BeTheme Vs Avada

It is quite easy to create a new website with a popular CMS like WordPress. However, a lot of people find it hard to select their preferred WordPress theme. 

Currently, there are over 7,000 WordPress themes on the official WordPress theme repository, while there are over 11,000 WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

If you find yourself in such a situation – indecisive about the WordPress theme to use, Avada and BeTheme are highly recommended options. But, you can only opt for one implying that you have to make a choice.

That brings us to Avada Vs BeTheme; which theme is the best for your WordPress website? You will find out in this post as we compare both themes and their features side by side. In the end, we will show you the winner of this comparison.

What Is BeTheme?

BeTheme is a multipurpose WordPress theme developed by Muffin Group – a renowned WordPress development team. 

With BeTheme, you can create any website from scratch or with several prebuilt templates and page designs. 

So far, more than 200,000 WordPress site owners make use of BeTheme. In fact, it is relatively easy to use BeTheme as it features a no-code admin panel and allows shortcodes thanks to its built-in shortcode generator. 

As a Muffin Group product, BeTheme works with the Muffin Builder – a flexible drag-and-drop page builder. Also, BeTheme works with several WordPress plugins, including page builders, eCommerce, mailing, and SEO plugins. 

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What Is Avada?

Avada is a multi-purpose WordPress theme developed by Theme Fusion that was launched in 2012. This WordPress theme is a popular one, and over 600,000 WordPress site owners currently use it.

As a flexible WordPress theme, the Avada theme incorporates various site demos and customization options. In fact, you can build your preferred website with this WordPress theme. 

With complete design freedom, users love this theme because of its flexibility, not to mention that it requires no coding knowledge. 

The theme comes with the Avada Builder, and it is compatible with a range of WordPress plugins from other developers.

Avada - Build Anything & Everything

70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer. Avada is trusted by 600,000+ beginners and professionals worldwide.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

How To Install


You can quickly install BeTheme by following the basic WordPress theme installation process. After purchase, you should unzip the downloaded BeTheme file and then proceed to your WordPress dashboard to install. 

From the unzipped files, you can upload the file and then activate it once the installation is complete. 

After installing the theme, you should install the recommended plugins such as the Demo installer, Contact form, Slider, Visual Composer, and a few others. 

Then, you can proceed to install any demo content of your choice. 


After purchasing the Avada theme, you will be granted access to download all the necessary theme files. From the master zip file, extract the file for installation. 

As usual with WordPress CMS, proceed to Appearance from your dashboard and then Themes. Select Add New and upload the Avada theme file; afterward, you can activate it. 

A new Avada dashboard will be added to your WordPress dashboard. Hence, you can proceed to install the required plugins and then import a demo.


There’s no difficulty in installing either BeTheme or Avada. So, it’s a draw here.

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Importable Demo Sites


BeTheme features various importable demo websites. There are over 500 of them in different niches, including Fashion, Art & Culture, Health & Beauty, Entertainment, Magazines, Finance, and more. 

The available demo sites are of different styles and layouts, including one-page sites, portfolios, shopping, and blog. Furthermore, they are all customizable.

These demo sites are featured in the BeTheme dashboard. That way, you can quickly import them. Also, they are available in the XML file format. 


The Avada theme has professionally designed demo sites ready to be installed. There are 69 prebuilt demo websites and 400+ prebuilt web pages featured with category options including Lifestyle, Hotel, Travel, Fashion, Agency, Forum, etc. 

From the Demos tab in the Avada dashboard on WordPress, you can view all the available demo websites. In fact, you can customize them after import.  

There’s a filter to sort through the demo categories easily. Each demo site has its required plugins, so you have to carry out some plugin installations after importing. 


The numbers say it all. You get more importable demo websites with BeTheme compared to Avada. 

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Content Importer


There are two options for importing content with BeTheme. The first is the new pre-built website installation tool, while the other is the 1-Click demo installer. 

The pre-built website installation tool is the most comfortable option for importing content. It can be accessed from the pre-built website section on the BeTheme dashboard. 

For the 1-Click demo installer, you can access it via the BeTheme Demo Data section under Appearance. You have to select the webpages to import. Also, you can selectively import the demo content attachments (images, videos, etc).


