10 Best Browsers For Twitch 2024

Twitch is a video streaming platform where you can either stream your gameplay or watch one of the thousands of streams available at any time of the day or night.

For the best streaming or viewing experience, you would need a light yet resourceful browser that can handle the resource-hungry platform.

Streaming happens in the live format, which can put a lot of strain on the browser, and the last thing you need is a buffering or overloaded browser in the most exciting moments.

Using the best browser for Twitch is crucial, and down below, you can find 10 of the best browsers that will help you run and enjoy Twitch.

Best Browsers For Twitch

If you’ve been wondering if Twitch works better on one browser versus the other, the list below is a great fit for your needs. Each of these browsers provides the performance and resources needed to enjoy the Twitch platform without a problem.

Opera GX

Twitch is a platform that delivers live video in high quality. Unfortunately, this uses a lot of resources, and that’s why you need a browser that doesn’t use a lot of your computer’s resources already.

So if you were wondering why Chrome isn’t higher on this list, this is the reason, and in fact, Opera GX is the browser you might be looking for.

Opera GX is a gaming browser made by a well-known developer of the regular Opera browser. However, this improved version for gamers includes features that can help improve the browsing performance of heavy-browsing users.

This is one of the very few browsers that include unique options that allow you to limit the use of CPU, RAM, and even your network usage.

On top of that, you also get Discord and the Twitch sidebar integrated directly into the browser by default, so you won’t have to run other apps in the background. This also helps you reduce the number of resources your computer uses so you can put all the focus into Opera GX.

On top of that, Opera GX comes with a built-in ad blocker and Flow, which is an integrated feature that helps you connect your mobile device and sync your browsing activity on both a computer and a smartphone.

With the fast navigation menu on the side and the ability to keep track of your Twitch account in only two clicks, you can also stay in touch with integrated messengers or even play your favorite tunes through the integrated Player for music.

Opera GX can be as aesthetically good as it performs. You can choose between light or dark skin, and you can also choose between various gaming themes that will help match your browser with your gaming setup.

Also, with a built-in free VPN and video pop-out, you’ll have everything you need at the touch of a click without sacrificing the performance your Twitch usage requires.

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Mozilla Firefox

Firefox in the second place might surprise you, but the Firefox browser is almost as efficient as Chrome, and yet it uses fewer resources which makes it an ideal browser for watching or streaming on the Twitch platform.

What’s so great about Firefox is that a wide range of people still use it and that it’s pretty universal. So if you don’t want to switch browsers or don’t want to have more than one browser only for Twitch use, Firefox makes a great choice.

With a clean and simple interface that brings out user-friendliness, you can easily stream Twitch videos in 1080p without experiencing any issues.

Even though Firefox doesn’t come with plenty of integrations, you can easily expand Firefox’s functionality by installing third-party integrations via the Firefox add-on store.

Keep in mind that watching high-definition live streams from Twitch will still require at least a pretty decent computer. Otherwise, you might experience sluggish performance even with the best browsers such as Firefox.

Luckily, Firefox gives its users the ability to tweak the settings to improve the performance or set the preferred settings that will match your personal use.

Suppose you need to boost Firefox’s performance. In that case, you can additionally install add-ons such as Alternate Player or Twitch Live to ensure lag-free streaming even at the highest resolutions.

Some other features worth mentioning are the picture-in-picture video pop-up, expanded dark mode, and an extra layer of protection that will go well with the needs of every Twitch user.

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Suppose you are used to the flexibility that’s combined with efficiency and performance. In that case, Vivaldi is a great browser that will match your needs but also provide a very decent Twitch viewing experience.

Vivaldi is ideal for every Twitch fan who loves to follow multiple streams at once. This browser has a unique way of keeping tabs so you can stay organized and have an eye on all streams at the same time.

On top of that, you can go full-on and enable all features to have them directly in the interface, or you can keep your browser very minimalistic to remove any distractions and improve your focus on the Twitch streams.

With such customizability, you’ll also get integrated add-ons such as an ad-blocker and a free VPN service.

Considering that Vivaldi is one of the browsers with the most features, it is still a very snappy and quick browser that can easily handle the projection of live streams in high resolution.

Since Vivaldi doesn’t use a lot of computer resources, it is also a great browser for Twitch users with a lower-spec configuration. You can still get smooth and choppy-less animations even if you don’t have the best gaming PC in the world.

Whether you’re watching streams in high resolution or you would like to stream on Twitch, you can do both directly with the help of integrated features. But if you feel like you’re missing some of the features, you can always download them as add-ons since Vivaldi has access to the Google Play extension store.

