Bitsbox Review – Is It Legit?

Coding is a great skill to have. Besides opening up new career opportunities, it has many other benefits.

Introducing your kids to coding at a young age will be very beneficial for them. It will help them develop their thinking and problem solving skills, as well as feel a sense of accomplishment after coding and creating an app of their own.

However, you need to introduce them to coding in a fun and exciting way. Bitsbox claims to do exactly that, and today we’ll take a look at whether Bitsbox is a good way to teach your kids how to code and whether it is legit.

Now, let us get started with the Bitsbox reviews.

What Is Bitsbox?

Bitsbox was created by two former Google employees who wanted to find a way to help their kids learn how to code. They came up with Bitsbox, which they claim has been used by over one million kids in over 70 countries.

Bitsbox is a monthly subscription service. Every month, you will be sent new materials that will take your kid’s coding capabilities to the next level.

Bitsbox is very simple to use and doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge. In fact, Bitsbox claims that it is suitable for kids as low as age six and seven.

This is because there are many different projects available with a wide range of difficulty levels. You can even order a single subscription for your entire family and set up a different online account for each child, with each one using the platform according to their capabilities.

A simple app which requires three lines of simple code to build

How To Use Bitsbox

The monthly boxes come with a bunch of materials, such as project books, postcards, stickers, toys and other fun stuff. The materials contain different coding projects, with lines of code that your kids can use to create apps.

The online account comes with a virtual tablet to use on your desktop for coding purposes. To create apps, just copy the lines of code that are contained in the materials and type them into the online app builder.

There are different levels available. For example, some projects involve using just two lines of code to create simple apps, such as a robot dancing on a red background.

Other projects are a little more complex and allow the children to customize and play around with the code to create different variations of the app.

For example, with the So Long, Homework app, kids can type in different words to flush different objects into the black hole. They can also experiment with different numbers to change the speed of the flushing.

With the Red Racer app, kids can play around with the numbers they typed in to change the size of the car and its speed. They can also type in different words to change the car to a soccer ball or hamster and the parking lot to a soccer field or castle, for example.

These are just some examples; for each app there can be dozens of different stamps, sounds, commands, and backgrounds that you can choose from. Your child can spend hours experimenting with creating different app versions.

The results can sometimes be hilarious, like replacing a racing car in the Red Racer app with the face of Abraham Lincoln.

Once your children have created an app by using the virtual tablet on your desktop, they can move on to actually using the app on their own phone or tablet.

To do that, you have to first install a QR code scanner app on your phone or tablet. Next, click the share button on the upper-right corner on the Bitsbox platform to display a QR code. Then, scan the code and you’ll get a link to download the app.

Another option is copying and pasting the link from your desktop browser and then typing it into your mobile phone browser.

Your kids can then use an actual app that they themselves create on their phone, which will boost their confidence and self-esteem and give them a sense of accomplishment.

How Much Is Bitsbox?

Bitbox has three pricing plans with subscriptions categorized into monthly, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months subscriptions for affordability; hence, irrespective of your needs, there’s always a subscription plan that meets up with your budget.

1. Basic Bitsbox

Basic Bitsbox starts at $24.95/month (billed yearly). It comes with 10 -12 coding Supercards, each containing a different app project. It also comes with a binder that you can use to organize your cards.

This is a great basic option for getting your kids started with coding.

  • Monthly: $29.95
  • 3-Months: $86.85
  • 6-Months: $167.70
  • 12-Months: $299.40

2. Deluxe Bitsbox

Deluxe Bitsbox starts at $37.95/month (billed yearly). Besides what is included in Bitsbox Basic, it also comes with stickers that match the apps, fun temporary tattoos that your kids can use to showcase their coding capabilities, a monthly special challenge, and a new project-related mystery toy every month.

  • Monthly: $44.95
  • 3-Months: $128.85
  • 6-Months: $251.70
  • 12-Months: $455.40

3. Digital Bitsbox

Finally, there is Digital Bitsbox, which starts at $16.95/month (billed yearly). It includes new projects every month and is delivered in a PDF form instead of physical cards. Also, it comes with 10 -12 printable coding supercards, printable and printable grownup guides.

  • Monthly: $19.95
  • 3-Months: $56.85
  • 6-Months: $107.70
  • 12-Months: $203.40

Note: All plans come with free shipping.

Bitsbox For Classrooms

Bitsbox also has options for teachers who want to introduce their class to coding. They have special boxes that are designed to be used by an entire class. You can set up individual accounts for each child or have two children share an account and work together on projects.

Bitsbox Customer Support & Resources

Bitbox offers many channels to reach out to them. Bitbox’s first approach to tackling customers’ issues is Bitbox’s blog page which contains useful articles that address customers’ needs.

Also, Bitbox has a rich FAQ page that answers customers’ questions and contains useful tips that offer solutions to issues customers may likely face when using Bitbox.

If you have inquiries to make, Bitbox’s email support is also a good way of reaching out to Bitbox; you’re assured of getting a fast response from Bitbox via email. For easy reach, you can add the Bitsbox email handle to your email list.

