20 Best Handwriting Fonts In Word 2024

Creating the perfect written presentation, letter, card, or even advert requires more than the content you wish to communicate. It requires that you choose the most ideal font to present your ideas or information.

Sometimes the documents you create are better presented with a handwritten font rather than fonts that look static or computer-generated. That is where handwriting fonts in Word come in.

Handwritten fonts tend to give your document a human feel. They also make the document unique to yourself or your organization.

The good news is that these fonts are available within your computer’s word processor and you can, therefore, access and use them as you wish.

Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best handwriting fonts in Word.

Take a look.

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Best Handwriting Fonts In Word

1. Segoe Script

Segoe Script is one of the most popular fonts in Word. It is generally considered sleek and elegant which is why it can work nicely for different purposes.

That means you can use it to create a simple art piece or put down some kind words for your friends or family. At the same time, you can use the font to address official emails to business partners or customers.

While it is a cursive font, it does not come with all the negative things that are attributed to such fonts. For instance, it is not very curly or flicky and that makes it easy to use under any setting.

Keep in mind that a number of cursive fonts usually feature lines that protrude from awkward positions and that can make the text difficult to read. The font is also relatively larger than most in the cursive category and that makes it easier to read.

The Segoe Script font is available to use free of charge.

2. Pristina

Pristina is another excellent handwriting font you can find in Word. It does not look like most cursive fonts but it does come across as being quite attractive to look at.

One of the things that make it stand out is that each of its letters has a distinct characteristic. A casual look at this font would give you the impression that you are reading letters or words scribbled down using a bold pen.

It is that characteristic that makes it a popular choice for people who want to write a formal letter or email but then give it a traditional handwriting touch. Most letters in this font have varying boldness levels and that gives an impression of someone writing while applying different pressure levels with each stroke.

Another impressive thing about this font is that it supports over 69 different languages which makes it accessible to people of different nationalities. You’ll be pleased to know that you can change the size of the font when working in MS Word.

You can even go ahead and change the color if you want to make your text stand out. The font is also available to use free of charge.

3. French Script MT

This is an exceptional font for anyone that wants to create an impression of handwriting. The font has all the characteristics of cursive writing. That means each letter contains lines or curves that lead directly to the next.

The font features quite a number of curls which gives it a human-like touch. However, not many people can actually write out texts in this way. And that is one of the reasons why it has managed to become popular.

Many people use the font to write out formal documents or letters. However, its default size is almost always smaller than most common alternatives.

You might want to adjust the size if you want to make it easier for people to read, especially if you blend it with other fonts within the document. As the name suggests, French Script MT is a reproduction of the type of handwriting that was used in French Scripts of the nineteenth century.

The font features over 150 bold and curved characters and also incorporates up to 191 glyphs. It can be the ideal font to use when designing logos, cards, school reports, and even official documents.

4. Lucida Handwriting

Lucida Handwriting is another exceptional font you may want to consider using. It is a semi-cursive font meaning it does not have the curls and flicks that often make it difficult for people to read or write.

Again, many people use this font when they want to give the impression of having written a document by hand rather than a computer or machine. It can be ideal for crafting both formal and informal documents including letters, cards, and emails.

It slightly differs from the Pristina font because it does not have different boldness levels or pressure points. Instead, it only includes straight lines with no varying stroke sizes or impressions.

This is a pretty straightforward choice so it can be used to craft a variety of documents. It is available to use free of charge.

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5. Mistral

Next on this list of the best handwriting fonts in Word is Mistral. It is unique because it almost gives the impression that the person writing it was in a rush.

But that does not make it less ideal for either formal or informal writing. It can still work for documents such as reports, emails, and letters to friends or family.

Most of the time, this font is considered an old-fashioned font just like the French Script MT. The font was developed by Roger Excoffon and was released in 1953.

It is worth pointing out that the stroke on this particular font has an informal graphic quality which can sometimes make it seem like it was written using a brush and ink.

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6. Bradley Hand ITC

Another handwriting font you can choose to use within your MS Word is Bradley Hand ITC font. It was developed by a British designer called Richard Bradley and has over the years become one of the most popular handwriting options.

It is a unique font because it is available in varying brush sizes and boldness so you can use it in different settings seamlessly. It tends to incorporate thin and thick lines so you can almost trace the brush strokes if you are observant enough.

