Kaiber AI – 11 Alternatives For Video Generation

AI technology is growing at the rate of knots, with an average annual growth rate of about 33%. The market is flooding with new AI tools being launched every day.

While every AI tool strives to replace your entire toolbox, Kaiber AI takes a different approach.

Kaiber has features that help you unlock creativity using powerful and intuitive generative video and audio tools. With Kaiber, you can create outstanding visuals through image or text descriptions.

Additionally, the Kaiber site features various styles, such as anime, impressionism, and conceptual art.

However, Kaiber AI is not the only tool of its kind. It faces fierce competition from other tools like Runway ML Gen 2, Loopsie, StoryZ, Disflow, VIMAGE, and Enlight Pixaloop.

Of the above alternatives and many others not featured here, my best pick is Pictory. It gives you a feel of filming something new by consistently synthesizing new videos using an image or text prompt with higher accuracy.

Before we get down and discuss these tools at length, let’s understand the need to explore Kaiber AI alternatives.

Why Look for Kaiber AI Alternatives?

Kaiber has limited customization options for the videos it generates. So your videos may lack the qualities a professional could seek.

Kaiber is no longer free. The tool rolled out its paid plans, citing the high cost of creating videos as they involve a lot of computing power. Additionally, there were multiple incidences of free trial abuse and fraudulent card payments, hence the need to terminate the offer.

Fraudsters could disguise themselves as real users and easily create AI videos, which compromise the overall experience for paid Kaiber users as it costs significant GPU time.

Given all this, it makes sense to look for alternative tools. Let’s explore the options now.

Kaiber AI Alternatives for Video Generation

1. Pictory

If you want an AI tool like Kaiber AI to create short and easily shareable branded videos, I highly recommend Pictory. Like Kaiber AI, you do not need design or video editing experience to use Pictory.

The tool can extract valuable nuggets from more extended content versions, including Zoom, Teams, or Webinar recordings. Pictory gives you high quality to share across social media.

It is an excellent content creation companion for companies or personal bloggers looking to increase engagement and content quality. The tool is web-based, meaning it will work on any computer.

Pictory is easy to use and delivers outstanding results in minutes. It automatically adds captions to your video to increase your reach, as 85% of social media videos are watched on mute.

The automatic caption feature is handy when creating explainer videos, webinars, podcasts, e-Learning materials, or demonstrations.

Pictory offers more than just video production solutions. You can be sure of almost anything you need, whether that’s footage, video highlights, or more. Its sophisticated AI technology can cut lengthy videos into shorter versions for TikTok or Instagram Reels.

The tool offers high-quality voiceovers for your videos. It has a complete suite of AI-enabled voice-over artists who do the work for you. The artists are organized by gender, place of origin, and age.

While Pictory is paid for, every pricing plan has a free trial that you can enjoy without providing your credit card information.

All plans have AI-enabled features, automatic subtitles and captioning capabilities, and full access to over three million licensed stock images and videos. The price starts at $19 per month.

2. StoryZ

StoryZ is another solid substitute for Kaiber AI. It helps you make images move and bring them to life. It is a fun, fast, and easy-to-use tool that blends powerful art and special effects to give endless creative options.

With StoryZ, you can combine static imagery and overlay video to create a Double Exposure Effect. Its Ripple Effect feature allows you to animate still images, while the Motion Effect feature lets you create an animated video from a photo merging with a video.

StoryZ’s video overlay effects support multiple layers of videos. The StoryZ app is available for free download on Google PlayStore and AppStore. It offers paid options to access more advanced features through in-app purchases.

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3. RunwayML Gen-2

Runway ML is an excellent alternative to Kaiber to generate videos from images, texts, or other video clips. The multi-modal AI system allows you to create novel videos in any style.

Creating videos with Runway ML Gen-2 is like filming a new concept without filming anything at all. Runway ML is ahead of Kaiber AI for its customization capability, enabling you to achieve higher fidelity results.

Runway ML Gen-2 ranges from $12 to $76 per month. You can access its basic plan for free forever. The free plan is ideal for anyone interested in exploring Runway’s magic tools and content creation features.

It is worth noting that advanced features are only available for paid users. The program is relatively new, having been launched in 2018, so it may lack some premium video editing features.