Avada features a flexible content importer. It is a 1-Click demo importer which enables you to import full demo content or selective parts. 

This importer is the default import tool for recent Avada versions. To access it, you have to navigate to the Demos section in the Avada dashboard, select a demo site, and then click on it to install.

Conversely, Avada works with a third-party plugin for content import. The plugin is the All-in-One WP Migration plugin by ServMask. 

Avada - Build Anything & Everything

70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer. Avada is trusted by 600,000+ beginners and professionals worldwide.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.


The content importers featured in both BeTheme and Avada are fast and easy to use. However, support for a third-party import tool gives Avada the winning edge.

Page Builder


The default page builder for BeTheme is the Muffin Builder. It is a drag-and-drop builder, which implies that it is relatively easy to use. There are several options and elements for customizing page layouts and default templates with this page builder.

Some of the available elements include Article Box, Blog, Blockquote, Call to Action, Chat, FAQ, and many others. However, Muffin Builder works only for front-end building.

Apart from the Muffin Builder, pages can also be created using shortcodes with BeTheme. In fact, the built-in shortcode generator creates shortcodes for any element.

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The Avada Builder (formerly known as the Fusion Builder) is the default page builder for the Avada theme. It is fast and easy to use because it is a visual drag-and-drop page builder. 

This page builder has more than 65 elements, including Button, Blog, Chart, FAQ, Countdown, Image Carousel, Gallery, etc. Notably, the Avada fusion builder supports nested columns.

Apart from the Avada Builder, we also have the Avada Live. While the Avada Builder works for backend building, the Avada Live works for front-end building.


In this BeTheme vs Avada comparison category, Avada leads as it supports both front-end and back-end building. 

Customization Options


From the BeTheme dashboard, you can make customizations from the BeTheme Options section, known as the Customization Options Panel. Its settings can affect the site globally. 

Take, for instance, you can customize the theme’s header, menu, logo, favicon, social icons, slider, page layouts, footer, colors, and more.

You can also customize the theme using the Muffin Builder if you don’t want global changes but only for specific pages.


Customization on Avada can be carried out via the Fusion Theme Options and Fusion Page Options dashboards. 

Fusion Theme Options is for customizing global settings while Fusion Page Options is for customizing individual post and page settings. When combined, both dashboards feature over 50 customization panels for different settings. 

Instead of the Fusion Page Options dashboard,  you can use the Avada Builder, which has 300+ custom options. 


With two customization dashboards and the Avada builder, the Avada theme has more customization options than BeTheme. 

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Responsive Design Settings


There are several responsive design settings available on BeTheme. By default, BeTheme is responsive, from the General options tab, you can toggle on/off responsive mode to make the website mobile responsive or not. 

There are options to decrease fonts for smaller devices, enable pinch zoom, and default width for the responsive menu. Also, you can use sticky menus for mobile and tablet devices.

While customizing sliders or any other section element with the Muffin Builder, you can also set individual responsive settings.


By default, the Avada theme is 100 percent responsive across all devices. Nevertheless, there are several responsive settings you can adjust for more flexibility. 

The responsive design settings can be accessed from the Fusion Theme Options dashboard. Hence, you can adjust the set responsive breakpoints (the points at which the site will adapt for various platforms). The featured breakpoints include Grid, Header, Site Content, and Sidebar. 

Furthermore, you can adjust responsive settings for texts on your website. This includes heading typography, typography sensitivity, and minimum font size factor. 

With the Mobile Visibility System, you can set elements to display or hide on various device platforms, while the Mobile Display Order option allows you to set the number of columns per page.

Avada - Build Anything & Everything

70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer. Avada is trusted by 600,000+ beginners and professionals worldwide.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.


Both Avada and BeTheme are mobile responsive WordPress themes. However, there are more responsive design settings on Avada. 

Theme Builder Functionality


You can create new templates and pages from scratch with the Muffin Builder. When compiled, the separate templates and pages can form a new WordPress theme. Although the Muffin Builder is a drag-and-drop tool, it also supports shortcodes. 

