10 Best Keynote Alternatives For Windows 2023

Best Keynote Alternative for Windows

Keynote has been an excellent presentation maker since its inception in 2003. Apple developed it as part of their iWork presentation suite.

The presentation software has excellent tools and features, including iCloud storage, the ability to edit PowerPoint files, collaboration, information, images, presentation slides, and ways to display text with presentations. With this tool, you can configure, rotate, and resize images on the multi-touch interface.

These features make it a go-to presentations maker for both mobile and PC users. However, the presentation tool has its limitations. It is sometimes challenging to open files through Windows products like PowerPoint. The Keynote file extension is pretty challenging for Windows users.

Although its files can be converted into PowerPoint format, the software is not compatible with Windows since its key file format is not supported. You also can’t access the cloud-based version if you don’t have an iCloud account.

This makes it pretty challenging to fully utilize its features and capabilities. Thankfully, we’ve got Keynote alternatives for Windows that will allow you to open or convert your presentations into suitable file formats without any difficulty.

Here are 15 alternatives to use on your Windows devices.

Best Keynote Alternatives To Windows

1. Google Slides

Google Slides is a web-based presentation app that has access to Google Apps, including G-Suite. Some of its features include collaborative editing, video embedding, animations, and more.

Google Slides is an excellent tool for teamwork. You and your team members can co-edit presentations in real-time, and all your modifications will be stored in a special log. It comes with an intuitive interface and fast loading speeds.

When I add the browser extension, I can modify and save all my presentations offline. Google Slides is user-friendly and works well with all PowerPoint formats. It has all the basic slide functions to ensure impactful, solid presentations.

This application lets you give life to all your ideas. It’s integrated with plenty of free editing tools, video animations, presentation themes, styles and fonts, and more. The best part is that I can design, edit, collaborate and present your projects freely.

It is also linked with Google Drive for better access and collaboration.

Google Slides is free, but it also has a basic version that costs $5 a month and an enterprise plan for $25 every month. You can also access it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Compared to Keynote, Google Slides is fully compatible with Windows. No conversions are needed as the process is seamless.

2. FreeOffice

FreeOffice is a multi-platform for creative presentations. It also features tools like PlanMaker and TextMaker. Best of all, you can access it on Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems.

Unlike Keynote, FreeOffice is an excellent and complete office suite with a presentation graphics application, spreadsheet application, and word processor. This makes it a versatile platform for different purposes.

The platform’s notable features include language tools, tables, data exchange, Unicode enabled, graphics & drawing, comprehensive database modules, text editing, and formatting, complex documents, extended support for Arabic and East Asian languages, and more. Its mobile version is integrated with most desktop features.

FreeOffice is absolutely free to use.

3. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a universal tool I can use to modify my existing PowerPoint files. It also has the ability to maintain formatting accuracy to avoid invalid fields or inappropriate images.

With Zoho, you can design, collaborate, broadcast, and publish your presentations. Its clutter-free design allows me to work freely on my presentations. And I have an array of themes, charts, tables, shapes, formatted text boxes, and fonts to choose from.

To make your presentations more appealing, Zoho Show provides infographics, audio, and video, animations, strokes, fill titles, colors, and reflections to use. With a predefined layout, you can insert a chart from the template.

While you can import files, the software also lets you export files to PowerPoint. Then collaborate with your teams to edit projects by streaming them in the Zoho Show live chat.

Zoho Show has a clutter-free user interface with well-organized elements to allow you a smooth presentation-making experience. Its pre-made templates are professionally designed to suit various niches.

Collaborate on slides with your colleagues, discuss, and comment contextually for better outcomes. You’ll also get instant notifications as new information comes in.

Zoho Show, unlike Keynote, is compatible with all PowerPoint presentations. It is free to use and has a standard plan for $5 and a premium plan at $8.

4. LibreOffice Impress

Developed by The Document Foundation, LibreOffice Impress is a simple presentation program for Windows. This open-source software works well with other presentation software.

