10 Best Free Vector Sites 2024

Vectors can save you a lot of time when designing graphics. Unlike regular raster images, you can scale vector images without affecting their quality.

You can simply download these pre-made images and include them in your design rather than designing them yourself. Not to mention, it can be somewhat difficult to create your own vector graphics.

Vectors come in different file formats other than JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. Common vector file formats include SVG, PDF, WMF, and EPS. There are so many websites available where you can get free vector images.

However, you should only work with the best. Check out the 10 best free vector sites below.

10 Best Free Vector Sites

1. Freepik.com

The Freepik website provides graphic resources for everyone. It’s a free vector website and you can also download stock photos and PSD files for free.

The website was launched in 2010 and since then, it’s attracted users from all over the world. Top companies like Amazon, Spotify, FedEx, and Microsoft use Freepik.

There are millions of vector files on Freepik. To download, simply visit the website and select the Vectors category from the menu.

Then, set the filters to get the right free vector. Notably, you can set a color and choose the vector’s orientation. Apply the filters and then search for your vector with a keyword.

You can sort the results by individual vector files or by collections. The website will also list other keywords related to your search.

Click on any vector you want and click the download button. You’ll see the vector file format before downloading. The download is usually a ZIP file.

Freepik works as a social platform too. You can like, share, comment, or add your favorite vectors to your collection and access them later. The website allows you to save vectors to Pinterest with one click.

Furthermore, you can follow your favorite vector designers. That way, you’ll always see their vectors when they upload new ones.

Freepik vectors are free but need attribution. In other words, you need to reference Freepik as the designer for anywhere the vectors appear.

This can be done by adding a link for web pages & platforms which the website will provide. You’ll also credit Freepik if you use it in a video, print product, mobile game, etc.

If you don’t want to always attribute Freepik, you can opt for the premium plans. Pricing starts at around $9 per month.

2. VectorStock.com

VectorStock features free EPS vector graphics and illustrations. The website was launched in 2007 and started off with just a small collection of vectors.

Today, the website boasts of a large library with close to one million free vectors. Designers from all over the world contribute to the library. It’s recommended that you edit with Adobe Illustrator.

To use VectorStock, you may or may not create an account. If you regularly work with vectors, it’s ideal to create an account so you can easily manage collections. If you create vectors, you can sell them on the website and make money.

Signing up on VectorStock is easy. The platform lets you sign up via email, Facebook, or with your Google account. After creating your account, finding vectors is easier.

You can search for vectors on VectorStock with keywords or select the Trending or Latest categories. You can also select the Best Match vectors.

From the results page, you can set the layout to small or large. Then click on any vector and use the Free Download button.

On the page, you can share the vector to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or to your email. You can also like the vector and follow the designer for more.

To download vectors for free on VectorStock, you have to attribute the artist. You must attribute the artist if you use the vector on a website or social media, video, apps, or print product.

The VectorStock website will provide you with all the attribution links and text you’ll use. Alternatively, you can opt for VectorStock premium plans to skip attribution.

You have the options to pay per image, buy prepaid credits, or pay for a subscription. The premium plans are relatively cheap. You can pay just $0.69 per image on subscription.

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3. Free Vector.com

This website features free and premium vector images despite the name being Free Vector. Free Vector gathers vector files from different sources across the web.

Most of the vector files you’ll find on the website are EPS, AI, PDF, and SVG files. In total, you get more than 92,000 free vector graphics on this website.

The library is updated every month with at least up to 3,000 new vectors. Hence, you’ll always have the latest vectors. You can download up to five vectors per day with a free account.

To use Free Vector, you can sign up easily with the form. Otherwise, you can log in with your Facebook or Twitter account.

When you search for vectors, the premium ones are usually featured first. Scroll down and you’ll see the free ones. Click to open the download page and click on Free Download.

Freevector takes about five seconds to load your vector before the download begins. While you wait, you can check out other offers.

You can find similar vectors as you scroll down the page. The website also allows you to share files to social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. You can favorite vectors too.

Like other free vector websites mentioned here, you must attribute the design author to download. Free Vector prioritizes online attribution via a link.

You can also opt for the Free Vector premium plan that charges $8 per month. With the premium plan, you don’t have to attribute and you can download unlimited vectors per day.

Furthermore, Free Vector partners with iStock. You can get more vector images on iStock although they aren’t free. The advantage is that you save 15% on all payments.

