12 Best Goodreads Alternatives 2024

Goodreads is one of the most popular book sites that millions of readers use for various reasons. Readers use Goodreads to track books they’ve read, connect with friends, find information about their favorite authors or series, and discover new books.

Platforms like LibraryThing, Libib, and Anobii are fairly good as Goodreads alternatives but the best Goodreads alternative is StoryGraph. Though relatively younger, StoryGraph has everything you would expect from a good book cataloging platform. 

More about Goodreads & why look for alternatives

Goodreads is a social cataloging site owned by Amazon and is also considered the world’s biggest online book cataloging platform. Goodreads is populated mainly by readers looking for recommendations and authors looking for readers.

The platform boasts over 90 million users, 900 million books in its database, and more than 34 million book reviews. With Goodreads, you can create a bookshelf, add books, and get suggestions based on the contents of your bookshelf.

Good as it may sound, Goodreads has limitations that have left many users discouraged and lost in the crowd.

Goodreads has been criticized for various things, including its outdated and archaic design, and many users are now looking for better replacements, all with features that match or surpass Goodreads.

As mentioned above, I have a few recommendations for you if you want to find out the options you have besides Goodreads.

Take a look.

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Best Goodreads Alternatives

1. The StoryGraph

The StoryGraph is an app and website that functions like Goodreads. Like with Goodreads, you can track your reading, rate books, post reviews, discover various reading challenges, and connect with other readers.

The StoryGraph is relatively new to the reading scene as it first launched its beta version in 2019.

While The StoryGraph founder, Nadia Odunayo, created a platform to be more of a “companion” to Goodreads, The StoryGraph has grown to become the best option to replace Goodreads.

The StoryGraph offers much more features for reviewing books and gives you better recommendations tailored to your reading needs.

What you’ll also find interesting about The StoryGraph is the “did not finish button “and the ability to mark a book as “owned.”

Its database might not have reached the scale of Goodreads, but The StoryGraph promises a better experience, and it is highly likely to be much better as more people get to it.

Another feature that makes The StoryGraph stand out is its ability to allow users to submit content warnings for various books to give readers an idea of what to expect while reading certain books.

However, this feature has seen The StoryGraph receive trolls as there are content warnings that some readers deem unnecessary.

Despite the trolls, The StoryGraph seems more adept in responding to trolls, unlike Goodreads, which makes readers have faith that the platform is a safe and happier book space.

Key Features

  • The StoryGraph helps you track your reading, choose your next book, and your favorite themes and topics based on your mood.
  • It gives you simple tracking and insightful stats on your reading habits using charts and graphs. The stats guide you into understanding how your reading develops and, with time, help you pick better books.
  • You can get smart, personalized reading recommendations. The platform uses learning AI that understands your reading preferences to find the best books for you.
  • With The StoryGraph, you can read with friends. You can add live reactions to some parts of books without the fear of spoilers, as comments are locked till other readers get to that point in their reading.

The StoryGraph is free to use but offers a Plus plan for those looking for a more personalized and enhanced reading experience at $4.99 per month.

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2. LibraryThing

LibraryThing is your home for books. It also calls itself Facebook for books. It allows you to store and share catalogs of books alongside other metadata.

LibraryThing has a good network of readers (over two million) and is not only used by readers and authors but also by publishers and libraries. It allows you to catalog books from different sources with a social aspect in it.

What makes LibraryThing more outstanding than Goodreads is that the platform also allows you to track and catalog movies and music for free, besides books.

With LibraryThing, you can tag books with whatever subject you like and catalog your books from the Library of Congress, Amazon, or 4,941 other libraries.

The platform allows you to share what you love with other committed bibliophiles, lend books, and grab a book from over 2000 early releases every month.

Key Features

  • LibraryThing is available in about 15 languages.
  • You can share reviews on Facebook and find your Facebook or Twitter friends who are on LibraryThing using Friend Finder and also send invites to those who are not on the platform.
  • The take inventory feature helps you check your physical collection against your LibraryThing catalog. You can also use this feature to determine whether books are missing or whether all books in your library are cataloged.

LibraryThing is free for all.

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3. Libib

Libib allows you to catalog more than just your library of books. The home library management tool lets you track what you’re reading as well as movies, music, and video games.

Libib offers an app and website, and like in the case of Goodreads, the platform allows you to create a profile searchable to other members, so they can find you and interact with your collection of books, video games, music, or movies.

The platform also allows you to message people. Its messaging system is an aspect that makes it stand out, as it functions as Twitter postings and communication.

Libib is cloud-based, and since it’s available on your computer and mobile device, it makes managing your library on the go a total breeze.

Key Features

  • Libib allows you to create and share multiple collections and catalogs books, movies, and video games.
  • Libib’s cloud sync ensures that your collections are updated across multiple devices so you can access your libraries from anywhere.
  • Libib allows you to create up to 100 mixed media collections. You can choose to keep books, movies, games, and music together or keep them separate.
  • You can access more power with Libib Pro. The plan lets you conduct lending, barcode management, and single-click restorations.