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No, Edge is not the fourth pick on this list for fun. Instead, the Edge browser is an integrated browser that every Windows user gets with the operating system.

With that being said, Edge is Microsoft’s creation, and they’re working on frequently updating the browser to meet the modern and the most demanding needs.

Therefore, Edge is made to work well with the Windows operating system, and that’s why Twitch streaming or watching streams on Twitch can feel smooth on Edge.

Most gamers didn’t even think of giving the Edge browser a try, but Edge is really fast, it supports HTML5, which replaces Flash for streaming videos on Twitch, and it can support multiple extensions at once.

Even though Edge lacks customizability or integrated features, it is still a quick, snappy, and very easy-to-use browser that can be used to stream or watch streams from Twitch directly.

The best thing is that you might not even need to install it using a computer with a Windows operating system.

What’s also significant about Edge is that it’s now based and built on the Chromium browser platform, the same platform Chrome is based on. So besides the guaranteed quick performance, users can also benefit from thousands of add-ons that you can install directly from the Google Store.

With that being said, you can easily change how the Twitch platform looks or customize your viewing experience through various third-party add-ons. Of course, these changes also apply to the changes made to the Edge browser.

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Chrome is the most used browser in the world, and just the way Chrome is great for plenty of other uses, it is also a great fit for streaming or watching streams on Twitch.

And if you’re a hardcore Chrome user and you don’t want to change a browser or install a second browser only for Twitch, Chrome is still a great option.

Chrome is one of the safest browsers you can have from all other browsers out there, and even though it uses a bit more RAM (you’ll need a good gaming PC), Chrome remains one of the simplest, easiest, and most advanced browsers on the market.

It’s a user-friendly browser that also gives you direct access to thousands of third-party add-ons that you can use to improve, change, or add functionalities.

If you have a good gaming PC, streaming Twitch videos at 1080p resolution shouldn’t be an issue, even considering that Chrome is a “resource-hungry” browser.

However, if you ever feel like your streams are sluggish or a bit laggy, you can always try and install third-party add-ons that can help improve the performance.

But if you don’t have a good or at least decent PC, you might want to check other browsers for Twitch that won’t use as many computer resources. Otherwise, your Twitch streaming or watching experience might not be smooth at all.

Also, keep in mind that to watch multiple Twitch streams at once, you might need a powerful PC with plenty of resources to handle the projection of multiple high-resolution streams at once.

UR Browser

If you would like to stream on Twitch, the only thing you need is a highly secure browser that will keep your connection secure and private. The UR browser is a decent choice.

What’s unique about the UR browser is that it lets you choose the type of security you would require. You can choose from a low, medium, or high privacy setting, and depending on your choice, your UR browser will come integrated with the perfect amount of features.

Features such as the HTTPS redirect, anti-fingerprinting, blocked trackers, ad-blocker, and blocked 3rd party cookies ensure privacy throughout your Twitch use.

On top of that, the UR browser also comes with the Ninja mode, which ensures advanced and private browsing, which automatically deletes your tracks and searches.

Therefore, if you are worried about your connection being exposed while streaming on Twitch, you can always do it using the Ninja mode, which encrypts the connection (2048 bit RSA encryption) while keeping the performance and speed uncompromised.

And if you’re only thinking of becoming a Twitch streamer, getting all the tools and apps will be easy with the UR browser since it automatically scans all your downloaded files for viruses.

However, the UR browser has a couple of features ideal for gamers. For example, you can easily customize the browser’s look, create your default home screen, and even download files four times faster.

With a custom side menu, you can create a list of your most accessible websites where you can add Twitch, so it’s always a click away.

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Brave is one of the unique browsers you can use to watch and support your favorite Twitch streamers.


It features a unique way of helping Twitch streamers and content creators via one simple integration. Brave integrates cryptocurrency tokens which helps you earn cryptocurrency while you’re browsing.

You can think of the token as a wallet to collect the coins that you earn while browsing.

So when you’re watching Twitch streams, you can contribute to your favorite streamers by allocating your earned coins for subscription or donation across different Twitch profiles.

With that being said, you can use the Brave browser to watch your streams, at the same time earn cryptocurrency coins and then spend them to support your Twitch streamers.

Of course, this is optional, but it’s still a great way to support content creators if you’re on a tight budget or you don’t want to part away from your hard-earned cash.

On top of that, Brave provides exceptional performance, it’s highly secure, and it gives users the chance to fight advertising networks back and take control of their browsing experience.

Brave integrates tools and add-ons that help block data-grabbing trackers and ads, resulting in better performance.

Ads can slow down the loading speed, and Brave has a very efficient way of blocking them. However, suppose you ever feel like you need to browse for something in complete privacy.