Overall, the web-based tool has significantly impacted amateur and professional video editing. The tool was used to produce award-winning films like Everything Everywhere All At Once.

4. Synthesys

Synthesys is another AI tool that can help you create a professional video in a few clicks. It is one of the AI platforms on the leading edge of developing algorithms for converting text to videos for commercial use.

Whether you want to enhance your website explainer videos or create product tutorials, Synthesys ensures you get high-quality results with a natural human voice. The tool can transform text into vibrant and dynamic media presentations.

Synthesys’ text-to-video generator has 69 real Humanatars, 34 female and 35 male, to elevate your messaging. It has over 145 languages. Synthesys leads Kaiber AI, based on a cloud-based application for its full customization options.

Synthesys stands out for its easy-to-use interface for rendering and editing. It gives high-resolution output, perfect for social media content, explainer videos, eLearning, or product descriptions.

Prices start from $27 per month. The tool offers discounts on its pricing plans, so expect to spend less on most of its sought-after features. Synthesys also offers a seven-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the tool.

5. Synthesia

Synthesia is another tool you can use in place of Kaiber that helps you create videos within 15 minutes. Synthesia can convert text into speech in more than 120 languages.

Synthesia has over 140 robust AI avatars and does not require technical video editing skills or equipment to produce your desired results. With Synthesia, you can easily replace boring documents, PowerPoint, or PDFs with engaging videos.

One feature that will excite you with Synthesia is collaboration with teams. Synthesia allows you to prototype videos and share them with your team quickly. It also allows you to receive team feedback and comments and fosters productivity.

Collaboration doesn’t stop with internal teams. Synthesia also allows you to align with stakeholders to speed up sign-offs. Synthesia is rated one of the top AI tools for generating videos, boasting a customer base of over 50,000 customers with over 600 5+ reviews.

Synthesia has two distinct plans. The personal plan allows individuals to create professional videos at $22.50 monthly. The second plan is the Enterprise Plan, which is perfect for more prominent companies and available in over 120 languages.

6. Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI is one of the best AI-powered text-to-video tools with similar functionalities to Kaiber AI. It allows you to use avatars that best suit your brand from its custom-made avatars.

It is a simple and intuitive tool that is easy for beginners. Deepbrain saves a lot of time you would have spent preparing videos, filming, and editing. You can create a video by simply uploading a PPT file and using them as course materials.

If you find creating video layouts from scratch complex, Deepbrain AI has multiple layout templates for a quick start. The tool also generates captions automatically based on the text entered.

Deepbrain lets you create your first videos for free. You can choose to pay for its plans monthly or yearly. The Starter Plan costs $30 per month while the Pro Plan costs $225 per month and is ideal for small businesses.

It also has custom Enterprise plans for businesses interested in long-term professional use.

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7. Invideo

Invideo is a worthy alternative to Kaiber AI that lets you create publish-worthy videos from the onset.

The tool simplifies the process of creating videos with ready-made templates that you can quickly customize, even as a newbie. Invideo has over 5,000 professionally-created templates you can customize to your brand style using simple drag-and-drop techniques.

Invideo sets your brand for social media success, as it is instrumental in planning and executing video content strategy crucial for your brand exposure. Invideo can also be a revenue stream if you turn your videos into monetizable assets.

Get started by signing up for free without providing your credit card information. But If you wish to access more features to suit your small business and professional needs, I recommend subscribing to the Business Plan at $15 monthly.

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8. VEED.io

AI has proved that anyone can make a video without professional photography or videography skills. Thanks to robust tools like VEED.io, anyone can create a great video that suits their audience’s preferences.

VEED.io is loved by content creators and teams. It is a straightforward platform with features such as an auto-subtitle generator, stock library, text formatting, and music and soundwaves.

But what would videos be without captivating audio? VEED allows you to add songs, music, and other soundtracks with a few clicks. Adding cheers, applauses, and other effects can make your video more appealing.

You can also add fun emojis, stickers, logos, or watermarks without creating an account. If you wish your audience to interact with you in a more natural and immersive way, use VEED’s AI Avatara generator to create an animated talking avatar.