LibreOffice is fully-featured and will deliver stunning multimedia presentations. You have advanced creating and editing tools at your disposal to make your presentations stand out. These include charting, diagramming, and style tools to ensure excellent effects and sophistication to all your presentations.

Unlike Keynote, LibreOffice is a free tool you can use on any platform, including Windows. It offers office compatibility without the need to buy Microsoft office.

Besides being cross-platform, this software is also compatible with DOCX, PPTX, and PPT files. Its interface is constantly updated to ensure productivity for users.

LibreOffice has different interface styles, including the traditional one with toolbars and icons and the NotebookBar (optional).

The NotebookBar lets you switch from MS Office naturally. At the same time, the traditional layout allows you to view everything at a glance so you can navigate easily with the keyboard or mouse.

LibreOffice has an online repository with a collection of downloadable elements. It also has plugins with advanced grammar tools, language packs, mind-mapping tools, and other accessibility options.

5. Swipe

Swipe is another Keynote alternative for Windows that gives me five free presentation chances. Initially, Swipe wasn’t designed as Windows-based presentation software. But it supports any format, from PDF and video content to multimedia content. It gives you a different view on how to present your information.

It takes a short time to master Swipe’s text editor. Once mastered, the rest is easy. It can adjust your slides to suit all types of screens. Designing presentations is easier, especially with the pre-built, easy-to-customize templates.

While working with Swipe, you can share projects with other users through a URL. By filling survey forms, your audience will be able to share their feedback on your presentations. In the same way, you’ll interact with your audience swiftly and understand their opinions.

6. WPS Office

WPS Office (Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet Office) is an application that lets you create top-of-the-line presentations for Windows and other operating systems.

I can use this application for any purpose, including spreadsheet creation, word processing, and presentation-making. The basic version is free, except I have to settle with a watermark on all my projects. It also offers a 30-day trial (without the watermark, of course).

WPS Office is a productivity tool for various enterprises, such as software & internet service providers, educational institutes, NGOs, and more. It is an excellent Keynote alternative that ensures stunning presentations for any profession or purpose.

If you use MS Office, then WPS Office won’t look new and strange. It has a similar ribbon interface and other standard options and tools. The light system requirements provide swift performance.

WPS Office supports PowerPoint files seamlessly without layout issues. It has PowerPoint capabilities and features, including slide transitions, animations, video embedding, and content effects. It has an impressive collection of presentation templates too.

The user interface is pretty easy to navigate, and it’s easy to display presentations.

7. Canva

Canva has a free and paid version. You can use it on Windows to create captivating presentations. The presentation creation procedure is fun and fascinating, even for a novice. You have a variety of beautiful templates, filters, diagrams, frames, grids, and background images to transform any presentation into a visually appealing project.

Canva was designed as a graphic tool. It comes fully packed with design features and illustrations to transform ideas into spectacular designs. The images and photo filters on Canva are the most compelling. They make a presentation look attractive, with excellent visuals that instantly catch the viewer’s eye.

Use Canva in place of Keynote and take advantage of its convenient tools to humanize your presentations with a personal touch. The formatted text boxes, page layouts, stock images, and other tools make presentations stand out.

Canva’s pro plan costs $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year for up to five users. The enterprise plan is available on a quote.

Explore some of the best Canva-like apps for Android.

8. Slidebean

Slidebean is a digital presentation editor that enables one to design visually enhanced presentations with minimal effort. The software utilizes artificial intelligence to modify presentation designs.

This tool has an algorithm that automates formatting. It will find a suitable design layout for all the elements in your slide to save time, especially when designing feature-rich and complex presentations.

Once the content is ready, Slidebean will assign a clean template to customize. You’ll find a large selection of templates, sample decks, color schemes, and other tools that help keep up with the latest trends.

Slidebean integrates with websites through HTML script. You don’t need additional installation or plugins. Furthermore, you can use it on all operating systems, including Windows OS.

Being a cloud-based software means I can access it from any device or location as long as I have an internet connection. And you can easily export it into PDF or PPT for offline use.