4. Pngtree.com

Pngtree is a popular website for downloading free PNG image files. However, it’s not limited to that. You can download free vector files and also PSD, clipart, and 3D files.

More than 30 million designers from over 150 countries make use of Pngtree. The website was launched in 2017 and has grown rapidly in less than five years.

You cannot download free vectors on Pngtree if you don’t have an account. The website lets you log in using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.

You’ll find the section for vectors from the website menu. Next, search for your vector using a keyword. There are filters so you get the right vector.

You can select vectors with background, without background, templates, or in PSD, AI, or EPS formats. Downloading Pngtree vectors is straightforward.

Hover your mouse over any of the featured images and click the file format to download. The website groups vectors by category and recommends their best use cases.

Pngtree allows you to download vectors in PNG and JPEG image formats. They come in very high resolutions – up to 5,000 px and more – so their quality isn’t affected when you scale.

You can follow your favorite graphic designers, like their works, and share them on social media platforms. Supported social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

For all vectors on Pngtree, you get info on the software used in making them. This helps so you know the best software to use in editing.

To download vectors in pure vector file formats on Pngtree, you need to pay for a premium plan.

You can pay for a three-month subscription, six-month subscription, annual subscription, or purchase the lifetime plan. For a discount, you can purchase the lifetime plan for as low as $79.

5. Vecteezy.com

Vecteezy is a website launched to help designers worldwide create their best work. Brands like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google make use of the website.

This is in addition to the thousands of individuals and businesses who download graphics from Vecteezy. The website isn’t limited to just graphics; you can also download stock photos and stock videos.

Vectors on Vecteezy are of professional quality and very crave. The website is easy to use as you just need to search for vectors using keywords directly from the homepage.

To get the best from using this free vector site, you should create an account. You can sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account.

When you search, you can filter the results to get the best match. This includes selecting editor-compatible files and choosing your ideal orientation – horizontal, vertical, square, and panoramic.

You also need to select free as the website features premium vectors too. Click on any vector you want and click the Free Download button on the next page.

Vecteezy allows you to add vectors to your personal collection, favorites, or share them. Also, you get related keywords, related vectors, and you can follow the designer.

Free download on Vecteezy requires attribution. The website will provide you with a link for attributing the designer. With a pro plan, you won’t need attribution.

Furthermore, you have to wait for five seconds before you can download your free vector. You have to watch an ad while you wait. This too can be skipped with a pro plan.

You can pay for the pro plan monthly or yearly. The monthly plan starts at just $14 while you get $9 per month on the annual plan.

6. Flaticon.com

Flaticon is a website owned by the Freepik company. It features vector icons and stickers in various formats including SVG, EPS, PSD, and Base 64.

There are more than 5.4 million vectors on Flaticon and the majority of them are available for free. The platform boasts of having the largest database of free icons.

All you have to do is to visit the website, select icons, and search for your vector. If you want to sign up, you just need an email, username, and password. Alternatively, you can sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

You can filter to display just free vectors when you search. You can also filter the style of vector you want – gradient, black filled, black outline, flat, multicolor, linear color, and more.

Note that only vector icons are available in Flaticon. You can’t get other vector designs. This sets it apart from Freepik – its sister platform.

You can easily browse through the vectors by using the forward and backward icons. As you browse, you can add your favorite vectors to a collection or share them to Pinterest.

Flaticon allows you to follow vector designers. You can easily view more icons from the same designer and view other related icons from the download page.

Furthermore, downloading them for free requires attribution. Flaticon provides attribution instructions for social media platforms, web, video, apps, and printed elements.

Flaticon features a premium plan as well. The main advantage is that the premium pricing plan doesn’t require attribution. Another is you’re not limited to a specific number of downloads per day.

This premium plan costs around $11 per month. You can get it for around $9 per month if you pay per year.

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7. All-Free-Download.com

You can access more than 230,000 free vectors on the All-Free-Download website. The website generally provides free resources for all designers.

These resources range from vectors to photos, PSD files, design templates, icons, and fonts. All-Free-Download was launched in 2015.

Vectors on this website are independently created. The website owners have a native designing platform known as BSGStudio. As a result, there are always new designs.

The All-Free-Download vectors database is updated daily. Although the website isn’t very ordered, especially on mobile, you’ll have no problem finding the right vectors.

You don’t have to sign up to download free vectors on All-Free-Download. Just visit the website and search for your vector. You can also sort the database by category.