Create your first video with VEED’s free plan, which is ideal for one-time projects under 10 minutes. VEED also offers paid subscriptions with unlimited possibilities. Its Basic Plan, at $12 per month, is ideal for individuals who want to create high-quality videos.

The Pro Plan, for $24 per month, is designed for individuals who professionally use videos as a tool to grow and succeed.

Lastly, the Business Plan, for $59 per month, is made for organizations that implement videos into their growth, communication, and teamwork strategies.

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9. Elai.io

Elai.io will help you create stunning videos from text prompts. It helps you create fully customized videos with a presenter without using a camera, a green screen, or a studio.

The tool is available in over 75 languages and has a vast library of avatars to suit your video editing needs.

Elai has over 25 high-quality avatars and over 450 voices for different content and audiences. You can choose from a wide range of tones and styles based on the project you are working on.

With Elai, you can transform a PowerPoint presentation into a captivating video using unique avatars, dynamic animations, and multiple languages and voices. What makes Elai better than Kaiber AI is the fact that you can generate videos from URLs.

Elai’s custom avatars include studio, photo, selfie, and animated mascot. The professional video templates make it easy to create high-quality videos. At the same time, the brand kit lets you add vital elements like logos and colors for a consistent brand identity.

Try Elai.io for free before committing to its paid plans, including the Basic Plan at $23 per month for 15 video minutes, the Advanced Plan at $100 per month for 50 video minutes, and the Custom Plan for corporations.

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10. Colossyan

If you are looking for a Kaiber AI replacement for workplace learning, look no further than Colossyan. It allows you to create videos from texts in minutes, then auto-translate the videos in a language of choice with a single click.

Colossyan has a collection of unique templates, so you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. Quickly convert your PDFs and PPTs into videos designed for scenario-based learning.

You can pick an AI presenter of your choice from the tool’s collection of avatars. You can also create a custom avatar, so you don’t have to persuade anyone to get in front of a camera to get a video.

In addition to auto-translating your videos to various languages, Colossyan allows you to change accents and clothes and embed videos.

You can start your Colossyan experience for free with full access to avatars, shapes, music, media, background, and transition, among other editing tools. Colossyan offers paid plans to unlock more advanced features.

The Starter Plan ideal for creating simple AI videos costs $28 per month for 10 minutes videos. The Pro Plan is ideal for teams and individuals who regularly create videos of up to 40 minutes. The Pro Plan costs $96 per month.

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11. Steve.ai

Finally, on the list, we have Steve.ai. Steve.ai refers to itself as the only AI tool to help you create live and animated videos using text. The tool uses patented AI technology to deliver professional videos in minutes.

Steve.ai claims to have all the solutions a contemporary video creator needs to help them reach newer creativity heights.

Getting started with Steve.ai is easy. All you need to do is paste your text in the script editor space and watch the tool produce engaging videos. You can also repurpose your blog to video to keep up with customers’ pace.

Steve.ai allows you to convert blogs to one or multiple bite-sized videos in minutes by simply copying and pasting your site’s URL. With Steve.ai, you can also repurpose your audio by converting them into thumb-stopping videos.

The tool features hundreds of AI avatars with lip-syncing capabilities to help you deliver engaging content to your audience. It also has vast assets to help you stay on brand.

Leverage its advanced video editing suite to customize and create multi-platform 4K videos for your brand. Tell a captivating story even without design skills using multiple templates available.

So whether you want to create a marketing video, explainer video, commercials, YouTube video, educational video, or infographics, Steve.ai is your to-go-to replacement for Kaiber AI.

Pick a plan that works for you and pay either monthly or yearly. The basic plan will only cost you $15 per month. But if you are looking for a plan fit for an enterprise, you can request a custom quote from the team.

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Final Words

If you are looking for a Kaiber AI alternative to save you time and money while taking advantage of its robust features (ability to convert texts into videos, remove awkward silences, create highlight reels, or automatically add subtitles), I highly recommend Pictory.

Pictory is also an excellent choice for its user-friendliness, thanks to its clean and straightforward interface. So whether you are a beginner, a professional, or an expert, Pictory will help you create high-quality videos.

Having said that, the list above has some excellent tools. You are sure to find a tool that best fits your video editing needs.

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