It also gives you access to quotes, text, videos, icons, fill, tables, charts, titles, and other professional capabilities to enhance your slides.

Unlike Keynote, Slidebean has tracking functionalities and user insights you can use to gauge the performance of your content.

Slidebean offers a free trial, an Essential subscription at $29, and a Premium account at $45, billed monthly. A corporate plan is available too but on a quote.

9. Prezi

Prezi is an outstanding presentation tool that produces eye-catching, informal, and unstructured presentations with great visuals and text.

It comes with tons of stunning effects to add to my presentation elements. Whenever I want to produce creative, entertaining presentations, Prezi does it so well for me. It provides excellent visual effects that make presentations look professional.

What makes Prezi stand out from Keynote is that instead of slides, you make presentations that zoom in and out of the canvas. You get to produce dynamic, linear presentations on any topic with stunning outcomes. It packs a lot of design functions, including the ability to collaborate on projects.

Prezi presentations are focused on content. They move across the canvas to other content, making a unique design that pleases the eye. As long as you have an idea, you can turn it into a unique non-linear presentation.

Prezi has a free plan and paid options. The Standard Plan goes for $3 per month, Plus Plan at $7 per month, and the Premium Plan at $59 a month. It also offers separate plans for students and teachers.

10. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is part of the Microsoft 365 Suite that lets you draw slides to beautify your presentations. It has convenient options, especially if you are designing college or office presentations.

Launched in 1987, PowerPoint enables the creation of presentations with many slides. It has different designs and styles and other options to insert images and text. With PowerPoint, I get complete freedom over my creations. Its cloud service requires that you create an account, store your documents and access them anywhere, on any device.

If I need to, I can export or import any file in PPTX and PPTformats.

PowerPoint is everyone’s presentation tool due to its ease of use, availability, and familiarity. It has a traditional sidebar interface that makes it simple to navigate. Keynote, on the other hand, is a bit complex to use. PowerPoint is downloadable on any device too.

Whether you want to create simple presentations for business and educational projects, PowerPoint will offer the right features and functionalities. All its templates are built-in, and you can customize them based on your preferences.

The graphic assets library is vast. It is equipped with stickers, icons, stock images, and other valuable elements. You can upload videos, audio, and GIFs easily and embed videos on YouTube and online sources.

If you have third-party content, you can embed it in your presentations. Use animations to make your slideshow dynamic, professional, and visually appealing.

PowerPoint has both cloud and desktop versions. It is also available on mobile apps and allows me to share presentations with colleagues, superiors, stakeholders, or customers. Offline viewing is also enabled by downloading presentations in PDF and PPTX formats to be shared later.

11. Slides

Slides is also a cloud-based presentation app with a minimalistic interface that simplifies the presentation creation process.

It offers the agility and flexibility you need to produce captivating presentations effortlessly with maximum collaboration.

Slides is a highly customizable program. It helps you produce CSS, JavaScript, and HTML presentations that you can self-host and customize freely.

Being web-based means I can access my projects from any device or location. And it has a Team Account with features for collaboration, analytics, and shared templates. Unlike Keynote, Slides is available on-premise.

One thing that gives Slides an edge is its Developer Mode, from which I can unlock more advanced features.

The other is that Slides transforms PDF files into slide presentations. It also leverages two browser windows – one for the audience (presentation view) and another for upcoming slides and notes (remote control).

It is easy to publish projects online or broadcast them live to remote viewers.

Slides is a tool with free, basic, pro, and team plans. The basic plan costs $7, the pro $14, and the team plan, $18.

12. Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway has tight integration with PowerPoint tools. It can change the style of presentation instantly.

It comes with a smart feature (Start From a Topic) that showcases presentation templates based on the topic. It has several areas to cover, including definitions, uses, images, and suggested linked topics, to name a few.

The simple user interface reduces complexity, making the tool straightforward and intuitive to create awe-inspiring presentations.

