12 Ways To Increase Email Subscriptions On Your Wordpress Site

The importance of email marketing cannot be proven insignificant.

If stats are to be believed, email marketing revenue is expected to hit the 17.9 billion dollars mark by 2027.

That’s quite a considerable number, isn’t it? These and several other statistics, studies, and reports indicate that you should be focusing on engaging more people so as to increase email subscriptions.

Though the worth of email marketing is known to a wide range of business owners, one thing that they wouldn’t have expected is that there is no shortage of such people who’ve successfully developed million-dollar businesses only through emails.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, if you have a sizable list of subscribers, achieving this goal would become easier for you as well.

That’s the only reason why you should be investing more time and effort in increasing the rate of your email subscriptions.

So, if you weren’t familiar with the right strategies, this post is all about helping you out.

Have a read and learn more about some proven ways to increase your email subscribers list.

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Ways To Increase Email Subscriptions On Your Wordpress Site

1. Using User-Intent Based Lead Magnets

Using a lead magnet is one of the most practical and classic ways to increase the rate of email subscriptions.

This method comprises providing something valuable to the audience in return for their email address.

In several online businesses, this is the foremost step of customer value optimization, and it can surely bring you high results.

Amidst a gamut of lead magnets, below mentioned are the most common types that you can consider for your audience:

  • Free Report or Guide
  • Providing a Checklist
  • Survey, Content, Quiz
  • Resource Toolkit or List
  • Coupon or Discount
  • Video Training
  • Free Trial

Out there, you can find innumerable tools and plugins that will allow you to provide these lead magnets to the targeted audience and gather their email addresses without facing any vast troubles.

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2. Giveaway Contests To Increase Email Subscriptions

Having appropriate lead magnets for the right type of target audience can help you achieve most of the goals.

If that doesn’t help, you can choose to walk on the road of giveaways.

There’s always a chance of experiencing positive change by creating a sense of stiff competition.

According to a study by Neil Patel, a programmer and freelance writer managed to increase their email list by 3418% simply using a giveaway.

And, this was all done within a matter of two weeks. That’s one reason why you shouldn’t take this idea for granted.

Moreover, you wouldn’t even have to brainstorm for hours just to decide what exactly you’re going to award in a giveaway contest.

It can be as simple as an Amazon gift or a high-end choice, such as a free product or service from your company.

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3. Use WordPress Popups To Attract People

Despite being debatable elements, WordPress pop ups can work wonders if you’re using them well.

In general, there are three primary types of pop-ups that you can use to market any new offer:

  • On-scroll pop-ups
  • Exit-intent pop-ups
  • On-load or timed pop-ups

Apart from these, on-click pop-ups are also available.

However, they can be better used to create a frictionless experience for users than to grab their attention.

Of the three primary kinds, a combination of on-load pop-ups and exit-intent pop-ups can be used.

So, whenever somebody clicks on any article available on the site, this pop up will appear on the screen immediately.

Besides, you must also consider personalizing the pop-ups to make them match the standard of your audience.

In this way, they will be less annoying and will help you convert better.

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4. Add Opt-In At The End Of Blogs

Photo by mohamed Hassan via Pixabay

Readers who always reach the end of the blogs and articles are well-informed.

It’s the headline that seized their attention.

The introduction kept them hooked with the content. Further, stories and bullet points pushed them towards the edge.

The truth is, not every person who begins reading the content reaches the end.

Thus, those who do would have found something informative and valuable in your content.

That’s the reason why the end of the article is the perfect place where you can add an opt-in form and ask them to join your subscribers’ list.

If you have an author bio section at the end of each article, you can add a CTA button for the same there.

Otherwise, you can use any WordPress plugin or tool to create an after-content widget enticing enough to convert your readers into subscribers.

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5. Proper Post Format

Photo by Al Kwarismi Wirawan via Pixabay

Adequate formatting is one of the most effective methods to enhance the conversion rate.

