15 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives 2023

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular PDF viewers and editors. Millions of businesses and individuals around the globe depend on it to create, edit and convert PDF documents and images into Microsoft Office formats.

With Acrobat, you can view, comment, print, sign, track, and scan documents. Besides, you can connect to Adobe Documents Cloud and work from anywhere.

Therefore, all your documents and files will be stored and accessed in cloud storage platforms like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

On the flip side, if you’re a newbie, Acrobat’s layout can be difficult to navigate. For you who love 3D model design, this tool won’t help you because it doesn’t support such file formats. Also, another disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with an Automatic translation feature that can support multiple languages.

To enjoy all these features, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Pro. The standard Adobe Acrobat reader offers you a limited set of features. The tool comes with an expensive subscription plan.

That gives us a reason to explore Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

1. PDF Fusion

PDF Fusion is our first alternative to Adobe Acrobat. It’s an all-in-one PDF creator that allows you to create and edit PDFs daily. Even better, it is an incredibly easy-to-use platform that supports both individuals and businesses.

It helps to share the documents by converting them to Microsoft Word, PDFs, XPS formats. Both desktop and mobile users can use it.

PDF fusion is outstanding because you can pick multiple file types like spreadsheets, Excel, and documents by combining them into one PDF document.

You can email and export email PDF files within the shortest time possible. You can easily add bookmarks and comments to the documents. Not forgetting, you can add watermarks.

With only a one-time payment of $54.99, you’ll get the whole experience of PDF Fusion while Adobe Acrobat charges individuals $14.99 paid monthly or $179.88 prepaid annually.

2. PDF-XChange Editor

If you’re looking for an advanced PDF editor, PDF-XChange will work for you. It has over 250 features that allow you to carry out a mega task on PDF documents. The software has a file extension macro that helps output the file extension of documents.

Compared to Adobe Acrobat, which works with files and documents, PDF-XChange Editor has rendering modes to render 3D models.

It has a 40/128-bit RC4 and 128/236-bit AES encryption that safeguards your documents from hackers. Also, it offers advanced Data Execution Protection against Malware, especially when opening files and sites. Its OCR engine is more efficient and dynamic.

You’ll get a dynamic form-creation option with numerous features like customizable styles and layouts. The integrated Cloud-Based Services feature allows you to store and access files from Dropbox, One Drive, and more.

Other features you can enjoy are a digital signature, watermark, PDF reader, and merging files. All updated Windows operating systems support this tool.

You’ll only work with a handful of features by downloading the free version. To get the complete experience, you need to upgrade to the paid version, which starts at $46.50 for a single-user license.

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is another alternative to Adobe Acrobat, especially Apple for users. The tool works well on iPhones, iPads, and Mac. It quickly spots fonts, sizes, and opacity when editing PDFs on your Mac. With the tool’s OCR technology, one can search scanned documents, copy, and highlight text.

Its annotation tools allow you to highlight vital information in documents by using underline or strikethrough. Also, it permits you to add pre-designed stamps like Confidential, Approved and Not Approved, and more.

You can create bookmarks while navigating PDF files. Furthermore, you can comment on the texts while reading using the drawing tools and sticky notes.

The most significant advantage of using PDF Expert is connecting to other cloud storage platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, One Drive, and more. This connection allows simultaneous working with documents on multiple apple devices. This feature enhances a 2-way sync with the storage.

It prioritizes your security and privacy by restricting access with passwords. This means that your file will be protected from falling into the wrong hands.

The advantage it has over Adobe Acrobat is that it has a Redact feature, you can permanently delete or hide your sensitive details. No one can see your deleted data.

This tool allows you to add, resize, and replace images in the PDF you’re working on. Besides, adding links to the same images is a hassle-free task.

PDF Expert costs $79.99.

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4. PDF Architect

PDF Architect is a PDF editor and PDF viewer that makes it possible for you to create, edit, and view PDF documents. It grants you an opportunity to alter your PDF file to fit your needs.

