that we will look at in this section is how well each theme is rated by users. 


Avada claims to have over 600,000 users, including both individual website owners and businesses. On Themeforest, it has been sold over 615,000 times, so that seems about accurate. 

There are 23,492 ratings on Themeforest for Avada, with an average star rating of 4.76. This rating may change after the time of this writing, so you can always go check the Avada sales page on Themeforest for updates. 


On the other hand, Enfold claims to be used by 259,048 customers (as of the time of this writing), which is less than half of that of Avada. On Themeforest, it has made only 212,073 sales, which is around a third of that of Avada’s total sales. 

However, as of the time of this writing, Enfold has a slightly higher average rating than Avada. There are 10,026 reviews that give it an average rating of 4.82. 

For updated ratings and sales totals, you can check out Enfold on Themeforest

Who wins here: It’s not clear that anyone “wins” here, but Avada is definitely more popular than Enfold. And even though Enfold has a better average review rating, the difference is negligible and may change as more reviews are added for each theme. 

Support & Documentation

Let’s examine Enfold vs Avada in terms of their customer support and the documentation and self-help articles available to help you get started and find solutions to problems. 


Avada is put out by Theme Fusion, and they have tons of helpful articles to help you get started with Avada, which cover every topic related to the theme. If you need help, you can reach out to customer support by submitting a support ticket; you can also reach out to the community forum or Facebook group to get help from the community. 

The community forum is actually a great place to find commonly asked questions and solutions put forward by other users. 

If you need to customize your site but don’t know how to or don’t have the time, you can submit a request and get a free quote from Avada’s partner, Codeable. 

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Enfold is created by Kriesi, and they also offer decent support options. However, their support is only available from their forum, where you can ask questions and get responses from customer support or community members. 

Unlike Avada’s forum, which is for the user to user interactions, Enfold does offer official support on their forum. 

Enfold has also partnered with Codeable, so you can get customizations done at a great price. 

Who wins here: It would seem as if Avada wins again. This is because although both Enfold and Avada have a support forum, you can also submit a ticket to Avada, and I could not find this option on the Kriesi/Enfold site; I also did not see any mention of a Facebook group (except an independent, unofficial one). 


Finally, let’s look at pricing. Which one costs less, and which one gives you a better value for your money? 

Avada Pricing

Avada costs $60 for a standard license on Themeforest. This license comes with six months of support; if you would like to upgrade support to 12 months, it will cost an extra $12. 

For updated pricing, check the Themeforest Avada sales page

Avada - Build Any & Everything

Trusted by 600K+ beginners and professionals worldwide, Avada is the go-to tool for WP web building. You get 70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer & more.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

Enfold Pricing

Enfold is also sold on Themeforest. It costs $59 for a regular license, which includes six months of support. To upgrade to 12 months of support, you will have to pay an extra $17.63. 

For updated pricing, check the Themeforest Enfold sales page

Who wins here: As you can see, prices are virtually the same. Nevertheless, I think Avada gives you better value for your money. 

Enfold vs Avada: Similarities & Differences

Live Website Builder
Add Elements
More Pre-Built Websites
WooCommerce Support
Third-Party Plugin Support
Revolution Slider
Layer Slider
Contact Form 7
Forum Support
Facebook Group Support
Submit Ticket

Avada vs Enfold: Which Is Better?

So, which theme is better? I think Avada gives you a better value for your money, considering that both cost around the same.

For example, Avada gives you around double the number of pre-built demos, and they also bundle together plugins like Revolution Slider and Layer Slider. Also, their customer support options are more varied, allowing you to get help quicker. 

Avada is also more popular on Themeforest with a much larger group of users. This means that it will be easier to get support from other users on the forum too.