15 Best Browsers For Old iPad in 2024

Looking to breathe new life into an older iPad? You’re in the right place.

Today, we’re diving into the 15 best browsers optimized for older iPads. No fluff, just actionable insights to get you browsing smoothly on your vintage device. Let’s get started.

Best Browsers For Old iPad

1. Opera Touch – Best Lightweight and Fast Browser for Old iPad

Opera Touch or Opera Mini is a renowned browser that’s used for handheld or mobile device users including old iPads. The browser is best used by those with limited data and includes user-friendly navigation buttons, privacy controls, file sharing with Flow, and ad blockers.

Its page settings streamline website loads and you can browse privately on Opera Touch. Plus, the start page lets you create favorite shortcuts for sites you visit the most, and you can use night mode to switch the browser to a darker color so your eyes don’t strain and you can view everything easily.

The Opera Touch browser may not be as popular or powerful as other browsers for old iPads on this list in terms of overall usability and features. But, it can help you get the most out of limited data plans – especially with older iPad models.

Initially, the browser was developed to reduce data usage and load pages quickly on low-end and feature mobile devices, but old iPad users can appreciate its efficiency and speed too.

Plus, it comes with a compression function that uses an Opera-run web proxy. It’s free to use and includes many features you’d find on other browsers. However, its focus shines on slow networks and limited data plans.

You also get to use unlimited tabs, faster browsing, and the latest news on the start screen.

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2. Google Chrome  – Most Popular Browser for Old iPads

​​Google Chrome is among the popular browsers for all types of devices, including old iPads. The browser helps you sync your bookmarks and recently visited sites through the account you hold with Google, and offers one-touch access to Google Translate, a handy QR-code scanner, and voice search through Google – not Siri.

The free browser is fast, packed with features, reliable, and works on all platforms. You can save articles for offline reading, translate pages to other languages, and consume less data as you browse.

When you sign in with your Google account, you can sync not only your passwords but also your bookmarks, browsing history, and more across Chrome on any other devices you use. This way, your account is used to personalize ads and search results.

You can also change privacy settings to limit Google from tracking much of your data, though this would make you lose out on some features.

Plus, Chrome is an all-around browser that offers new updates frequently for safer browsing, a ton of extensions, excellent search functionality, and a clean interface.

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3. iCab Mobile – Feature-Rich Browser for old iPad

iCab Mobile works with old iPads and iOS devices, plus the Apple Watch so you can access the homepage, bookmarks, and links. It comes with the standard browser functionalities, including auto-form filling, file upload, tabbed pages, built-in ad blocker, and download manager.

You can pick your desired search engine, use handy shortcuts like module loading, gesture, and more, and save articles and pages for reading later on your iPad.

iCab Mobile also comes with native filters that block ads and you can import bookmarks from your computer or another Mac device.

While it’s not a free browser, it’s useful if you want to get more productivity out of your web browsing experience. You can easily upload photos to your social networking sites, including Facebook, without opening the app for it.

Bloggers can upload pictures from their iPads to add to their articles or blog posts. The download manager also helps you save and restore forms, and you get Dropbox support to save your files quickly to your folders in the cloud.

4. Aloha – Privacy Focussed Browser For Older iPad Devices

Aloha is a browser that lets you browse the internet without any interruptions. It’s a fast and lightweight browser that you can use with your old iPad and enjoy quick browsing without lags or high consumption of your CPU.

The browser lacks the bells and whistles that other browsers offer like extensions and other features, but the benefit of this is that it’s much easier to use and learn.

Plus, it has an optimized design that makes for a flexible, smooth, and fast browsing and user experience. You also get a unique night mode option that helps lower issues like eye strain especially if you’re working on something late in the night or you’re in a generally low-light or dark area.

Aloha is available in both a free and premium version, with the former offering fewer features. If you want more features, you can upgrade to its premium version once you know how to use it.

On top of that, Aloha also works with other platforms – not just your iPad – such as Windows devices. The fast, free, and full-featured browser also offers maximum security and privacy, a clean interface, and ease of use.

You get to surf in an ad-free environment, a free unlimited VPN, a VR player so you can watch VR videos in the browser, and a data saver that compresses and encrypts your traffic to use less data.

Private tabs, a QR code reader, and a media player are also included in the free version. The premium or paid version offers extras like VPN country selection, auto-start VPN with the browser and use it in other apps, file transfers between devices with WiFi file sharing, disabling ads, support for ZIP archives, and premium themes.

