15 Best Audiobook Bay Alternatives 2024

People can avoid multitasking nowadays, especially with the information overload caused by digital devices. Audiobook Bay is a perfect example of how people can manage their time by multitasking. It’s an online library that offers audiobooks for free.

It’s also a social media platform where people can connect with other audiobook lovers and discuss books. Audiobook Bay is the perfect way to multitask. You can listen to audiobooks while you’re working, commuting, or studying. And because it’s online, you can access it from anywhere.

Besides Audiobook, there are other platforms too, that offer audiobooks. Loyal Books, Storynory, Open Culture to name a few. The best Audiobook Bay alternative is Audible which has a bigger and better collection than Audiobook Bay. The audiobook experience with Audible is simply exceptional.

Why explore Audiobook alternatives?

Unfortunately, Audiobook Bay has been running into the law. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) filed multiple lawsuits against Audiobook Bay over conflicts with VPN use and piracy.

But the team at Audiobook Bay is not backing down, and it continues to offer audiobooks for free and fight against the RIAA. The problem is that the fight is causing Audiobook Bay to be unreliable.

For example, the domain name for this website has changed far too often and unpredictably. The changes cause people to lose access to their audiobooks and make it difficult for people to connect with other audiobook lovers.

You’d better start scouting for alternatives to Audiobook Bay if you’re passionate about audiobooks. The following are 15 of the best Audiobook Bay alternatives.

Take a look.

Best Audiobook Bay Alternatives

1. Audible

Don Katz founded this American online podcast and audiobook retailer in 1995. The company quickly grew, and Amazon eventually acquired it in 2008 for $300 million. Audible is now a subsidiary of Amazon, and it continues to be one of the leading providers of audiobooks and podcasts.

The company offers a wide selection of audiobooks, including:

  • Bestsellers
  • New releases
  • Exclusives

Audible also produces its own podcasts, including:

  • The Audible Feast
  • The Memory Palace
  • Slate’s Audio Book Club
  • And many more!

Audible is bigger and better-known than Audiobook Bay, a smaller, independent company that offers a similar selection of audiobooks.

When can you ever catch a new release on Audiobook Bay? Audible might not be free like Audiobook Bay, but the selection is premium. Plus, it allows three free audiobooks when you subscribe to either of its plans.

Audible Plus

This plan offers a 30-day unlimited free trial, then costs just $4.95 monthly.

Audible Premium Plus

This subscription also offers a 30-day unlimited free trial and costs $14.95 monthly, but it offers everything on audible plus:

  • Ad-free listening
  • Unlimited access to Audible’s exclusive original programming
  • A Kindle book each month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Free stuff doesn’t always have the best supply, and Audible proves that with its paid subscriptions. It’s also remarkably reliable, having been consistent since 1995.

Audible has been a mainstay in the audiobook industry, unlike the on-and-off Audiobook Bay. Audible is your best bet if you’re looking for an impressive, well-rounded audiobook experience.

It even has an app compatible with Windows and iOS devices!

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2. Loyal Books

This online library for free books has over 7K audiobooks, and it even has an app to let you read and listen to books offline. You can also join clubs, track your reading progress, and win awards. It’s the perfect place to find new authors and genres to enjoy.

Loyal Books and Audiobook Bay are both free and have great content. They also support social media functions that allow community building among users. Thus, Loyal Books is a suitable alternative to Audiobook Bay.

But why would you prefer Loyal Books over Audiobook Bay? For starters, Loyal Books’ app is seamless with Android and iOS. It also makes it easy to read and listen to books offline.

You can download audiobooks through Loyal Books in a couple of minutes and in various formats. eBooks are also easy to find on this website, and you can join clubs to discuss books with others. Loyal Books also offers a wide variety of genres to its users.

Meanwhile, Audiobook Bay doesn’t have an app yet. You need a web browser on your phone or computer to access it. This website is also difficult to navigate, and you can’t listen to books offline. Audiobook Bay also doesn’t have many formats for audiobooks, and it doesn’t have as many eBooks as Loyal Books.

3. Storynory

This website is the best option for free children’s audio stories. There are various stories to choose from, and they are all narrated by professional actors. The website is easy to navigate, and the stories are perfect for both younger and older children.

Children love Storynory, and I’m sure yours will too! Why is it a suitable alternative for Audiobook Bay? You’re not likely to come across any original stories from Audiobook Bay, but Storynory invests in new, original content every week.

Plus, in-house and contract professional narrators and writing creatives curate the perfect bedtime stories for your little ones. They go full-on with delightful music and sound effects.

So, Storynory is the site for you if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for free children’s audio stories.

Don’t forget, Audiobook Bay’s domain keeps changing, so the link may not always work. In that case, just go to storynory.com, and you’ll find an impressive selection! Storynory’s domain never changes, but the content keeps growing.

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4. Open Culture

This alternative to Audiobook Bay is a website that aggregates and curates content from around the web on:

  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Education

Dan Colman founded Open Culture in 2006. It features free educational resources such as:

  • Online courses from Ivy League institutions like Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Yale, etc.
  • Audiobooks
  • Movies
  • Articles on arts, culture, and history
  • Interviews with artists and intellectuals

Open Culture also has a blog that discusses current events in the arts and culture. One of the best things about Open Culture is constant content uploading, meaning there’s always something new to explore.