A casual look at the font gives off a relaxing rhythm which can be quite impressive when you are reading a long document. The font is commonly used to write religious documents but can also work in other informal or formal documents.

The best part of this font is that it reduces or eliminates the static feel of computer or machine-generated writing and adds a human touch.

7. The Hand

The Hand is an alternative handwriting font you may want to check out. Compared to Bradley Hand, this particular font comes across as being much thinner or narrower.

However, it still offers you a way to create documents or letters without coming across as computer-generated. The font was designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin in France.

Unlike other fonts that seem to go over the top when it comes to design, The Hand is designed to strike a balance between the elements that writers require. That means the font is easy to write and read but it also retains some element of beauty making it a pleasant end product.

You can vary the type of font you want by selecting a specific element. For instance, The Hand Light almost looks like it has a faded color while The Hand ExtraBlack pops up and can be seen clearly.

Regardless of the type you choose, you can be sure that this font will make your writing unique and pleasant to read.

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8. Kristen ITC

The next handwriting font you can use in MS Word is Kristen ITC. This particular option is a casual font and may, therefore, not be the ideal pick for formal writing.

It was developed by George Ryan after finding inspiration from a certain restaurant menu in Massachusetts. A casual look at the font reveals an asymmetric structure which is one of the reasons it is rarely used in formal writing.

In fact, some have compared it to the handwriting of a child. Nevertheless, it does give a refreshing feel to informal writing since it looks nothing like a computer-generated font.

This font was designed to humanize writing rather than have it appear to be perfect. It is worth pointing out that most people do not have perfect handwriting.

Some people scribble letters out of size while others miss the alignment altogether. Kristen ITC font seeks to capture that imperfection and make it a fun way to write things like birthday cards and restaurant menus.

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9. Monotype Corsiva

The next handwriting font you can find in MS Word is Monotype Corsiva. It was designed by Patricia Saunders and released in 1991.

It is an Italic font, and that makes it a bit different from some of the options on this list.

It is one of the most beautiful fonts you can find and that is why a lot of people prefer using it when writing poems or songs.

Because it is not too simple or too over the top, you can use it in formal and informal writing. It also features serifs on the edges of the letters which is one of the things that make it stand out.

It can also be used to design beautiful invitations and advertisements because it tends to attract readers.

10. Ink Free

Ink Free is another handwriting font you should have a look at. It was designed and released by Steve Matteson. The font has a slim appearance which makes it both elegant and refreshing.

Some people even think it appears a bit messy. But that is because it is designed to give a realistic impression of something written by a human hand.

It is often used for informal writing because those who use it want to give the impression that they are writing naturally and without any hurry. If you are looking for something simple yet beautiful, this might just be the best option for you.

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11. Edwardian Script

Edwardian Script is an attractive handwriting font you can use while working in MS Word. It was designed by Edward Benguiat in 1994.

The idea of developing this font came about when the designer observed the appearance of letters made by a steel pen. The pen can be pushed as well as pulled in order to create the impressions desired.

The process of pushing and pulling the pen produced different stroke contrasts because of the varied pressure levels that were being applied. As a consequence, the process of developing this font was not easy.

However, the designer drew and redrew the letters until finally he succeeded. Today, Edwardian Script is available as a regular and bold font depending on what you want to use it for.

Of course, it strikes a balance between formal and informal font categories meaning you can use it to craft a love letter or even a legal document.

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12. Kunstler Script

Kunstler Script is another beautiful handwriting font you can use to craft different types of documents. It is considered a formal font and that means you can use it to craft official documents such as reports, contracts, and letters.

You can also use the font to add a touch of class and fun to your writing. Its primary weight was designed back in 1902 but has undergone various upgrades to add even more weights for you to choose from.

The font has its origins in Germany where it was first referred to as Künstlerschreibschrift. That is a German phrase that translates to the handwriting of artists.

The font is available to use for free in MS Word.

13. Magneto

The Magneto font is also an excellent handwriting font you can turn to when you want to give your documents a touch of elegance and a human feel.

It was designed by Leslie Carbaga who drew inspiration from the chrome-strip lettering that was popular for refrigerator doors and automobile trunks in the past.

