15 Best DataCamp Alternatives 2024

DataCamp is an ideal website to help build your data skills. You can learn R, Python, and full data science courses.

The platform is popular among businesses. About 80 percent of Fortune 1000 companies use DataCamp courses to improve their teams.

DataCamp features some of the best instructors for online learning. Also, their unique learning methodology makes everything simple for students.

However, many people opt for other DataCamp alternatives because of its pricing. In fact, you get almost nothing with the free account as you can only view the first chapters of courses.

Not to mention, its standard pricing plan which starts at $12.42 per month is charged annually.

If you can’t afford this option, or perhaps you prefer a different teaching mode, you can opt for any of the 15 best DataCamp alternatives below.

Best DataCamp Alternatives

1. Coursera

Coursera is a lot more popular than DataCamp. The platform offers online learning courses in vast fields; it’s not limited to data science.

Yet, there are hundreds of data science courses on Coursera. With Coursera, you can learn online skills or take on bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in data science.

The platform focuses more on data analysis, machine learning, and probability & statistics. You can learn Python, SQL, R, Database Management, Data Engineering, and a lot more.

Coursera partners with many top academic institutions. The University of London, University of Pennsylvania, and Imperial College are some examples.

As a result, you get 100 percent professional certifications with Coursera, just like that of DataCamp.

The majority and most valuable courses on Coursera are premium courses. However, there are many free Data Science courses too.

Explore some of the best Coursera alternatives here.

Coursera Pricing

Pricing on Coursera is per course and each course has a different cost. Pricing plans are only available for businesses.

Coursera Business subscription helps teams save money on individual learning. The pricing plans include:

  • Team Plan: $399 per user per year
  • Enterprise Plan: custom pricing

Each plan gives team members access to all courses on Coursera.

2. Udemy

Udemy currently boasts more than 40 million students. It’s an online learning platform where you can learn almost anything.

The most popular courses on Udemy are Python programming courses with more than 30 million students.

SQL and Machine Learning are also popular on Udemy with over four million and six million students respectively.

All of these show that Udemy is a favorite for upcoming data scientists. You can learn at your own pace and the courses are taught by real-world experts.

Udemy’s main advantage over DataCamp is the free courses. There are so many free data science-related courses on Udemy.

Furthermore, courses on Udemy are not relatively expensive. You don’t have to pay for a subscription; you only pay for each course you want to learn.

Udemy makes it easy for anyone to catch up with data science skills. You can sort the courses according to your level of experience.

Udemy Pricing

Udemy for Business has three pricing options to help companies save money. This includes;

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing
  • Teams Plan: $360 per year per user

Udemy has different plans for non-profit organizations. You can contact sales support to request pricing.

Check out more similar tools like Udemy here.

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3. Udacity

Udacity brings the latest tech and digital skills to you. It features courses and skills for individuals, businesses, and governments.

This platform is an ideal DataCamp alternative if you’re looking to advance your career in data science. You learn by taking on real-world projects.

Although Udacity isn’t affiliated with any academic institution, they partner with top tech companies. This includes companies like Google, IBM, AWS, Microsoft, and Intel.

Data science courses are the most renowned on the platform. Courses related to Python, SQL, Data Analysis & Engineering, and Business Analytics have the most students.

Udacity has an exclusive School of Data Science which offers Nanodegree data science courses. You learn from industry experts and at your own pace.

Similar to DataCamp, Udacity comes with just a few free courses. The rest are premium courses. However, you’re allowed to download course syllabuses even without making payments.

The cost of learning differs for different courses and nanodegree programs.

Udacity Pricing

You can pay per month as you go or pay four months ahead. The four-month access option gives you a 15 percent discount.

Meanwhile, you can try Udacity for free. However, you only get access to quizzes and basic learning materials.

4. Codecademy

If you need a DataCamp alternative for learning Python and R for free, you should check out Codecademy. It’s a popular platform with about 50 million users.

Codecademy is exclusively for learning programming, with Python being the most popular. There’s also a complete data science course.

Under the data science course, you get to learn data analysis with Python, R, and SQL. You also learn how to visualize data.

Learning with Codecademy is super easy with your computer. You learn how to code step by step starting with even pre-basic principles.

The main con of learning with Codecademy is that you can’t learn on mobile with a free account. You can only take on quizzes and practice with the app. You can’t learn on the web with mobile either.

If you want unlimited mobile learning with Codecademy, you must pay for a pro plan.

Codecademy Pricing

Codecademy has different pricing plans for individuals, students, and enterprises. The plans include:

  • Codecademy Basic: Free basic courses
  • Codecademy Pro For Student: $149.99 per year
  • Codecademy Pro For Individual: $19.99 per month; $15.99 per month with annual payment
  • Codeacademy For Teams: Custom pricing

Notably, you can only learn Python 3 with a pro plan.

5. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is another free alternative to DataCamp. You can learn how to code and build projects. Plus, you only get verified certifications for free.

Notably, FreeCodeCamp is a popular platform to learn data-related skills. Many graduates from FreeCodeCamp now have jobs in top companies including Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

Courses you can learn on FreeCodeCamp include data visualization, data analysis with Python, and machine learning with Python.