Apart from using the Muffin Builder, there are separate sections for building headers, footers, and widgets individually. You can quickly create new pages by using the layouts configurator and theme options.


Apart from featuring a page builder, Avada incorporates a website builder for WordPress and WooCommerce. The website builder tool is featured in the newest Avada theme update, and it is compatible with the recent WordPress CMS version. 

It is a full-fledged builder with several features for building themes and websites of any kind from start to finish. You can build headers, footers, portfolios, and templates for 404 pages, search results page, archive pages, and more. 

Like the Avada Builder, the website builder also works as a drag-and-drop tool. After creating new templates, you can customize them from the layout sections.


The Avada website builder is ideal for theme building than the BeTheme Muffin Builder.

Translation & Multilingual Support


BeTheme comes with a built-in translator, which enables users to translate website content into any language easily. It also supports RTL for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

This built-in translator can be accessed from the Translate section under Theme Options in the BeTheme dashboard.

Aside from the built-in translator, BeTheme supports the translation of .po and .mo files. Likewise, BeTheme also supports WPML.


The Avada theme is translation ready and also has support for RTL. However, it doesn’t have a built-in translation tool. 

Instead, it is optimized to work seamlessly with multilingual plugins, including Polylang and WPML. When installed, these plugins options are featured on the Avada Builder, Fusion Page Options, and the Avada Builder Options.

The theme also supports translation via files, as several language files are included in the Avada Theme zip file upon purchase.

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Both themes are multilingual and support RTL, but with the built-in translator, BeTheme is easier to translate. 



The BeTheme’s dashboard features an SEO panel that allows you to optimize your site for search engines. This panel is divided into three sections – Google, SEO fields, and Advanced.

From the Google section, you can connect your website to Google Analytics to track traffic and Google Remarketing as well.

From the SEO fields section, you can enable meta description and meta keywords on blog posts. If you intend to use a third-party SEO plugin, you can toggle this option off. 

From the advanced section, you can enable Schema Type for <html> tags. 


One of the major features of Avada is its SEO-friendliness. The primary reason for this is because the theme’s elements – context boxes, titles, and text block – are optimized for SEO. 

We’ve earlier mentioned that the theme is 100 percent responsive on various devices, which is a boost for SEO. 

Aside from that, there are additional options for search engine optimization. You can allow or disallow no-follow links, rich snippets, open graph meta tags, etc. 


In this Avada vs BeTheme comparison category, there’s not much difference as both themes are SEO friendly.  

Support For WooCommerce


WooCommerce is one of the eleven plugins that are compatible with BeTheme. Hence, you can quickly convert your WordPress site into a full-fledged eCommerce store. 

Some of BeTheme’s prebuilt demo websites incorporate a Shop page with a ready-made eCommerce page template. 

Interestingly, BeTheme has options for quick installation of WooCommerce, quick upload of products, and payment methods setup.


The Avada theme completely integrates with WooCommerce. After installing the plugin, a section for WooCommerce is added to the Fusion Theme Options Panel that allows you to customize your store.

With the Avada Builder, you can create new store page designs, and there are three prebuilt store page designs you can install. This includes Avada Classic Shop, Avada Modern Shop, and Avada Landing Product.

You can enable Product Quick View, which brings up product information in a pop-up window when products are clicked.

Avada - Build Anything & Everything

70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer. Avada is trusted by 600,000+ beginners and professionals worldwide.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.


Unlike BeTheme, Avada has more flexible support for WooCommerce. 

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Third-Party Integrations And Plugins


BeTheme is fully compatible with the top eleven third-party WordPress plugins. This includes bbPress, BuddyPress, Contact Form 7, Elementor, MailChimp, Toolset, The Events Calendar, W3 Total Cache, WooCommerce, WPML, and Yoast SEO plugins. 

Apart from the top eleven compatible WordPress plugins, BeTheme also works with other WordPress plugins.

In addition, a BeTheme purchase provides you with access to some premium WordPress plugins for free, which helps you to save money. The included premium WordPress plugins, including WP Bakery, Layer Slider, and Slider Revolution; all three are valued at $118.


