Kahoot vs Quizizz – Which Is Better?

Formative assessment is something you do every day as a teacher.


Because you want to evaluate your students’ understanding and adjust your teaching to their progress.

It’s through formative assessments that you’ll help drive student growth and success with steady feedback.

But to accomplish this, you need the right digital tool to support your efforts.

We have two tools that fit the solution you need to solidify your strategies, Kahoot and Quizizz.

Choosing between these two isn’t as easy as you might think, though.

That’s what this review is all about: to help you decide which of the tools meets your formative assessment needs.

This Quizizz vs Kahoot head-to-head comparison is aimed at giving you an in-depth evaluation in the areas of support, feature set, pricing, and other functions.

Let’s dig in!

What is Kahoot? What is Quizizz? 

Kahoot is a game-based learning and trivia platform used in schools and other education settings.

Kahoot was initially released in 2012 and officially launched in 2013. It’s a 100% free, cloud-based solution.

With Kahoot, you can create engaging quizzes for student assessment, assign homework, issue challenges, create surveys and polls, or even play live kahoots.

It is considered a super fun and addictive application with plenty of games to play. All teachers and students love Kahoot because it makes learning easy and exciting.

Here’s what you can do with Kahoot.

Create quizzes, polls, surveys, puzzles, and slides. Kahoot provides you with different templates to use. The import feature lets you import the questions you need.

Kahoot makes your work easy by providing pre-made questions in its bank. Its library has plenty of quality images to choose from. You only need to choose what to use and incorporate it into the quiz. You can even add YouTube videos or blend multiple questions into polls, slides, puzzles, and even blend Kahoots to make sessions more enjoyable.

Design games. Thanks to Kahoot, you can create interactive and exciting learning sessions through video-based games.

You may tailor games to the potential of each student, which they can play in groups or individually. Kahoot also serves you with a quiz creator, which you can use to add multiple choice questions to the quizzes and receive feedback through polls.

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You may also use puzzles to assess the student’s understanding. If you need more content to motivate learners, you can show it using slides.

  • Download reports and analytics in a spreadsheet. The tool allows you to access reports of the class progress level. You can easily share reports with the school administration and your colleagues. With the analytics report, you can plan individualized learning based on your students’ progress.
  • Organize and share student work, challenges, topics, and more. Kahoot provides the accessibility to share games with your students. You can also share student-centered challenges with Apple Schoolwork, Google Classrooms, and Microsoft teams. The platform also helps you organize folders according to topics or subjects. Additionally, it lets you share quizzes with fellow teachers.

Incredible, right? Now let’s look into Quizizz and what it offers.

Quizizz is also a student-paced formative assessment platform with plenty of academic games.

Founded in 2015, Quizizz is user-friendly and accessible on any device. It is packed with public quizzes for classroom use.

Teachers use Quizizz for group work, unit tests, exams, pre-test reviews, and impromptu tests. It is a fun and engaging platform that fosters self-reflection and student-led learning, allowing students to assess themselves.

With Quizizz, students can challenge their peers, host live games, and even lead their study groups. Students can work at their own pace and the feedback is instant.

The platform is best for orientation and onboarding, eLearning and teaching, and employee training.

Here’s what you can do with Quizizz.

  • Use it for student-paced learning. This makes students responsible with excellent self-pacing skills.
  • Quizizz encourages self-paced learning with immediate individual motivation and feedback. The host live quiz feature can be implemented on each student and later motivate them with the help of memes.
  • Download reports and insights. The reports provide detailed class-level and student-level insights after every quiz. You can download reports and read them online or as Excel spreadsheets.
  • Create questions and quizzes. Quizzes created on Quizizz with multiple-choice options can be shuffled. This minimizes the chances of cheating when students are sitting in the same place.
  • Convert quizzes into printable worksheets. Quizizz provides several options for the students and whole classes where quizzes can be converted into printable worksheets.
  • Customize quiz sessions. As a teacher, you have multiple options on Quizizz to customize your quiz sessions to toggle the level of speed, competition, and other factors.

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Kahoot vs Quizizz

By now, you’ve got an idea of what Kahoot and Quizizz can accomplish.

