14 Best Instadp Alternatives

If you want to gather information on a person or potential client on Instagram, it may be hard to do that without sending them a follow request.

With an Instagram viewer app, you can quickly check out anybody’s profile photos and videos and do your research anonymously.

Instadp is one of the best free Instagram viewer tools available but it only gives you a link to the Instagram profile but doesn’t show Instagram posts. Plus, to get any good results, you have to complete the annoying two-step captcha.

This is a common reason why people look for alternatives. If you’re also one of those who are looking for the best Instadp alternatives, here are 15 of the best to get you started.

Best Instadp Alternatives

1. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an Instagram viewer tool designed for use with major operating systems. The software lets you view and download photos, stories, and videos from Instagram accounts, store a backup of your profile on Instagram, and import the list of your Instagram subscriptions.

To use 4K Stogram, just type the Instagram profile handle, location, or hashtag into the app and select the download button. This way, you can save photos and photos from Instagram with their original captions and download multiple posts at once.

You can also grab all or select specific types of content on the platform and view them on your device. 4K Stogram doesn’t have annoying captchas like Insta DP or send you links to view the information on Instagram.

4K Stogram has a free version, which you can use without entering your credit card details and without a trial period. With this plan, you can download 200 photos, videos, and tagged posts per day.

Other awesome features you get with 4K Stogram include the ability to see others’ Instagram Feed as your own. In addition, you can back up your Instagram account, save Instagram posts by date, and download Instagram saved and tagged posts.

2. StoriesIG

StoriesIG helps you retrieve and download Instagram stories to your device without using an Instagram account.

You can also watch Instagram stories anonymously by entering the username of the account you want, selecting view, and waiting for the app to load the photos and videos.

Plus, the app is free for all users and allows you to stalk anyone on Instagram without them knowing that you watched their Instagram stories. However, this applies only to public or open Instagram profiles so you won’t get to view information that’s marked as private.

You don’t need to install anything to use StoriesIG or have to fill captchas like those on Instadp.

Plus, it’s a simple and beautiful app with support for downloading story highlights, which you can always share on different social networks.

3. Dumpor

Dumpor works like Instadp and other similar tools by allowing you to view stories and posts on Instagram anonymously. However, it adds the ability to search through Instagram posts to find specific or related locations and hashtags without creating an Instagram account.

You can find different kinds of accounts that are similar to the one you’re looking for. For instance, if you type Gary Vaynerchuk in the search bar, you’ll not only get his official account on Instagram but also a host of fan accounts related to him.

This way, you can research an Instagram account even when you don’t know the exact username, and view the top accounts associated with a particular location.

You can also see the posts on the account you’re monitoring and view the number of likes and comments on each post, which you won’t get with Instadp. Plus, you get to know how long ago the post was uploaded.

Dumpor allows you to view the posts in which the person was tagged, which Instadp lacks. You can also download the Instagram stories they posted in the last 24 hours.

4. StorySaver

StorySaver is another Instadp alternative with plenty of great features. The software shows you highlights and current Instagram stories on the profile you want, which makes it easy for you to see the highlights that you want.

Once you enter the profile name, StorySaver shows you all its stories, but you can always view more stories and even download them to your device. Highlights and highlight covers are displayed as you scroll down and view all the current stories.

You can see all the highlight covers and if you select any cover, all its highlights will be displayed. However, you can still keep scrolling to access the rest of the covers.

In addition, you get a video downloader tool to help you download Instagram videos without enduring the frustration of captchas like those on Instadp.

StorySaver works on most operating platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, and you can open the downloaded content using VLC media player. The software doesn’t keep a history of the content you download, even in any transaction.

5. Ingramer

Ingramer is another great Instadp alternative that allows you to view Instagram posts or stories and then download them.

You don’t need an Instagram account to use Ingramer even if you get blocked by an account. The profile viewer tool also allows you to see specific profiles, and you can easily download photos and videos from the profile.

All you need to do is to copy the URL of the profile you want to view, enter it into Ingramer and download it. While Instagram doesn’t provide a direct way to download videos posted on another person’s profile, you can use Ingramer’s downloader tool for that.

Plus, you can sign up for the paid plan to bulk download entire profiles, including your profile, especially where you don’t want to lose your photos or want to back up your account to avoid being banned.

