12 Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives 2023

10 Minute Mail is a site that gives you a temporary email address for 10 minutes. The email address is randomly generated, and you’ll get instant access to an associated email inbox. After 10 minutes, the email address will automatically expire, and the inbox will be wiped.

10 Minute Mail is perfect if you want to sign up for an app or email list but don’t want to give away your real email address. You’ll get just enough time to receive the confirmation email, click on the confirmation link, download your free ebook, and be on your way.

Noy only 10 Minute Mail, there are several similar tools on the market that give you temporary email address. MinuteInbox, Anonbox, and Temp Mail are some good substitutes to try.

However, the best 10 Minute Mail alternative is Guerilla Mail which gives you a permanent email address. The only difference is that emails in your account will disappear after an hour. Guerilla Mail also allows you to send emails which is a plus. 

Why seek alternatives to 10 Minute Mail?

While 10 Minute Mail is free and anonymous, it’s not the best option for everybody.

First of all, it only gives you up to 10 minutes at a time.

While you can refresh the timer, it will never allow you more than 10 minutes at a time. If you refresh it at the 8-minute mark, for example, you’ll start the countdown from 10 minutes again.

That’s true whether you are using 10minutemail.com or 10minutemail.net (they’re two separate sites).

That forces you to keep hitting the refresh button if you’re waiting for an email to arrive.

In addition, 10 Minute Mail is only good for receiving emails. What if you want a temporary email address that you can use to send emails from?

Finally, you have no control over the actual email address you get. If you want a custom temporary email address, you’re out of luck.

The good news is that there are many awesome disposable mailbox options out there. Whether you want a disposable mailbox for more than 10 minutes or you’d just like to try other options, read on.

Here are the 12 best 10 Minute Mail alternatives.

Best 10MinuteMail Alternatives

1. Guerilla Mail

The best alternative to 10 Minute Mail, by far, is Guerilla Mail. It gives you a disposable email address that keeps incoming mail for one hour.

It’s important to note that email addresses on Guerilla Mail technically last forever.

This is a new update to Guerilla Mail – in the past, email addresses were automatically wiped from the system after an hour. Now, the email address remains, so you can keep using it, but any mail in your inbox will expire after an hour.

Guerilla Mail will give you a randomly generated address, but you have the freedom to create your own, customized email address on one of the domains available from the drop-down menu. That is one of the things that sets it apart from 10 Minute Mail, another being the ability to keep the address as long as you want.

Some available domains right now include:

  • @guerillamail.com
  • @guerillamail.net
  • @sharklasers.com
  • @spam4.me

Your email address on Guerilla Mail will not be protected by a password, which means that as long as you know your address, you can access mail in the inbox. However, you can give out a scrambled version of your address to your contacts, so they can’t figure out your real address and access your mail.

To keep your mail private, delete it from your inbox as soon as it arrives. You can also create new email addresses as needed – click on the “Forget Me” button to create a new address.

A major difference between 10 Minute Mail and Guerilla Mail is that you can use Guerilla Mail to send emails as well. Just click on the “Compose” button – you can even upload files.

Guerilla Mail’s mail server, Go Guerilla, is open source, unlike 10 Minute Mail.

While Guerilla Mail is pretty safe and secure, it does use anonymized data from spam emails to better perfect its anti-phishing and anti-spam technology. Also, remember that email addresses aren’t password-protected, so only give out the scrambled version of your address.

2. MinuteInbox

Another excellent alternative to 10 Minute Mail is MinuteInbox. However, it has some crucial differences.

While MinuteInbox gives you 10 minutes for your email address by default, you can extend it by:

  • 10 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month

10 Minute Mail doesn’t give you those options.

For example, if you want to keep your email address for the entire day, simply click the “+Day” button next to the timer.

You can also click the “+10” button to add 10 minutes to the timer.

Another thing you might notice about MinuteInbox is that the email address it gives you is a lot easier to remember than 10MinuteMail’s addresses.

10 Minute Mail will randomly generate an address using a random string of letters and/or numbers.

MinuteInbox, on the other hand, uses a randomly generated name. For example, it gave me the following address: caleb.genecis@ohmyfly.com.

That email looks a lot more credible.

You can get a new email address at any time by clicking the red “Delete” button on the left side.

3. Anonbox

Anonbox is another excellent alternative to 10 Minute Mail, with the goal of protecting people’s freedom to receive documents and other important information while maintaining complete anonymity. You can create and read your mailbox using Tor to get the highest level of privacy.

Even without Tor, however, Anonbox doesn’t keep any logs (except for some logs for five minutes, which don’t include information such as IP addresses).

Unlike 10 Minute Mail, your anonymous mailbox will be active for the entirety of the day you create it on. In other words, it will expire at midnight.