Both platforms allow users to create and take quizzes in a more fun and engaging way. But they also possess unique features that differentiate them from each other.

That’s why we’re diving straight into their comparisons.

Keep reading.

Kahoot vs Quizizz: Ease of Use

Kahoot is a highly interactive platform. Its gamification way of assessing knowledge is fun and exciting. Its interface is easy to use, and it allows both teachers and students to get immediate feedback and response.

Once you log on, you are free to create your own kahoots or games or copy from other users and customize them to your needs.

Quizizz, on the other hand, is also easy to use, with tutorials to help access answers and processes effortlessly. The search bar helps you find topics, while live chat helps you clarify things. The layout is pretty straightforward too.

Taking the quizzes is quite intuitive, and what’s more, you can access them from any device.

Both these platforms are free to join.

Kahoot vs Quizizz: Unique Feature Comparison

Both Kahoot and Quizizz have their own unique features, as you can see below.


Mobile App: Kahoot has a versatile mobile app that allows you to create games on the fly. You can also host a Kahoot game from a mobile device and even add photos from your camera roll. As a student, you’ll be able to take part in Kahoot challenges against your peers and fellow students.

Ghost Mode: Kahoot keeps tabs on each student’s performance, including the scores for each question. When playing in ghost mode, the platform displays your former attempts as ghosts. This makes it easy to compare your previous attempts with the current ones to view your progress.

Friendly Nickname Generator: If you’ve ever battled naughty nicknames in the Kahoot game, you know that the generator will let you select from three nickname options.

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Here are the unique features of Quizizz you’ll find intriguing.

Homework Mode: The homework mode allows you to assign your homework to be completed by the deadline through homework mode. This means you don’t have to complete your game in person. I believe homework mode can work well as part of choice boards or in rotation centers and stations.

Memes: Photos with funny messages can be a great treat. They’re often displayed after answering a question to indicate whether it’s been answered correctly or incorrectly.

Power-Ups: Power-ups are given to students who’ve answered questions correctly. They include immunity (for giving a correct answer on the second attempt), power play (if you get 50% more points in 20 seconds), and x2 (double points for a single question).

Adding images, math equations, and audio to questions: As you create new questions, you can use the icons next to them. For example, the media button will let you upload an image or audio, while the math button will give you a keyboard with math symbols.

Quizizz vs Kahoot: Quiz Creation and Game Variety

Kahoot and Quiziz have similar in-game creation capabilities. They both allow teachers to create their own or use public quizzes.

What sets the two apart is that teachers can create multiple-choice quizzes, surveys, discussions, and jumbles in Kahoot. As a student, you are required to organize your answers in the correct order.

With Quizizz, teachers only use the multiple-choice quiz format, which limits learning to only facts and recall.

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Kahoot vs Quizizz: Student Experiences 

Both Kahoot and Quizizz use fun music and bright colors to make the learning atmosphere more energetic and game-like.

When using Quizizz, you can see the questions and answers through your device.

With Kahoot, however, your device will only display the symbol and color choices. To view the actual answers, you have to use the classroom screen.

While this seems a bit limiting, it unites the lesson and encourages participants to look up. On a positive note, this drives lively classroom engagement.

Kahoot vs Quizizz: Student Data Tracking

Kahoot and Quizizz both cannot identify and track student growth, nor do they offer options for data permanence.

Learning games in Kahoot populate on-the-spot data, which you can download and view in Excel as a teacher.

As a Quizizz teacher, you can only review reports by students to know the questions your students answered incorrectly. Another option is to view the students’ responses by questions.

With either of these tools, you can’t compare data over time for individual students or classes. This is because the accounts are not required for learners.

Teachers create an account while students access their quizzes with a PIN or access code. You can create your student account with either Quizizz or Kahoot, but this is optional.

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Kahoot vs Quizizz: Student Feedback

Kahoot will give fast feedback on your device (student) and the class screen, regardless of the results. The updated ranks will be shown on the class scoreboard after every question. Your personal points data will be sent to your device.

