15 Best Free Video Maker Apps

Making professional, edited videos for social media, ads, YouTube, or your website has never been easier. There are so many apps that let you edit and create beautiful, professional videos quickly, within a matter of minutes, even if you do not have a lot of experience.

There are so many options, in fact, that it can be hard to know which apps to choose. Today, I will be going over 15 video editing apps you can use to create professional videos on your phone.

I will be specifying which operating system each app is available on. For example, if the app is only available on Android devices, I will make that clear.

Apps that are available on iOS devices, for example, will be available on iPads as well, while apps available on Android available may also be available on a Chromebook or your Android tablet.

Let us get into it.

The 15 Best Free Video Maker Apps

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is an excellent option for anyone looking to create beautiful videos on any device. It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

KineMaster is pretty easy to use, but it still offers a great video editing experience. You have a lot of options, and you will feel like you are using a professional tool that will allow you to create videos for a YouTube channel or website, not a video editing tool geared towards amateurs and teenagers who want to post something funny on TikTok.

KineMaster has a wide range of editing features, including blending options and the ability to add video layers for beautiful, high-resolution results. You can composite two videos into one and use the reverse tool to make focal shifts.

You can upload videos and pictures from your phone to create videos. You can add effects, speed up the video, and edit it in many ways.

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2. Quik

Quik is an excellent video editor, especially for those who use GoPro. It was made by GoPro for GoPro users, though anyone can use it to create beautiful videos.

The cool part about Quik is that you can upload photos from the GoPro cloud that you took with your GoPro. If you like using your GoPro to take photos and videos while motorcycling, biking, hiking, traveling, or scuba diving, Quik is the app for you.

You can also upload images from your phone, so the app is great for those who don’t have a GoPro either.

Another thing I really liked about Quik was how quickly you could create beautiful images without doing much editing. With KineMaster, you have to have at least some technical skills so you can edit the video.

While that gives you more options in terms of how you can personalize your video, if you are looking for a quick, done for you, edited video, Quik might be a better option. Quik pretty much gives you several edited versions of a video created from the images you uploaded.

You can choose from different “styles.” Each style will have a different music track and a different theme overall, complete with custom effects like transitions.

You can also create a quick intro headline for your video.

You can still trim, crop, and edit the video, though you won’t have all of the options you will get if you use KineMaster.

Once you choose which style you like, you can download the video or keep it stored on the Quik cloud for up to a week. If you store it on the cloud, you can get a link people can use to access the video so you don’t have to download it and send it to them manually.

3. Boosted

Boosted is a great app to use if you want to create professional videos for your business. When you get started with the app, you will be prompted to select the kind of business you operate so you can personalize your videos accordingly.

After you do that, choose a template. Not all templates are free, but there are plenty of free templates to choose from, so you won’t have to sign up for a premium membership.

The template gives you something to start with, so upload your images, add some text, add colors, choose your music, and decide how long you want each slide to last. You can also add stock media from Getty Images and even add your logo to the video so that it is fully customized.

You can preview the end result at any time and edit your video accordingly.

I found Boosted pretty easy to use. Boosted focuses on helping people create marketing videos, so if you want to create quick advertising videos on your phone, it is a great app to have.

In addition to being available on both Android and iOS devices, Boosted is available online, on the website, so you can use it on your desktop as well.

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4. YouCut

YouCut is a video editor and maker that is available on Android devices, as well as on desktop devices via their Chrome extension.

Using YouCut is pretty easy. After you open the app, just click the + button to add media and create your first video – you can upload both photos and videos from your phone.

There are a lot of video editing options in the app. You can trim the video, add music, add different filters and effects, and add text or stickers.

You can adjust the speed and even the volume, you can crop and flip the video, you can mute the audio, and a lot more.

YouCut is pretty intuitive and easy to use. You can preview the final result any time by clicking the play button on the editing screen.

When you save the video, you can choose the video quality you want to use. It’s all free to use, though you do get access to extra features and premium effects if you sign up for the pro membership.

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5. PowerDirector

PowerDirector, by Cyberlink, is an excellent video maker app for vloggers, filmmakers, YouTubers, and social media influencers. To get started, open the app and click on the New Project option.

