16 Best Games Like Flight Rising 2024

Flight Rising is a web-based social game created in 2012 that involves dragon breeding, combat, and the collection of different items throughout the gameplay.

You get to control your own clan of dragons, breeding them in fascinating combinations to create new and unique ones with different abilities, colors, and patterns. At the same time, there are extra resources like skins and apparel you can use to decorate your dragons.

Flight Rising is also a multiplayer and single-player game that’s compatible with Windows, Mac, mobile, Adobe Flash, and HTML5 platforms.

But the best bit is that it’s not the only breeding game. There are other similar games like Flight Rising that offer the same exhilarating experience.

Read this to the end to know them all.

Best Games Like Flight Rising You Can Play

1. Dragon Cave

Are you a huge fan of mythological creatures and adore fantasy realms with grand adventures? Then Dragon Cave might be the perfect game for you.

Dragon Cave’s main goal is for you to gather and raise your own dragons. Players adopt dragon eggs at the start of the game, with each game representing a distinct breed. Your main role is to look after the eggs, keeping them safe until the dragons hatch.

You then have to take care of the dragons, feeding them with the right food and most importantly, making sure they’re happy.

But unlike Flight Rising which also involves combat, Dragon Cave has a relaxed gameplay style with the most challenging thing you’ll ever do is nurturing the eggs and the dragons.

The game doesn’t have a mobile app but can be played online once you log in and create an account.

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2. Neopets

Neopets was made for pet lovers and is one of the best games like Flight Rising, complete with pairing and breeding options. But in this case, you’re breeding regular domestic pets instead of fiery dragons.

In this amazing game, you are transported to a special realm called Neopia where you can adopt and take care of charming virtual pets known as Neopets.

You start off by selecting your Neopet’s species and giving it a unique name before setting off on an adventure filled with fun, color, and discovery.

Some of the player responsibilities include feeding the pets, playing with them, dressing them up, and even taking them with you on occasional epic adventures around the vast realm of Neopia.

There are different levels to the game that cater to both newbies and seasoned veterans and you can play it online, on Android, or on iOS.

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3. Webkinz

Next up is Webkinz, another fantastic virtual game for cuddly pets that should keep you busy just like Flight Rising.

Developed by Ganz, Webkinz begins with the player purchasing a real-world plush toy; each coming with a special code that allows entry to the virtual Webkinz realm. The real game starts the moment you’ve adopted your pet online.

The game is all about taking care of your virtual pet, creating a safe and comfortable home for it, and taking part in a wide range of activities and challenges that benefit them in the long run.

Webkinz is tailored for kids and adults too, and has an educational angle to it which can be informative as far as pet care is concerned.

At the same time, it imparts financial skills, thanks to the requirement that forces players to manage their budgets, called KinzCash, when buying pet supplies or upgrading their pet’s house.

The game is mostly web-based but you can also play it on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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4. Sylestia

Sylestia takes the world of bizarre creatures to the next level because of the types of animals it has. They are not your regular domestic pets or the cute and cuddly dragons you may find on Flight Rising. Here, you deal with mystical creatures with multiple heads and fire-breathing powers.

With Sylestia, users can enter a magical realm where they take care of ethereal beings known as Sylesties. These animals can be customized to reflect the player’s style and vision, allowing you to inject your personality into them.

Once you have selected your pet, you’re responsible for taking care of all its needs like feeding, grooming, and giving them the attention they need to remain happy.

At the same time, you can take on wild Sylesties in battles and if you win, you get the chance to tame and add them to your growing flock.

There’s also a lot of breeding involved in Sylestia where you have to carefully and strategically combine different genes to get powerful offspring.

The game is fully online without support for mobile apps.

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5. Dog Dayzz

Dog Dayzz stands out as another fun and deeply engrossing game that lets users take control of their very own fuzzy friends.

The game may look simple at face value, but it has impressed gamers and pet lovers everywhere with its unrivaled gameplay, customizable choices, and a strong sense of duty for pets.

Dog Dayzz lets players adopt lovely puppies as virtual pets and raise them until they become huge dogs. The game combines a distinctive social interaction and pet simulation that will keep you glued to your phone screen for days.

Some of the responsibilities you’ll be engaged in include training, playing, grooming, playing dress up, taking part in competitions, and allowing the pets to virtually interact with other dogs.