Open Culture and Audiobook Bay are both free resources, but Audiobook is a controversial website because it has a lot of copyrighted content.

Open Culture is a rewarding resource for people who want to learn more about the arts and culture. It’s also good for people who want to listen to audiobooks without breaking the law.

Audiobook Bay is better for people seeking specific audiobooks, while Open Culture is better for people to explore various content. Open Culture doesn’t focus on audiobooks, but the ones it produces are high quality and downloadable for free.

5. Scribd

This American subscription service provides access to digital books, audiobooks, magazines, and documents. Users can either read or listen to the content on various devices.

Scribd also offers a social media platform for readers and authors to connect. It’s a lot like Audiobook Bay, which is a free site.

Scribd hosts over 60 million documents, which it supports via open publishing and paid subscriptions. The site has grown in popularity since its founding in 2007, with over 100 million users.

This platform has earned its alias: the Netflix of Books. Enjoy a 30-day free trial today, and tell me if you don’t drown in:

  • Endless entertainment
  • Endless education
  • Endless information
  • Endless resources

You can download Scribd apps for free on Android or Apple products. You won’t enjoy such user-friendliness and reliability on Audiobook Bay, which only has a website.

Plus, Scribd offers more types of documents: magazines, newspapers, and academic journals. Audiobook Bay doesn’t even come close!

It’s just better to pay $9.99 per month for premium Scribd content than keep following Audiobook Bay links that sometimes won’t work.

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6. Digitalbook.io

Are you looking for free public domain audiobooks? Well, look no further than digitalbook.io! This website offers a wide range of free-to-download audiobooks without registering or signing up for anything.

You can browse by genre or author or use the search bar to find what you fancy. Formerly Librophile, digitalbook.io is a comprehensive source for audiobooks of all kinds. Most books are free, but some are paid options.

This platform arranges content in different niches, and it shows the top-rated and trending audiobooks on the website. You can also discover new authors and books through digitalbook.io, making it an unbeatable resource for avid readers.

Digitalbook.io and Audiobook Bay are both great resources for audiobooks, but they have some key differences. For starters, Audiobook Bay doesn’t offer paid audiobooks, unlike Digitalbook.io.

Audiobook Bay also has a greater selection of genres, while Digitalbook.io offers a wider range of authors.

The Digitalbook.io website is also well-organized, while Audiobook Bay always mixes up its domain and hosting website.

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7. ThoughtAudio

The team appreciates there are many ways people learn, inspiring its wide content variety. ThoughtAudio has you covered whether you prefer to listen to lectures while commuting or enjoy reading articles that provoke contemplation!

This platform seeks to give you knowledge and entertainment in classical literature and philosophical niches. Its global listener base is ever-growing and committed to providing engaging and educational audio content. All content is available free of charge!

The content you’ll find on this platform is not like what Audiobook Bay offers. It’s much more in-depth and intellectually stimulating. If you’re looking for a new way to learn and grow, ThoughtAudio is the perfect solution!

The platform is constantly expanding and aims to provide engaging audio content for all.

Zip access allows for high bandwidth downloads of audiobooks, articles, and lectures on a range of interesting topics! It makes learning convenient and fast, and it only costs $10 per year.

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8. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a website that provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 by:

  • Gottfrid Svartholm
  • Peter Sunde
  • Fredrik Neij

This Swedish platform is one of the most popular torrent sites globally. It also doesn’t require any registration, making it suitable for anonymous torrenting. It’s also simple, easy to use, and has a huge selection of torrents.

You just need to search for the torrent you want and download it. The site also has a handy magnet link feature, making it even easier to download torrents.

The Pirate Bay isn’t perfect, however. It’s been blocked by numerous ISPs and countries, which explains why it strongly recommends you use VPNs.

Like Audiobook Bay, The Pirate Bay has been involved in several lawsuits, both as defendant and plaintiff. In 2009, several music publishers sued The Pirate Bay in a Swedish court for copyright infringement. The plaintiffs claimed that the site hosted links to unauthorized copies of their music.

It’s still a suitable alternative to Audiobook Bay, a website that provides audiobooks for free. The Pirate Bay has a much wider selection of torrent files and magnet links, so it’s a more comprehensive selection.

9. Hoopla

This digital media company focuses on creating and distributing original content. Two former Google employees founded it in 2013 to distribute content through various channels, including:

  • Hoopla website
  • YouTube channel
  • Podcast network

This web and mobile media library streaming platform offers assorted content, including:

Hoopla is not free like Audiobooks Bay, as it charges $4.99 monthly for its service.

To get started, just download the Hoopla app on your Android or iOs device, or visit the website. It allows you to download any titles you scroll or search and find on its vast collection.

So, you’ll find more options on Hoopla than on Audiobook Bay. Also, the Hoopla app is way more reliable than Audiobook Bay, which keeps changing its domain name.

