20 Best Evernote Alternatives 2024

For quite some time, Evernote has been the ‘go-to’ option when it comes to choosing an adaptive note-taking application. From its typical hierarchical note-sorting method to its usage of multimedia and interaction with the cloud.

Although Evernote does provide a free version, it lacks certain key functionality seen in other programs.

You can’t, for example, sync between two devices or store notes in offline mode. Furthermore, the free edition does not support PDF annotation and does not provide technical assistance.

However, times are changing, and if you’re looking for a new, different, or more niche note-taking software, check out our thorough list to find the 20 of the best Evernote alternatives for you.

Best Evernote Alternatives

1. Bear Notes App

Bear is a free Evernote alternative for writing notes and prose. It is compatible with the iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. This program, which has a user-friendly design, allows you to change your writing by providing word recommendations.

Other valuable features include markdowns, images, and tagging. We’ll get into it a little later. It also enables you to sync your notes across devices.

As a result, you won’t have to bother about storing it. Bear Note is a complete package for saving your notes effectively by having multiple tags, different writing styles, and highlighting colors.

Bear is more affordable than Evernote, despite having all the important features of an ideal note-taking app.

Now, let’s look at some of these key features:

  • Bear lets you insert photos, PDFs, music, and other media into your notes. This is accessible through Bear Notes on any device.
  • There are several themes to pick from, ranging from bright to dark.
  • You may search for a specific note, a text across several saved notes, or only within a particular tag folder.
  • In addition, Bear provides a variety of export options. As a result, you can save your notes as RTF, txt, Markdown, ePub, JPG, PDF, DOCX, or HTML.

2. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is an excellent alternative to Evernote. More so, it features everything from photos to videos to code writing and sound. You may also use the same program to share your notes and ideas with other members.

Dropbox Paper is a tool for remote teams that wish to discuss assignments and ideas in a single place. In addition, you may use it to keep track of your meetings and get more work done.

Both Dropbox and Evernote allow you to invite people via Email from within the document you want to share.

In addition to comprehensive formatting options, other key features include:

  • A user-friendly interface and the ability to perform activities quickly.
  • Furthermore, you can code in Dropbox Paper. This should adopt the formatting to fit your programming language automatically.
  • Dropbox Paper includes up to 2 GB of free storage and can constantly be upgraded to a larger storage plan.
  • You may also import content from third-party websites such as YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram.

3. Notion

The Notion note-taking app is another Evernote alternative that helps keep all of your tasks and projects in one location and a remarkably organized manner. It not only keeps your notes and enables you to maintain a good workflow.

This fantastic Evernote alternative includes a Kanban style, making it a suitable choice for usage in the office.

Like Evernote, this software may be used in conjunction with databases and spreadsheets. It’s simple to use, and the colorful UI makes it enjoyable for everyone.

With this, we can easily consider it a formidable challenger to Evernote. Let’s take a closer look at its features: Notion supports over 30 different media types.

Other key features include:

  • Spicing up your notes by including photographs, videos, and other media.
  • You may access your downloaded pages while you are not connected to the internet. You can easily manage your activities using the Kanban system. You can organize your thoughts in whatever order you wish.
  • Prioritize the tasks that must be completed first. There is also a feedback feature underneath each task.

4. Box Notes

Good note-taking software for individuals and groups. BoxNotes, created by Box.com, is ideal for organizing notes for students, journalists, and compilers.

Box Note allows you to arrange your notes into notebooks and tag them for easy sorting. Box Note enables real-time collaboration, which is great for teams.

As a result, this app is a beautiful choice for individuals who work in offices or groups on a project.

Box Note is a fantastic solution for keeping an excessive quantity of notes and information, from easing your workflow to sharing your work across all teams. While connected to the internet, you may capture your PCs, laptops, and other devices.

You could also comment on the documents to share your thoughts and views with the rest of your team.

Like Evernote, you can sync with your data and share it on a storage device, although Box Note can achieve this a bit faster. As a result, you may access it at any time and from any location.

Other features include:

  • You may also view your files and folders when not connected to the internet. This is especially true for newly opened files.
  • Every Box Note note is protected by enterprise-grade security and compliance requirements such as FedRAMP and HIPAA.

5. ProofHub

Although it is primarily a project management application, its efficient note management system is ideal for organizing thoughts and ideas in one location.

ProofHub Notes, an Evernote alternative, allows you to collect ideas, random thoughts, finished plans, and any other vital project information, so you don’t have to memorize everything.

While it is just as easy to create notes with Proofhub as with Evernote, it can perform other project management functions that Evernote can’t.

  • It offers a robust note-taking system that allows you to color-code notes, write private notes, and add comments to collaborate on thoughts and ideas.
  • Each notebook and note you create in ProofHub can be pinned to the top. As a result, you can keep them easily accessible and save a lot of time.

6. Google Keep

Google Keep is our #6 choice for the most fantastic Evernote alternatives. This one is intended to keep your notes and lists structured so that you may access them at any time and from any location.

It is an application that is recommended for usage in the organization since it has many functions. In addition, it features a simple UI that makes it easy to use for everyone.

