21 Best Cursive Fonts For Email Signatures

If you’ve ever wondered which cursive font to use in your email signatures, you’ve come to the right place. The correct signature font can transform your emails visually, evoke emotion, and add consistency to your branding.

Email signatures can also add an air of familiarity with your recipients, making them more likely to trust your messaging.

I’ve put together 21 of the best cursive fonts for email signatures that look like authentic handwriting and match your style of work.

This vetted list of cursive fonts works seamlessly on Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, iOS Mail, Yahoo, Samsung Mail, and Thunderbird. No fluff—just fonts that ensure your emails look professional and readable, every time.

Read on.

Best Cursive Fonts For Email Signatures

1. Charlie Angela

Charlie Angela - best cursive font for email signature

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This cursive signature makes it easy to add a sense of formality and authority to your emails without going over the top. It’s classy and timeless with high legibility, making it perfect for both business emails and creative projects alike.

Use it to create consistent branding in your electronic communications and build a sense of trust with your recipients.

The great thing about this font is that once you purchase it, you can also use it in a wide range of other areas, such as product designs, stationery, labels, or basically anything else that requires a handwriting element.

2. Talliya

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The Talliya signature font is an excellent font to use in your email signature if you want to show off your creativity. It’s a fun and playful script that is also perfect for all types of design projects.

It has a modern feel while conveying a sense of elegance and style. Built with Opentype features, the font is a great example of modern calligraphy that showcases a lot about your professionalism and your brand’s character.

The font comes with multilingual support. That is, it includes glyphs that represent characters in different languages, which means you can use them for virtually any language.

3. Joyfully

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Joyfully is a loopy hand-drawn script font from Adobe Fonts that will beautify your email signature. Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers will find thousands of unique fonts on the platform.

This inky hand-drawn script is new, fresh, and ideal for adding more personality to your email signoff. You can also use it for a range of other projects, including prints, quotes, cards, and more.

As far as decorative fonts go, it’s important to choose one that is easy to read in order to avoid cluttering your signature, and this type of penmanship satisfies this requirement.

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4. Handestonie

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Handestonie is a classy web font to communicate your branding and add a personal touch to your signature logo. It renders well on all devices and email clients. This means you’ll be able to use it for branding purposes without limiting your creativity in any way.

Like most other cursive fonts, this one has multiple uses. In addition to using it in your emails, it’s also perfect for photography, invitations, logos, and other creative projects that could benefit from handwritten elements.

The font comes with standard and alternate glyphs, which means you can use it for any language.

5. Janelotus

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This is an inspiring email signature font that offers a stylish flow to keep your visual identity consistent. The characters are joined together in a way that makes the lettering look natural – a requirement of all great handwritten scripts.

With beautiful swashes and ligatures, this stylistic set of characters has a distinct look that will help to take your email signature to the next level. Just make sure that this particular type of penmanship matches the tone of your work.

The cursive font comes with multilingual support and renders exceptionally well on all browsers and devices.

6. Maya

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Maya is a luxury font that is a modern pair of san-serif fonts and script. It’s a beautiful and authentic font that you can use to add a sense of consistency and uniformity to your email signoff.

Compared to many other cursive signature fonts on this list, Maya offers one of the best examples of typographic harmony, making it ideal for all types of design projects, not just email signatures.

You can also use it in your headlines, logos, and other places. The font comes with a full set of uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numbers, punctuation, and multilingual symbols.

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7. Befront

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Befront is a unique signature font that is perfect for adding visual interest to your emails. It emphasizes your personal touch making it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to add an air of dramatic appeal to their communication.

The lettering looks like fast-paced, careless handwriting, which helps to make the font appear more personal. When you purchase the font, you also get glyphs and multi-language symbols as part of the set.

This means that you’ll be able to use the font in a variety of other places, such as blogs, labels, book covers, etc.

8. The Bryelli Brush Font

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The Bryelli Brush font adds uniformity and is a great way to add a personal touch to your email signature design. It’s a type of display script that has a unique texture brush pen that is ideal for creatives.

The modern script can also be used on tee shirt designs, magazines, and natural photos. You can test the font by typing in your email signature text to see what it will look like before purchasing it.

This is a great idea because the messy texture of the brush script means that it may not be the right choice for everyone.

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9. Rosemellind

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Rosemellind is another stunning way to add your personal touch to your email signature. The handwritten script has a certain dramatic flair that is visually attractive and will make your emails stand out. It’s easy to read and will look spectacular at the bottom of your letters.

The flowing nature of this beautiful font makes it ideal for a wide range of other types of design and branding.

In addition to your email signature, you can also use it for blogging, social media, product packaging, and much more. This way, you’ll get the most value from your investment.

10. Maria

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The Maria Signature font is a well-designed script that displays great on all devices and email clients. The typeface features calligraphic font elements that are all hand-drawn using pen and paper and then manually traced in vector form.

The creators of this font took great care to ensure that the script’s characters looked and flowed as naturally as possible from letter to letter. This helps to ensure an authentic result for handwriting and signatures.

The Maria Signature font is also perfect for a diversity of design projects, including weddings, photography, badges, and any other type of project that requires beautiful cursive handwriting.

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11. Summer Faith

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Summer Faith is yet another awesome signature font for use in emails. It allows you to express your creativity and fits a wide variety of content types. The font has dramatic capitals paired with natural lower-case characters to make it easy to read.

When you purchase the set, you get a large selection of ligatures that will make your email signature look authentically handwritten. You can also use the script on logos, branding stationery, and so on.

