20 Best Artist Bio Examples For Instagram

I’m sure you’d agree that Instagram is one of the world’s best social platforms to promote art brands among friends. It’s also a great way to funnel in leads and then convert them to customers.

When someone opens an artist’s Instagram profile, the first thing they see is the artist’s bio and profile photo. In spite of all its bells and whistles, writing a winning Instagram artist bio is challenging.

In fact, beginner and seasoned artists alike often hit a snag when crafting Instagram artist bios that are not only appealing to viewers but also spicy enough to attract followership.

But here’s a simple solution to that: We’ve illustrated a straightforward and proven way to write Instagram artist bios that wow visitors from the outset.

Along with this, we’ve curated 20 winning Instagram artist bios to help you craft an unbeatable bio for your Instagram profile.

I hope this guide inspires you into creating an attention-grabbing Instagram bio that will increase your followers and drive quality leads for your artistic business.

How to Write a Perfect Artist Instagram Bio

You don’t have to include all the following points in your Instagram artist bio. Nevertheless, covering the majority of them can make your bio more appealing:

  • Your identity/name/brand
  • The kind of art you specialize in
  • Your beliefs and interests
  • The services or products you offer
  • Your location

I know you’re wondering: how do I go about this?

How can you summarize all these points within the 150 words Instagram allows for artist bios?


Here’s a breakdown of what to highlight in each segment of your artist Instagram bio.

Highlight What You Do in the First Line

The first line of your art Instagram bio is what most of your profile viewers will first look at when they come across your Instagram profile.

Make the most of this first line by introducing your brand name and what kind of artist you are. Make it pack a better punch by stating precisely what makes you stand out and what you offer.

In case you offer multiple services, separate your different types of art with a comma or other suitable symbols.

Here’s an example:

Abstract Artist, Designer

Landscape Artist • Illustrator

Watercolor Artist | Landscape Painter

Even better, you can highlight other related types of work that you do or include your location.

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Connect with the Audience in the Second Line

Use the second line of your artist Instagram bio to connect more with your profile viewers. This way, you’ll have a better chance of converting them to followers, and then leads, and ultimately do business with them.

The best way to do this is by offering nuggets of information that you are sure are important to your prospects. Such details could include:

  • Your hobbies or other interests
  • A vision you have
  • Unique skills that you possess
  • Your favorite catchphrase or quote

Whatever you do, make sure the information is short, precise, and easy to skim through.

Add a Clear Call to Action

In the third line of your artist Instagram bio, point out exactly what you want your Instagram bio viewers to do. It could be an encouragement to purchase your work, read a particular post, or connect more.

Here’s something worth noting: Instagram allows you to attach one external link in your bio. A great call to action is to point your profile viewers to click on such links.

For instance, you can encourage viewers to click a link to view your online art store or point them to your website. In any case, ensure your call-to-action (CTA) is easy to follow and access.

Use Relevant Emojis

Here’s an interesting fact: Emojis are a great way to break cold and long text blocks into lively bits of information in an artist Instagram bio.

So, you can include those interesting creations to better draw viewers to your art type or the items in your Instagram bio. Just make sure you use relevant emojis depending on your art brand.

It gets better: Artists can use emojis to draw attention and point down to their external links. Emojis can also show your personality as an artist.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Instagram Artist Bio Stand Out

Use these tips to make your artist Instagram bio more attractive and magnetic to your Instagram profile viewers.

Use Relevant Keywords When Pitching Your Service

If you’re targeting to connect with a specific set of people, use the right keywords or keyword phrase in the second line of your artist Instagram bio. This is a great way to pitch your brand to the right audience and attract the right prospects.

For example, you can include the keywords ‘exotic car watercolor artist’ in the bio if you’re looking to connect with lovers of exotic car art.

What’s more, using keywords relevant to your art type and brand enables your Instagram profile to rank higher in search engine searches for those keywords.

Use Short Bullet Points to Make it Easy to Read

Remember, most Instagram viewers will view your profile and bio on handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, and iPads.

And there’s more. There’s a better chance of Instagram profile viewers scrolling through various profiles before landing on yours.

If you want to grab their attention, make it exceptionally easy for them to spot the right keywords. An easy but effective way to achieve this is using bullet points.

We can all agree that bullet points make text easy on the eyes and allow readers to skim through it without missing vital details quickly.

Here’s an alternative to bullet points: Using hard enters! Just like using short bullet points, breaking up your bio info using hard enters enhances text readability.

Add Your Email Address

Make it easier for your Instagram profile viewers to follow you by including your email address in your artist Instagram bio.

Include Other Instagram Handles Where People can Access your Work

If you’re looking to leverage Instagram to improve your followership, you want your viewers to be able to find and follow you as quickly as possible.

What is the better way to do this than to provide other Instagram handles where they can find you? This is particularly helpful for artists looking to improve the conversion of viewers to followers, leads, and ultimately to customers.

