15 Best Aptoide Alternatives 2024

Aptoide is a marketplace for mobile applications. It works like a Google Play Store and runs on the Android Operating System.

However, its major difference is that, unlike Google Play Store, its database of applications is not centralized. Each user is in control of managing his store.

There are several alternatives to Aptoide, namely F-Droid, APKMirrorUptodown and others. Though the best Aptoide alternative is HipStore due to plenty of features and an easy-to-use layout.

More about Aptoide and the need to look for alternatives

Aptoide helps you get premium apps at no cost. It is secure to use, and there are no software threats like viruses and malware. New updates for apps appear faster than on Google Play Store.

It’s also easy to confine your location by the country for relevance in ads, increasing your click-through rates. Aptoide is available in 40 language translations and offers more coverage than Google Play Store.

That being said, one of the major drawbacks of Aptoide is that it is open-source. That makes it hard to trust in all cases.

But it is always nice to have alternatives. The following are some of the best alternatives for Aptoide.

Best Aptoide Alternatives

1. HipStore

HipStore is a widely used app store worldwide and a preferred substitute for Aptoide. It offers both paid and unpaid apps for download on Android and iOS regardless of their jailbroken status.

HipStore’s unpaid plan caters to users and gamers who want free apps. It is free, and you don’t need to spend any money to use some apps. It’s beginner-friendly as users don’t need to register or open accounts.

You simply download and install it. Just like that!

In addition, HipStore has an intuitive and elegant user interface. Its ease of use makes it fast and efficient.

You can easily search for your preferred games and apps.

Like Aptoide, HipStore supports a broad range of languages, giving it a competitive edge and an international appeal over apps limited to a few languages. On top of that, the app is compatible with both the high and medium iOS versions.

There are many high-end and unique apps and games you can choose from HipStore. It lets you download paid apps easily from a third-party vendor, and you can put a game or app on hold for a later date and time installation.

To install HipStore, you do not need any permissions on your device. Your device does not require jailbreaking, nor do you need root permissions.

You only need to click the “Enable Profile Settings” button. That’s it.

The app has a plethora of features and snippets. They include screen recorders, ringtones, emulators, themes, exclusive content, etc.

Its expansive library has uncountable ISO store applications.

The app store hosts many exclusive games and apps. Apart from third-party apps and games, you can download unique game platforms through paid or unpaid plans.

HipStore is a highly secure app to use with your devices. Their strict sanitization policy ensures their apps do not have viruses that can harm your data and files.

Besides that, HipStore offers clean apps and games. You enjoy using apps and playing games without some random, annoying popups and ads.

2. F-Droid

F-Droid is another Aptoide alternative that app users recommend a lot. You don’t need to register or sign up to download apps from F-Droid.

Besides, it uses smart algorithms to search for and suggest compatible apps to its users.

Though it does not have as many apps as Aptoide, if you are an average user, you will be comfortable with it.

F-Droid’s autocomplete-enabled feature allows users to type the first few characters of their favorite apps, display suggestions, and install in a single click.

You can seamlessly change themes, manage, and customize apps to your preferences through the F-Droid settings.

Besides, you can configure your Wi-Fi to handle your downloads and updates. The settings menu allows you to access the panic feature for taking screenshots.

You can even change the way Wi-Fi handles updates and downloads. In addition, you can adjust your screenshot settings through the panic feature.

Generally, F-Droid is an intuitive app store that is customizable and a great alternative to Aptoide.

3. APKMirror

APKMirror is one of the most trusted app stores on the internet. It is owned and managed by the entity that manages AndroidPolice.com.

Unlike other app stores, APKMirror rigorously vets and approves its apps before making them available. All apps are free of charge, catering even to low-budget app users.

Unlike Aptoide, APKMirror matches the cryptographic signatures of old and new app versions to verify the authenticity of developers.

Any new APK that cannot be verified is never published or hosted. However, most common apps are available for download.

APKMirror allows you to roll back to an older version of your app if the latest app is not working correctly. You can download the previous version of it via APKMirror.

The store gives early access to alpha versions of applications. It, therefore, means that anyone can get test apps way before the final beta test apps are available.

You do not need to create an account to download APKMirror apps. Anyone can download apps directly from the website and start using them on their devices.

Generally, APKMirror offers multiple benefits that make it one of the best Aptoide alternatives.

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4. APKPure

APKPure allows you to download apps that are not available in your country. This is one of the many advantages of APKPure that make it an excellent alternative to Aptoide as it lifts geographical restrictions of apps.

There are so many apps that are available in APKPure. Most of these apps are also available on Aptoide.