Another cool feature you’ll find on Ingramer that Instadp lacks is the ability to monitor and track multiple profiles automatically.

While this may cost you more, it’s still a great feature to have. This is because it ensures that new stories from the accounts you’re monitoring will appear in your account each time you sign in.

To use the automatic monitoring feature, you don’t need an Instagram account. In addition, the app doesn’t tie it back to you so the person you’re spying on won’t even know you’re monitoring them or viewing their profiles.

6. InstaStories

InstaStories is a free Instagram viewer tool that lets you read public Instagram profiles anonymously and for free.

You don’t need an account on Instagram to view the stories and feed, but if you do have one, you still don’t have to log in to your account or install any app for that matter.

Unlike Instadp, which displays limited information, InstaStories can track stories and highlights, posts, live broadcasts, comments, likes, and subscribers. It can also track online broadcasts, recording of broadcasts, and streams anonymously.

You can view videos, photos, and text publications with 100 percent anonymity. The views are invisible to the profile owner, and InstaStories won’t save or display the date and time of your visits or your personal data.

Plus, you can download stories and posts to your phone (iPhone or Android phone), Mac, or Windows PC.

All these make InstaStories an excellent Instadp alternative, and it’s pretty fast without any of the lags or errors you’d find on other platforms. It also eliminates the annoying captchas you’d find on Instadp, so you can quickly view someone’s posts and stories.

7. Instalkr

Instalkr offers a unique online service that allows you to gain instant access to any public Instagram account without logging in to Instagram or creating an account altogether.

You can view stories, download photos or videos from any account you want, and anonymously browse an Instagram account without getting noticed.

Unlike Instadp, which only gives you a link to the profile and doesn’t show you the posts, Instalkr lets you view more. You can see the person’s stories, likes, subscriptions, and comments, view posts or stories that they deleted, for free.

To use the software, you need a username that’s linked to a public Instagram account. Instalkr is easy to use and helps you anonymously spy or supervise the account you want.

Plus, you can buy tracking packages to see new updates on the Instagram account you’re following and view other things the account posted later on that they removed.

Like Instadp, you need to fill out a captcha for each action you take, which can be frustrating, but you still get to view more information than you would with Instadp.

8. Bigbangram

Bigbangram is an online Instagram viewer and downloader tool that allows you to download Instagram photos, videos, and profiles in a couple of clicks online.

You don’t have to install any apps to save photos in high resolution, but you can do that quickly with Bigbangram.

The Instagram photo downloader eliminates the need for you to take screenshots to save photos that you’d otherwise easily download using the tool.

You can also download photos and carousel images in the highest quality possible without installing any app. Plus, you don’t need to create an account to use Bigbangram.

Bigbangram also offers a video downloader to download videos in high resolution from Instagram to your device and watch them any time you want. This way, you can watch the videos offline and not have to use a screen recorder to record the clips on your device.

The profile downloader is another helpful feature that lets you save Instagram profile photos in bulk from your computer or mobile device.

You can download full profile galleries to your device regardless of the operating system or browser you have.

This tool lets you save 12 posts simultaneously, download profiles, photos, and videos in the best quality while online. You just need to copy the link to a photo, username, or video, paste it in the input box, and select the Download button.

You also get to download Instagram stories and IGTV using Bigbangram and forget about the 24-hour limit. This way, the stories stay with you forever and you can save full-size stories all at once.

The IGTV downloader, on the other hand, helps you download high-resolution IGTV videos to your computer or phone and watch them conveniently at any time.

Instadp only gives you a link to the profiles on Instagram and has the captcha feature, which can be frustrating when you want to download quickly. Bigbangram eliminates all these limits and lets you download quickly to save time and conveniently to your device of choice at no cost.

9. Barinsta

Barinsta is a good Instadp alternative because it’s not only free and open-source but privacy-friendly too. The software is an entire Instagram client that’s easy to use, clean, and lacks annoying ads.

You don’t need an Instagram account to use Barinsta. You just need to sign in to the app and download all the private content.

The Instagram client allows you to browse the platform and remove most of the suggestions, ads, and useless tabs among other annoyances and gives you more control over your data.

