30 Best Commercial Real Estate WordPress Themes – Free & Paid

WordPress has a lot of generic themes that you can customize for the purpose of building a website for just about any industry. 

However, there are a couple of themes that are developed to create professional and highly functional websites for specific industries. 

This article features 30 of the best commercial real estate WordPress themes. 

1. RT Portfolio Pro

The RT Portfolio Pro is perfectly designed to build websites for businesses of any size.

It has some of the most advanced features that make branding and promotional strategies easy to implement.

While it has certain components that make it possible to hoard off competitors and create a unique online profile, it still remains very user-friendly.

It has a one-click demo import option that sees to it that users have a fully functional website in an instant without the hassles that come with building a website from scratch.

You will get the most attractive typography and fonts with this theme to rescue your website from conventional boring looks.

The range of color options that are available on the Portfolio Pro is astonishing. You will have the ability to choose from a palette of primary and secondary colors too, and the process is all too easy.

Of course, the highlight of the Portfolio Pro is its portfolio section. Here you can make an impression on first-time customers by outlining your previous deals with the most captivating designs.

The Portfolio Pro also has a pricing table option where you can list out your products and their prices to make transactions a lot more efficient.

This theme is responsive across all devices and compatible with all popular browsers.

2. Houzez

Houzez is your ticket to quickly create the perfect online property management WordPress website.

Its multifunctional capability allows you to create all kinds of modern or simple websites whether it is a single property one or a full-blown real estate portal.

It offers five demo modes to choose from and its one-click import option makes it possible to replicate any one of them in a matter of seconds.

Houzez has the capacity to create websites that allow users to submit listings and pay for the privilege. You will not be limited to a single payment option as Houzez lets you charge your users on a subscription basis. 

Its designs are easy on the eyes and each individual template has been optimized to ensure that you can publish as much information as you want on your listings.

This theme is perfect for real estate agents and agencies and thanks to its page builder, you can easily customize any part of your website to your taste. 

3. Wealty

Wealty has a vast library with a ton of options that makes it apt for building all kinds of real estate websites.

Its pre-built content will fulfill your website needs, whether you want to create a house listing site, web page for an agency, or even a real estate blog.

It is popular for its interactive floor plan builder, very responsive annotations and a search tool that features suggestions and autocomplete.

Wealty is compatible with some of WordPress’s best plugins such as yelp and Greatschools that will improve interaction on your website.

This theme has a membership option that lets you make your listings only available to premium members. 

It is easy to personalize, so even if you have no previous knowledge of WordPress, the learning curve on Wealty is pretty fast, plus there are a lot of tutorial videos and documentation that will help you get started as soon as possible. 

4. Residence Real Estate

WP Residence was designed to help independent real estate agents and agencies to build responsive and professional websites without breaking the bank.

One of the best things about this framework is that it gives you the ability to create your own advanced search bar, so you can design it according to what analytics tell you that your users are searching for.

Each page comes with its pre-built options, but you can override them to see which features you want to be made available to your site visitors.

If you want to create a subscription-based site, then WP Residence is one of the best that you will find for this purpose.

You can set your website to allow users to submit their listings for free or charge per month. It allows for flexible payments, so your premium users can pay monthly quarterly or annually.

You can upsell additional offers on your website, such as requesting payment for extra listings or for customers’ listings to be shown on the most prominent pages on your site.

5. Homepress

Homepress is the brainchild of StylemixThemes.

It is relatively new to the market, so you will not find that many reviews on the theme, but StylemixThemes are known for creating some of the best themes for WordPress.

Homepress has similar features as some of the other StylemixThemes in the market. It has multiple demo options that can be installed with one click.

You will likely find the demo that suits your needs regardless of the type of real estate business you are running.

Each of the demos has customizable homepages and important templates for other pages that your website will need.

You can install the Elementor page builder to help you customize your content to the last details.

Homepress was built with your users in mind with its advanced search feature that lets your users find the type of real estate listing that they are looking for.

You can search your website to display features such as the type of property, number of rooms, and other criteria that will make it faster for a potential customer.

On your website, Homepress also features a page statistics module to let you and your site visitors know how many times a listing has been viewed.

6. Realtyspace

Realtyspace is powered by a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you customize any of its 5 home pages to build your own real estate website according to your needs. 

Each of its home pages gives you an option to display a large Google map that can specify locations where your listings are based. 

You can utilize the slideshow layouts to display your most eye-catching images that will attract new customers at first glance. 

This theme also features an interactive search tool, testimonials page, agent profiles, and a contact form module. 

You can list your properties in a tabular format which will display their best features, including a photo and a description. 

7. RealPlaces

RealPlaces is another new WordPress theme on this list, but with more than $1 million in sales owing to its amazing features, it definitely earns a place among the hottest real estate themes in the market at the moment. 

