10 Best Amazon Seller Tools For Product Research & Marketing [Updated]

Best Amazon Seller Tools

Long term success with Amazon can be achieved only if all the elements of an ecommerce business are streamlined.

Whether it’s growing your product list, altering the prices, managing accounts and inventory, fulfilling orders, customer service and feedback — everything needs an upfront investment of time, labor and money.

Having said that, it does get difficult as a seller to manually handle these elements over a period of time, especially when you are continuously expanding your marketplace.

Fortunately, there are several automated tools and services available for the sellers that can ease their burden and help them to focus more on their strategies.

Following is a list of the 10 best Amazon marketing tools necessary for the development of your business –

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Best Amazon Product Research Tools

1. Junglescout

Junglescout is one of the most popular tools for data-driven product research that allows the seller to identify the best products to sell on Amazon.

The Chrome extension is a great time saver that allows you to gather product data directly from a specific page on Amazon.

With the Product Database, you can expedite your searches and find countless products that are in high demand.

It enables you to filter your search based on several metrics like best seller ranks, estimated sales, FBA fees, reviews etc., to get clarity on the most profitable products that YOU can sell.

One of the best aspects of the tracker is that it displays all the variations of a particular product while searching.

Since the unit retail price and FBA fees vary per product size, this is much needed to decide the profit margin for that product.

The Product Tracker allows you to gauge the performance of a product in the market or amongst your competitors. You can add any product you wish to sell, either through the tracker or directly from Amazon.

And if that’s not enough, you can use the Niche Hunter feature to discover more revenue opportunities and keyword suggestions.

On the Junglescout downside, Product Database may provide a great source of ideas, but it doesn’t cover everything that’s listed on Amazon.

You may have to do your own manual research to find something interesting and add it to your Product Tracker.

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2. AMZScout

AMZScout is a web app and Chrome extension that helps Amazon sellers with product research for new opportunities.

It gives a specific understanding on the products’ competitive landscape, plus sales history for trends on seasonal sales.

Sellers get to save time as they pick out a business niche, while receiving data on similar products with a few clicks.

This product research tool is simple, easy to use, and get.

It examines everything on the page while combing through limited items at great speeds.

Its features include sales and revenue estimates, keywords explorer, fulfilment details, trends, sales rank, profit calculator, sales history of each product per year, instant information on ratings, quality of product listing, quick product sourcing.

Free features such as the FBA Fee calculator, Sales Estimator, Amazon Inventory Spy and Amazon to eBay Price Comparator are included with the tool.

The web app doesn’t need installation; you can start using it instantly from your browser by signing on to the website, then signing up to use the tool.

On the other hand, the Chrome extension can be installed once you become a member then use it for product research.

Also available is AMZScout Pro, an advanced version with more features.

This offers different sections of information with features like industry best precision, rating and analysis monitoring, web app integration, category and vendor reviewing, FBA Fee Estimator, Sales Product Revenue calculator, and opportunity rating, among others.

A 7-day trial period is available to test run AMZScout, before upgrading to subscription plans.

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3. JumpSend

Jump Send is an email automation and coupon distribution tool for Amazon that is fully compliant with its terms. It helps the sellers to increase their online sales and consumer base, by executing automated marketing campaigns.

The emails can be personalized to match the seller’s brand, and can be scheduled to be sent to both new and existing users.

Using JumpSend’s promotional section, sellers can also offer deals on new products and services for their targeted shoppers.

Once the deal is sold, a follow up email is sent encouraging the users to rate the seller. This helps generate organic product reviews that eventually draw more traffic.

It also has features to manage refund requests. Every time a refund is initiated by a customer, a response mail is automatically sent and the seller is immediately notified.

They can then resolve the customer concern in a timely manner and prevent a negative review.

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4. Camelcamelcamel

Camelcamelcamel is a free tool for tracking historical data for a product in terms of sales price and best seller ranking.

Price histories of over 18 million Amazon products, across 9 different locations, are monitored for the sellers to identify the fluctuating patterns and trends over time.

In other words, it makes it easier for them to understand whether the product has been newly launched and that’s why it’s scoring, or if it’s consistently performing.

The price watch can also be set up for all the unpurchased items in your wishlist as well. This gets deleted as soon as items are marked as ‘purchased’.

You can set up the tool to send you alerts whenever there is a change (rise or drop) in the product price, and receive them either through email or on Twitter.

Camelcamelcamel also provides a browser extension called Camelizer that gives you easy access to the price history charts. You can use it for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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5. MerchantWords

MerchantWords is a keyword research tool that helps the seller to derive unique market insight.

It enables them to find and develop specific keyword phrases to boost their product visibility and sales.