So, if you create one at noon, it will last for 12 hours. If you create your mailbox at 11 PM, it will last for one hour.

You will get a randomly generated email address and a random link for accessing your mailbox. Your inbox won’t be password protected, but you’ll only be able to access it with the correct link, so people who have your email address won’t be able to read your mail.

If the regular email inbox doesn’t work, try the JavaScript mail reader, which is in beta mode.

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4. Temp Mail

One problem with 10MinuteMail.com is that despite it giving you a temporary email address that expires after 10 minutes, it’s not the best for safety-conscious users. It might seem pretty anonymous, but its privacy policy makes it clear that it collects personal information.

That information may even include your IP address, unique device identifiers, the date and time you visited the website, and more. You can read its privacy policy for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Temp Mail, on the other hand, has a much better privacy policy. According to Temp Mail’s privacy policy, it does not store your IP address, which means that nothing will be traced back to you.

In fact, it says that it doesn’t collect any personal information at all, though it does store web logs.

Besides, Temp Mail is more flexible than 10 Minute Mail in terms of how long you can keep your email address.

You can use the Temp Mail 10 Minute Email service to get an email address that will expire after 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can use the regular Temp Mail service to get an email address that you can use as long as you are on the page, until you delete it. That way, you won’t have to keep clicking the timer refresh button.

Another cool feature that Temp Mail has is that it gives you a QR code for your email address. So, if you’re on a desktop and want to access your temporary inbox on your phone, simply scan the QR code.

Or, if you want to share the inbox with a friend, send them the QR code. It’s a nifty little feature that makes collaborating on private documents easy.

Temp Mail has apps for Android and iPhone, while 10 Minute Mail does not. That makes it easy to create temporary mailboxes on mobile.

One more thing: Temp Mail allows you to sign up for premium, which allows you to connect custom domains, create up to 10 disposable addresses at the same time, and more. It costs just $10/month or $60/year, but click on the yellow premium button at the top of the screen to see updated pricing.

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5. E4ward

E4ward is a brilliant alternative to 10 Minute Mail that allows you to create temporary email addresses that forward to your regular email address. So, unlike 10 Minute Mail, you can give out temporary addresses but read your mail in your regular Gmail or Yahoo account.

Here’s how it works.

Start by creating a temporary alias address in your E4ward account. This address won’t expire automatically after 10 minutes, but you can delete it whenever you want.

You can create multiple alias addresses. All of them will forward to your regular Gmail account.

For example, you can have:

All of them will forward to your main address, username@gmail.com. Instead of an E4ward username (@username.e4ward.com), you can also connect your custom domain.

You can give out different alias addresses to different contacts, friends, acquaintances, website signup pages, and so on.

Then, when you want to stop receiving mail from a certain website, simply delete the alias address from your E4ward account. No mail coming from that website will be forwarded to your main address any longer.

When you reply to an email you received via E4ward while using your main Gmail inbox, E4ward will rewrite the sender’s address before passing it on to the original recipient, so they never find out your real email address.

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6. EmailOnDeck

EmailOnDeck is another useful alternative to 10 Minute Mail.

To start, it doesn’t automatically delete your email address after 10 minutes; instead, you can delete the email address yourself, whenever you want, by clicking the red X button.

Alternatively, you can simply close the session and wait for EmailOnDeck to wipe the email from its system automatically.

You can typically recover an email address, even after you closed the session, for up to a few days, as long as you saved your email token. Click on the “Show Email Token” button while on an active session to copy the email token.

Keep in mind that if you clicked the red X button, you will no longer be able to recover the emails sent to your temporary address, though you can still recover the actual email address for a few days.

EmailOnDeck does have ads, but they seemed less in-your-face, and the site was overall easier to use and faster to load than 10 Minute Email.

Also, EmailOnDeck does allow you to send outgoing mail to other EmailOnDeck email addresses. By upgrading to premium, you will be able to send emails to any email address, even those not from EmailOnDeck.

The premium version also allows you to create custom addresses, save email addresses, get addresses on special domains, and more. See more information here.

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7. Tempmailo

Tempmailo is an interesting alternative to 10 Minute Mail. Unlike 10 Minute Mail, it won’t delete your address after 10 minutes, but there also doesn’t seem to be a way to recover previous inboxes.

Tempmailo promises to keep old emails for two days until they are deleted. Even if you close your session, you may still be able to recover your inbox by simply visiting Tempmailo.com from the same computer and browser (this might not work if you have cleared your cache and cookies).

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8. Mail.tm

Using 10 Minute Mail can sometimes be difficult, as the interface isn’t really that great. Besides, it doesn’t work like a regular email inbox – you can’t just log in from another computer.