The theme gives you three different demos to choose from when you want to set up your website and its one-click importation feature makes it easy for you to replicate the designs without technical knowledge. 

RealPlaces was optimized to showcase your properties in the most elegant and stylish way, so it uses a full-screen image slider to display the photos of your properties on your home page. 

8. DreamVilla

DreamVilla was designed to help real estate agents or agencies focus on selling or renting out a single property. 

It includes some specific features that were placed to easily allow visitors to check out certain information about your property. 

You can place a full-screen photo of the facility, as well as provide an interactive Google map that will help potential customers locate it on the go. 

Its integrated contact form allows interested customers to easily contact you for additional information. 

If they like what they see, they can book for the property online, thanks to DreamVilla’s interactive reservation tool. 

9. Benaa

Benaa is used to create real estate websites exactly as they should be. 

It has ten different home page layouts to choose from. 

Each of these layouts features a search toolbar, a sideshow displaying your latest properties, and an interactive Google map showing the locations of your listings on the home page. 

From the ten different demos, you will almost certainly find a template that will suit your needs, however, if you do not find one that you are satisfied with, you can use WPBakery to build your own pages from scratch. 

Benaa also features a mortgage calculator, a property comparison tool, and an email alert system. 

10. MyHome

MyHome framework is fantastic for creating different types of real estate websites. 

It has two demos that were designed to build traditional real estate websites for agencies. 

These demos are packed with the necessary features that your website will need so you can launch straight out of the box. 

They include a listing search tool with advanced filtering options that enables your visitors to find specific properties. 

You can also use this theme to create a multi-vendor marketplace where visitors can sign up to submit their listings on your website. 

The theme is also perfect for creating personal websites for individual agents and its user experience is unrivaled. 

11. Real Estate 7

Real Estate 7 has six professionally designed variations that you can choose from. 

These demos give you the option to display your properties with beautiful image sliders, showcase your most popular listing, and display an interactive Google map that links to all your properties. 

This theme is especially suitable for non-techies because it allows the website owners to manage their sites from the frontend without having to log in to the sometimes confusing WordPress backend. 

It has an online booking system that simplifies the appointment booking process and it allows visitors to add their favorite properties to a special tab.

12. Findeo

Findeo has five elegantly designed home page layouts that real estate managers and agencies can choose from. 

It has two search modules. 

The basic search module makes it easy for visitors to make a quick search for properties by entering generic or specific keywords. 

The advanced search tool has important filters that quickly tracks the exact items the customer wants to see. 

Findeo allows you to create subscription-based plans for your visitors, which they can buy to get access to submit listings on your site. 

You can create multiple pricing plans for your users based on how much functionality they have access to, and payments can be one-off or recurring.

13. Reales WP

Unlike most of the themes on this list, Reales does not have multiple home page layouts, but if you want to quickly build a standard real estate website, then you should truly consider Reales. 

This theme does not have that many options, but sometimes, fewer options can mean fewer decisions to make, so it expedites the website making process. 

Reales has some amazing features that you can enable and disable if you like. It has a custom contact form, agents profile page and a featured list of properties widget. 

Publishing content using this theme is pretty straightforward and you can do a test drive via its online demo to see if it will work for you. 

14. Solus

Solus is also used to create websites to promote a single property that you want to rent out or sell. 

With this framework, you can set up your website pretty smoothly as it contains a ton of pre-built content to help you. 

In the unlikely event that you get stuck, there’s a library of videos that contains instructions on how to go about the whole set up process. 

Solus lets you create your own custom color themes, use background animations and images, and use an auto-scrolling slider tool to promote your properties. 

15. Zoner

Zoner has 16 home page layouts to choose from and these layouts include an interactive Google map, an advanced search tool, and a full-screen image slideshow. 

It’s just as good a theme as the other ones on this list, but its comparison feature is the unique feature that makes it stand out among fierce competition. 

This theme is also compatible with the best membership plugins, so you can create sign up options for your staff and visitors. 

You can charge users for every property they list on your site and accept payments via PayPal or Stripe. 

Zoner is also compatible with the visual page builder, so if you are not satisfied with any of the pre-built pages, you can easily build your own from scratch. 

16. Javo Home

Javo Home is perfect for WordPress users that want complete control over their real estate website. 

It makes use of the visual page builder, WPBakery, so pretty much anyone can build their website to exact specifications even if they have never written a line of code in their lives. 

You can use its premium revolution slider to add catchy animations to your content and display your best properties with an amazing image slider. 

To get started with the Javo Home theme is easy. You can unwrap all of its features with a single click installation process.

17. Hometown

Hometown is ideal for creating community-driven real estate websites. 

It has a simple frontend that lets users sign up and submit their own property listings.

From your backend, you can manage these users and their listings, including deciding whether they should have to pay for such privileges. 

