52 Best Digital Marketing Quotes For Inspiration

The goal of marketing has always been to reach out (and sell) to audiences in the best possible way. The only thing that has changed is where you find that audience as technology changes.

Social media marketing, content marketing, ad campaigns, and so on are some of the best ways to reach out to these new audiences, but sometimes all of it can feel chaotic.

However, a few words of motivation may just be the nudge you need to jumpstart your day and give yourself some clarity.

Whether you serve an array of digital marketing clients or you handle your business digital marketing, these 52 motivational quotes will change how you feel about social media marketing, content marketing, and so on, and will transform your business forever.

Best Digital Marketing Quotes For Inspiration

Marketing Quotes

1. “If I were an entrepreneur, any business would be good.” – Steve Jobs

2. “Marketers are at their best when they’re making sure that customers find value in what they do.” – Alex Quigley

3. “It’s not what we say or how much we know but it’s what we do with what we know that really matters.” – Peter Drucker

4. “The higher your education level, the less likely you’ll work at McDonald’s later in life, said Brian Greenstone from MIT. That difference can persist even for people with just a high school diploma.” – Daniel Koretz

5. “If I were an entrepreneur, any business would be good.” Jobs said in the Stanford commencement speech.

6. The world is changing every day and we have to stay up on trends or risk being left behind. In his interview for the Academy Awards, Steve Jobs continues by saying that:

“The gadgets themselves aren’t enough, they need to be paired with great service.”

7. Mandelbaum also points out that:

“In the digital age, there are no boundaries. Businesses can adapt globally without worrying about language barriers or time differences.”

8. Maura Mandelbaum says that:

“It is important for businesses not only to use marketing quotes but listen as well because in this day and age you have access around the world regardless of your location.”

She also mentions how things have changed from when she first started working with digital marketing in 2010 where people were not always so enthusiastic about innovation and creativity, but now more so.

9. John Kerry said:

“In times of change, we need to be less afraid of creativity and more open to innovation.”

Content Marketing Quotes

Here are some quotes that will help you re-energize your blogging efforts, whether it’s for personal or business purposes.

10. One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard about content marketing is by Jay Baer:

“Content marketing benefits businesses because it delivers a sustainable form of lead generation that doesn’t require interruption.”

It also gives people what they want and need in order to choose a company. That means less time spent on advertising and more on providing value—it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to market yourself today.

11. Another quote from Dan Shure really resonated with me:

“Marketing isn’t an event anymore; it’s something we do every day,” which ties back into how content can be used continuously without interrupting people.

12. Gary Vaynerchuk also quotes:

“There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

He reminds us that there are many different ways to get your message out.

I also love quotes from Rand Fishkin and Danielle Staples who talk about the importance of content marketing. You can always find value in what people say when it comes to digital marketing:

13. The goal of content marketing is to provide value. You want people to trust you, and that starts with high-quality information. When we create great content, it helps build our reputation as an expert in the field.” – Rand Fishkin

14. “People are so jaded these days; they’re not going to believe anything you say without some proof.” – Danielle Staples

Other quotes about content marketing that can help you create something of value are:

15. “Content marketing is a deliberate and strategic technique for creating content with the intention to attract, retain, and engage an audience. You can’t just push out lousy blogs as if people will come.” – Jeff Bullas

16. “We’re in the business of building valuable relationships by providing thought-provoking articles on relevant topics. We believe that it’s important to help our readers understand their world better–whether they agree or not.” – HubSpot

17. “The goal should be quality over quantity so you don’t end up scrambling when your website traffic suddenly skyrockets. It takes time to build trust and authority through great content.” – Brian Clark

18. “Quality beats Quantity every time. When you think about digital marketing, content is king. You need to produce great content on a consistent basis in order to build a loyal following of people who will keep coming back for more.” – Stone Temple Consulting

19. “A blog post can be as short or long as you like but it should have some central question that the article answers. It’s also important not just to write them one at a time, which would make your website look cheap and unprofessional; instead, create an editorial calendar with topics planned months in advance so they don’t end up looking haphazard and outdated.” – Erika Heald

20. “Content Marketing brings together two things: solid copywriting skills and understanding how human beings actually think when making decisions. The way I learned to write a good copy was by reading, and I would advise anyone looking for inspiration to do the same.” – Neil Patel

21. “People have been using content marketing since ancient times. In fact, all of my work is really just an extension of what people were doing back then: choose a message (or product) that you believe in strongly enough so that it has value to your audience; deliver this message through as many channels as possible including video, newspapers or blogging.” – Neil Patel

22. “If you are not disseminating quality information on a consistent basis, don’t be surprised if search engines think your site does not contain any valuable content worth indexing.” – Rand Fishkin

23. Content Marketing’s goal should always be about creating real relationships with the brands and people that matter to you, which is why Josh Saddington says:

“Content is really the king of marketing.”

