2Backpage Alternatives – 15 Similar Sites in 2024

2backpage is one of the leading classified ad websites that offers groundbreaking listing solutions to product sellers and start-up companies. It is also a listing solution for service providers worldwide.

It offers listings in various categories such as dating, jobs, trade/buy/sell, local places, automotive, rentals, real estate, and services.

Although it started as a mere replacement for backpage, 2backpage has grown into a pioneering force in the dynamic arena of classified listings.

For instance, if you are a business owner looking to improve your outreach, 2backpage is your reliable solution.

However, despite being a top classified ad website globally, it does have some shortcomings. This has resulted in the popularity of other classified ad website alternatives.

For instance, 2backpage has many suspicious websites on its server. It also does not have many links to it.

Other than being reported as a possible scam on the Scamadviser, 2backpage has also received many negative reviews.

Many users have also complained that this website sells face products and services.

Furthermore, the 2backpage owner uses a service to hide their identity on WHOIS.

Fortunately for every user, there are many best alternatives to 2backpage. Keep reading to discover what they are.

Best 2backpage Alternatives

1. Craigslist

Craiglist is one of the most popular alternatives to 2backpage. It allows marketers and business owners to advertise both B2B and B2C services or products.

Being the most well-known 2backpage alternative, Craiglist is impressively ranked among the top 30 most visited sites in the United States.

Like 2backpage, Craigslist has a wide range of diverse subcategories that range from beauty services to events to jobs to housing to automotive and merchandise.

These subcategories allow your ads to get to a wide range of audiences. Besides, they allow users to sell any service or product.

Craigslist will allow you to post ads only once every 48 hours per geographical area.

Generally, posting ads on Craiglist is free for almost all products. However, it has the exception of furniture and vehicle ads which may require a small fee.

Posting ads for services will incur a nominal charge. However, users are guaranteed a full 30 days whenever they pay for ads.

Therefore, although Craiglist may feel a bit outdated, it is still one of the best leading alternatives to 2backpage. It also has the best engagement rates.

However, although Craiglist is an ultimate alternative to 2backpage, it has been used for illegal activities in the past. Therefore, you need to ensure that your ads are not too “spammy,” especially while posting ads with a new profile.

2. Locanto

Locanto is a traditional free ad site available in about 60 countries.

Like 2backpage, you can use Locanto’s online classifieds site to sell services and products and connect with job seekers.

However, unlike 2backpage, it is excellent for businesses with an existing significant community presence or those trying to build one.

Locanto has uniquely special categories for selling community-based services, classes, leisure activities, and event tickets.

Although not common, some 2backpage alternatives require premium accounts to post ads in some cities. However, Locanto is an entirely free ad site for most of its users.

Ads on Locanto include options to include videos, images, and HTML that links back to your site.

Another feature that makes Locanto a perfect 2backpage alternative is its social media and analytical buttons. Although they are limited, these features allow users to manage traffic to their ads better.

3. Oodle

Oodle is among the most prominent network alternatives to 2backpage for free ad posting. For instance, it allows users to connect to their social media accounts and local listings from sites like ForRent.com, eBay, newspapers, etc.

One good thing about Oodle is that it bonds well with social media. For instance, users can connect their Oodle account to their Facebook Business Page and immediately post an update when running new Facebook ads.

Besides, Oodle has a partnership with Advertigo. This allows users to feature their Oodle listings on Advertigo, a free online ads site. This will significantly increase their ad’s reach.

Like 2backpage, Oodle is excellent for advertising services and products aimed at customers.

These products and services include landscaping, pet sitting, grooming, maintenance work services, etc.

Furthermore, if you enjoy the business you get from Oodle’s free ads, you can upgrade to get access to additional features. These features include the ability to include a link to your website.

4. Hoobly

Hoobly is a no-frills free ads site that is a perfect alternative to 2backpage. One thing that makes it an excellent option is its prominent presence in the USA.

It is ideal for re-selling users’ old industry-specific office supplies and equipment. It offers a prominent “Business and Industry” that differs from 2backpage and other classified ad sites.

With this site, users can use Hoobly to sell their products. This is significant if the user’s product falls under one of Hoobly’s major categories.

This includes clothing, art, vehicles, real estate, and jewelry categories.

Like 2backpage, posting ads on Hoobly requires users to create an account and complete their email verification.

This will help add a layer of security to the Hoobly platform that 2backpage and other similar websites lack.

5. Geebo

If having the safest classified ads website is your priority, Geebo counters 2backpage by taking preventive measures to keep all users safe.

For instance, before ads go live on Geebo, the company will review your listing.

Although reviewing might increase the time it will take for ads to be included on the website, Geebo’s advertised process tends to naturally assist users in developing trust for their brands without any action needed on your part.