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5. Snowbunny Private Web Browser

Snowbunny Private Web Browser is a fast mobile browser for your old iPad that works in full screen and offers privacy. You can clear all your history, autofill, and cookies once you exit the browser, and spend more time browsing and less time waiting for pages to load.

The browser offers private mode, up to 35 percent more viewable screen area, faster loading than Safari, and no ad bars other than what’s on the internet.

Snowbunny Private Web Browser is highly optimized for speed using the same backend like Safari but its code is optimized extensively for performance. You also get an ultra-clean and ultra-fast interface because the browser lacks non-essential features like loading bars and multiple tabs.

The browser also offers portrait and landscape support, bookmarks, scrolling, zooming, audio streaming, HTML 5 Web videos, context-sensitive menus, and tiny downloads so you can get your files quickly.

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6. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is another solid choice for old iPads that comes with practical features and a great design to help you browse the web in a way that suits you best.

The award-winning browser comes with a global user interface interaction in a fresh new design style, a new homepage that’s re-planned from two- and three-stage for easy viewing, and optimized features on every level.

You can use the browser’s features conveniently for a good browsing experience, which include incognito mode so your cache, history, cookies, and download files aren’t recorded.

Plus, you get to save URLs thanks to the Favorites feature that also concludes text and photo content, and night mode so you can reduce damage to your eyes when browsing in low-light or dark environments.

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7. Perfect Browser

Perfect Browser is a popular browser for old iPads that comes with a built-in native ad blocker and offers secure, fast browsing while blocking trackers.

The browser has enhanced privacy for you to use on the web while browsing along with an auto-erase feature, over 100 themes in dark mode, and the ability to lock it with a password for extra safety.

You can create QR codes within the browser for your web pages, use the built-in password manager, move or hide the scrollbar, and get tons of themes, an ad blocker, and a theme maker with its pro version.

Perfect Browser offers a suitable alternative to Chrome and Safari with a solid all-around web browsing experience.

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8. Tor (formerly Onion Browser)

Tor is a distributed system that anonymizes web traffic. The browser is baked into Tor for iOS devices, including old iPads, so your internet service provider (ISP) cannot see what you browse and sites can’t see your IP address.

It was developed by Mike Tigas, and is a free, open-source browser that has a long-established, privacy-focused, and widely trusted service.

It works on old iPads but also on other iOS devices like iPhone and iPod touch, among other common platforms. Tor connections are included for most major sites, and it relies on a customized and modified Firefox codebase to work.

While Tor is slower than with a mainstream browser and you can’t use all sites or services with it, you get optimized privacy, and you can connect to sites that are designed to be used with Tor.

The sites usually have a .onion suffix so you can get private and secure access to services that may not be workable. For instance, you can connect Facebook.onion or DuckDuckGo.onion sites with Tor from a country that blocks access to such services for most other browsers.

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9. Brave Browser

Brave browser is the most popular privacy and security browsing service that enforces HTTPS Everywhere and blocks pop-ups, scripts, ads, trackers, and third-party cookies.

The browser does away with ads and provides the Basic Attention Token (BAT) – a new way of funding websites. You can pay monthly to Brave browser and get several BATs – which are redistributed across the sites that take part in the program.

The browser blocks trackers and ads while strengthening connections to sites from HTTP to HTTPS, wrapping encryption on the traffic from your browser to the site you visit.

You also get simple sliders that enable fingerprinting protection while blocking scripts. Fingerprinting is when sites get general data about you to create a profile.

Brave works on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS.

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10. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo is a browser for old iPads and other mobile devices that’s best known for its privacy-focused search engine. The browser keeps all your activity private and automatically blocks trackers.

Although you can’t sync your tabs to other devices, it’s far better than the default mobile Safari browser for several reasons: it loads really fast and offers privacy features you won’t find in Apple’s pre-installed browser.

DuckDuckGo won’t crash on your old iPad device like other iOS compatible browsers do, and you can take control of your data no matter where you go on the web. Plus, DuckDuckGo offers smarter encryption, tracker blocking, private search, and more.

The browser offers a dedicated app for iOS devices, which blocks analytics, ads, and social trackers. It also encrypts your connection from the browser to the site you want to visit and allows you to bookmark sites.

You get a fire icon that you can tap and all your browsing history is immediately erased. However, your saved bookmarks will remain, so you can still visit those sites.

A privacy grade is included that shows you what the grade of the website would be if there was no tracking blocking plus the grade and number of trackers it blocks.

Global Privacy Control is built into the browser that signals your privacy preference and can help you automatically express your legal opt-out rights. This way, websites won’t share your personal data or sell it under future legal frameworks in different countries or states.