Having said that, this script is not suitable for use with extensive text as it may prove difficult to read. In such cases, you might use it as a headline and then pair it with stronger sans or serif fonts.

12. Anabelle

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Annabelle is a handwritten typeface with calligraphic script elements. It is the perfect font for email signatures and can also be used for stunning headlines and logotypes. The script has looping characteristics and mixed-width strokes to add elegance to your signature.

The format conveys a feeling of classy ink pen writing and features extensive kerning, which makes it flow easily from one letter to the other.

The Annabelle font set comes with all uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numbers, punctuation, and common symbols to add an organic handwritten feel to most design projects like logos, business cards, and other branding materials.

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13. Fertigo Script

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Fertigo is a new handwritten typeface that has attractive ornaments and ligatures. The eye-catching design is a great way to showcase your personality in your emails.

This beautiful font is part of the Adobe Fonts collection and comes with extended language support, including Romanian, Slovak, Turkish, Czech, and many others.

The full Adobe Fonts library can be used for both commercial and personal use. These are high-quality fonts that make for easy viewing and printing.

You’ll find a number of slight variations in the name, but most fonts in the “Fertigo” family are similar in form. The main differences are in the intended use of each particular script.

14. Callifornia

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Callifornia is an elegant font with OpenType features and a natural script stroke. It looks very much like personal handwriting, making it ideal for creating a unique and memorable email signature.

The script includes the entire alphabet, plus numerals, punctuation, symbols, and ligatures. Like many other signature fonts, it also has support for multiple languages.

You can use this authentic handwritten script for your email signature, as well as to add a sense of elegance to various other branding projects, such as ads, social media posts, watermarks, and more.

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15. Hamiltone

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The Hamiltone Signature style font is a great option to consider if you want your email signature to have the timeless feel of ink pen writing.

The luxury font will add elegance and style to your emails while helping you establish a strong visual identity in your communications. The swashes and ligatures in this stylistic set help to make it stand out from all the rest.

The set includes letters, numbers, and punctuation. It also comes with multilingual support. You can also use the Hamiltone font for greeting cards, invitations, and weddings.

16. Arabilla

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Arabilla is a stunning handwritten font that looks natural and authentic. Its supple line and stylish loops make it a great option if you want to leave your email recipients with a lasting impression.

This natural signature font is ideal not only for emails but also for creating attractive logos, flirty business cards, and other creative designs. The characters convey a cheerful feel that is perfect for uplifting text, such as party invites or positive quotes on social media.

All in all, this font is easy to use and comes complete with numbers, symbols, and punctuation. It’s perfect to use in combination with serif, sans, or any other straight gentle font.

17. Plutoin Baff Handwritten

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Plutoin Baff is a modern signature font that will instantly elevate your email communications. This smooth handwritten script comes with a special set of ligatures that make it ideal for both viewing and printing.

Use it on emails, blogs, and social media to personalize your design and convey a sense of style that is uniquely your own.

This attractive script pairs well with almost any serif or sans font. This makes it easy to personalize your designs and show off your unique style without overwhelming the reader.

18. Steffyray

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Steffyray is a stylish OpenType font with beautiful cursive strokes that will add a touch of classic elegance and chic to any email signature. The font has slanted characters that add a subtle sense of fun while maintaining professionalism.

The script’s extensive ligatures make it ideal for all types of uses, including branding designs, digital creations, and even prints. This means that in addition to using the font in your email signature, you can also use it on your social media, blog, business cards, and many other places.

Steffyray comes with support for over 100 languages and makes a great pair for your secondary text font in either sans or serif format.

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19. Charlotte Amalie

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Charlotte Amalie is a fancy script that you can use to personalize your email signature while keeping it legible.

This thoughtfully created signature font looks like artful handwriting and is great for all creative types, as well as more personal communications. It will work on PC and Mac and is accessible in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Choose this stunning font if you want simplicity in your design. It’s perfect for photography, ads, wedding designs, product labels, and much more.

20. Sunsetstill

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Sunsetstill is a smooth-flowing signature script font that lends a casual air while still being visually striking. The bold felt-tip stroke combined with the slanted characters allows you to add an air of fun to your email signature.

Note that this type of font would not be ideal for more formal business emails. But, with its extended set of glyphs, this script is perfect for various types of creative work such as social media, movie titles, eBook titles, and more. The font comes with support for over 100 languages.

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21. Trickiest

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Trickest is a fun signature font that brings a playful feel to your emails. It has a contemporary minimalist vibe, with long, flowing strokes that look amazing on any device or print. Use the script in your emails, social media, ads, or branding designs.

Pro Tip: Make Sure Your Chosen Font is Legible.

Keep in mind that not all cursive fonts are good. Some look only slightly clearer than a doctor’s prescription. Whether used in your email signature or anywhere else, an illegible font can be damaging to your brand’s visual identity.

To avoid this, consider the spacing of your letters to ensure that people don’t have to squint to decipher your name.

Also, look at the shape of the letters to make sure that some letters aren’t mistaken for others, as often happens in cursive, flowery, and fancy scripts. This can have disastrous effects, as shown in the hilarious example below:

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Best Cursive Fonts For Email Signatures – Conclusion

A font is more than a typeface. It can set the tone for your business documents, add a personal touch, or show off your flair for design in more relaxed communications.

Whether you want fonts for casual or professional use, the information in this guide will help you choose the best cursive fonts for your email signatures.

Just remember, not all fonts are 100% email-safe, so do your research to ensure that your chosen font will display correctly on different devices and email clients.

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