APKPure allows you to download multiple apps simultaneously. It also has an interactive file management feature.

By the way, you can download older versions of APK through APKPure.

The app store has fewer errors than Aptoide, which is a great advantage to users. Besides, APKPure has menu-rich features that help users manage their apps with lots of statistics.

APKPure also lets you access the latest app versions before they are available on Google Play Store. Since only authentic sources upload the apps, you will not experience issues with subsequent updates.

Another reason why APKPure is a better Aptoide alternative is because you can get older app versions, including changelog data and descriptions. If you have installed the latest version of an app and it crashes, you can access an earlier and more secure update.

Generally, APKPure is one of the best Aptoide alternatives as it authenticates all applications before making them available for download through SHA-1. This ensures the apps are original and have not been altered in any way.

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5. Aurora Store

Aurora Store is an open-source Aptoide alternative that you should consider. It is easy to download and update android apps on all devices that run on Android 5.0 or later.

Furthermore, it does not need GApps, Google Service, or even MicroG to function.

Aurora Store has a well-designed interface that is not cluttered and offers a great user experience. Unlike APKPure, Aurora Store is a free and open-source app store with no annoying ads and tracking issues.

Whenever your phone fails to integrate with the Aurora Store, you can spoof it as a different device and use it without any issues.

Aurora Store enables you to anonymously access apps from Google Play Store without logging into your Google Account.

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6. Uptodown

Like in Aptoide, Uptodown apps are all free to download and use. In other words, you don’t have to spend money on your favorite apps.

Uptodown is available in the native Android app. Its services include app download, updates, backups, and rollback to older app versions.

Multilingual—Uptodown is available in up to 12 different languages. It is therefore accessible to many users worldwide.

Virus check — Uptodown uses the VirusTotal tool to check whether applications are infected with viruses and, therefore, unsafe.

More Apps — Apps that are restricted on Aptoide are available in Uptodown. This makes it a great alternative to Aptoide.

Uptodown allows multi-device compatibility making it easier to use across several hardware platforms.

Users are not subjected to tedious sign-up processes to use Uptodown. Anyone can download and use the app free of charge without the hassle of registration.

Every app that is published must have a detailed description with curated content. A screenshot must accompany it.

In Uptodown, you can do multiple downloads for various apps simultaneously. And you can get updates on apps even earlier than on most app stores.

7. Aurora Droid

Another good alternative to Aptoide is Aurora Droid. It is an informal FOSS terminal to F-Droid.

Aurora Droid has an elegant design. You can use it to download the official F-Droid app store and search for the latest functionalities.

Some of the great features that make it stand out from the crowd include a download manager, allowing you to pause, resume, cancel, or retry your downloads. Its beautiful design is built upon the latest state-of-art Material Design guidelines.

Aurora Droid also has an inbuilt repo list. Although most common databases are already encompassed, you can still add your list.

Besides, Aurora Droid gives you the liberty to download even the unsupported app versions. These versions are characterized by their minimum SDKs and architectures.

Aurora Droid is a great competitor of Aptoide.

8. Fossdroid

The reason why Fossdroid was developed was to make more Android apps freely available for use.

For users who have not used any external app data, Fossdroid works like Google Play and gives them a familiar search interface.

You can also browse, download, and install apps effortlessly. Fossdroid routes its data from F-Droid but aesthetically arranges its apps – the popular ones appear first, like in Google Play.

Regular users of F-Droid apps should consider installing Fossdroid as it helps them explore F-Droid product offerings without installing it.

9. DownloadAtoZ

If Google Play prohibits you from downloading some APKs, you can use DownloadAtoZ to access them. For example, you can access various mp4 and mp3 downloaders through the DownloadAtoZ app store.

You can do a direct download on the DownloadAtoZ website frictionlessly. The site also offers more apps not available on Aptoide, such as mods, region-locked apps, pre-registered games, and module apps.

DownloadAtoZ gives explicit permissions for every APK file to match it with your phone specifications. Before downloading any app, it ensures the safe download of files by checking digital signatures and ensuring no alterations have been made to the original file.

10. MoboMarket

This is one of the largest app stores for Android mobile users, with so many incredible free apps and games for users. Its apps are easy to install, and you can share them with other users freely.

MoboMarket is also secure and safe as there is no report of any significant threat from users so far.

In addition to allowing you to choose innovative apps, you can download additional themes and wallpapers from MoboMarket. However, MoboMarket is not available on PlayStore for download – you will access it by installing an APK.

MoboMarket contains a wide variety of apps and games. It has a Google Play look-alike appearance and an intuitive user interface.