24. “I’m a big believer in content marketing, but I don’t think companies should hire an entire team for it–it’s not worth that expense most times unless they’re doing serious business online.” – Jay Baer

25. It’s important to understand what your target customer wants from their experience with your company as well as how search algorithms work!

“The best way to do SEO optimization is to actually just make sure every page on your website has good content.”- Rand Fishkin

26. When deploying successful content marketing strategies, all employees must be aligned around those goals which will require some training down the road. One of the most important pieces of content marketing is storytelling.

“It’s all about how to make people think, feel and act in a certain way.” – Greg Jarboe

27. As part of your content strategy it’s essential that you have an idea of what type of message you want to convey as well as who will be reading this information.

“The key ingredients for successful online campaigns are: relevancy with its target audience; optimization for search engines; creative messaging that resonates emotionally.”- Anne Kennedy

Your blog posts should always contain fresh, new ideas which can’t simply be found by visiting other blogs or websites! You need to do original research if you’re going to succeed in digital marketing today. Be sure not to copy content from other’s work and make sure to have a reliable source.

28. “I think people that are kind of living in the past, thinking they can do search engine optimization by blogging on their website or just emailing out tips; those days are gone.” – Rand Fishkin

It is essential to measure your campaigns with analytics tools such as Google Analytics. You need to know what types of visitors you’re catering to and where these readers come from so you can improve this area.

For example, if most of your viewers come through social media sites like Facebook then it would be wise for you to place more emphasis there rather than solely relying on traffic generated by websites that may not generate any at all.

29. “If we don’t see an increased level of traffic in the next few weeks, we’ll be shutting down this site.” – Rand Fishkin

30. “It’s important that you not only provide content to your readers but also offer products and services. This is a way for them to get more out of their visit with you. I’ve got one thing I want from my blog: lots and lots of people coming back every day.” – Andy Clarke

In terms of blogging it can take anywhere from an hour or two up to several hours depending on how much information needs to be researched; so make sure you’re prepared before starting and arm yourself which quotes like these because you never know when inspiration will strike.

Branding Marketing Quotes

The following branding marketing quotes are from some of the best marketers in history.

31. Robert Mankoff, founder of The New Yorker:

“A good brand is a story that never stops.”

32. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO at WPP Group:

What we call branding today has become so much more than just an image or logo trademark … it’s about values and meaning to people through their whole experience with our company across all touchpoints – offline, digital, and social media.”

33. Jay Baer says:

“Marketing is not advertising. Marketing happens before you have a customer! You should always be thinking strategically about your marketing—even if you’re only selling one product!”

34. “It isn’t what we tell them; it’s what they hear,” said Mark Twain.

35. “All marketing is storytelling.” – Cathy Beaudoin

36. “Advertising is a system whereby you buy people’s thoughts.” – John Lennon

37. David Ogilvy, founder of the worldwide advertising agency bearing his name:

“It has been my experience that four times out of five when I ask somebody why they bought this product or that service, they answer vaguely and ineffectively. So I say to myself The reason these people make bad decisions about their purchases must be because either (a) it doesn’t matter what we do, or (b) if our work does affect sales success then there are factors operating which we don’t know much about.'”

38. “The only way to get the best out of your people is by giving them a feeling that they are wanted, and ensuring that their talents will be put to good use.” – W. Edwards Deming

39. Dorothy Leonard-Barton, Professor at Harvard Business School:

“Rarely do we find cases where firms have comprehensive strategies for achieving competitive advantage in every one of these dimensions simultaneously (e.g., product leadership coupled with low costs).”

40. “You can’t buy an experience; you’re either living it or learning it.”