This tool helps you merge all the files you are working on into a single PDF document, making it easy to share. PDF Architect has a Convert feature that enables you to convert your files into numerous formats like a Text file (.txt), HTML, MS Excel (xlsx), and more.

With its PDF Form Feature, it’s easy to create fillable and attractive PDF forms. Documents such as surveys, payrolls, and invoices can be created using this feature.

The tool will request your Digital signature or password to access your documents. This feature ensures your documents are secure whenever you send them. PDF Architect comes with an advanced OCR feature to reveal texts in one document.

If you need to recognize multiple files simultaneously, you’ll use the Batch recognition feature which you can’t find in Adobe Acrobat.

The tool has a free version and three paid versions The Standard version costs $69 per year per user, the Professional version costs $89 per year per user, and Pro + OCR costs $129 per year per user.

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5. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit has been providing tools that facilitate easy and powerful editing of PDFs. You can use this tool on mobile, Web, or desktop.

This tool allows you to update your PDF file within seconds easily. Moreover, it operates the same way as a word processor; it reformats text within columns, paragraphs, and pages. Also, it makes it possible to adjust text sizes and fonts, alter documents layouts, and insert multimedia.

When working on a similar task with colleagues, you can connect with them using Content Management Systems. This connection helps you get feedback and increase results.

Unlike Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to create 3D PDFs from DWG files PDF Portfolios and render PRC 3D PDF. Besides, it uses Form Field Recognition to design engaging PDF Forms to collect data.

It guarantees the confidentiality of your personal information. You can remove unwanted images and text and secure files with passwords. People with disabilities can easily access PDF documents through Assistive technology.

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6. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a set of tools that provides a safe way to modify PDFs. This platform offers a straightforward UI that makes PDF editing easy for anyone.

You can also submit e-signatures and track the development of your document at any moment. Furthermore, this program allows you to examine PDFs and add freehand annotations, photos, words, and shapes to your documents.

Smallpdf allows you to compress large files, convert them, erase extraneous files, or split and merge them. This application is also mobile-friendly, allowing you to create PDF scans, share files, and organize documents from any connected device by utilizing the Smallpdf Mobile App.

Furthermore, because the tool’s web platform allows you to store, organize, and share files across multiple devices, you may work on them in less time.

Unlike Adobe Acrobat, this program uses robust 256-bit TLS encryption to secure data transport. You can obtain Smallpdf for yourself and your team at a price that works best for you.

It comes with a free and paid plan. The Pro and Team Plans cost $9 and $7 respectively.

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7. Ashampoo PDF Pro 2

Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 lets you manage and modify PDF files. The program includes everything you need to create, convert, edit, merge, and protect PDFs. It supports various standard formats, including HTML, JPEG, EPUB, RTF, and Microsoft Word.

Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 can merge numerous documents into one by simply dragging and dropping files, while Adobe Acrobat cannot.

You can use OCR to transform the scanned text into computer-editable text. It can also generate photo albums or portfolios from various files. Your sensitive information is always encrypted with AES.

The best part is that Ashampoo comes at a more affordable price than Adobe Acrobat’s pricey subscription plans. Specifically, it costs $29.99.

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8. Soda PDF

Another Adobe Acrobat alternative is Soda PDF. It is an entirely functional online PDF editor, which means you can use it anywhere.

Low-cost security techniques protect your data. You can use the program to erase or redact sensitive data. It allows you to password-protect your documents or establish permissions.

You may transfer PDFs to archive or other file types using the PDF/A format. This application will be helpful if you wish to combine multiple files into a single PDF document. Moreover, you can edit, add, or delete text in your PDF.

You can also insert, stamp, and highlight paragraphs. Documents can be saved and accessed online or offline via various channels. This means you may start on your PC, save to Dropbox or Google Drive, and then finish the task on your phone.

Its batch tool makes converting several files quick and straightforward. By converting scanned papers into editable PDFs, you may avoid retyping.

Soda PDF comes with all the tools that make it easy to edit the content on any PDF. It works more like Microsoft Word, making it easier to use than Adobe Acrobat.