Events Calendar, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Polylang, WPML, and the previously mentioned WooCommerce are the major plugins that the Avada theme fully supports. Nevertheless, it can work with other significant WordPress plugins that you install.

Like BeTheme, Avada also comes with premium WordPress plugins for free when the theme is downloaded. The most important is the Avada Builder, which is essential for the theme templates and demo contents. 

The other premium plugins included are Slider Revolution, FWLB, Convert Plus, ACF Pro, Layer Slider. 


It’s a draw here as both themes support third-party plugins and include premium WordPress plugins for free. 

Support & Documentation


There are three main channels for BeTheme users to get support. The first is the BeTheme user guide and documentation. 

In this documentation, all about using BeTheme and its features are explained, starting from the installation instructions to headers, the muffin builder, eCommerce, footers, widgets, and more. 

Next, you can get direct support from experts in the BeTheme forum. Finally, there are various video tutorials on how to use BeTheme on YouTube for a quick education.


In the Avada documentation section, there are over 300 articles on how to use the theme. The articles are categorized into 27 sections for easier comprehension. 

Some of the categories contain articles on Installation & Maintenance, WooCommerce, Layouts, Prebuilt Websites, Elements, etc.  

For direct support with BeTheme staff, there are two options. Firstly, you can submit a support ticket and get a response via email. The second and most preferable option is LiveChat. 

Conversely, the ThemeFusion Community Forum is a social platform for Avada users. Also, users can communicate via the Avada Users group on Facebook. 


Both themes have similar support channels, but Avada takes the lead with LiveChat support.

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Both BeTheme and Avada are premium WordPress themes, and they are available for download on the popular WordPress themes market – ThemeForest.

BeTheme pricing

BeTheme has two license pricing options, which include:

  • Regular License – $59
  • Extended License – $2950

Avada pricing

Avada also features two license pricing options, including:

  • Regular License – $60
  • Extended License – $2950

Note: Their pricing is subject to change.

Avada - Build Anything & Everything

70+ design elements, custom icons, dynamic content options, device compatibility, one-click demo importer. Avada is trusted by 600,000+ beginners and professionals worldwide.

We earn a commission when you click this link and make a purchase.

Avada vs BeTheme: Similarities & Differences


  • Both BeTheme and Avada are premium WordPress themes.
  • They both have importable demo websites.
  • They both feature a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Both BeTheme and Avada themes are responsive.
  • Both are SEO friendly.
  • Both BeTheme and Avada are multilingual and support RTL.
  • Both BeTheme and Avada seamlessly integrate with third-party plugins.
  • Both Avada and BeTheme come with premium plugins for free.
  • Both feature multiple support channels.


  • Unlike Avada, BeTheme has more importable demo websites.
  • BeTheme works with the Muffin Builder while Avada works with the Avada Builder.
  • BeTheme builder supports only front-end building while Avada supports both front-end and backend building.  
  • Avada features a page builder and website builder while BeTheme features only a page builder.
  • Avada offers LiveChat support, while BeTheme does not.

Pros & Cons



  • Easy to install
  • 500+ demo websites
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • SEO friendly
  • Third-party integrations
  • Premium plugins (for free)
  • Translation and RTL support


  • No LiveChat support
  • No backend builder 



  • Easy to install
  • 60+ demo websites
  • Drag-and-drop page builder
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • SEO friendly 
  • Third-party integrations
  • Premium plugins
  • Translation and RTL support


  • Site demos requires many WordPress plugins

BeTheme Vs Avada – Which Is Better?

So far, we’ve looked at BeTheme Vs Avada and it’s time to decide a winner. From the verdicts, the best WordPress theme between the two is Avada.

Avada gives you total flexibility to build your preferred WordPress site thanks to its Fusion Page Builder, website builder, and several customization options. Although the theme can be tagged high-priced, its price is relatively similar to that of BeTheme, and don’t forget that pricing can change at any time. 

Also, Avada might have slightly fewer prebuilt web pages, but the featured pages stretch across different website niches. Not to mention, there are 69 full websites demos ready to install.

Finally, when it comes to customer support, Avada is also top-notch because their support team can be reached on various channels, especially via LiveChat.

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