Name your project and choose your video size ratio. You can then upload images and videos from your gallery, and you can also choose music to go along with your video.

You will then get a full video editing screen on your phone, kind of like what you will get with KineMaster. There are so many options to choose from and so many ways you can edit your videos.

For example, when adding a title intro to your video, there are so many styling options to choose from. You can also add a wide range of stickers to your video.

Overall, while I won’t say PowerDirector is the best video maker tool out there, as it did have some bugs and lags, it is still a great option for serious vloggers and filmmakers.

PowerDirector is available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

6. VideoShow

VideoShow is another excellent video maker app. In addition to being able to create slideshows and videos, you can also use the super camera feature.

The super camera allows you to take photos and videos with special effects and filters. You can add music and also remove the original sound.

I also liked that you could record your phone screen and make a video from that. Using the app, you can also trim, compress, and crop videos.

You can also take the audio from a video and create a standalone audio file. For example, if you video record a lecture, you can extract the audio and be left with only the audio file without the video.

To create a new video, click on the Edit Video option. You will be able to upload videos and photos from your gallery to make your video.

Once you do that, you can choose from various filters to apply to your video. There are several themes available, like love and fashion.

You can also edit the sound in numerous ways, which I thought was pretty cool. For example, you can create sound effects, add a voiceover, add music, and a lot more.

Overall, VideoShow is a cool little app you can use to create nice videos. VideoShow is available on both Android and iOS devices, as well as on Huawei devices (in the Huawei App Gallery).

7. InShot

If you are looking for a cool app you can use to create videos for your social media profiles, consider using InShot. InShot is pretty easy to use, even if you do not have any prior video editing skills.

Just upload the images you want to include in your video and then create your video. You can add filters, stickers, text, and a lot more to create beautiful videos that will impress your social media followers.

You can change the speed of your video and edit it in other ways as well.

InShot is free to use, and it is available on both Android and iOS devices.

8. Video Maker For YouTube – Video.Guru

Video Guru is another app that you can use to create videos on the go. Open the app and click on the Plus icon (where it says New Project) to get started.

Choose the photos and videos from your library that you want to add to your video. You will then be able to edit and preview your video.

For example, you can add stickers and text, add effects and filters, add music, and a lot more. You can speed up your video or slow it down, and you can crop and trim your video.

You can always preview your video at any time while you are editing it.

Video Maker for YouTube is the perfect app to create videos for social media and YouTube. It is owned by InShot, so you know that it will be good, but it is only available on Android.

9. FotoPlay

As with most of the apps on this list, creating a video with FotoPlay starts with uploading images from your gallery. Once you do that, you can start editing the video.

You can change the ratio, background, and add effects. You can add music to your video or add stickers.

You can use both fingers to make each slide faster or slower and you can also add text or gifs from GIPHY to your video.

Once you have created your video, you can export it in 720P. If you want to export it in 1080P, you will have to upgrade to the Pro version, but 720P is pretty good too.

FotoPlay is available for Android devices.

10. Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create is a really awesome app to create videos to upload to Vimeo and to any other social media site or blog. The cool part about Vimeo is that after you create your video, it will automatically be uploaded to Vimeo.

However, that does not mean that everyone will be able to see it. Just set your uploads to private if you do not want anyone to see them.

Otherwise, it will be public, and you can share the link with anyone so they can view the video too.

Vimeo Create lets you download the video too. That means it is not just for Vimeo; you can use the app to upload the video elsewhere or to send it to your friends.

However, unless you have a Vimeo Pro account, the videos you download will have a Vimeo watermark on them.

I like Vimeo Create because, like Quik, it allows you to choose from different themes and styles to instantly create beautiful videos, with beautiful transitions and effects. You can also edit your video directly like you can on many other apps.

Also, in addition to uploading videos and images from your phone gallery, you can also upload media that you are storing on your Google Photos account in the cloud. This can make life easier for you.

The Vimeo Create app is a separate app from the Vimeo app, so you don’t need the Vimeo app to create videos. Also, in addition to being available as an app, you can use Vimeo Create on your desktop.