This font has three variations of its lettering and that gives you the flexibility to try out each before you settle on the most appealing to you. The font can be a good option when you are writing invitations or cards.

It can also be an exceptional choice when you are creating a love letter or poem. Its bold design makes it an appealing choice for capturing headlines or titles.

14. Tempus Sans ITC

Tempus Sans ITC was designed by Phil Grimshaw. In his explanation of how he came up with the font, he noted that a lot of calligraphers dream of writing perfect Roman letters.

In his own quest to achieve this dream, he started crafting letters using a fountain pen. However, his canvas was a cheap, porous paper which caused the ink to bleed.

As a result, the Tempus Sans ITC font was born. A casual look at the font reveals rugged edges or an uneven appearance.

But that is exactly how a lot of handwritten letters using fountain pens and paper appear. In most cases, the true character of this font stands out when it is set to larger sizes rather than smaller ones.

If you are, therefore, looking for a beautiful handwriting font in MS Word, consider changing your font setting to Tempus Sans ITC.

15. Vladimir Script

The Vladimir Script font was designed by Andrich Vladimir in 1995. It is one of the most beautiful and delicate-looking fonts you will find on this list.

It stands out as having flowing letters that are almost developed in a lyrical or effortless manner. It can be the ideal choice for writing invitations, event cards, poems, and songs.

The letters in this font have a steep slant which makes them look like the texts that were written on department store signs in the past. The font’s uppercase letters and numbers can be considered informal which is why the font is rarely used when crafting official documents.

If you want a handwriting font that gives off the vibe of femininity or one that strikes the readers as elegant and delicate, this should be your go-to solution.

16. Palace Script MT

Palace Script MT can be another option for creating documents with a human touch. It can be ideal for crafting things like flyers, letters, cards, and official presentations or documents.

This font is a variation of the English copperplate script that was popular in the early years of the twentieth century. It is characterized by a steep incline and a color variation that gives the impression of letters being engraved.

When using this font in your MS Word documents, ensure that you set it to larger sizes. That is because some of its default letters are quite small and may not appear clearly.

It also tends to come across as more elegant when you keep the use of capital letters to a minimum.

17. Freestyle Script

The Freestyle Script font is another option you may want to have a look at. It is an informal display typeface and may therefore not work for official documents.

However, if you want to craft letters to your loved ones or write invitations that look interesting, this may be the right font for you to use. It was designed in 1969 by Colin Brignall.

It has undergone some upgrades over the years with its bold version being designed and released in 1986. One of the best things about this particular font is that it supports up to 78 different languages.

That means people from different countries around the world can use it with relative ease.

18. Segoe Print

Next up on this list of the best handwriting fonts in Word is Segoe Print. It is slightly different from Segoe Script because it does not have letters that connect to each other.

That is one of the reasons why it stands out as being a realistic handwritten font. Keep in mind that most people who write with pen and paper hardly connect their letters.

Instead, they write each letter individually. Unless, of course, they are doctors. Because the letters in this font are plain and simple, it is quite easy for anyone to read through any document that utilizes the font.

If you are looking for a font that does not add too many cursive elements and appears simple enough to be read and understood by people of all ages, Segoe Print should be among your top picks.

19. Script MT Bold

The next handwriting font you can use in Word is Script MT Bold. It differs from others on this list because it tends to stand out thanks to its heavy appearance.

The font was inspired by twentieth-century writings from Germany which often used bold letters. Because of its heavy outlook, this font is not the ideal pick for formal writing.

Instead, it can be an excellent font to use when you want to create a headline or title.

20. Lucida Calligraphy

Last but not least is Lucida Calligraphy. This font was designed by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes. Unlike cursive fonts that may be difficult to write or read, this particular font is quite easy to replicate and read through.

It can be the ideal font for things like announcements, invitations, greetings, placards, and posters. You can also use the font to create titles and headlines or subheads within a document.

Wrap Up

Handwriting fonts add a touch of class to your documents and also make for a refreshing read. Additionally, there are quite a variety of these fonts to suit both your formal and informal writing needs.

For instance, if you want a handwritten font for your school or work presentation, you can go for Segoe Print or Lucida Handwriting.

On the other hand, if you want to create informal documents such as invitations or adverts, you can choose handwriting fonts such as Vladimir Script or Segoe Script.

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