Soda PDF offers straightforward pricing without any hidden charges. The subscription costs are $6.75, $10.50, and $16.67 for the Standard, Pro, and Business plans respectively.

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9. SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a free, lightweight PDF editor that allows you to create, compress, sign, and merge PDF pages in no time.

SwifDoo PDF has a powerful conversion tool that allows you to convert your PDF files into various formats such as HTML, Word, Excel, and others.

The application consumes few system resources and can run the program on any low-end PC. In contrast, Adobe Acrobat consumes 2 GB of RAM and takes up more hard disk space.

The tool features two levels of password protection, ensuring complete security against hackers. There’s no need to be concerned about information and data leaks anymore.

SwifDoo is continuously updated to address any bugs or technical concerns. As a result, you will not feel any lags.

In terms of pricing, it provides a free trial and inexpensive premium options that start from as low as $8 per month.

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10. Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is one of the best Adobe Acrobat alternatives. You get almost every Acrobat DC feature at a cheaper cost.

You can convert files into high-quality versions without interfering with their format. For example, you can convert your PDF into Excel, Word, PNG, and more. Also, the Batch tool can process multiple files simultaneously.

The tool gives you room to insert text, images, and shapes into PDFs. It’s also possible to edit the elements by size, color, and font. Besides, you can add a watermark and links to your PDF documents.

It’s easy to design your files the way you want since it allows splitting, merging, and rotating PDF pages. You can also compress bigger files and extract PDF pages.

Furthermore, it has an OCR technology that allows recognition of texts from scanned images and PDFs. This makes the documents searchable and editable.

When it comes to review and annotation tools, you can use freehand drawing and callout boxes to insert text comments and notes. Additionally, you can underline, strike out, or even highlight specific texts. Using various markup tools, it’s also easy to draw on PDFs.

This platform prioritizes your privacy by enabling passwords and creating eSign and signatures on your documents. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, Wondershare PDFelement has the Redaction feature that ensures all deleted sensitive content isn’t just visually hidden or made illegible but is completely deleted from your source file.

This tool is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. On top of that, it’s available in nine different languages.

The Pro version costs $79.99 per year for Windows only, while the Pro Bundle costs $99.99 per year for Windows and iOS.

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11. PDFMate PDF Converter

PDFMate PDF Converter allows you to create, edit, convert, combine, and split PDF files, increasing job efficiency. It’s ideal for office work.

The PDF Converter has excellent Optical Character Recognition technology that allows you to easily extract text and graphics from image-based PDF files and convert them to editable pieces.

This powerful application has more capability than Adobe Acrobat to convert PDF files into common forms, including Microsoft Word, Text, EPUB, Image, HTML, and SWF files. Further, it can create bespoke PDF files, and it allows you to change the layout (A3, A4, A5) and page size (1IN1, 2IN1, 4IN1).

PDFMate can also be used as a PDF merger and splitter. It lets you divide pages from any PDF document, regardless of length or file size, and condense several PDF documents into a single PDF.

It can process several input and output documents at the same time. PDFMate PDF Converter can convert PDF files in a variety of languages.

To ensure utmost security, you can password-protect your PDF files. Also, you can add an Open/Permission password to the converted PDF and Word files to further increase their security. This feature safeguards both the file contents and your privacy.

PDFMate is available for both Mac and Windows and offers various payment plans starting at $14.95 per month.

12. Infix PDF Editor

Infix PDF Editor is resourceful when it comes to PDF alteration and management. Infix works like a standard word processor, so it’s straightforward to use. Its interface resembles Microsoft Word.

Infix PDF Editor has a multi-language spell checker that inspects spellings in your documents in around 15 different languages.

Creating a PDF helps insert a printer module in the printer dialogue when it is creating a PDF. With the platform, you can rest assured that all sensitive information is protected by redacting images and text details.

You can also convert documents into PDF using the Infix Printer. In addition, it allows adding text highlights, marks, notes, and shapes.