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11. Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin Web Browser is simple, lightweight, and provides some great advanced features for an intuitive, fast, and fun browsing experience.

It has one of the longest features of a mobile browser for old iPads and allows you to tell where you want to go by one tap of its speed dial button.

You can select destinations from history, bookmarks, or open tabs, and it syncs with your computer, or you can type an address and get what you’re looking for.

Plus, you can use touch gestures to choose your favorite destination and control the browser by shaking your iPad or speaking into it.

The free browser helps you share social media posts, save them to Box or Evernote, or send via email. It also comes with tabbed browsing so you can open or switch quickly between web pages.

The Dolphin Connect feature lets you send between desktop and mobile. You get fast and secure browsing, on multiple platforms for free, plus a side-bar design that highlights extra features.

The browser makes your browsing experience simple with multiple features that tempt you from better-known browser apps, which include: voice search, HTML5 video player, native ad blocker, customizable gestures for specific sites, and syncing passwords, history, or bookmarks across platforms and browsers.

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12. Ghostery

Ghostery is a privacy-based browser that started out as an extension for desktop browsers. Over time, the developers of this browser decided to have it on other devices including iOS – iPhone and iPad – and present it as a browser.

It has a tracker blocker to prevent ads and audience measurement networks from creating profiles of you based on your data and movements around the web.

It also makes it easy for you to prevent services from tracking or following you by allowing you to disable trackers that it knows about.

A nifty feature dubbed WiFi Protection is included that uses the browser’s VPN servers to filter and block trackers in other apps besides the browser, provided you’re connected to a WiFi base station and have enabled its protection.

The free browser runs on old iPads, and protects your privacy while managing ad networks, speeding up the browsing experience, and removing junk code off websites.

All these features translate into a good browser experience, and you get Ghost Mode that blocks outbound personal data plus smart blocking technology that flags dangerous web pages.

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13. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a known browser that’s used mostly on Windows devices but is also available on iOS – iPhones and iPads. Its key feature is that you can continue what you’re doing not only on your iPad but also on a computer and you can read web pages, fill out forms, and finish tasks on your PC.

The browser syncs your favorite sites and passwords between the devices you’re logged in on in the Microsoft cloud servers. You also get voice search, a built-in QR code scanner, and InPrivate mode that keeps your browsing data private.

The Edge browser allows you to sync your Collections and autofill details across devices. You also get personalized search results and ads based on your browsing history, though this is optional. You can save money through its built-in coupon code search feature and earn rewards points as you search for anything on Bing.

Edge provides three privacy protection levels: basic, balanced, and strict, which allow you to block cookies or trackers and reduce ads depending on your data. You also get to block content with its AdBlock Plus feature, which you can enable in the settings.

The menu and home screen are customizable so you can access your reading lists, bookmarks, website settings, and sync options among other features easily. Other features include the Immersive Reader, translation, Visual and Voice search with Bing, and more.

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14. Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is available for old iPads too. The browser has similar rendering and JavaScript engines to Safari and is a smart choice for use on other devices as it syncs your passwords, bookmarks, and other information so you’re up to speed.

You also get anti-ad tracking, large visual tabs with numbers for faster retrieval, and privacy that blocks more than 2,000 trackers and an easily accessible Private mode.

The browser uses Face ID or Touch ID so you can enter passwords quickly and securely. While the tabs don’t sync seamlessly like on other browsers, it’s still a reliable and responsive browser. You can also send open pages to different devices whenever you want.

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15. Private Browser Deluxe – Lightweight Browser Designed for Older Devices

Private Browser Deluxe offers private internet access so you can browse your favorite sites and download files directly to your iPad. The browser is fast and comes with viewers for popular file formats like PDF, Word, and more.

You can also secure your browser and download history via Touch ID and passcode.

The browser supports bookmarks, tabs, Google search, and private browsing, shows you a list of the possible downloads per web page, and you can see your full browsing history. You can also change the user-agent to request desktop sites.

A powerful download manager is included so you can download files in the background for up to 10 minutes on your old iPad. You can also pause and resume downloads instantly over a cellular or WiFi connection.

With this browser, you can secure your files in a vault and create folders or subfolders for all your downloads. You can also sort, rename, move and delete files easily, and share files via AirDrop or open them in other apps on your iPad.

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Best Browsers For Old iPad – Wrapping Up

Today, you can get many web browsers for your devices. That’s why we scoured the web to find the best browsers you can use with your old iPad.

Be sure to test them and find out the features you need, especially privacy-focused tools that will make your browsing safer and more fun for you.

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