On Quizizz, the teacher will customize the feedback students see after every question on the quiz. Feedback will be in the form of premade or custom memes, which will be displayed based on your correct or wrong answers. You can control the use of question timers, leaderboards, and music.

Kahoot vs Quizizz: Alternative Ways to Play

Both Quizizz and Kahoot have alternative ways to play their learning games.

These include:


The Blind Kahoot Game: This is one way to teach with Kahoot instead of reviewing. In this game, you’ll throw tricky questions to students at the beginning.

Afterward, use videos, images, questions, and discussions to teach that question. It’s actually scaffolding, meaning you can teach a little, ask a question, and keep repeating the process over and over.


In Quizizz, there are two alternative ways to play the learning game.

Student-Created Quizizz Games: You can submit questions that will be asked in the game using a Google Forms Survey. To do this, import data from the spreadsheet connected to the survey into a Quizizz game and play the game instantly. This is one of Quizizz’s low-prep, student review fun options you wouldn’t want to miss.

Fast and Curious Eduprotocol: Using Quizizz in this way helps you minimize or eliminate the need for worksheet-based homework. This alternative lets you play a quick game and view the results.

You can do a mini-lesson or quick re-teach about students and their struggles. Then replay the game immediately and repeat the same on Monday up to Wednesday. Come Thursday, if your students average 90% or more, you can give them an A and move on.

Kahoot vs Quizizz: How They Fit Within the SAMR Model

Here’s how these two tools might fight in the SAMR model:

Substitution: In Kahoot, students participate in the quiz to answer questions after completing a unit. Same with Quizizz, the students will take an online quiz on the platform rather than the traditional paper quiz.

Augmentation: With Kahoot, augmentation can be considered a virtual substitute for formative evaluation. With enhanced features like inserting pictures and videos during the quiz, a teacher will get insights into the student’s learning, knowledge, and distinct learning styles.

In Quizizz, the students will take the quiz and view how their responses compare with the rest of the class while staying anonymous.

Modification: Modification in Kahoot means you have access to pre-designed quizzes designed beforehand by others to enhance their learning and knowledge.

For Quizizz, modification means that students will be able to review their responses immediately while they’re still fresh in their minds. They won’t have to wait for the teacher to grade them individually.

Redefinition: In Kahoot, innumerable participants can participate in surveys or play games in real-time. In Quizizz, the instructor will review trends in class data (i.e., to identify problems that took students longer to answer, the questions that most of them got wrong, and more). The teachers will then use these results to determine topics that need further attention.

Kahoot vs Quizizz: Pricing Model

Kahoot’s basic version is free. You can opt for a premium version for a fee and receive premium consulting services and more integrations. It also has other pricing plans you can explore by signing up here.

Quizizz offers a free version too. You’ll have to pay a flat rate starting price of $19 per user per month for more integrations.

Kahoot vs Quizizz – Differences & Similarities

Category Kahoot Quizizz
First Release 2013 2015
Recommended Grades 8 – 12 3 – 12
Pacing Teacher-paced Student-paced
Question-Answer Display On the teacher’s device On Student’s device
In-Game Feedback Top five display Class-wide display
Quiz Display Needs a projector No need for a projector
Student device Displays questions only Displays questions and answers
Assessment Same questions and answers Randomized questions & answers
Hosting Only the teacher can host Students can host
Pre-made games Plenty Less
Great for Instructional design, game-based learning, assessment, and formative assessment Instructional design, game-based learning, assessment, and formative assessment
Engagement Quick pace, suspenseful music, instant scoreboards, and creating kahoots Fun memes
Website https://kahoot.com/ https://quizizz.com/

Kahoot vs Quizizz: Pros & Cons

Kahoot Pros

Kahoot is an outstanding platform for virtual learning. Here are some of its benefits.

  • Kahoot offers great engagement to help students enjoy their visualized quizzes.
  • It boosts students’ interest levels, helping teachers assess their understanding levels through polls and quizzes.
  • This tool reduces boredom and monotony.
  • It provides a positive learning environment for students through motivation.
  • It can be used as an assessment tool for teachers.
  • Kahoot increases student performance with increased student attendance.
  • It minimizes student frustration and stress that we see in traditional formative assessments.
  • It is a very lively platform.