Mail.tm is a 10 Minute Mail alternative that addresses those issues. It has a sleek interface that mimics email inboxes from major email providers.

In addition, it will automatically give you a password for each random email address it gives you. Armed with the random email address and password, you can log into your inbox from another computer.

It’s still a temporary address, as you can delete your account and generate a new address and password automatically at any time. However, your address won’t expire automatically after 10 minutes.

You don’t need to provide Mail.tm with any personal information. Because of that, make sure to save your password.

If you lose your password, there will be no way to log into your account anymore, as there will be no way to reset the password. The account won’t be tied to your email address, name, phone number, etc.

All emails will stay in your inbox for seven days, after which they will automatically be deleted.

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9. TrashMail

TrashMail is an alternative to 10 Minute Email. It’s quite interesting, as it works a bit differently than 10 Minute Email and most other temporary email services.

It allows you to generate a temporary email address that forwards mail to your real address. You can customize this regular email address.

In addition, you can choose how long you want your temporary email address to last. You can choose from the following options:

  • By day: 1-6 days
  • By week: 1-3 weeks
  • By month: 1-6 months
  • Unlimited: No expiration date

If you select one day, for example, the temporary email address you create will stop accepting emails after a day, so it will no longer forward any emails to your address. If you pick unlimited, you will be able to use it forever.

You can also set a certain number of forwards as a limit This could be anywhere from 1-10,000.

Keep in mind that free members are limited to 10 forwards/one month before the alias address expires.

I think the latter feature is pretty unique, as it allows you to select five forwards, for example, ensuring you can sign up for a few email lists and get the welcome emails, with no further emails after that. If anyone gets hold of your email through a leak or by buying email lists, they won’t be able to spam your mailbox.

You can manage your alias addresses in the address manager. One thing that you’ll find useful is that all deleted alias addresses stay reserved for your destination email for one year, after which they will be released for other email addresses.

Address masking when replying to mail forwarded via your alias address is available as well. That way, you can reply without anyone finding out your real email address.

TrashMail Plus is the premium version, allowing you to have up to 5,000 active alias addresses at the same time. It also allows for unlimited forwards.

It costs $20.99/year, but you should check the pricing page for updated pricing information.

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10. FakeMail

Another cool substitute to 10 Minute Mail is FakeMail. It doesn’t require registration, and it will give you a temporary email for one hour by default, instead of 10 minutes.

Furthermore, you can extend the timer by the following intervals:

  • 10 minutes
  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 5 days
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks

Two weeks is the maximum time you can hold an email address, but it’s still a lot longer than what 10 Minute Mail makes possible.

Also, the randomly generated emails are a lot easier to remember than the ones 10 Minute Mail gives you. Instead of a random string of letters and numbers, it gives you a random name.

That also makes your email address a lot more believable, and you can feel more comfortable giving it out.

You can click on “Delete” to delete your current email and get a new one at any time.

Another cool thing about FakeMail is that it gives you a random avatar you can use when signing up for sites that require you to upload a picture or avatar. To generate a new avatar, click on the button that looks like this: >

To download the avatar, click on the download button next to the “>” button.

In addition to the random avatar, FakeMail gives you a random password that you can use when signing up for sites. If you never plan on logging in again and don’t want to use the password you use for all your apps due to security reasons, use this random password.

The random password is actually pretty secure, as it contains a random string of characters.

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11. DisposableMail

DisposableMail is another good alternative to 10 Minute Mail. It gives you 60 minutes by default, instead of 10 minutes, offering you more flexibility.

You can also extend the time allotted to your email by up to two weeks. Other intervals include:

  • 10 minutes
  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 1 week

DisposableMail’s email addresses are random names rather than random strings of letters, making the emails more believable and easier to remember. Furthermore, DisposableMail gives you a random avatar you can use to sign up for sites, and it also has a random password generator tool.

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12. 10 Minute Emails

10 MInute Emails is not the same site as 10 Minute Mail. It’s a lot more sleek and user-friendly.

Besides, it allows you to create a custom email address, which 10 Minute Mail does not. While you can only select from one domain name at the moment, it’s possible more will be added in the future.

You can always delete an email and create a new one by clicking on the delete button. By the way, after deleting a temporary email, a back button will appear, allowing you to go back and retrieve the email address you just deleted.

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Wrapping It Up: What Is the Best 10 Minute Mail Alternative?

The best alternative to 10 Minute Mail is Guerilla Mail. You can create and delete email addresses at will, with no registration required, and you can keep addresses as long as you want.

Emails also stay in your inbox for up to an hour, instead of 10 minutes, and you can even send outgoing mail or check your inbox from another computer.

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