Include a Link to Your Website

Since your artist’s Instagram bio is only a few words, linking and pointing to your website is a great way to funnel your Instagram viewers into followers and customers in the long run.

Remember, an Instagram bio only allows one external link, so make it count! The best strategy is to link to your website or online store where you display and sell all your art products for better ROI.

In case you want to link to multiple sites, use a service such as LinkTree. This is a free landing page that provides your Instagram bio viewers with multiple link options to choose from.

Add Your Location

Adding your location to your artist Instagram bio is useful in several ways.

First, you’ll have a better search engine result ranking for searches of artists in the location you have specified.

Second, it makes it easier to funnel in local customers.

Let me explain. A prospective art buyer is more likely to buy the product they seek from a local artist than from an international one. This makes sense as it’s not only cheaper but more convenient.

20 Best Artist Bio Examples for Instagram

Here are 20 stunning artist Instagram bio examples and brief highlights of what they illustrate.

1. En Iwamura

En Iwamura’s artist Instagram bio is the perfect embodiment of punchy simplicity.

The bio simply highlights the artist’s brand name, art type, and location before proceeding to link to a new YouTube video of his ceramic sculpture art.

This bio also shows the importance of owning your heritage despite conquering global markets. En Iwamura sells his art pieces internationally but isn’t afraid of boasting of his hometown, country, origin, and heritage.

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2. Zaria Forman

Clearly, simplicity, use of relevant keywords, and a clear call-to-action aren’t lost on Zaria Forman. The artist’s Instagram bio simply points out that the artist’s efforts are focused on documenting climate change in pastel art.

Even better, the bio expressly requests viewers to follow the artist via another social handle. It doesn’t end there. The CTA also points viewers to visit the artist’s website where all the art abounds.

3. Nicholas Wilton

Again, we experience the power of a crystal clear call-to-action in Nicholas Wilton’s punchy artist Instagram bio. Not only that, but the bio includes a catchy phrase from the artist.

What’s even more interesting is the artist’s candid call-to-action to follow him on another handle. Along with this, the bio directs viewers to the artist’s website to see available art pieces.

Possibly the best part of Nicholas Wilton’s artist Instagram bio is the free incentive it points at. Viewers are directed to the artist’s website to download a free color tips PDF.

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4. Lisa Congdon

This artist’s Instagram bio illustrates the power of using relevant keywords and emojis in an Instagram bio. Here, Lisa Congdon outlines her interests, hobbies, and specialties in a long but simple string of keywords.

Here’s another interesting element: The bio includes the specific locations where the artist is based along with another social handle for viewers to follow her.

Moreover, this Instagram bio integrates a few relevant emojis and embeds the artist’s website to enable viewers to follow her easily.

5. Halaburda

Halaburda’s artist Instagram bio doesn’t skimp on details. That doesn’t mean it’s lengthy and boring; far from it.

This bio shows the importance of using relevant keywords to attract the right audience. That and clearly highlighting the nature of art the artist deals in have enabled the bio and profile to stand out.

It doesn’t end there. Halaburda goes further to integrate his home and current location. This is a clear indication of his pride in his heritage and art.

Even better, integrating the artist’s location in the bio serves to identify the artist with a specific walk of viewers who are most likely to turn to loyal clients.

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6. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi has a great Instagram bio that employs a few keywords efficiently. The first sentence outlines its significant interests concerning its brand: “Feminist, Mother, Immigrant.” The second line mentions its primary performance and social evidence, “Host of @bravotopchef.”

The bio also has a link from which you can click and pre-order ‘Tomatoes for Neela.’

Generally, the bio is about Padma Lakshmi, an American Indian writer, activist, model, and TV host. Since season 2, she has been hosting the Top Chef cooking competition program on Bravo consistently (2006). She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Reality Host in 2009 for her efforts.

I find Padma Lakshmi’s bio very straightforward and gives a satisfying amount of information in a few words. This means you will not spend a lot of time figuring out what the bio is about.

Her Instagram bio has garnered more than one million followers.

7. Dorothy Ganek

Dorothy Ganek’s bio starts by showing what her work is all about: abstract art.

In the second line, she mentions her country of birth, Greece, followed by the fact that she’s a U.S. artist.

Dorothy doesn’t end her bio without giving her followers a chance to contact her. She includes her email and invites direct messages as well.

Lastly, there’s a link to her website, which you can click to view her art.

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8. William LaChance

Surprisingly, it’s not the number of words in an Instagram artist’s bio that appeal to followers. And William’s bio is a clear demonstration of this fact.

In his bio, William has left behind a website link where you can visit to learn more about his work.

Interestingly, his Instagram account has gained over 75,000 followers, which shows the importance of dropping your website link in your artist bio.

9. Karina Bania

Karina Bania’s bio starts by introducing her specialty: art.

The subsequent lines highlight more about her upcoming events: exhibitions and two solo shows. She has included links to other Instagram pages where you can find more details about the events.

Karina uses dots (bullets) to break down her points. I find it easy to skim through her bio and identify the most important details quickly.

