10 Best Fontello Alternatives 2024

Fontello is an online app used to create custom fonts with icons. It also serves as a library storing millions of fonts that you can download and use in all kinds of projects for free.

You can search for icons, generate icon fonts, customize codes, integrate the icon library into your product, and customize the look of your icons, all on Fontello.

There’s no denying that Fontello is an amazing resource, but some people require a larger selection of icons as this gives them more diverse options to work with.

Also, Fontello offers limited support for integrations and its processes leave something to be desired in terms of ease of use and speed.

Whether you’ve been keeping an eye out for Fontello alternatives for this reason or you’re just looking for a change, there are plenty of apps that could easily replace Fontello in your toolkit.

Today, we’re going to show you some premium alternatives to Fontello that you might want to hop on for your upcoming projects.

Best Fontello Alternatives

1. Icofont

Icofont is a great library with over 2100 free icons to choose from and take your design projects to the next level. Its diverse range of icons is broken into 30 categories to enable easier selection and ensure you have a seamless experience finding suitable icons.

Some of the categories you can browse through on Icofont include social, web application, directional, currency, brand, mobile UI, food, construction, sports, and more.

Icofont provides a simple and powerful custom icon pack builder feature that you can use to create your own icon pack from the available options.

If you’re a Fontello user who likes being able to choose only the fonts you want and creating a collection featuring the selected icons, you don’t have to worry about losing that by switching to this Fontello alternative.

Icofont provides a similar function that works just as effectively. The icons on this application are well mastered, allowing you to maintain a consistent experience in your design and developmental projects without having to worry about icons being mismatched.

Just the way Fontello icons can be used for both desktop and web platforms, the icons on Icofont are designed to be awesome and impressive regardless of the platform you use them on.

With Icofont, you are given multiple choices for downloading your desired icons. You can get them in Font or SVG format or both depending on what your project requires.

Using icons in SVG format will allow you to reduce the amount of time it takes for your web pages to fully render and drastically lower the initial page load flicker that can plague web fonts.

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2. Flaticon

Flaticon is easily the largest collection of icons in the world and an amazing alternative to Fontello. It gives you over 5.7 million icons and stickers to choose from, all arranged into categories to enable you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Flaticon’s web font and SVG-based icons can be used for your Android, iOS, and web applications seamlessly. You can build multiple collections of your favorite icons to allow for easy organization, download, and selection.

Compared to Fontello, Flaticon provides more extensive filter search options to help you speedily find the right icons for your projects.

It supports multiple languages too so you can search for icons across Flaticon libraries in Espanol, Portugues, Deutsch, French, Russian, English, and more.

Another unique capability that Flaticon offers is a free WordPress integration that lets you search and find icons directly from your dashboard. Its plugin is super easy to use even for people who have little or no experience with WordPress.

This impressive tool also comes with an editor feature that helps you change the size and color of your icons before downloading them in your preferred format.

Flaticon can be integrated with Google Workspace free of charge to enable you to easily insert your icons into your Google Docs and Slides directly—a function that’s absent from Fontello.

In addition, you can create stunning images for your website, blog, presentations, or social media profiles with emojis and icons, using the Pattern feature on Flaticon.

You can copy PNG icons to the clipboard and paste them into another document or app, thereby allowing you to save time and be more productive.

Thanks to Flaticon’s drag and drop interface, the tool is highly intuitive and simple to navigate so you’ll be able to get the hang of it within minutes.

Check some of the best alternatives to Flaticon.

3. The Noun Project

Launched in 2010 with the lofty goal of creating a new visual language that changes the world, The Noun Project has become one of the largest icon libraries in the world.

It offers over three million icons for pretty much every subject and purpose, as well as millions of photos, logos, and graphic symbols.

Designers and photographers from all walks of life can submit their original designs and images on The Noun Project, under the Creative Commons Zero license. This way, anyone can freely use these designs or photos without restrictions or the need for attributions.

The Noun Project operates in a similar fashion as Fontello. It gives you a collection of ready-made icons, illustrations, symbols, logos, and images that you can use to bring your personal or commercial projects to life.

However, The Noun Project’s icon collection is more extensive and diverse than what’s available on Fontello.

Another thing that makes The Noun Project a great Fontello alternative is its compatibility with a wide range of tools and applications. This includes Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Google Slides, and many more.

The rich collection of vectors on The Noun Project is all available for free. But you’ll have to purchase a royalty-free license if you want to be able to change the color of icons to something other than black and white or get access to more options.

The Noun Project has a simple interface that makes it easy for you to quickly create your own icons or search for icons you desire and use them wherever you want.

4. IcoMoon

IcoMoon may not be one of the more popular alternatives to Fontello, but it is regarded as one of the best icon management and iconography tools out there.

Influential creators and companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Google depend on IcoMoon for icon solutions that are crisp and pixel perfect.