MerchantWords typically scans and collates the search-keywords from Amazon as well as other marketplaces (such as Walmart and Jet.com) across the world.

The results are based on the popularity of different searches made by the buyers. The database even contains the volume estimates for each keyword and is updated once a month.

These keywords help the seller to make their products visible to the buyers from different countries (as they are matched with the buyer’s varied search vocabularies).

The tool also lets you find similar keywords to improve sales. The database is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

6. Amzsuite

Amzsuite is a great time saver and a collection of automated services that can maximize your overall profit while selling on Amazon.

These services typically handle the requests for reimbursements, inventory damage control and negative feedback.

Whenever a refund is initiated, Amazon pays the customer through the seller’s account.

Though the customers are expected to return the items within a set period, it isn’t always the case and the seller ends up losing both money and the product.

Amzsuite tracks all such cases and automatically sends a reimbursement request to Amazon on the seller’s behalf to recover that money.

The tool also monitors customer reviews to analyze the real reason behind a negative or a neutral feedback for a product, and removes it to avoid bad publicity.

The feedback could be pointing to a delay in shipping or website issue, and not necessarily the sold product.

The Inventory Salvager keeps a track of your inventory while in Amazon’s control to check if it is damaged, misplaced or lost.

It then automatically files your claims from Amazon and expedites your refund process to minimize your losses.

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7. Appeagle

Appeagle provides an automated repricing platform for the sellers to stay ahead in the competition.

It completely eliminates the task of monitoring the competitor’s price or adjusting your own product price in response to whenever there’s a change.

Appeagle works by populating the seller’s product listings automatically into the repricer. It then analyzes the pricings from all sellers for a particular listing and determines a competitor.

The repricer then automates the price change every 15 minutes or so, but never goes beyond the minimum threshold set by the seller.

It’s a great tool for sellers with a larger number of listings, as it saves both time and effort while keeping their offers visible and in contention for the Buy Box.

8. Kparser

Kparser is a wonderful keyword suggestion tool for improving the performance of your product.

It enables you to find long tail suggestions for your seed keywords from Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and eBay.

Using these keywords in the title, description, and tag will give you more opportunity to optimize your products and enhance your SEO, pay per click and content marketing.

The tool has an easy to use interface that can extract keyword suggestions from exact sources in just a couple of clicks.

With the advanced filtering feature you can enable or disable the use of ‘additional words’ while analyzing.

You can also choose the parsing depth and include or exclude certain keywords. The results can then be sorted per requirement and downloaded in a CSV format.

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9. Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is an automatic email system for getting positive customer ratings. It is integrated with Amazon’s API and the buyer-seller messaging system, and is easy to use.

After each successful order fulfilment, Feedback Genius sends an email to the customer politely asking for their feedback.

Typically these emails are friendly, meaningful and act as automatic review reminders that have the potential to increase positive response rates.

In case the sellers end up with a negative review, the tool immediately notifies them to take corrective actions. This helps in building brand loyalty and customer retention.

Feedback Genius also offers some basic analytics and reports to track the performance of your email along with the number of seller’s feedback you get.

You can also track the total number of emails sent versus opened emails, message clicked rate, as well as the unsubscribe percentage.

10. KeywordInspector

KeywordInspector is a suite of tools that enables the seller to stay ahead of the competition.

The Reverse ASIN tool helps you to find all the keywords for a particular product or niche used by Amazon buyers across different nations.

It displays both the popular and unique keywords that an ASIN ranks for, along with their estimated volumes. The database gets updated on a weekly basis.

With the Keyword Trend, you can find Amazon Buyer Keywords for your products along with similar keyword suggestions.

You can search either by Average Price, Review Count, Sales Rank, Sales Per Day, Rating, or by the number of results found on Amazon for each keyword.

The keyword search volume trend is then stored, calculated and depicted as a graph with 13-months of historical data.

Indexation Tester is another feature that performs a rigorous testing of each and every search term against your ASIN.

It is used by the sellers to automatically check if their ASIN or product listing is found on Amazon by their target users.

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11. Brightpearl

Brightpearl offers a single platform to manage customers, suppliers, inventory, purchases, accounting, etc., and enables the seller to make data-driven decisions and execute effective strategies.

It smoothly integrates with the giant marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, that offers a larger sales scope for omnichannel businesses.

Brightpearl provides much needed insight to accelerate profits and growth down to the level of channels, SKUs and customers.

The features include real-time accounting with multi-currency capabilities and profitability across products, enabling you to have clarity on your current financial position.

You also get a clear view of your product inventory (in stock or allocated) across all sales channels.

The inventory is also processed for different business types like retail, multiple warehouse or drop shipped.

It even provides flexible inventory for bundles, kits and assemblies and can handle all product variants.

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