To top it off, she leaves a link to her site for you to explore further.

10. JR

JR is an artist who jokingly states in his bio that he’s an artist until he lands a real job.

That left me wondering whether art isn’t a real job? If it wasn’t his best job, he wouldn’t have at least four links to his galleries in his bio. Oh, and he has prints as well.

This artist uses satire to draw his followers’ attention. No wonder JR has 1.6m followers and counting.

Want to know more about his artwork? The last line has a link to his website.

11. Renee Mendler

In Renee’s bio, you will find a visible talent as it combines everything. She has used a flower emoji severally, and that is seen as welcoming in the bio.

Her descriptions are also short and clear about herself. The bio explains that Renee Mendler is a mom and an artist as well.

It is also clear that worldwide shipping is offered through her call-to-action to her audience for them to shop.

I find Renee’s bio super creative in that she uses colorful emojis not only to make the bio stand out but also as bullets to outline essential points. Brilliant!

12. Minna So

Minna So is an artist whose Instagram bio is a clear indication that sharing what your page is about can help you gain a massive audience.

She highlights her other Instagram accounts relevant to each of her art companies (Design and Jewelry).

She also explains what her Instagram page is about and what you will get in her external link. Minna So shows a call-to-action in her bio by using “shop my art + home decor here.”

She also says a couple of things she does that are art and design. Additionally, Minna has provided her email address for anyone who wants to get in touch with her.

13. Allison B. Cooke

Allison B. Cooke’s Instagram bio is quite informative, even though it comprises only one sentence.

The sentence explains the work she specializes in.

She also goes ahead and welcomes you to contact her, where she leaves a link.

Allison’s Instagram account has over 70,000 followers.

14. Carola Kastman

When I look at the Instagram bio for Carola Kastman, one thing stands out: simplicity.

After her name and genre (art), what follows is a summary of Carola’s artwork in one line partitioned into, four phrases.

Instead of aligning the bullets vertically, she places them horizontally on one line, making it easy to read in one go.

The phrases: my art, my story, my style, and my way tell you how passionate this artist is with her work.

15. Robin Olsen

Robin Olsen’s bio kicks off with what she does: contemporary abstract artist.

She also mentions her location – Portland, Oregon.

Robin wraps it up by calling her profile viewers to visit her blog to get “behind the scenes” in her studio, something most artists don’t do.

She also leaves her website link as a way to drive traffic to her website.

16. George Hall

George Hall has one of the Instagram bios that will leave you yearning for more. The first line of his bio explains who George is and where he is based.

The duration that it will take to get your orders delivered is indicated in the bio’s second line, that is, “Worldwide shipping Door to Door within ten days.”

The bio uses arrows to draw more attention to the website’s link, from where you are supposed to order your stuff.

17. Noemi Ibarz

Noem Ibarz’s Instagram bio consists of an email, which you can use to contact her about any inquiry. The second sentence also shows that there are commissions offered at the moment, which will probably attract more visitors to shop.

Noemi also has a direct call-to-action, where she tells you to shop by clicking the link given.

Finally, Noemi’s personality of gratefulness is shown in the phrase, “Thanks for your support.”

18. Elizabeth Chapman

Elizabeth Chapman’s bio first begins with welcoming you to the account “🙋🏻‍♀️WELCOME!!!” She uses an emoji that will make you feel relaxed and feel at home.

She also talks about what she does and what the account is about, “Selling affordable ORIGINAL abstract paintings for your home! 🏡 🖼.” The regular use of emojis makes the bio very interesting to read.

She also capitalizes the phrase, “FREE SHIPPING,” which seems to announce that the goods ordered are shipped with no charges.

Elizabeth offers you the chance to choose whether to purchase her artwork directly or via the website. She gives the link to contact her through at the end.

She also uses an arrow to emphasize the link.

19. Gary Komarin

Komarin doesn’t litter his bio with unnecessary details, but his colorful posts will surprise you.

Gary leaves his website link to let you find out for yourself what he’s into.

Not surprisingly, he’s garnered over 80k followers who can’t seem to get enough of his eye-catching artistic posts.

20. Erik Minter

I find Erik Minter’s bio very easy to understand. It only entails the phrase, “just keep painting” which creates a positive atmosphere to keep pushing harder.

To some point, it also tells you what he does or what the account is about.

He also leaves a link that will direct you to other related accounts.

Concluding Thoughts

In this article, we’ve seen how you can create an excellent Instagram bio as an artist. We’ve also seen how to make it outstanding, and finally, the examples of top artist bios.

Using the examples given above, you’ll learn the different styles you can use for your Instagram bio. Just take your time and analyze every example, and you’ll be good to go!

You’ll need to know how to phrase your bio just to be sure you raise several eyebrows from your audience, if not all!

Hopefully, this guide gives you a hand in making an excellent bio that will drive traffic and valuable leads to your Instagram account.

Now, it’s time to tweak your Instagram artist bio and stand apart from the crowd.

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