You can also monetize your website by displaying pay per click adverts or by selling relevant ad spaces on your site. 

Hometown features two homepage layouts that you can choose from and it is compatible with the visual composer plugin, so you can design your site to your specifications. 

18. Zoacres

Zoacres lets you quickly launch your website by choosing from its 15 different homepage layouts. 

It is a very flexible theme and is easy to customize even with zero design skills. 

This theme features an advanced search tool that makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. 

Its advanced dashboard enables clients to easily log in to their accounts and manage their properties. 

It also features a mortgage calculator, property slider and an agent profile page. 

19. CitiLights

CitiLights can be used to design various types of real estate related websites. 

You can use it to build a complex property’s website where users can sign up to submit listings, as well as design a simple website to promote a single property. 

It utilizes the dsIDXpress IDX plugin to enter live real estate properties, so you must have an IDX account. 

Alternatively, you can add your properties directly from your admin panel and also enable users to be able to add their listings from the frontend. 

20. Real Expert

Real Expert is a super responsive real estate theme that features an interactive advanced search tool, custom widgets, and several pre-built templates to satisfy your business needs. 

It features a country based map that is an excellent tool for finding in certain places. This feature is currently available in able 30 countries and it costs an additional $90 per country. 

This theme loads very quickly and it includes a free one-time installation gift. 

21. RealHomes

RealHomes has many pre-built templates that make it a common choice among webmasters looking to design a clean real estate website. 

It has a good number of premium features that simplify the website management process. 

Its features include an advanced search tool, simple and grid listing option, custom widgets, multiple fonts, and typefaces. 

22. Bentuestu

Bentuestu is used to make easy-on-the-eyes real estate web pages. 

It is perfect for creating special property websites such as breakfast in bed rental pages, hotels and traffic sites like Airbnb. 

It has a booking feature that lets you manage your schedule without stress. This feature is integrated with an availability calendar so there can be no mix-ups. 

Bentuestu also has a fully responsive revolution slider that you can use to display images and videos to promote your properties.

23. Realia

Realia is a WordPress framework that was specifically designed to build real estate rental portals. 

It is optimized for SEO and the contents of its pages are displayed in the most engaging and organized patterns. 

With Realia, users can add their listings through the frontend submission medium and you can manage them from your WordPress admin panel. 

This theme is responsive across multiple devices and it is also retina-ready. 

24. Homeland

You will find only a few WordPress frameworks that can be used to quickly design websites that are enchanting like Homeland. 

The developers of this retina-ready theme surely gave preference to design and presentation. 

It has a number of shortcodes that will expedite your web creation process and you can contact the developers if you need any sort of assistance. 

Homeland has two home page layouts and many custom page templates that will come in handy for your real estate website. 

25. Zuhaus

Zuhaus is often used by professionals that want to create websites to promote one or more properties for short-term rentals. 

It has an attractive layout that is eye-catching and also easy for visitors to browse through. 

Its advanced search feature makes it easy for prospective customers to find what they are looking for. 

A good part of the home page layout is dedicated to displaying featured properties from your listings or the most popular ones in your directory. 

With Zuhaus, users can also add their listings to your website, but this feature is optional depending on whether you want your website to promote only your properties or you want to create an Airbnb type website. 

26. Freehold

Freehold is a simple and friendly website framework that uses unrestrained color schemes to create an identity for your real estate brand. 

It is retina-ready, fully responsive across all devices, and multilingual. 

This theme is compatible with social media plugins and features a Twitter and Flickr tool that automatically pulls content from your accounts to display on your website. 

It features some of the best real estate widgets for free, including an open house widget, featured listing widget and an interactive Google map. 

27. Homy

Homy is a WordPress theme is perfect for all kinds of real estate websites. 

It’s a Bootstrap-style framework that has clean and easy-to-understand code and comments to guide users. 

It has four homepage layouts that are perfect for real estate agencies, agents, rentals, and construction websites. 

28. Hexo

Hexo has three demos that include a number of templates for real estate website pages. 

Its advanced property search tool will be useful for visitors to quickly find their choices.

Hexo has an unlimited color option that will make your website look awesome, and it features a premium image slider to promote your properties on your home page. 

29. Land Estate – Real Estate

Land Estate is a framework used to design single property websites. 

It is responsive across multiple devices and features two unique home page variations that you can install with a single click. 

30. RealArea

RealArea is a 100% responsive theme that is used to build exceptional WordPress websites for real estate clients. 

Its main features are its advanced property search option, 30 fully layered PSD files, multi galley templates Mailchimp plugin, and 5-star customer support. 

Final Words

There you have it; our list of 30 best commercial real estate WordPress themes. 

This list contains the most comprehensive collection of themes that will help you create a masterpiece property site in any sub-niche.

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