There are also possibilities for reminders and voice notes, although there is a character limit. This limits its utility for more extensive uses.

It can also include features in the notes. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features below:

Like Evernote, Google Keep allows you to take notes from any device. It works with both Android and iOS. Furthermore, the synchronizing feature will enable you to access them at any time.

You can be reminded of a note at any moment. As a result, it sends a notification once work is completed.

Other features include:

  • Voice memo transcriber. This makes it easy and painless to use because you don’t use it rather than typing all the time. In addition, you can share your notes with other teams.
  • More so, the app provides an excellent chance for effective teamwork. The software helps you to organize your notes using labels and colors. Labels and colors allow them to stand out.

7. Microsoft OneNote

MS OneNote is another free alternative to Evernote. This one is entirely free to use on your laptops, personal computers, and mobile.

It allows you to create separate notebooks to keep your notes, pictures, links, and other stuff.

You may take notes on the fly or share them with others over the network. Your notes are more structured, with separate sections and pages in a basic style. You also discover your notes where you left them previously.

Microsoft OneNote provides the ability to use a colorful interface by including an ink feature that allows you to create your thoughts using a stylus or finger.

Aside from that fact the OneNote gives you everything that Evernote can, but at less cost, it is also far more appealing to use. Let’s look at some of its more intriguing features:

  • MS OneNote integrates effectively with other office software. You may, for example, insert Excel formulas into your OneNote notebook.
  • You may organize your information by notebooks, pages, and sections. This helps them to be more organized. In addition, you may extend functionality by inserting videos, online and recorded audio notes, and other files.

8. Otter Voice Notes

Otter is our next choice for one of the best Evernote alternatives. Otter makes it easier to keep accurate track of conversations and meetings.

This application allows you to record, transcribe, and share audio recordings with your friends. Otter voice notes are easy-to-use software apps similar to Evernote that will enable you to save time and effort.

Simply browse through your notes and extended recordings to find what you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look at its features:

  • Essential information regarding conversations, such as recording date, time, and the total length, may be seen. This will give you an idea of the activities and the time it will take to upload them.
  • Otter provides speaker identification across conversations. So, when many people want to speak up, Otter handles it well.

9. Simplenote

This is an essential Evernote alternative. Simplenote, which is available for Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows, only supports text.

Simplenote does not let you create full-fledged notes like Evernote and this means there will be no images or videos.

However, it is a convenient way to take brief notes. You may also use Simplenote to organize your notes by date.

You can share lists, directives and publish notes online. You may share work with the appropriate persons by using the sharing tool.

You can simply discover your notes by using tags and quick searches. You may also save a copy of your notes. Cloud storage will assist you in this endeavor.

Other features include:

  • With no formatting toolbars, the application offers a straightforward and fundamental approach. Users can also create and update notes when not connected to the internet. The online app also supports markdown.
  • You may activate markdown support in the options. Simplenote allows you to save and sync your notes in the cloud.

10. Apple iCloud Notes

Another excellent software for Apple users is Apple iCloud Notes. According to Apple users, it is a robust and complicated program. Users have not been able to explore the product due to its functionality thoroughly.

Apple iCloud Notes has both essential and complex functions, which we shall go through later.

However, if you want to keep your notes organized in one location, this is a fantastic solution as it lets you sync your work like Evernote.

There are also sketching and encrypting notes features, making this software/application secure and enjoyable to use. Let’s take a closer look at some of its other features:

  • Apple iCloud Notes makes it very easy to take notes. The app has several formatting options available to help you alter and style your content.
  • You may also create a checklist by clicking on the checkmark button. So you know which activities have been completed.

11. Quip

Quip, which is available for Mac, Windows, and Android users includes all types of documents, checklists, spreadsheets, and a team chat feature.

This is a beautiful alternative to Evernote, which provides a decent interface for saving documents and notes and correctly organizing them.

Watch as you and your team come to life due to having all duties in one place. In addition, because of its synchronizing functionality, you may access your files and notes from anywhere at any time just like with Evernote.

Here are other key capabilities of Quip:

  • Quip works hard to eliminate bugs, which is why it provides safe storage for your sensitive data.
  • Quip maintains a single live version of the interface that everyone may view and change simultaneously.

12. Notejoy

Notejoy is another tool for team and individual collaboration. This allows you to take notes, instantly communicate your thoughts, collaborate, and be available in real time.

While Evernote has folders, Notejoy has libraries that allow you to create notes more constructively.

For example, you may add photographs, documents, videos, and other media to make it more thorough. Not only that, but you can clip and distribute content in record time.

Notejoy is a secure platform for sharing your work with whomever you want. You may also use it to combine your favorite apps.

Please take a closer look at its features:

  • The app is for people who use Android and iOS devices; Windows users are also not left out.
  • You may modify the sidebar, pane width, font, and theme. This improves its attractiveness and organization.
  • The app is a secure platform with very strong encryption, passworded notes, and a 2FA feature. Notes that have been erased can be recovered.
  • There is a way to reverse that. You have the opportunity to export bulky notes by sending them to whoever is using the platform. You may use fuzzy matching to locate the correct grammatical terms.