In that case, Brave also integrates Tor for private browsing sessions so you can rest assured your information or data is not getting grabbed or leaked anywhere on the internet.

And if you’re worried about watching Twitch streams or opening your connection to stream on the Twitch platform, you can rest assured knowing that you’re completely safe.


Waterfox is a browser that’s all about useability combined with a great amount of privacy.

So if you need a light browser that you can run on almost any computer without any issues, and yet you’d want to keep your protection and security high while browsing Twitch, watching Twitch streams, or staying in touch with Twitch streamers, Waterfox is a great choice.

Waterfox strikes a great balance of performance and customizability since you can choose the way your browser’s interface looks and keep a low profile on whatever website you visit.

This browser doesn’t collect or send any browsing data and history to ensure your privacy or security. It also has very limited data collection when it comes down to personal information.

With a minimalistic approach, Waterfox can provide ideal performance that will run high-resolution live streams without a lag or sluggish performance.

However, suppose you ever feel like you’re missing something or you’d like to improve this browser’s functionality. In that case, you can do so by installing any of thousands of available third-party add-ons.

Of course, keep in mind that the more add-ons you install, slower performance can be expected.

What’s interesting is that the Waterfox browser is built on Firefox’s open-source code, so you can think of Waterfox as a simplified Firefox version that still provides everything you might need.

First, Waterfox was all about speed and since they’ve achieved that, now they’re focusing on combining speed with privacy and ethical browsing.

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If you are a big fan of Chrome and yet don’t have a powerful enough computer to watch high-resolution streams or stream 1080p videos, Epic can be a great browser for your needs.

Epic is a browser built on the Chromium code, the same code used to build the Chrome browser.

Therefore, you can think of Epic as a simplified Chrome version that is more suitable for lower-end computers without compromising performance.

However, don’t misunderstand the Epic browser. It still has a decent number of great features. These features help block tracking scripts and ads, protect your privacy when browsing, watching streams or streaming, and even secure your connection with end-to-end encryption.

Epic is also all-in for no data abuse, no spying, and even fully protected when browsing incognito mode.

But even though Epic is a privacy-oriented browser, you will still get a very decent level of performance that is more than needed to browse, watch, and stream on Twitch. Yet now, you can do it with a lot better security.

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GNU IceCat

Last but not least, the ideal browser for browsing Twitch, watching your favorite streamers, or even being a Twitch streamer yourself is the GNU IceCat.

GNU IceCat is a version of a Mozilla suite, and it’s a browser built on the GNU version that Firefox is based on.

This browser was built using the free Firefox source code, and it’s built to keep things simple and a long way before the biggest and the most recent Firefox updates.

While speed and performance is the main factor that the IceCat browser provides to its users, there’s a second thing they’re fighting.

IceCat is built to fight the recommended nonfree software that’s often recommended to Firefox users.

Also, exercising freedom with Firefox is a lot tougher than with IceCat, and that’s why the IceCat browser doesn’t make it hard to exercise freedom.

So if you’re looking for a stripped-down version of Firefox that can run any stream in 1080p or even help you stream your gameplay in better quality, IceCat is the right choice.

Since IceCat doesn’t consume as many resources as other browsers (since it’s a lightweight browser), you can stream (or watch streams) smoothly while taking full advantage of your computer’s resources for what matters the most.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that IceCat still has the most needed features such as fingerprinting countermeasures, spy block, HTTPS-everywhere redirect, and even LibreJS.

Even though it doesn’t come with many integrations, you can easily integrate functionalities with the help of free add-ons.

So if you have a decent computer and a strong internet connection, you can easily stream with the help of IceCat while keeping your connection secure and private at all times.

And suppose you only enjoy following your favorite streams or engaging with the fanbase. In that case, you won’t have to worry about your personal information being stolen, leaked out, or sold to advertising networks.

Also worth mentioning is that GNU IceCat might not come with as many integrations and features as other browsers, and if that’s what you’re looking for, this might not be an ideal fit for your needs.

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Whether you want to watch Twitch streams, follow streamers, engage with the Twitch community, or even stream some of your gameplay, an efficient browser is as important as a powerful computer and a quick internet connection.

Opera GX is the best browser for Twitch. It is one and the only browser built for gamers, so along with a quick and responsive performance, you can also get integrations that help you have everything you might need in one place.

Also, with powerful integrations, Opera GX reduces your computer’s resource consumption which improves performance.

Therefore, Opera GX is the winning browser. Not only is it an ideal browser for Twitch, but it’s also visually attractive with plenty of customizable features that allow freedom for every gamer.

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