Hoopla’s library requires you to log in with your library card number, and that’s it! You’re ready to stream, download, or borrow six items monthly.

10. Lit2Go

This online collection of children’s poems and stories avails free streams and downloads in MP3 format. It also has a comprehensive search feature. The site is easy to navigate, making it a favorite destination for parents and teachers looking for quality children’s audiobooks.

You’ll have a much better feel on Lit2Go than on Audiobook Bay because of the classic, straightforward UI. Though these two free online audiobook platforms are competitive, Lit2Go edges out Audiobook Bay in a few areas.

First, Lit2Go offers more than just audiobooks. It includes poems and stories, excellent resources for teachers or parents working with children.

Second, the search feature on Lit2Go is much more comprehensive than on Audiobook Bay. It’s especially important when looking for a specific story or poem.

Third, Lit2Go’s website is easier to navigate than Audiobook Bay’s. It can be tough to find what you’re looking for on Audiobook Bay or even find it at all with the ever-changing domain names.

Overall, Lit2Go is excellent for parents and teachers looking for quality children’s audiobooks.

11. Libby App

OverDrive’s Libby is a free app for borrowing eBooks and audiobooks from your local library. It saves you storage space and the hassle of checking out physical items.

Open the Libby app, and search for your local library to get started. Once you’ve found it, sign in with your library card. You can sign up for a free account in minutes.

With Libby, you can:

  • Borrow eBooks and audiobooks from your local library
  • Check out eBooks and audiobooks for up to 21 days
  • Read or listen to borrowed books on any device
  • Sync your reading or listening position across devices
  • Download borrowed books for offline reading or listening

Libby and Audiobook Bay are both web services, but unlike Audiobook Bay, Libby is an app available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. Libby is also available as an app for the Kindle Fire.

You can also borrow eBooks from many libraries with Libby. Audiobook Bay doesn’t have this feature.

12. ExtraTorrent

The biggest BitTorrent system globally, ExtraTorrent is a powerful engine for downloading any file type. With its simple, user-friendly interface, and powerful search capabilities, you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time – and you can be sure it’s legal!

ExtraTorrent beats Audiobook Bay in its own game because Audiobook Bay keeps getting into run-ins with the law. ExtraTorrent is a safe and legal site with all the latest books, music, and TV shows. Audiobook Bay can’t keep up!

ExtraTorrent also has a great selection of older content you might not find on other sites. ExtraTorrent is the place if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

The search function on ExtraTorrent is top-notch – you can search by title, artist, or album. You can also browse:

  • The latest releases
  • The most popular downloads
  • Check out what’s new

ExtraTorrent is the perfect place to find that one elusive file you can’t seem to track down anywhere else. With its huge torrent selection and user-friendly interface, you’ll be downloading in no time.

13. Learn Out Loud

This platform offers another suitable alternative for Audiobook Bay users. It sells premium reads and audiobooks through paid downloads, but its website has an entire tab for free stuff on its primary navigation menu.

Listen Out Loud helps find new authors, books, and interesting content. The site also includes a blog, a great place to learn about new books and hear from the authors.

Audiobook Bay does not focus on educational content as Learn Out Loud does. Audiobook Bay is an outstanding resource for entertainment and leisure reading, whereas Learn Out Loud offers content that can help people learn new things.

The typical catalog on Learn Out Loud features:

  • Audiobooks
  • Courses
  • Documentaries
  • Lectures
  • Interviews
  • Speeches

14. Project Gutenberg

This volunteer effort is dedicated to creating a high-quality, free digital library of publications from the 1700s to today. The team is currently working on digitizing over 10 million titles and making them available for everyone to access and enjoy.

Project Gutenberg is a moral and practical alternative to Audiobook Bay, as it strives to preserve and distribute culture and heritage for future generations.

Project Gutenberg encourages the creation of audiobooks and ebooks. It also pushes for using public domain content to help educate people. Its website offers a catalog of over 60,000 free ebooks, and you don’t need any special ads or software to read them.

Project Gutenberg is a registered non-profit organization that relies on donations from people like you. If you would like to help out, please consider donating today.

15. Spotify

This Swedish startup offers a streaming music service with over 406 million users. Audiophiles will love the high-quality audio that this app provides. You can also create custom playlists or listen to existing ones.

Spotify is available on most devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops. It’s a great way to discover new music and keep up with your favorite artists.

Spotify is a viable alternative to Audiobooks Bay, though it doesn’t specialize in audiobooks. Audiobooks Bay offers a wider selection of audiobooks but with a less-friendly UI.

Audiobooks Bay is also a free web streaming service. Spotify offers freemium and premium subscriptions. Freemium users have to listen to ads, while premium users don’t. At just $5 per month, the family offer (six accounts) is worth it.

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Final Thoughts

ExtraTorrent, Learn Out Loud, Project Gutenberg, and Spotify are viable replacements for Audiobook Bay. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s essential to find the site that best suits your needs.

With so many great alternatives available, there’s no need to stick with a site that’s constantly changing its domain name. My favorite is Audible, with Loyal Books as a close second.

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