A comment catalog enables users to view comments grouped by author, type, and page for more straightforward navigation.

You can also sign PDFs with your digital certificate and examine signed PDFs to ensure they are from credible sources.

Using the point-and-click feature, you can compare two different documents side-by-side, focusing on the graphics of textual differences.

In contrast to Adobe Acrobat, Infix PDF Editor offers automatic translation and supports over 60 languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, and Persian.

The tool is available for $9.99 per month per user or at a one-off payment of $99 for a single user. Enterprise users need to pay $1,995 for a 250-user license.

13. pdfFiller

pdfFiller is an end-to-end file workflow automation solution. It’s an Adobe Acrobat alternative used by individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and teams.

With pdfFiller, you can easily add a watermark to your PDF file. It lets you fill in any PDF questionnaire, tax, or contact form on mobile devices and desktops. You can also highlight, type, blackout, and erase text within the PDF.

Once you’re done editing your PDF, you can share it with your colleagues in a blink of an eye. Besides, you’re able to share the PDFs via fax, text message, or USPS mail.

Moreover, it’s easy to get the PDF files you want from a list of more than 25 million fillable forms. The files are easy to customize and send to different recipients.

This platform has both Android and iOS Apps. So, you can edit, send and sign PDF files right from your mobile device.

They’ve integrated a spellchecker into the PDF editor that allows checking the spelling of your PDF documents. So, I won’t send out any documents containing typos or mistakes.

All documents you have in your pdfFiller account can be password-protected with the help of the Encrypted Folder.

You don’t have to print the PDF document to sign it. pdfFiller makes it easy for you to sign by adding a signature to the PDFs.

Unlike Adobe Acrobat, pdfFiller offers you a friendly price. Its basic plan is $8 per month.

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14. Nitro

Nitro is another alternative to Adobe Acrobat, due to its combined cloud-based commitment. It has a user-friendly light interface that easily edits, prints, converts, and adds annotations to files and documents.

Furthermore, you don’t have to switch between different platforms to get a perfect document. The presence of editing tools from this program makes it easy to delete, alter, and add images and text.

You can also alter PDFs into editable Excel, Word, Microsoft Office, or PowerPoint. The program also eases navigation between documents, giving you time to focus on new concepts.

Further, you can compress files into one searchable PDF.

Using user-friendly permissions, redaction capabilities, and encryption, you can protect your files without blocking your business flow.

The program allows you to generate PDFs on any device. It also takes away the burden of complex editing.

Nitro has a friendly one-time payment of $143.99 for Windows and $129.95 for Mac. In contrast, most of Adobe Acrobat’s plans are available for a monthly or annual subscription.

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15. PDF Editor

PDF Editor is an easy-to-use platform with multiple features that allows you to do a lot with a PDF file, like redacting, annotating, signing, and more.

You’ll get a great-looking document. You can customize fonts, personalize text styles, add graphics, and more to new and existing documents.

This program has a commenting set of tools to help you mark up and review PDF files. Some of these tools are insert highlights, track comments, and take notes.

You can recreate documents with intricate layouts and graphics quickly by simply converting PDF files into Word, Excel, RTF documents, and more without distorting format and fonts.

Its form creator allows you to convert non-fillable forms made in any file type into editable and fillable PDF forms.

It gives you control access to your PDF documents by inserting password protection or authorization to restrict printing. Also, the redact feature automatically blacks out sensitive information before sharing the documents making it better than Adobe Acrobat.

Also, you can design legally binding e-signature fields to save hours on every proposal and contract you send.

The tool is absolutely free.


With that said, we have to have one lucky winner. For this case, Infix PDF Editor takes the trophy. The reason being is it’s easy to alter and manage PDFs.

Furthermore, it’s easy to use even though it supports multiple languages. Besides, you can add shapes, marks, text highlights, and notes on PDFs. Its monthly subscription is affordable, too.

Lastly, the tool has a comment catalog that enables you to view comments. This means you can take up a whole team working on the same document.