Like 2backpage, whether you are selling services, farm equipment, auto parts, or construction products, Geebo will offer you a brand new audience that knows you are a vetted seller.

Besides, Geebo is a unique classified website for seeking local employees and freelancers. For instance, many skilled workers search free classified advertising sites for opportunities.

What makes Geebo ideal for this is that it aggregates local listings from several job posting websites.

Besides, Geebo designed its resume posting tool, which makes it easy for users or applicants to show their interest in an opportunity.

Unlike 2backpage, Geebo allows its users to share their product listing on Geebo’s social media channels which have about 65,000 followers.

6. Gumtree

Since its start in the UK, Gumtree has slowly gained solid global recognition, making it a perfect alternative to 2backpage.

Like 2backpage, Gumtree provides paid and free advertisement opportunities for consumers and businesses.

Over the years, Gumtree has proven itself to be one of the most effective free advertising websites to generate more sales via enticing ads.

This website has over 13.9 million unique visitors every month. It also has about 10 million replies every month.

Gumtree has significantly higher traffic than 2backpage and other alternative options. For instance, Gumtree reports its traffic in ‘unique’ visitors instead of total page-views.

Some of the features that make Gumtree an ideal alternative to 2backpage include:

  • Ads stay live for up to 60 days. This maximizes the opportunity to reach new users or customers.
  • Freedom to update ads at any time. They are free of charge.
  • Access to the Pro console. This helps track the performance of the ads.
  • Access to a dedicated account manager. This is to assist users with posting ads.
  • Option to buy add-on opportunities. This helps create more stand out for all users’ ads

7. Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops

Technically, Facebook does not fit into the free ads site categories. However, the advent of Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops for business pages has offered functions that directly mimic those of 2backpage.

For instance, similar to 2backpage, Facebook Marketplace features ads that have a high potential of getting to the user’s target market.

Facebook Marketing has been upgrading its website for a long time with an emphasis on online shopping. This has made it a dominant force in customer acquisition.

Like 2backpage, creating a Facebook Shop account is free. It is easy and fast to create a Facebook account.

Users can choose the products to feature from their catalog. They can then customize the feel and look of their Facebook Shop with accent colors and cover images that showcase their brand.

Because this platform is live in the United States, the implications of Facebook Shops are enormous, especially for D2C brands.

Like 2backpage, this platform is an effective tool for selling retail products, furniture, real estate, and cars.

Besides, although Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops are not the ideal places to list services, users can still use them to find new contractors and employees.

8. eBay

eBay is one of the top alternatives to 2backpage. It offers sales services to consumers and businesses alike.

It is the most preferred free online ads site all around the world. This is because it has been well recognized with its ads recording a global reach.

eBay operates in more than 25 countries, making it one of the best 2backpage alternatives.

This site is appealing because of its broad reach of audiences that spread across many regions.

Like 2backpage, it is super easy to advertise services and products on eBay both internationally and regionally.

It also has a unique social media presence and many followers worldwide.

Furthermore, eBay has an interactive user interface, making it easier to post free advertisements.

9. OfferUp

OfferUp is different from other 2backpage alternatives because users can ship their items if they have a buyer willing to pay shipping costs.

OfferUp is an ideal alternative to 2backpage because of its security benefits. For instance, all users can create free accounts and communicate inside their OfferUp apps.

Although you can create an OfferUp account, this is not a social media network. However, many people who are hesitant to use Facebook end up using OfferUp.

Similar to 2backpage, you can sell almost anything on OfferUp. For instance, you can buy or sell products such as vehicles, furniture, clothes, and antiques.

OfferUp allows users to list items for free. For instance, there are no hidden costs or fees when selling your items on OfferUp.

According to OfferUp, users can list their items in 30 seconds or less.

10. Classified Ads

Classified Ads is one of the ideal alternatives to 2backpage. You can get what you are looking for on this site or create your ad without any cost.

Similar to 2backpage and other alternative options, Classified Ads is entirely free. It allows users to post ads, browse the listings, and communicate freely with the seller.

This site is created uniquely by an expert team, and it has all the essential features, tools, and services to offer quite a straightforward and fast user experience.

Like 2backpage, the user interface is simple. It also provides more than 12 different categories for users to explore. These include pets, vehicles, personnel, etc.

Each category has dozens of options that users can easily explore without limitations.

It also has a search box where you only need to input the service or product name that you are looking for.

To enjoy the services of Classified Ads, you need to sign-up with your name, email address, and password.

After signing in successfully, you can easily access all features, explore its ads, and add your posts without limit.

Unlike 2backpage, this site has rich security and privacy features to offer a safe user experience.