Barinsta was designed to replace the existing Instagram client, which is proprietary, bloated, and laden with tracking tools.

The software allows you to view posts from your favorite accounts, location, or hashtags without logging in.

Plus, you can have a personal favorite list, view and interact with stories, and manage followers or followings. You can also send direct messages to existing threads, images or texts, and interact with posts, all of which you don’t get with Instadp.

Unlike Instadp, which is free, Barinsta is not just free but open-source so it’s privacy-friendly. Barinsta also doesn’t have sketchy stuff, and you won’t get annoying tracking scrolls or background processes operating without your consent.

In the future, Barinsta intends to add features that let you create group DM threads, stories, and posts.

If you don’t sign in, you can view hashtags, public profiles and location pages, post details including the number of likes, media and captions, comments, and comment likes.

10. StoriesGrams

StoriesGrams is an online Instagram viewer tool that lets you view Instagram profiles or stories anonymously and without an account.

The software also lets you view Instagram reels and videos and secretly watch, download, or analyze media files including IGTV from Instagram.

The service is free and web-based so you won’t have to install any apps or tools on your computer or mobile device to use it. You no longer have to create a fake account just to see or save Instagram posts privately.

Plus, you can watch or download IG stories on your computer or phone for use later. With the Instagram Reels feature, which you also get on Instadp, you can share short video clips within Instagram to your stories and reach a wider or newer audience quickly.

StoriesGrams reels saver helps you to save IG videos and reels and eliminate the 24-hour limit. You can also browse and discover public Instagram profile IGTV videos and secretly watch IGTVs posted on the platform for more privacy.

Plus, you can see people’s photos in full size, get analytics for the post or profile you’re researching on, total likes, average likes, total comments, average comments, and other details, which you won’t find on Instadp.

11. Instasaved

Instasaved offers an easy and quick way to view, track, and download Instagram stories without having to register, and you can do it anonymously.

You can specify a username to download the person’s stories, check and download history, publications, highlights, avatars, and streams quickly without filling in captchas like on Instadp.

All this is only possible with public pages, but once you specify the username of the profile you’re checking out, you just hit the Download button and Instasaved downloads everything you need to your device.

The software works with mobile devices or tablets, and you can download all the information from the profile, excluding information that’s marked as private. Plus, Instasaved works with any website or modern browser on your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

For site users, the service is completely free of charge and you don’t need to register to use it. However, you need to use it only for informational purposes, not to reuse the content as it’s copyrighted.

All story downloads are in MP4 format, while photo stories are in JPEG format. You can view them anonymously on a modern video player or an image viewing program in your browser.

12. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer is a web-based app that allows you to watch Instagram posts and stories from people whose profiles you’re interested in without their knowledge. You can even download the posts and stories to your computer or mobile phone.

The software is easy to use and loads quickly unlike other tools on this list. Once you type your name in the search bar, you’ll get suggestions of the top accounts based on your search terms.

All this makes it easy to find the content you want without struggling with annoying captchas like those Instadp offers, only to get a link.

Anon IG Viewer is completely free to use, and you don’t need to log in with your Instagram account or any other account to use it. Plus, they don’t track your online activity on their server so the person whose profile you’re viewing won’t ever know.

13. Save Instagram

Save Instagram is a free, web-based Instagram downloader that you can use to download high-quality videos, highlights and stories, save reels, save profile pictures, and photos.

You can also download private Instagram media files unlike Instadp, which only allows public profile information and only gives you a link to download the data.

To use the software, copy the link of the image or video, paste it in the search box, and then download it to your Android device, iPhone, or computer.

14. Apkun

Apkun is another good alternative to Instadp that allows you to view stories and posts on Instagram. The site has some ads, but you can still navigate easily and browse anonymously without logging into Instagram.

You can also view information like posts, followers, profiles, stories, comments, tags, and more that Instadp lacks. You can also download images or videos from the gram without inputting the link.

Apkun also lets you search for anything you want through profiles, hashtags, and locations. It’s a great Instagram viewer software that works fast and minds your privacy.

Wrapping Up

Whether you want to see full-sized profile pics of your favorite celebrities or people you knew in the past, any of these best Instadp alternatives let you quickly see their stories, feeds, profile pics, videos, reels, and highlights.

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