If your blogs don’t have adequate formatting, you might run into the risk of readers neglecting your posts or not sharing them within their circles.

Irrespective of how in-depth and informative your posts are, if they haven’t been structured well, things might take a wrong turn for you.

As a result, there won’t be enough traction to make the blog rank higher in search engines or to increase the subscriber list.

Here are some quick tips that you can use to get started:

  • Proofread: Before you publish, it’s important to proofread and edit the blog posts so as to check again for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Bucket Brigades: This includes using short phrases and sentences that’ll attract your readers and compel them to continue to the end.
  • Content Builders: You can use content builder plugins to appropriately structure and format your content. It will help create an enticing layout of the blog posts.

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6. Use New Deals To Boost WordPress Email Subscription

Photo by mohamed Hassan via Pixabay

Usually, a lot of opt-in confirmation emails are all about thanking the subscribers and asking them to confirm their subscription.

However, apparently, they’re missing an enormous opportunity here. Opt-in confirmations are a unique way to be more personal with the audience.

Here, you get a chance to make them feel special by offering an exclusive and worthwhile offer.

You can use this platform to provide such an offer that isn’t available anywhere else on the website. It will make your audience and readers feel more honored.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that it’s not the appropriate time to start pushing your services or products on subscribers.

On the contrary, you can come up with something extremely valued at a discounted price.

7. Split Testing The Opt-In Forms

Another simple way that you can gain more subscribers is through enhancing the conversion rate of opt-in forms.

It can be seamlessly done through split testing.

This well-recognized method will assist you in finding the most successful variant of the form.

Also known as A/B split testing, with the help of this methodology, you can easily discover what’s working for your popups and opt-in forms and what needs to be rectified.

Right from images to colors, you can alter these elements according to your requirements.

In a study by 99Firms, over 59 percent of businesses performed split testing on their landing pages to boost their sales conversions. Doing the same to convert your website visitor into a customer wouldn’t be tough for you, right?

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8. Displaying Prominent Testimonials

Photo by mohamed Hassan via Pixabay

If you’re visiting a recognized brand’s website, you somehow get to know about the high-end clients the brand is in association with, right?

And, how do you get to know that? It’s simple. Their testimonial section gives everything away.

Once you land upon the website, there’s no way you can miss this emphasized section.

Keep in mind that your audience isn’t going to give their email address or any other details if they don’t consider you worth the effort.

With testimonials, you can establish trust among the audience. And, with belief comes more email subscribers.

For this, browse through the reviews people have given for your products or services. Search through emails and comments.

Also, look into mentions on social media platforms.

Take the best you can find, convert it into a testimonial, and display it for new visitors and readers.

9. Craft Subject Line Like Tweets

Photo by Polina Zimmerman via Pexels

The number of email users will touch close to 4.6 billion by 2025.

Quite huge, isn’t it? So, in a way, your target audience is receiving a lot of emails every day anyhow.

How can you make yours stand out?

If you really wish to make a difference, you must start using Twitter-like emojis and shortcodes.

Such kinds of subjects lines attract more attention and can successfully keep your subscribers engaged.

Since an engaged subscriber is more likely to stay active and recommend your brand to a friend, this activity turns out to be extremely powerful and significant, right?

10. Make Use Of Overlays On The Homepage

Another considerable technique to capture more emails is using an overlay on the homepage or the landing page.

It not just attracts your visitors, but also encourages them enough to share their email address.

Much like a popup, an overlay is a kind of box that appears on the screen while your visitors surf the website.

However, with an overlay, the background remains dark, and the message is displayed on the screen, within the box.

A visitor can either enter the information or close the window.

If you doubt the success of an overlay, then you must know that this element can help you obtain more email addresses in comparison with any other aspect.

Also, make sure that you’re customizing the overlay to match with your logo and brand. It should complement the entire appearance of your website.

And then, ensure that the box appears 15-30 seconds after a visitor enters your site as it will give them some time to look around.