Classified Ads also includes many prominent features such as advanced search boxes, regular updates with lots of ads, etc.

However, although it is an ideal 2backpage alternative, the only drawback is the offensive and intrusive ads that show with regular ads. This may leave the wrong impression on the overall appearance of the site.

11. Krrb

Krrb is an online trading site that operates as a communication channel between potential buyers and willing sellers. This is usually in the shape of dealing with classified ads.

Being an online provider for local classified ads, Krrb connects users across the globe.

Like 2backpage, Krrb has a user-friendly, straightforward interface to search for a particular ad.

Its system of posting ads is also straightforward. Users are needed to create a Krrb account first. After this, you can start posting ads and jobs for free.

The main objective of this Krrb platform is to help both international and local consumers find the ads of the other users. They should also be able to post ads for their respective businesses without any cost.

Like 2backpage, Krrb is an entirely free-to-use service.

By posting ads on Krrb, you can get a chance to approach millions of other users all over the world.

This will help enhance the likelihood of active marketing and promotion of your products.

12. FreeAdsTime.org

FreeAdsTime.org is one of the fastest-growing sites that assist users in finding store services and local classified ads.

It provides many services to users in more than 1,200 cities countrywide.

Almost all services are offered without any charge. This makes FreeAdsTime.org more unique than 2backpage.

Unlike 2backpage and other alternatives, this site allows users to post local online ads. They can also create stores that assist locals in finding their items.

The best thing about FreeAdsTime.org is that it has many tools available. This assists marketing users in getting more exposure on the internet while targeting local customers.

Any person can enjoy the services of this site without any cost. You only need to sign up with your name, email address, and other required details.

After you are signed in, you can easily find or post ads using its wide range of tools.

Like 2backpage, FreeAdsTime.org has multiple categories. Every category has its services and jobs.

13. Eadspost

Eadspost is a top online classified ad-offering software. It allows users to enhance their branding through marketing.

Like 2backpage, it offers many things such as products, job seekers, job offers, etc. Its centralized ads feature a platform that provides many services such as personals, housing, etc.

Eadspot has been making its mark by offering services to all OS devices, including Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac.

This site is the ideal marketing place for all kinds of products and services. This includes advertisements, sports, games, health, home and family, education, music, etc.

Eadspot productivity and office allow all the necessary tools to create, manage, and edit. It also permits you to convert your documents, maintain to-do lists, personal lists, contact, presentation, etc.

Its advanced technology suggests complex methods for users to get into parts for identity theft, whether it is viruses, malware, or cybercrime.

14. Bedpage

Bedpage is one of the most popular online classified ads platforms globally. It is a perfect alternative to 2backpage.

For instance, many users say the Bedpage is a clone of 2backpage. This is because Bedpage and 2backpage are similar in terms of facilities offered, menu, and design.

Bedpage also provides many conveniences to users. For instance, you can get any service or product you want to buy or sell on this fantastic classified site.

Like 2backpage, Bedpage is based in the United States. It is currently popular among free ad users.

For instance, some users have given positive testimonials about this platform’s security and privacy.

If you wonder why many users are highly interested in using Bedpage as an alternative to 2backpage, it is because of the security certainty for posting ads.

This classified ads service platform also allows users to place various types of ads simultaneously.

Regardless of your type of service or product, you can advertise on this online platform for free.

15. Pernals

Pernals is one of the top personal classified ads platforms in the United States of America.

This classified website is designed for online users who would love to connect with like-minded individuals for dating or spend some quality time.

It is a well-known online classified ads website that also comes with an exclusive app. Its user interface is friendly. It is also easy to use and any person can use it comfortably.

Just like 2backpage, Pernals allow users to post their classified personal ads. However, the ads go through some approval from the site before they are published.

Similar to 2backpage, posting your classified ad is easy. For instance, users are only required to create their profiles for publishing their ads.

To create your Pernals account, you need your email, profile name or nickname, and password. Once you have created your Pernals account, you can start posting ads.

It is also essential to note that Pernals will only allow users to publish their ads after they get approval for their ads.

However, Pernals is not popular among classified ads users. This is because, unlike 2backpage, Pernals users will remain private while posting their ads.

Final Thought: What Is The Best 2backpage Alternative?

The best 2backpage alternative is Craigslist. It allows marketers and business owners to advertise both B2B and B2C services or products. It also has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Like 2backpage, Craigslist has a wide range of diverse subcategories ranging from beauty services to events to jobs to housing to automotive and merchandise.

We highly recommend using Craigslist over other 2backpage alternatives because of the many reasons mentioned.

However, it is up to you to pick your preferred 2backpage alternatives based on your needs.

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