Aside from the courses, there are many guides you can learn from. However, unlike DataCamp, FreeCodeCamp doesn’t cover other languages like R extensively.

The platform focuses heavily on Python. All of FreeCodeCamp’s course videos are hosted on YouTube. Hence, you can always learn even when outside the website. You get your full curriculum ahead.

After completing your course, you’ll get a list of projects to undertake. You can only claim your certification after completing the projects.

As a FreeCodeCamp student, you can use the forum to interact with co-students. The platform is 100 percent free, but you can make donations to support the team.

FreeCodeCamp supports different languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese. Students from different parts of the world can learn conveniently.

6. Skillshare

Another best DataCamp alternative on our list is Skillshare. It is an online learning platform where you can learn new skills. It features classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

You can search for courses on Skillshare using keywords or by categories. Available courses include data science, big data, data analysis, and data visualization.

Furthermore, there are courses to learn programming languages including Python and R. You can also learn how to use packages like Tableau.

Skillshare and DataCamp are similar as they are mainly premium. In fact, there are no free courses on this DataCamp alternative platform.

You only have the option to try courses free for seven days before paying. Your credit card or PayPal details are needed before you sign up.

This is because the majority of courses on Skillshare are from independent tutors who must get paid every month.

The advantage of Skillshare, however, is that it has more courses than DataCamp.

Skillshare Pricing

Skillshare premium has three main pricing plans and they include:

  • Monthly Plan: $8.07 per month
  • Annual Plan: $2.69 per month (billed annually at $32)
  • Team Plan: Custom pricing

7. edX

The edX platform features free online courses from some of the world’s renowned institutions such as Harvard University and MIT.

There are more than 3000 courses on the platform with more than 600,000 active students. It’s an ideal DataCamp alternative if you need professional certificates.

The main data science courses on edX are R Basics and Machine Learning. For programs, you have IBM data science, HarvardX data science, and Python data science.

Since the platform is affiliated with top learning institutions, you only get expert tutors with edX. Although the courses are mostly free, you’ll have to pay for the programs.

For courses, you only pay to get a certification or if an upgrade is necessary. One major difference between DataCamp and edX is that courses are not always self-paced.

You have to enroll in courses and programs before the start date and you follow the curriculum to learn.

edX Pricing

The price for premium courses and certifications on edX differ depending on the course. It ranges from $50 to $300. There are standard pricing plans for teams and they include:

  • For Groups: $349 per learner per year
  • For Enterprises: custom pricing

Find top edX alternatives here.

8. Pluralsight

Pluralsight mainly targets businesses to help them improve their teams and serve customers better. It features trending digital skills with many relating to data science. There are over 2,500 courses in the Pluralsight library.

Notably, you can learn Core Python on Pluralsight. Only a few Pluralsight courses are free although you have a shot with a free trial for all courses. You have to pay for a subscription.

Aside from Core Python, you can also learn how to interpret data with R and how to work with Microsoft Azure. Its focus on Python and R programming languages makes it one of the best DataCamp alternatives.

Courses on Pluralsight are usually grouped in paths. A path will contain multiple courses on a particular skill with variants for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

As a business, what you get from Pluralsight is instructor-led training, skill assessments, hands-on learning, and you also get a certification.

You get an analytics dashboard where you can monitor the skill development of your team.

Pluralsight Pricing

There are various pricing options on Pluralsight for teams and individuals respectively. They include:

For Individuals

  • Standard Plan: $19 per month or $159 per year
  • Premium Plan: $29 per month or $239 per year

For Teams

  • Starter Plan: $399 per user per year
  • Professional Plan: $579 per user per year
  • Enterprise Plan: $779 per user per year

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9. Treehouse

Treehouse is one of the most affordable DataCamp alternatives on this list. It’s a platform exclusive to coding and best for individual learning. Treehouse has over 300 courses, 278 workshops, and over 50,000 students.

The platform features expert video courses for beginners and experts alike. It’s up to date with the latest coding skills anyone would need for a data science career.

With Treehouse, you can get a tech degree in Python development and follow-up tracks in Python and SQL. There are courses on data analysis, databases, and machine learning.

The platform helps keep you on your feet with the 100 days of code model. It reminds you to code for at least 30 minutes every day for 100 days. Reminders usually come via email.

You learn interactively with quizzes and code challenges. Also, there’s the Treehouse student community where you can interact and learn from other students.

Treehouse Pricing

You can try Treehouse for free for seven days before paying a subscription fee. The available subscription plans include:

  • Courses Plan: $25 per month
  • Courses Plus Plan: $49 per month
  • Techdegree Plan: $199 per month

10. Dataquest

Dataquest is one of the more highly-rated data science learning platforms on the web. Through this DataCamp alternative, you can learn the world’s most in-demand data skills.

Topics you can learn include data analysis with Python, machine learning, SQL, data analysis with R, and data engineering to name a few. Dataquest features intuitive learning paths that make learning a lot easier.

The courses are self-guided which means you can learn at your own pace. As you learn, you can build your portfolio in the process by completing projects.