There are over 5500 open source and free-to-use icons to choose from in the IcoMoon library.

All you need to do is register an account by submitting your email address and other relevant information and you’ll be able to access all the features on the IcoMoon app for free.

Rather than just creating icon fonts willy-nilly, IcoMoon accounts for the grid size of each icon and uses the proper alignment when generating icon fonts.

Like Fontello, IcoMoon allows you to easily build and use your own icon packs in a variety of formats such as SVG, CSH, Polymer, XAML, and PDF.

You can also convert your vector packs into PNG/CSS sprites or icon font with ligatures. Unlike Fontello, your SVG sprites and icon fonts can be generated offline or locally on IcoMoon.

Other amazing features that IcoMoon offers include cloud sync, basic glyph editing, and easy icon set updates. IcoMoon is the iconography tool of choice for perfectionists who want their icons to be fault-free or people looking for simple icons to incorporate into their work.

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5. Nucleo

Another Fontello alternative that’s worth checking out is Nucleo. It’s an app for Windows and Mac with a comprehensive library featuring over 31,000 icons and powerful tools to help you customize, organize, and export those icons.

Nucleo icons can be dragged and dropped into your design or developer tools of choice, thereby speeding up your workflow and boosting productivity. You can import your favorite icons into the Nucleo app and organize them into collections.

With Nucleo’s ready-to-use icon library you can easily locate what you need because the icons are accurately tagged. Nucleo also offers customization options for your icons that are more advanced than that of its rivals, including Fontello.

This means that you can add frames, change the color or style of your components, or edit them to suit your preferences without jumping through hoops. Nucleo supports all Javascript frameworks including Ember, React, Angular, and VueJS.

Nucleo offers advanced options for exporting your icons. You can Export multiple icons at a time, create SVG symbols or icon fonts, save icons in various formats, and even set custom resolutions.

It also provides quick actions that developers can use to streamline their workflow such as the ability to grab CSS class names, manage SVG symbols without needing demo files, and copy inline SVG code. These features which are lacking in Fontello make Nucleo the superior platform.

Another upside of Nucleo is that it’s constantly being updated so new features keep getting added and you don’t have to worry about bugs going unfixed for too long.

Nucleo has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for both experienced users and beginners.

Additionally, Nucleo supports library syncing so you can use your OneDrive, Dropbox, Nutstore, and Box to access your icon database on multiple devices.

6. Font Awesome

Font Awesome is home to thousands of icons that you can use to make your design projects more eye-catching. It offers a free version that’s loaded with tons of plugins, themes, components, and icon packs for landing pages, websites, and social media.

Similar to other vector makers and Fontello, you can use Font Awesome to create custom icons of your own using a variety of colors, shapes, and font styles. When you’re done, you can share your newly minted icons with others or save them directly on your computer.

The icons on Font Awesome are pixel perfect, available in four unique styles, and distributed across more than 70 categories to make them easier to find.

Each symbol is carefully designed from scratch using standards and guidelines the app’s creators have shaped from designing and illustrating icons for many years.

If you already have icons you enjoy using, you can upload them to a Font Awesome collection and use them alongside the regular icons on the platform.

Font Awesome also enables you to customize icons to your tastes by changing their colors, adjusting their size, flipping or rotating them, transforming their style, and more.

With the newly added duotone icon feature, you can add extra layers to your designs. Duotone icons are designed to work out-of-the-box so they don’t require a lot of configurations because they simply inherit the base color of your project.

Font Awesome icons are easy to implement on desktop and they are perfectly displayed on modern browsers. They can also be sized in relation to your user interface so you can stack, mirror, align, or pull them with ease.

Essentially, when it comes to customization, Fontello doesn’t come anywhere close to Font Awesome’s capabilities and options.

7. Icons8

If you’re a developer or designer who wants to get access to plenty of free icons and save time while using them, you’ll feel right at home with Icons8.

Icons8 is a web-based platform that houses a vast collection of over 367,000 icons consisting of different colors, sizes, styles, and formats.

You can find icons for Google, Apple, and Microsoft to give your user interface a face beat, as well as social media icons you can use on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and the likes.

Like Fontello, there are different categories of icons on the Icons8 library that you can browse through and each one has a pack of icons that’s regularly being updated with new stuff.

Some of the icon style collections on Icons8 include dotted, material, iOS, hand-drawn, doodle infographics, and dozens more.

You can download icons from this platform in PNG and SVG formats, both of which will work flawlessly on mobile apps and websites. You have the option of downloading Icons8 vectors individually or as a bundle.

Thanks to the app’s plugins, you can use your icon assets with your favorite apps including Google Docs, Figma, Google Sheets/Slides, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Icons8 also comes with a simple and powerful search tool with filters that let you browse by category, popularity, keyword, or custom icons. Also, you can choose icons based on specific criteria like style, size, or color.