Libib allows you to catalog up to 5000 items for free, after which you have to upgrade to access better features and create various libraries for your books and other media.

Libib Pro costs $9 per month or $99 per year, and it allows you to catalog up to 100,000 items.

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4. Anobii

Anobii is another independent social platform for book lovers that is an excellent alternative to Goodreads. Anobii sets you on a journey to discover new and old books, build your library, and meet thousands of fellow book lovers.

Anobii is also a perfect place for you if you have a blog. The platform lets you connect your blog to your profile once you register as a user.

The platform also lets you create a book library housing books you’ve already read or wish to read. With Anobii, you can organize and rate books into categories, write reviews, and read.

Unlike Goodreads, which is English-oriented, Anobii is populated with Italian materials; hence, it is easy to find Italian books on the platform.

While Goodreads seems to be all about tagging and listing your books, Anobii is about matching you with other readers who have similar books, tastes, or favorite bookshops.

Key Features

  • The platform allows you to invite your Facebook friends, email contacts, or upload your contact list.
  • You can become part of the community by joining discussions and groups.
  • It has a vast database of books that are constantly updated. The platform also boasts 2M+ reviews as well as 25M+ ratings.
  • Anobii lets you curate a digital library, keep track of your reading progress, build a wish list, and engage with other book lovers.

Anobii is free.

5. BookSloth

BookSloth lets you connect with readers and discover books. The Puerto Rico-based platform was founded by Xiamara Figueroa and Lincy Ayala and targets young adult readers to communicate with each other and find books.

BookSloth is a social platform that emphasizes readers joining a community. Unlike Goodreads, the platform works like other social sites with followers and options for following, and the app looks a lot like Instagram.

Readers can also review and buy books, and upon clicking the buy button, you’ll be directed to Amazon. BookSloth is a great Goodreads alternative if you don’t mind the small community.

Generally, the platform offers a more enjoyable visual experience and has a clean design. Unlike Goodreads, whose social activities are concentrated on its homepage, BookSloth’s social features are on the app’s community tab.

Key Features

  • BookSloth lets you browse through new books and get personalized reading recommendations.
  • Join their bookish community, join discussions, and chat about books you are reading.
  • Rate books using badges based on reading elements such as fantastic world-building or fantastic characters.

All features on BookSloth are free.

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6. Bookly

Bookly is an android and iOS app that allows you to set and manage your tailored book recommendations, take notes and quotes as you read, set deadlines and goals, and provide you with infographics once you are done with reading.

The platform is rich in features to help you get into a reading routine to help you reach your goals. Bookly is more than a book tracker. What will make you choose it over Goodreads is its feature that lets you save thoughts and quotes.

Bookly helps you digitally annotate your books and save your favorite quotes by speaking out loudly, snapping a pic, or typing it out.

What you’ll also find exciting about Bookly is the readathon that happens four times a year. The Bookly readathon is a seven-day reading challenge that helps you reach your reading goals.

Key Features

  • Bookly offers real-time reading tracking where you can add up to 10 books to your collection using the free version.
  • It gives you a monthly report on how you performed.
  • Bookly lets you know how long you are likely to take to finish reading a book.
  • Set monthly or yearly goals with reminders to keep you focused and make reading a habit.

The Bookly app is free to download and use and does not require online sign-up.

However, its Pro version, which comes with a seven-day trial, offers three subscription packages: a one-month subscription at $4.99 per month, a six-month subscription at $19.99, and a one-year subscription at $29.99.

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7. BookBrowse

BookBrowse is another platform like Goodreads that acts as a guide to exceptional books. Unlike the Goodreads website and app, BookBrowse markets itself as a magazine that helps book lovers find their next book without disappointment.

BookBrowse gives you more than just book reviews and previews. It also features author interviews and book reading guides.

The user-friendly readers’ guide is home to the best contemporary nonfiction and fiction range of genres and is a highly curated resource that seeks to recommend the best.


  • BookBrowse is easy to use with both free and premium content.
  • The platform allows you to browse over 150 reading categories broken down by genre, geographical setting, period, and a wide range of themes.
  • BookBrowse features a book that entertains and enlightens. It immerses you for hours in captivating storytelling and intriguing pieces of literature.

BookBrowse offers some features for free. However, you need to subscribe to gain full access to BookBrowse. The platform provides individual subscription options: a three-month membership at $5, billed quarterly and a one-year subscription at $3.75 per month, billed annually.

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8. BookTrib

BookTrib is another exciting alternative to Goodreads that has established itself as a lifestyle destination for book lovers.

BookTrib is also a marketing engine for publishers and authors, and like Goodreads, it allows you to catalog books, provides news, and allows you to leave reviews.

It also offers articles on all things related to books and is in-depth in what it covers. You also get a chance to chat live with authors and even conduct book giveaways.