Notably, Dataquest is different from DataCamp as it consists entirely of reading and doing. There are videos of teachers discussing any of the topics that you’ll find on DataCamp. Instead, all of those ideas are spelled out in an interactive pattern.

It’s possible to use Dataquest for free without paying a subscription. However, you only get access to introductory lessons and practice problems.

Dataquest Pricing

Here are the four Dataquest pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: $0 per month
  • Premium Annual Plan: $33.25 per month (billed annually)
  • Premium Monthly Plan: $49.00 per month
  • Teams Plan: Custom pricing

11. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is a popular online learning and training website that offers a wide range of data science courses amongst others.

Many of these courses are presented in collaboration with well-known universities. The platform itself, which was founded in 2012, is owned by Open University, a well-known educational institution in the UK.

Hence, if you need advanced and professional certifications, FutureLearn is an ideal DataCamp alternative to consider.

FutureLearn features courses for learning Python, data query, applied data science, data visualizations, and big data. Notably, you can learn how to use NumPy and Pandas packages.

The length of the courses varies. The majority of courses are six to ten weeks long but there are also two and three-week courses. You learn from videos, audio, and by reading articles.

You get a variety of exercises that you should try to accomplish per week. Each exercise is made up of a series of simple steps that will help you learn.

FutureLearn Pricing

To get more from FutureLearn, you have to pay for the Unlimited Plan. This plan costs $279.99 per year.

12. LinkedIn Learning

Formerly Lynda.com, this is a learning platform owned by the popular career social platform, LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn Learning, you can acquire skills to use technologies like Excel, R, Hadoop, and Python. The platform features thousands of beginning, moderate, and advanced data science courses.

There are courses that cover data analysis, mining, visualization, and big data. It’s up to you to pick a course or learning path that matches your current level of understanding.

Just like DataCamp, LinkedIn Learning allows self-paced learning. You get to choose how quickly you want to learn. Most of the data science courses are relatively long with a lot of content.

After completing a course, you can request a certificate. Since LinkedIn is more popular than DataCamp, a LinkedIn Learning certificate could carry more weight.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing

The LinkedIn Learning platform offers a one-month free trial period after which you must subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. The pricing plans include:

  • Monthly Plan: $29.99 per month
  • Annual Plan: $19.99 per month (billed annually)

13. 365 Data Science

Looking for the best DataCamp alternative as a beginner? If yes, then you should check out 365 Data Science. The learning platform is meant for everyone, most especially those without prior experience with data science.

365 Data Science offers a total of 34 courses organized into four modules that are well-curated for easy learning. The courses range from the fundamentals to the more advanced stuff.

This DataCamp alternative is totally self-paced, and you can complete the courses in any order. The platform features 150 hours of video and 37 courses all exclusive to data science.

You’re sure you’re getting the best as the course developers are expert data scientists themselves. With over 700 real-world challenges, you can complete projects while learning. The projects are assigned at the end of each lesson.

365 Data Science offers two types of certificates after you complete your courses. You can either get a certificate for completing an entire training or course-specific certificates.

365 Data Science Pricing

365 Data Science features three subscription plans including:

  • Free Plan: $0 per month
  • Monthly Plan: $36 per month
  • Annual Plan: $29 per month ($348 when billed annually)

14. Zero To Mastery (ZTM)

ZTM is popular for its machine learning course. It’s a DataCamp alternative exclusively for learning how to code and it’s one of the best.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to coding or want to brush up on your abilities, Zero To Mastery Academy will teach you everything you need to know about using Python for data science.

Already, more than 500,000 ZTM students have been hired by some of the world’s best companies. The list includes Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook.

ZTM courses are comprehensive with over 600 hours of videos that you can access at any time. You can always get help when you need it from the ZTM community.

To keep you ahead of the curve, the platform constantly updates and adds new courses on a regular basis.

Zero To Mastery Pricing

You have three pricing options to choose from with ZTM. They include:

  • Monthly Membership: $39 per month
  • Annual Membership: $23 per month ($279 billed per year)
  • Lifetime Membership: $799 one-time payment

15. Guru99

Guru99 features a vast collection of training tutorials and videos to learn data science, Python, and R. Notably, you learn how to work with a variety of databases.

This includes SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, DBMS, MariaDB, and SQL Server. Unlike DataCamp, everything on Guru99 is free. You don’t even have to create an account; just visit the website and start learning.

Unlike DataCamp, most of the learning materials on the Guru99 platform are text tutorials; videos are available on YouTube.

You study the text tutorials like it were a textbook. It’s worth noting that the tutorials are well outlined in a syllabus; so, you don’t lose track of your learning progress.

You can download the tutorials as PDFs too for offline use. At the end of each tutorial, you get a shorter and straight-to-the-point summary of the entire text.

Learning with Guru99 might not be as easy as learning with DataCamp. However, if you want to spend $0 on learning data science, R, and Python, then you can’t skip this DataCamp alternative.


DataCamp is one of the many platforms online where you can learn data science and how to program using Python and R programming languages.

However, if the platform doesn’t meet your requirements, you can opt for any of the best DataCamp alternatives mentioned above.

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