MoboMarket users enjoy access to a broad basket of free Android applications. Unlike Aptoide and the other app stores in this review, MoboMarket users don’t need to browse for apps. The platform provides free app suggestions customized to user needs.

11. Google Play Store

You can get millions of apps and games for free in this app store. It ranks as the biggest online app store. You can access it through their official website or download it from Google Play Store.

One big difference between Aptoide and Google Play Store is that the latter has a centralized repository while Aptoide has a decentralized repository.

App developers can showcase their apps for reasonable prices. Since Google is a trusted platform, it gives developers a chance to save money on their projects.

Google Play Store takes only 15% of the whole amount, leaving 85% to the developers.

Furthermore, only fully vetted apps are available on the Google Play Store. Stringent policies are applied to vet and list apps. This feature allows Google Play Store to filter and eliminate scammers dominant in decentralized apps like Aptoide.

Consequently, this makes Google Play Store a safe app store for downloading business apps.

Google Play store offers other digital products like music, books, movies, and videos. You can access high-quality products at a low cost. Digital gift cards are available, too, and you can use them later to buy the stuff you want.

Users get a grace period from developers to update their payment plans while their subscriptions are still active. Payment grace periods range from 3 to 14 days, giving users a humble time to decide whether to service their subscriptions or not.

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12. Amazon Appstore

Amazon.com operates the Amazon Appstore. In terms of popularity, it is second to Google Play Store and is designed for the Android operating system.

You can download thousands of apps and games for free through this app store. Besides, the Amazon Appstore is partitioned into various sections for easy use.

The Amazon Appstore impresses its customers through its free premium app offerings.

The other feature that makes Amazon Appstore superior to Aptoide is the Amazon Underground. It is a unique experience where games, apps, and in-app items are freely available for download, but Amazon compensates the developers.

Additionally, Amazon Appstore offers responsive and helpful replies to its customers and developers. For developers, quick responses to their inquiries are essential in the evaluation process.

Amazon Test Drive is a great innovation that allows clients to check if the app is doing what they want. It is better than Google Play’s 15-minute money-back policy as users do not have to buy apps first.

13. AppBrain

AppBrain is among the top-rated Android app repositories worldwide; hence, one of the best Aptoide alternatives you should consider. It’s an intensely used platform that offers hundreds of apps for download.

AppBrain also helps you to seamlessly manage apps on your device. Sharing downloaded apps with friends is easier with AppBrain than with Aptoide.

Although it provides apps through third-party platforms, AppBrain comes second to the Google Play Store in various Android apps and games.

You can install apps from the market or game APKs that help you access products through your system or Android gadget.

AppBrain offers a better search experience than Aptoide on desktop and mobile versions. Its support to users and app developers is excellent.

On top of that, AppBrain has a rich knowledge base where app developers can access helpful information for enriching their products.

It provides insights such as AppBrain SDK, promotions, optimizers, app monetization strategies, AppBrain Widgets, and Android market statistics.

Developers can enhance their skills and make money using the AppBrain store.

14. vShare

An iOS app store allows users to access apps without logging into the Apple App Store. vShare users can download cracked apps and games.

At first, you could only install vShare on jailbroken iOS devices. However, it’s now available on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

In addition, vShare is available for iOS and Android devices. It’s a favorite app store for many users; hence, it emerges as one of the best Aptoide alternatives you should consider.

vShare is safe to use and devoid of malware, adware, and viruses. It is moderated and rigorously tested by app developers and contributors.

It is easy to install on both iOS and Android devices. Through the vShare Helper feature, a Windows-only program, you can install vShare on your desktop.

vShare has an excellent support team, and there is a lot of support information even on social media.

15. Zeusmos

You can access premium apps and games for free through Zeusmos. Actually, this is one of the oldest and best-cracked application stores available for iOS users.

Zeusmos is an advanced third-party app store. Though it’s only compatible with iOS devices, it works with jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

With Zeusmos, you can download cracked iOS apps – IPA files – and install them on your device. You can also get hacked and tweaked apps and games.

Its user interface is concise and easy to use, making it popular among users. One drawback is that you need to have an Apple developer account to use it.


From the above discussion, there are multiple Aptoide alternatives with better features you can consider to download apps and games. These apps will undoubtedly give you a similar or better experience than Aptoide.

We have provided a detailed review of each alternative. Therefore, before trying any of the app stores highlighted in this review, ensure you understand their key features and strengths that make them better than Aptoide.

Our pick for the best Aptoide alternative is HipStore. On top of its user-friendly interface, it has many features and snippets, accessible through paid and free plans.

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