When you find the right vector, click on it and click on Free Download This File Now. Like most other best free vector sites, you have to attribute the designer.

The vector is downloaded as a zip file. However, they’re usually in AI, EPS, JPS formats after extracting. You’ll have to endure ads if you’re working with All-Free-Download.

There’s the option to donate a little token to the designer. You can also share the vector to social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.

To avoid attribution, you can purchase an All-Free-Download commercial license. The commercial license of each vector is different depending on the designer.

You can purchase the licensed vectors from the BuySellGraphic platform.

8. VectorPortal.com

The VectorPortal website was launched in 2005. It’s one of the oldest free vector sites on this list. Many designers refer to this website as a top source for design files across the web.

Designers who want to showcase their work submit vectors to VectorPortal. As a result, the vector database is ever-growing and you never run out of fresh stuff.

When you visit the VectorPortal website, you can search for vectors by category and there are more than 25 categories available. You can also filter by popular and recent or sort the top 100 or most searched vectors.

Additionally, you can search for vectors using keywords. The majority of the vector files on VectorPortal are in groups. You download them in RAR and ZIP files.

The download is simple but requires attribution. After clicking the download button, you have to wait a few seconds before the automatic download starts.

There are five major use cases where you must attribute – web, print, merchandise, video, and apps. You’ll find the attribution link on the download page.

The website uses the Creative Commons Attribution License. If you want to use the vectors on the public domain (CCO), you don’t have to attribute them.

From the download page, you can share vectors to social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

VectorPortal provides all the information you need to know about a vector file. This includes the final file format, size, and publish date. You also get other related vectors.

The VectorPortal is available in multiple languages. This includes popular world languages like English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. This is an advantage which means more people can use it.

VectorPortal doesn’t require that you create an account; there’s no option for that on the website. This means that there is no premium pricing plan available.

9. Freedesignfile.com

This is a website where you get free design files just as the name implies. Freedesignfile is a large repository for graphics for commercial and personal use. You can download free vectors, stock photos, PSD files, icons, and fonts.

There are more than 119 categories of design files to source vectors from. In total, there are more than 260,000 free vectors on the Freedesignfile website. You can access them straight off the homepage even without creating an account.

To create an account, you have to supply a username, email, and password. The website doesn’t let you link your social accounts.

You can browse vectors by category or use the search bar to find your ideal vector. The vectors are obtained from different websites and you can see the original source on the download page.

Also, you can share vectors to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr with just one click. When you click on Free Download, the website starts downloading automatically after a few seconds.

The vectors come in RAR and ZIP files so you have to extract them after download. Freedesignfile doesn’t require that you attribute vectors. Just download and feel free to use the design files.

However, not all vectors are available for commercial use. The website doesn’t feature any premium options as well. It serves as a sort of proxy bringing vectors from other websites to one central location.

You have to contact the designer to know if a design is suitable for commercial use. In most cases, you’ll have to pay to make the file available.

Freedesignfile features some sticky ads. This may be the only downside of using this free vector site.

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10. 123FreeVectors.com

123FreeVectors features more than 62,000 free vector files. The majority of the vectors on this website are background designs. In addition to vectors, you get free brushes and photoshop actions.

This website has been around since 2008 and it’s very straightforward. You don’t have to sign up nor does the website have any such feature. Just visit the website, search for vectors, and download.

123FreeVectors also features premium vectors too. Hence, you have to filter the search results to only get the free options. Your download starts in 5 seconds after you click the button.

With 123FreeVectors, you can customize a vector before downloading by clicking the image editor. This is an advantage as you can edit colors, size, fonts, and more.

It saves you time on loading and editing the vector on a different platform after downloading. Also, the online image editor works seamlessly with the vector files.

You can Like your favorite vectors or share them on your social media accounts. Featured social platforms include Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Attribution with 123FreeVectors isn’t compulsory. You can choose to attribute the vector creators or not. If you want to, you can get the attribution link on the download page.

If you want to download the premium vector files, you have various subscription options to choose from. You can subscribe for seven days, one month, or a year.

As a premium subscriber, you have to always attribute images that are in contrast to what most other free vector sites support. Nevertheless, you’ll get access to more vectors and you have unlimited downloads.

Bottom Line

If you need vector images for your designs, you can make use of any of the 10 best free vector sites listed above. The websites feature high-quality vectors at no cost.

You can get free vectors from all the sites and some still offer you premium vectors at cheap rates.

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