  • BookTrib offers rich content for readers and marketing opportunities for authors.
  • It has a well-developed portfolio of affordable and effective programs to help authors get in front of their target audience and build their following.
  • BookTrib boasts a monthly website visit of up to 70,000 unique visitors and more than 94,000 social media followers made of discerning readers and rising authors.
  • The site also features in-depth interviews, video discussions, podcasts, reviews, and writers writing about fellow authors.

You’ll enjoy the special BookTrib weekly sale on eBooks if you are an author. You can put your eBook on sale to reach over 170,000 readers for $49.95.

Listing with BookTrib gives you a 500-character description of your book. The description includes an image of your book cover, links to major eBook retailers where your book sale is active, and exposes you to 94,000 BookTrib social media followers and 70,000 website visitors.

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9. Bookstr

Bookstr is one of the fastest growing social discovery platforms for books that functions like Goodreads.

Bookstr boasts a large member base that actively recommends and reviews authors and readers through virtual discussion forums and book clubs. Similar to Goodreads, Bookstr allows you to create a profile as a member to connect to your blog.

One thing that will interest you about this platform is the chance to join its affiliate program. You can earn a commission through the affiliate program, especially when your followers purchase books using the purchase links from the Reading Room.


  • Bookstr makes discovering books more informative, entertaining, and socially engaging by offering the best recommendations from people you know and trust.
  • Bookstr partnered with Gather Network to revolutionize how book lovers consume content.
  • Bookstr is designed to target the US audience. Therefore, it is operated and governed based on the laws of the United States.
  • Bookstr allows you to enjoy its benefits without disclosing your personal information using a pseudonym.
  • Bookstr allows you to grow your book blog and connect with people who share your passion for reading.

Bookstr is free to use.

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10. BookLikes

BookLikes lets you discover books through engaging with reviews and book blogs. Unlike Goodreads, BookLikes is a blog platform for book lovers, which also doubles as a cataloging site.

It lets you shelve and tag books based on your reading status, i.e., what you have read, what you plan to read, or what you are currently reading.

BookLikes also has an exciting feature that allows you to add a star rating to as many books as you like and put them on your virtual bookshelf. Like Goodreads, BookLikes is a social platform that connects you with other passionate readers, reviewers, writers, and bloggers.


  • If you love reading, you’ll love BookLikes. The platform helps you share your reading life, discover new books, and connect with fellow book lovers.
  • There is no limit on the number of books you can have on a BookLikes virtual shelf. There are also no limits to the number of reviews, books, and new book friends you can make.
  • BookLikes is available in English, Polish, and German. You can freely switch between languages on the settings page or homepage.
  • To log in through social media, you must first connect your social media profiles in General/page settings.

BookLikes is free.

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11. Likewise

Likewise allows you to connect with readers who share your passion and reading tastes. To start with Likewise, you first need to create an account, after which you can select some of your favorite reads.

The accuracy of your reading recommendations from the app is highly determined by the many times you use the app and the many times you feed the app with your thoughts.


  • Likewise is algorithm-based. However, it is also built on reader feedback and recommendations, making it more personal than Goodreads.
  • The app also has a section for movies, podcasts, and TV shows for media lovers.
  • Likewise features simplified streaming where you can stream all your shows in one place for free.
  • Likewise is socially powered. You can get suggestions from friends or the communities on what to read, watch, or listen to.

Likewise is free.

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12. Tailored Book Recommendations 

Last on my list of the best Goodreads alternatives is Tailored Book Recommendations (TBR). TBR takes the better part of Goodreads recommendations and makes them more personal.

If you use Goodreads and want real readers’ recommendations, you need to sign up for the TBR service. The platform also allows you to give feedback, make special requests, change your survey responses, and drop in as many recommendation orders as possible.


  • Start by taking a survey on your reading likes and dislikes, what you want to see more of, and your deal breakers (you can add a link to your Goodreads account). The survey also allows you to share movies, podcasts, and TV shows you like.
  • TBR sends your recommendations through email within two weeks of signing up. Hardcover books, on the other hand, are shipped within four weeks.
  • You can give TBR as a gift for $16, and you can get options for different budgets.
  • TBR boasts over 27,500 books having been read between 2010 to date. The team at TBR is up to the task of getting the numbers high and boosting the number of pages read to over 10 million.

To only receive recommendations via email costs $16 billed quarterly or $52 when billed yearly.

TBR also has a more advanced level (the hardcover level) that lets you receive three books through email at $80 plus a $7.50 shipping fee when billed quarterly and $325 when billed yearly with free shipping.

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Final Thoughts

There is more out there than Goodreads, and I hope what I just shared will help you choose the right platform to meet your reading and cataloging needs.

All these platforms come with plenty of helpful features, but if you are looking for a platform with better search functions that let you set up multiple reading challenges, then the platform to go for is The StoryGraph.

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