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11. Limit The Collected Information

One thing that you must not forget is that your audience is becoming progressively hesitant when it comes to providing too much information.

A part of it can be blamed upon increasing data breach reports and cases hovering over the internet.

In such a scenario, if you’re going to ask them for irrelevant information just to add their name to the subscribers’ list, you aren’t going to get any good returns.

Therefore, make sure you aren’t going overboard.

An opt-in box that just asks for their email address would be more pleasant for attentive visitors.

Additionally, you may also ask for the first name of the visitor to make your campaigns more personalized.

Anything other than this would be too much for your visitors to digest.

12. Maximize The Preview Of Email

Photo by Diedry Ferman via Pixabay

Earlier, your customers were restricted to just having a glimpse of the subject line.

And, to figure out what’s inside the mail, they’d have to click over and visit inside.

However, today, platforms like Gmail and Outlook have started showing small snippets of email in the preview line right after the subject.

Definitely, this area of the email section is quite valuable, and you should be doing the best you can to maximize it.

Basically, there are two ways to do so. First of all, you can simply come up with a catchy first sentence of the email.

If not, the second option would be to include a concealed text piece beforehand. This preview text would show up on the window but wouldn’t be there in the email body.

With this strategy, you can enhance your email open rates, thus keeping subscribers engaged and compelling them to buy again and again from your site.

13. Utilize Drip Emails

Drip is one of the best marketing platforms out there with some unique features to boost subscriptions. The targeting options will help you find the right audience for your mailings. As you might expect, the tool includes extensive campaign tracking options.

Drip’s triggers and actions allow you to automate tasks such as moving subscribers between campaigns, recording conversations, tagging contacts, and sending them to other apps. You can send messages via campaigns, broadcasts, or event-based messages.

With Drip, you can easily find your best leads and easily identify your most engaged subscribers using the proprietary lead scoring algorithm. It’s a perfect fit for all popular marketing and business tools.

14. Launch A Multi-Part Email Course

Photo by talha khalil via Pixabay

Multi-part courses necessitate visitors’ email addresses. You can offer a one-part course without requesting for email. On the other hand, a multi-part course clearly needs the recipient’s email address for the subsequent parts.

When subscribers sign up for a multi-part course, your emails typically get a higher open rate. This is an ideal chance to reduce spam and also personalize content for your subscribers and gain their loyalty.

Again, you can use Drip to automate your multi-part email course. You can set the exact timeline for each email with the unique workflow system.

15. Simplify The Sign Up Process

Photo by Tumisu via Pixabay

Many people fail to collect more subscribers because they overdo it. They include various page distractions and options for visitors. Remove all distractions and make it as easy as possible for visitors to submit their email addresses.

Look at your page and count the widgets and CTAs. If there are too many of them, it’ll be difficult for your visitors to focus on the subscription form, which is the real deal.

The ultimate goal is to increase conversions. Get rid of anything that hinders this and make sure the visitor has only one option; the option to sign up for the email newsletter.

16. Let The User Decide

Unfortunately, some subscribers may unsubscribe, but that doesn’t mean your communications aren’t working. The fact that they initially signed up for the newsletter to stay informed means they find the topic interesting.

The most likely reason why they’ll unsubscribe is they can’t keep up with the emails. Email service providers’ active anti-spam measures encourage general users to filter their inboxes. If you’re trying to maintain subscribers, the top priority should be to get to their main inbox.

Allowing users to choose which emails they want to receive and when they want one way to get to their inbox. With this, they’re less likely to unsubscribe.


With email marketing gaining the adequate attention that it deserves, brands are leaving no stone unturned in availing the benefits of this technique.

Emails look professional as well as personal. You’ll be targeting your readers directly.

And then, with the ability to keep track of these emails, you’ll be able to increase conversion and traffic very easily.

So, use these simple techniques and grow your list of email subscribers today.

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