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Quizizz Pros

  • Quizizz is free.
  • It has a blog section highlighting its new techniques and features.
  • With Quizizz, you don’t have to project questions on a board/screen. This is because every student has access to their own question-and-answer gameplay.
  • Its flexibility is high, allowing any instructor to use it in any content area.
  • Quizizz lets you view student reports and questions that were answered right or wrong to help you address the learning gaps.
  • You can easily add Quizizz to Google Classroom.
  • The Teacher Resource section has a starter guide, help center, and training presentation.
  • You can customize the fun memes to fit your school environment, classroom community, or content and give positive feedback to the students.
  • You can add more questions from other participants and customize them.
  • You can use Quizizz for extra credit or fun trivia.

Cons of Kahoot

Kahoot also comes with its own drawbacks, which include:

  • A complex process of tracking student progress levels
  • You have to have a strong WiFi connection for Kahoot to work.
  • The background music is sometimes stressful and distracting causing student diversion.
  • The competition level can increase leading to stress and anger among participants.
  • You can’t use Kahoot if you don’t have a mobile device.

Cons of Quizizz

  • Access to computers, smartphones, or iPads can be an issue, especially when you have to work with technology more often.
  • Adding memes can be challenging. You have to look a meme up several times, and the video tutorial is not correctly titled.
  • There’s a limit to the type of questions you can ask. Quizizz is ideal for facts and recall but not great for more elaborate questioning.
  • When you copy a question from another person’s quiz, you have to use the meme set by the person, even if it’s inappropriate for your classroom.

Quizizz vs Kahoot: FAQs

What Does Kahoot Do?

Kahoot is a remarkable learning tool that motivates you as a student to learn through interactive gamification. It is a user-friendly and mobile-friendly platform with an easy-to-use interface for creating quizzes and games.

Can You Play Quizizz Remotely?

Quizizz is an excellent tool for remote learning. You’ll always see questions on your device, whether you’re playing asynchronously or live. And you can use any device to play without logging into an account.

Can You Play Kahoot Alone?

Kahoot is often played live in group settings. But you can also play it alone. The iOS/Android app allows you to play Kahoot on one device. You can also use the preview option to host live Kahoot when the phone is simulated on the same screen.

What Grade and Age Are Kahoot Meant for?

Kahoot is designed for grades K-12 and ages 5 – 18 years.

Can You Host Quizizz Live?

Yes, you can host Quizizz in two ways: live or assigned. Typically, you can select the type of game you want to host on the quiz page.

A live game is pretty ideal when conducting real-time quizzes with students. The students will need to join by entering the game code so they can play the quiz on their devices.

What is Unique about Kahoot?

Kahoot is the one tool that enables lively and fun-loving learning. With Kahoot, you can discuss and maintain collaboration and motivation around learning.

You also have real-time experiences through game mechanics, music, virtual moments, and visual backgrounds to help students explore their capabilities and talents.

Must you Have An Account To Use Quizizz?

Having an account is not a prerequisite to using Quizizz. But you require an account to access some Quizizz features and also save your progress. When you create an account, your information will be saved on the platform.

Can You Create Your Own Quizizz?

Yes, of course. You can create your own quizzes using your student account. Afterward, you’ll add your own questions or those from existing quizzes using the teleport feature.

Quizizz vs Kahoot: Which is Better?

If I had to choose between Quizizz and Kahoot, I would go for Quizizz because its game data is stored and organized in a more user-friendly way than Kahoot.

Besides, Quizizz offers a variety of options for students and the entire class, which means I can view it through the website or download it as an Excel spreadsheet if I wanted to.

I also like Quizizz for the fact that it suits a wider range of learners than Kahoot. While Kahoot suits learners between grades 8 and 12, Quizizz is perfect for students from grades 3 through 12.

Using Quizizz is easier too because, as the instructor, you don’t need a projector. However, for Kahoot, you’ll need a projector to conduct the presentation.

Additionally, the ability to integrate Quizizz with Google Classroom and add trivia to it makes this tool more fun and practical than Kahoot.

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