Other powerful features that you can enjoy on Icons8 include HTML embedding, icon recoloring, multiple categories, edible icons, single style, fonts generator, and support for different languages. Icons8 is also free to use anytime and from anywhere just like Fontello.

Furthermore, you also get access to a wide range of free design tools that you can’t find on Fontello such as graphic design software, photo background remover, face generator, professional music, and image resolution enhancer.

8. Material Icons

This alternative to Fontello is brought to you by Google so you already know you’re in for a treat. The Material Icons library contains thousands of free font icons that can be used in any web project.

The icons strictly adhere to Google Fonts design guidelines, and as a result, they are uniform, consistent, and simple in appearance and feel.

Material icons also come in low file sizes, so you can enjoy usability without compromising on the speed and optimal experience of your site.

When you generate icon fonts with Material Icons, the app’s servers will automatically send the smallest possible file based on the technologies that your browser supports.

This makes your website faster and ensures that you get the same design integrity and quality in your web pages and products regardless of your location or bandwidth.

Fontello doesn’t have this capability so this makes Material Icons the more superior tool. Also, the Material Icons font catalog supports over 135 languages—a feature most of its rivals including Fontello cannot do.

Material Icons’ fonts are distributed across themed collections to make it easier for you to browse through and find what you need. In terms of sorting, you can filter icon fonts based on trends, popularity, and even your location.

You can also build your own custom collections and share them with others for easy collaboration throughout your engineering and design process.

In addition, Material Icons lets you download and save the entire icon library on your desktop in SVG or PNG format. This is particularly useful for people who want to use the icons in their mobile applications.

Google’s Material Icons are open source and available for use in your personal and commercial projects under the Apache License Version 2.0. What this means is that you can incorporate, reshare, and remix the icons and documentation however you like.

However, under no circumstances are you permitted to re-sell the icons themselves as your own product.

9. IconArchive

Whether you’re a designer, webmaster, developer, or blogger, IconArchive is a handy web-based tool you can use for your projects. Its library contains over 735,000 icons and 2400 icon sets making it one of the largest icon collections available today.

Each set of icons comes in various formats and colors, all of which are free to use. Like Fontello, you don’t need to sign up or log in to use the service, you can simply visit the website and dive right into the business of the day.

IconArchive has a stylish interface that both iconography newbies and experienced users will find easy to navigate. Once you’re on the IconArchive page, you can use the search tool to find and download the icons you want.

You can try using popular tags related to the icon you’re looking for to search and browse through the results until you find a suitable component for your project.

Alternatively, you can explore the dozens of icon categories available on IconArchive and dig out the right icons to incorporate into your work.

With IconArchive, you can easily and quickly gather, organize, and share your SCG and PNG icon files for Linux or Web. This can foster streamlined workflow and better collaboration.

Also, IconArchive provides useful features including advanced customization and the ability to create your own icons. You can then download them straight to your device or sell your custom icons on the IconArchive marketplace.

The platform allows you to follow the works of other designers that you admire to see what new creations they’re putting out into the world.

And the best part is that you can do this from right within the IconArchive app and even enlist the services of your favorite designers to help you create custom icons.

10. Iconfinder

Iconfinder is another strong contender in the best Fontello alternatives category. The platform is home to more than five million icons and illustrations, 194,480 of which are available for free.

The sheer size of the Iconfinder library alone gives it an edge over Fontello because you’ll be able to find a more diverse range of icons for every subject you can think of.

Iconfinder is trusted and used by many renowned organizations including Spotify, Amazon, Harvard University, Google, Adobe, Netflix, UPS, and Nike so you know you’re in great hands.

Unlike Fontelo which has loosely defined categories, making it harder for you to locate the icons you want, Iconfinder provides distinct categories to smoothen your search experience.

Some of the icon categories you’ll find on the platform are User Interface, Logos & Brands, Social Media, Weather, Nature, Easter, Shopping, Flags, and more.

Thanks to the built-in icon editor on Iconfinder, you can transform the icon you’re looking for into something that aligns better with your preferences.

You can tweak the colors to match your brand colors, add text to the icon, rotate, crop, or flip it until it’s absolutely perfect.

After finding and editing your icons, Iconfinder makes exporting and using them a breeze. Your icon file can be exported in SVG or PNG format depending on your project needs.


There are many great alternatives to Fontello in the market today, you just need to know where to look.

So if you’re on the hunt for a powerful icon maker that will help take your designs, websites, and applications to the next level, any of the options on this list will make a solid choice.

However, if we had to pick our best Fontello alternative, the medal would go to Flaticon because it has a vast collection of icons for every theme and purpose under the sun.

It also offers multi-language support, lots of plugins/integrations, an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, and support for different export formats.

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