I can leverage the narrative structure from Sway to tell my brand story. Its designs are free-flowing, unlike those from Keynote’s, which you can only scroll with up and down keys.

Sway introduced cards to help people add extra content to presentations. They include grid, video, heading, and text. Each card uploads specific content.

The style option allows customization of the layout while the remix button is for applying random designs until the slides start repeating.

Sway is pretty light, and it can process heavy themes instantly. It also comes with various expression and interaction features for different topics.

Sway is a subscription plan that comes with Office 365 for $6.99 every month.

13. SlideDog

SlideDog is an exceptional application that allows you to present all your files in one presentation. It’s easy to design captivating presentations while keeping a simple and engaging layout.

SlideDog is a multi-file support application that blends multiple files from PowerPoint, videos, Prezi, websites, PDFs without altering the flow of speech.

It has a clutter-free design and a short learning curve. The drag and drop function makes it easy to include various files into presentation slides. With SlideDog, you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Boost your presentation’s engagement by embedding webpages, YouTube videos, pools, and live chat objects.

Notable features that make SlideDog outshine Keynote are the ability to build playlists with multiple files and video formats. And you get to control the flow of your playlists with the Web Remote feature in the iOS and Android apps.

The software allows you to share your presentations with viewers in real-time. The dual-screen mode lets you use its two screens to manage and control the slideshow.

SlideDog has a free plan and a pro plan with a yearly subscription at $99.

14. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck makes the presentation creation process easy and fast. It packs a punch when it comes to image options and templates.

There’s no doubt that you can make your presentations more appealing and engaging.

Its image gallery contains more than 40 million royalty-free images to boost the look and feel of your projects.

It’s easy to add audio narration and embed YouTube videos with this tool. Unlike Keynote, it can create presentations in any scenario and has a simple layout that helps me design interactive slides while remaining minimalistic.

This software’s features are design-friendly. Even with no design experience, one can leverage its stunning design tools to produce professional presentations.

Since it’s hosted in the cloud, files are saved automatically. Its compatibility with PowerPoint, especially PPTX format, allows one to use presentations as videos with audio narrations or PowerPoint slides.

Haiku Deck records audio tracks efficiently. And I can distribute and share presentations on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter or via email.

The software keeps free images separately so I can use royalty-free images with confidence. It also has charts and graphs to use in embellishing my presentation slides.

Haiku has a free version and there other plans – Edu, Pro, and Volume. The Edu plan costs $5, the Pro costs $10, and the Volume subscription runs $100 per month.

15. CustomShow

CustomShow is a presentation builder designed for sales and marketing teams. It is design-focused and comes fully packaged with excellent editing tools. When designing my projects, I can incorporate visual details to produce highly engaging, branded presentations.

The full-featured slide builder and vast library give me the power to manage projects globally as I control my brand messaging. This is a surefire way to deliver relevant content to the right audience.

Its user interface is simple, with well-placed elements to use in making responsive multimedia presentations. The customization features are top-notch, with excellent branding capabilities.

With CustomShow, I can hold my online meetings, present my slides offline, and share links via email effortlessly. This doesn’t happen with Keynote.

CustomShow allows adding extra media to projects, including animations, videos, brand assets, and more. I also get to track the response and performance of my presentations through integration with SalesForce.

With CustomShow, I can share content with multiple people collaboratively. Additionally, I’ll be able to stream animated video content across different platforms to a broad audience base too. This helps in marketing and lead generation.

CustomShow offers a free version. It also has paid subscriptions with premium features. But they are available upon quote.

Take Away

Our winning Keynote alternative for Windows is LibreOffice. First, it’s a free, open-source tool that is feature-packed. It works well with most presentation software and has advanced designing and editing tools.

You won’t have to purchase MS Office to use this software because it’s compatible with every platform.

You’ll find it easy to associate with DOCX, PPTX, and PPT files. With two different interface styles, you can choose to work with MS Office or navigate through using your keyboard. Its online repository has extensive downloadable elements and plugins to use.