13. Remember The Milk

Another excellent app for creating to-do lists and notes is Remember The Milk. You could add tasks, make lists, and share them with others. In addition, it allows you to write notes and sync them so that you may access them from any device.

You could create not just a task but also its subtasks. Some reminders send you messages when a specific job has to be completed. Remember The Milk is available on PC, Apple, and Android devices.

Like Evernote, this tool has an integrating function that allows you to connect your Google Calendar, Gmail, social media, and other accounts.

Other things this app can do include:

  • Remember The Milk has a limited number of collaborative options in its free version as well. You may arrange and categorize your jobs as you like using sophisticated sorting.
  • You have the option of sharing your lists and tasks with others. The secure sharing feature requires this.

14. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is another free alternative to Evernote where you may write text, draw, record audio, and do other things. It has a beautiful UI and is a lovely pocket-sized notepad.

Zoho Notebook is available to arrange any word that is important to you, making things more organized. So make a note of them and install security elements to prevent misuse. Zoho is accessible as a Mac software and as a web app.

Zoho Notebook is free and provides all-in-one functionalities like Evernote.

Let’s have a look at what else it has to offer:

  • You may attach PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, and other files to your notes. This adds to the excitement.
  • There is a scanning function that allows you to scan business cards, papers, and other items. Passcodes and Touch ID are security features provided by Zoho. So you know no one else can get to it. You could also draw something on it.
  • The sketch card forces you to jot down ideas and draw your thoughts on your notes. Zoho may add reminders to tasks so that you are alerted when they are due. Tag your notes to make them easier to discover. The tags draw attention to them.

15. Rapidtables Notepad

Rapidtables Notepad is not exactly like Evernote as it does not require a login, but it can help you quickly write down thoughts and notes.

They are suitable for writing codes or notes with the ability to make minor changes. It is a simple web software with no app. You just utilize it online, and the file is stored in your downloads with the title you choose.

You are free to create as many new documents as you desire. It is a free tool that may be found online. Like MS Word, there is a cut, copy, and paste function.

Other features include:

  • Like with MS Word, there is an undo and redo option. The files are stored with the .txt extension. You can easily download them.
  • It only has a simple interface where you can type. Rapidtables Notepad is ideal for those who only want to type down their thoughts and do not require any other features.

16. CintaNotes

CintaNotes is a smart note-taking tool that distinguishes itself from the other Evernote competitors on the list.

  • It extracts text from any application, connects files and photos to notes, and syncs them across many devices.
  • In contrast to other Evernote alternatives, you can access notes online and offline, encrypt whole notebooks with passwords, and set automated notebook backups.
  • Text clipping, full-text search, adjustable hotkeys, notes backup, hierarchical tags, password security, auto-tagging, and other sophisticated features are also available.

17. Squidnotes

Squidnotes is a software program which allows a user to use their digital handwritten notes for school or work.

You may supplement or even begin your notes by importing any picture or PDF. You may make your notes at any zoom level using the Squidnotes app.

This tool has a stroke eraser that allows you to easily erase whole letters and sentences.

The app also allows you to perform Text stroke thickness and the color can be adjusted which is visibly absent in Evernote.

Some of Squidnotes key features include:

  • It is a free alternative to Evernote that lets you select from a variety of document types, kinds, and sizes.
  • Squidnotes also allows you to write organically with pressure sensitivity, and you may even add your PDFs and insert pages in between.

18. Todoist

Todoist is a decent Evernote alternative. It is a handy tool for keeping track of your projects and tasks.

You may use this app to write down all of the crucial information you need to remember and keep it lost.

It is a light note-taking app like Evernote and can also help you manage, allocate, and prioritize your tasks. The app includes:

  • Templates to help you get started quickly with your notes and projects.
  • Furthermore, all data is backed up online to access whenever you want using any device of your choosing.

19. Turtl

Turtle is a simple, secure, and collaborative note-taking platform. It helps store and organize bookmarks, passwords, and to-do lists.

The software allows you:

  • Share your information with your colleagues just like with Evernote.
  • Using text searches or tags, you may easily search through the plethora of notes you’ve saved within the Turtl.
  • Above all, the app is open-source, and you can configure your Turtl server for more outstanding management of your data.

20. Joplin

Joplin, on the other hand, appears to be an outlier when compared to Evernote, offering many features that other free programs just do not, and unlike Evernote, it is open-source.

For example, Joplin’s note-organizing system is similar to more expensive programs in that it uses notebooks, groups, and tags to organize your notes.

Other features include:

  • Storage and synchronization activation by connecting to OneDrive or Dropbox.
  • You may also look up your notes and their contents, including foreign characters. However, the most significant challenge is the lack of collaborative tools.


There you have it, the best Evernote alternatives. Keep in mind that when creating notes, they have to be great. Whatever app you’re making use of should provide you with the information you want. Some individuals value design and structure, while others are OK with text-only.

That being said, our top pick is Bear because aside from being the ‘purest’ note-taking app of all the alternatives on this list, its simplicity, features, and speed make it a more-than-worthy Evernote alternative.

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