Other means you can reach out to Bitbox include LiveChat and helplines. Bitbox’s live chat is available on their official website, while their helpline is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Mondays to Sundays.

Bitbox’s community is where you can get instant help on any issues or answers to inquiries. Bitbox’s technical support team and other community members are always on ground to provide help or give answers to your questions. Also, you can use the forum’s search engine to search for older discussions that may likely provide solutions or answers to your inquiries.

Lastly, Bitbox provides additional support via its social media handles which includes Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Bitsbox Technical Requirements

A Windows, Linux, Mac, or Chromebook PC manufactured within the last five years will do.

Also, you do not need to worry about technical requirements like speed, RAM size, storage, etc., since modern PCs come with decent configurations that meet the requirements of most PC applications.

However, you will need a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Waterfox, or other web browsers) to access or work on Bitbox.

Is Bitsbox Legit? Pros and Cons

Bitsbox is definitely legit. While it probably won’t turn your child into a coding whiz who will be able to create complex apps from scratch, it will introduce them to basic coding in a fun and exciting way.

From there, there’s no telling where it will go. As your kids grow up, they will be many steps ahead of most adults who have never had any experience with coding.

One con is that your child will need to know how to do basic typing in order to use Bitsbox. However, typing is an essential skill that they should learn anyway, and it does get easier over time.

In addition, Bitsbox has reduced their coding commands to the shortest possible lines in order to make it easier on your kids. For example, they have changed the command

style.background = ‘rgba(255,0,0,1)’;



Both commands do the same thing.

While Bitsbox says that it is suitable for kids starting at age six, it will probably be easier for children who are a little older than that. However, six year olds may still be able to build basic two-line apps, depending on their capabilities.

Even teens and adults can use Bitsbox, as it is quite easy and fun.

How To Try Out Bitsbox For Free

If you want to see what Bitsbox is like for free, you can go to Have your children play around with the free apps and see whether they enjoy it.

They can start creating different apps without an account, playing around with them and customizing them, and using them on your mobile device.

Best Bitsbox Alternatives

1. Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind is a Bitsbox alternative that teaches children between 5 to 12 Robot building and coding.

Robo Wunderkind has three coding levels within its app and a massive projects library where children can find several shorter projects to work on.

2. CodeMonkey

Here’s a Bitsbox alternative game that teaches kids to learn computer basics which include coding using simple commands and real programming languages. CodeMonkey aims to inspire kids to become programmers, or pursue careers in computer science.

3. Progate App

Progate app teaches kids and adults programming. The app contains seven courses with 22 lessons, and it is available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.

Bitsbox Ratings: What Do Customers Think?

Bitsbox customers think highly of Bitsbox; hence, customers have taken to a review site like TrustPilot to express their positive opinions about Bitsbox.

On Amazon, Bitsbox has more than 4.4 over 5 ratings from over 600 customers. This shows that parents are satisfied with their kid’s progress in learning to program small-sized commands using Bitsbox.

Nevertheless, for this Bitsbox review, let me give you its ratings based on ease of use, features, support, and pricing.

Ease of Use

Bitsbox has a simplified, easy-to-use interface for kids aged 6 to 12 and other adults interested in learning programming from scratch. It is one reason parents fall in love with Bitsbox knowing they can learn simple programming with their kids.

So, for ease of use, I give Bitsbox a 5 over 5 rating.


Apps developed on Bitsbox by kids work well on mobile and desktop devices. That way, they can build games that will work on mobile and desktop devices.

Also, Bitsbox features make it perfect for kids aged 6 to 12 knowing that kids get easily bored working on the same types of projects repeatedly. Thankfully, Bitsbox uploads new features every month to keep the kids interested in coding.

Hence, I give Bitsbox a rating of 4.5 over 5 for its features.

Customer Support

Bitsbox’s support has earned impressive ratings due to its fast response. A customer’s review on TrustPilot praised Bitsbox’s support for fast response in responding to issues encountered while developing a code.

For customer support, this kids’ learning app is rated 4 over 5.


The price range between $20 to $455 makes it affordable for parents with diverse budgets. Not to mention, it has monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-months subscription plans.

So, for pricing, Bitsbox is rated 3.5 over 5.

Is Bitsbox Worth It?

After a careful review of Bitsbox, I affirm that Bitsbox’s effectiveness in teaching kids coding skills, and the concept of custom functions, makes it worth every penny spent on subscription.

Aside from learning coding skills, Bitsbox teaches kids to be creative problem solvers. Also, coding languages used in Bitsbox are usable on real devices; hence, it can motivate kids to develop a real passion for programming.

Bitsbox Coupon Codes & Discounts

Presently, there is no available coupon code available for Bitsbox. However, as a customer, you can enjoy as much as an $85 discount when you subscribe to the annual Deluxe Bitsbox Plan. Hopefully, Bitsbox will roll out coupons and also offer massive discounts for its loyal customers.

Wrapping Up The Bitsbox Review

Bitsbox is actually a great way to get your kids started with coding. In addition, it is actually a lot of fun to use, as you can see for yourself.

It certainly is a lot more educational than video games, and playing with apps that they themselves create will help with your children’s confidence and self-esteem.

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