11. ClipVue

ClipVue is an excellent app for creating videos. I found it incredibly easy to use.

When you open the app, you will be prompted to select photos and images from your gallery. The app will then create a video out of those photos and videos.

You can choose a theme for your video, add transitions and filters, add stickers and text, and a lot more. You can add sound effects, gifs, backgrounds, and voiceovers.

If you click on the Edit tab, you can zoom in, speed the video up, change the aspect ratio, reverse the video, and more.

Although there are many editing options, I found the ClipVue app pretty easy to use. The options were laid out pretty nicely, in a non-confusing manner.

ClipVue is available on the Google Play store.

12. Promo.com

Promo.com is a video maker app for marketers and businesses, as well as social media influencers and YouTubers. One of its downsides, however, is that you need to create an account to use the app, though you can sign up quicker by signing in with your Facebook account.

When you open the app, you will be shown various themes you can use. Click on a theme to edit it.

For example, if there are premade headlines and titles, you can replace them with your own marketing or slogans to turn the video into a customized marketing video for your business.

You can add your logo and otherwise edit the video.

You can replace slides with your own images. Alternatively, you can choose from stock media to add to the videos you create.

Promo.com gives you something to work with but still makes it easy to edit your video and make it personalized, which can help if you don’t want to start from scratch.

According to Promo.com, there are over 4,000 templates to choose from, and you can add over 23 million stock media from sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock.

Promo.com is available in the Android and iOS play stores, and there is also a Shopify app you can use if you are creating videos for your Shopify store.

I want to mention that Promo.com also has a number of several other tools that can help you in your marketing campaigns. For example, you can create video covers for Facebook, make a free collage online, resize images for social media or your website, calculate your Facebook Ad budget, and much more – just look on their website for all those tools.

13. Vibe

Vibe is a music video maker app that is perfect for making videos for your TikTok, your Instagram story, YouTube, your website, and various other apps.

Basically, when you use the app, you will be shown many different music videos. You can turn those music videos into your own by uploading your own images and inserting them in between existing music video clips.

Each music video has a theme, so your uploaded images will be introduced to the music video to fit with the general theme of the video.

Vibe isn’t really a video maker app if you want to create unique videos from scratch. That’s just not what it is for – it is for creating funny and romantic music videos for TikTok and similar platforms.

It is easy to use Vibe, so I recommend checking it out. It is available on Android devices.

14. AndroVid

AndroVid is another Android video maker app. I found it pretty easy to use, so if you have an Android phone, I would recommend checking it out.

To get started, open the app and upload videos or images from your gallery. You can create either a college or a slideshow.

Once you have selected the images for your slideshow, choose the music you want to play over it. Then, choose how long you want the video to be in total and how long you want each slide to last (in seconds).

You can also change the resolution or add fading effects. Then, just download the video to your device.

It is so quick and easy that even if you’ve never created videos before, using this app should be a piece of cake.

In the Asset Store, you will find things you can add to your videos, like stickers, fonts, and music.

AndroVid is free to use, though a premium version is also available.

15. WeVideo

Another video maker app you can use is WeVideo, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. In addition, it is available on your desktop from the Chrome Webstore, so if you want to edit your videos and save your edits in the cloud so you can work on them from more than one device, you might be interested in WeVideo.

WeVideo lets you create videos from your own photos. You can import your photos from your phone’s gallery, but you can also import them from Google Cloud.

If you upgrade to a premium account, you can also access over a million stock media to add to your videos.

Overall, WeVideo is an excellent video maker app, whether you are creating videos for educational purposes, to market your business, to share on social media, or for fun.

Wrapping It Up: What Is The Best Video Maker App?

I would recommend KineMaster if you are looking for a free video maker app. While it gives you a lot of options in terms of editing your video professionally, it is still relatively easy to use, and it is free (it is also available on both Android and iOS devices).

However, all of the 15 options in this article are good, so if KineMaster doesn’t float your boat for whatever reason, feel free to use the other apps. If you have a GoPro and want to edit your GoPro images, I would recommend Quik.

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