Steve Jobs said this about Apple’s advertising strategy which doesn’t include commercials on TV but instead uses the Apple retail experience to make their products irresistible.

41. “It’s really hard for people that have grown up in a culture of being told how important they are, what great things they’re going to do and all the awards they’re going to win. And then when you don’t live up to those expectations, which is inevitable–because we set them too high! It doesn’t feel good.”

Seth Godin on dealing with failure as an entrepreneur

42. “I like working out. I find it refreshing after sitting at my desk staring at the screen all day.”

A quote from Marissa Mayer uttered during her early days running Yahoo that caused some confusion among employees who were expected (and accustomed) to working long hours by many Silicon Valley companies.

43. “We are trying to make it so anyone can do anything they want on any device.”

Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) talking about his company’s evolution into a media powerhouse with its Kindle Reader, Amazon Prime video streaming service, and digital publishing arm known as imprints such as Grand Central Publishing or Thomas & Mercer.

Social Media Marketing Quotes

One way to influence the strategies that you implement in your business is to learn from the words of those that have come before you. Here are a couple of quotes about social media marketing and how it relates to branding:

44. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” – Lewis Carroll

45. In order for a company or organization’s message to be heard now more than ever, it has become necessary for them to use mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This quote by British author Lewis Carroll highlights one way this can happen:

”By not knowing what they want their strategy with regards to social media marketing should be when deciding on which roads (social networks) they should follow.”

46. Another common theme found among many social media marketers is ‘content is king.’ The following quote by Marshall McLuhan refers to this idea:

“The Medium is the message. Any extension of ourselves – as in an automobile, for example – becomes part of us and changes our behavior. So it is with any new technology – it will eventually establish its own patterns of social usage which may be totally unlike anything we expect.”

McLuhan’s point here is that just because you use a certain form (or platform) such as Facebook doesn’t mean that people are going to behave how you want them to. They’ll develop their own habits associated with your product or service.

47. “Culture is not a museum piece, it’s something that evolves.” – Willi Paul Adams

The quote above emphasizes the importance of understanding culture and its role in society at large. Marketers are constantly changing their tactics when they need to adapt to new cultural norms – whether these shifts are happening online or off.

A good marketer should be able to anticipate change by closely following trends in both pop culture and social media. A skill that will serve them well during this time of rapid technological evolution.

48. “Culture cannot be preserved like a fossil; instead, we must evolve with it. It provides us with the chance to learn, and the opportunity for innovation.” – Willi Paul Adams

49. ” Social Media is less about broadcasting a message than it is about having one.” – Lee Odden

In this day of age where social media has taken over as our main form of communication, marketers would do well to heed Lee’s advice.

Storytelling Marketing Quotes

Storytelling marketing is important and highly effective because it’s a way to bring the product or service into people’s lives and make them feel like they’re part of what you offer.

50. “The power of storytelling is that it can be made-up, exaggerated, embellished upon for dramatic impact. The storyteller has the license to say anything as long as he tells an engaging tale.” – Jerry Weinberg

51. “The most powerful stories are ones that speak to a person’s values and soul. The world is full of messages, but only the few that you truly care about will break through your defenses and make an impact on your life. These are the stories worth telling over and over again as long as they resonate with what you believe.” – Seth Godin

52. “The three key factors of persuasive storytelling are: identification, empathy, and action. The ultimate goal is to create an emotional connection with your audience so they feel the same way you do about the issue at hand or a particular solution that you’re proposing.” – Joe Kalish

Digital marketing has taken over traditional advertising in many ways, but what it has also done well is allow for new types of storytelling opportunities like never before.

Photo and video content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have opened up new avenues for marketers to advertise their products by using short clips which can be easily watched online without any loading time lag – this makes them more appealing than static images or text-heavy posts.

Many marketers and content creators have done this as well opening up many new avenues for marketing products through the medium of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Final Words

Digital marketing quotes are really great tools to inspire your team to produce their best work. They help remind us that we’re all in this together, and when you have company-wide buy-in for your goals, it’s so much easier to accomplish them.

If there are any quotes or sayings from our list of 52 best digital marketing quotes that really spoke out to you the most, feel free to share them with colleagues on social media and other places online. We hope you were able to find at least one quote above as a source of inspiration for your team.

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