The realistic dog simulations and diverse selection of dog breeds are what make this game a very good Flight Rising alternative. And don’t assume the competitions are easy, you’ll need to be very strategic to win even the simplest of them all.

The game is purely online so you’ll need a reliable browser to enjoy it.

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6. IcePets

IcePets gives players an opportunity to come up with the most unique pets they can think of and then raise them in challenging snowy conditions until they mature.

The game is set in a place called Terrafrost and it starts with a player adopting adorable virtual pets called Polar Cubimals. There’s a vast selection of species and breeds to choose from, each coming with a unique combination of colors, personalities, and abilities.

Then you have to care for the pets by regularly feeding and grooming them, ensuring they stay warm as the temperatures drop drastically from time to time.

Similar to Flight Rising, there are also some challenging explorations you have to undertake alongside your pets. Additionally, you have to solve a series of challenging puzzles and collect rewards in return.

IcePets is only available for online play and you need to sign up first to access the game.

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7. Rescreatu

Rescreatu involves mystical creatures and it whisks players away into an exciting and enchanted realm with all kinds of adventures.

The browser-based game lets players create animals called Creatu. You’re then supposed to guide their growth and evolution while engaging in thrilling expeditions as you learn the untold mysteries of the Rescreatu world.

These Creatu creatures exist in a variety of forms, sizes, and species. Plus, each comes with distinctive traits and skills that make it stand out from the rest. After making your choice, you’re required to provide your Creatu with proper care like feeding, training, and creating a cozy environment without any dangers.

There’s also a bustling in-game marketplace where you can trade and buy items from other online players for your pets. You can also participate in battles where you can showcase your pet’s skills and win a vast array of rewards and bragging rights too.

Rescreatu is only available for browsers at the moment and you have to create an account first before playing.

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8. MaraPets

MaraPets is an entertaining browser-based game that transports users to the endearing world of Marada, a place populated by a variety of fascinating creatures known as Marapets.

The main goal for the players is to take good care of their Marapet, encourage its growth, and take it on multiple adventures across the vast world of Marada.

Like in Flight Rising, you start MaraPets by choosing your very own animal. The creatures come in a variety of species, each with a set of special traits and skills that come in handy in the later stages of the game.

While the game may look simple, the role of taking care of these pets requires the utmost care and strategy for their development to proceed as intended. You can also engage other players online through an interactive marketplace where all kinds of items are sold and traded.

You can keep track of your progress based on the awards, avatars, and trophies that you collect as you take part in the different competitions available in MaraPets.

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9. Goatlings

Goatlings is entirely about cute pet goats that come in varying colors, sizes, and designs.

The game incorporates elements of pet simulation, collection, and RPG and it starts with players adopting their own goatling. They can then personalize their goat pet however they choose. Some notable customization choices include character, color, and coat pattern.

Once that’s done, the player and their pet go on a journey of discovery in new places, slaying monsters, accomplishing missions, and gathering treasure while at it. Each of these tasks adds to your goatling’s experience and currency, which you can use to improve their features and skills.

Goatlings is an engaging game that promotes imagination, exploration, and strategy. There are no set rules, but the main goal is to raise and develop your goatling.

Players can also trade goods, engage in friendly combat with other goatling owners, and take part in seasonal events and competitions. The game is only available for browsers.

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10. Pocket Frogs

If you’ve ever considered having a pet frog but couldn’t find a way to safely take care of it considering how unconventional it may be to other people, then Pocket Frogs is the game you’ve been waiting for.

It’s a highly captivating smartphone game, created by NimbleBit, that puts the world of frogs at your fingertips.

Pocket Frogs is simple; all you have to do is breed and gather different types of frogs, starting in relatively modest surroundings with a few of them.

Then with time, your goal evolves into a breeding program to unlock new species, patterns, and colors so you may expand your froggy empire. This goes without saying that you have to be very careful with the selections in order to come up with better-colored frogs.

Pocket Frogs has a unique twist to it where you’re allowed to crossbreed frogs to produce hybrids with traits from both of their parents. This genetic component gives the game a unique complexity and mystery, perfect for educating young people on how biology works in nature.

The game has one of the most vibrant graphics on this list too, so you’re assured of epic entertainment on Android and iOS.

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11. Beastie Bay DX

Beastie Bay DX is another good Flight Rising alternative that’s set on a remote island crawling with all kinds of mysterious creatures that you have to tame and raise as your pets.

The game was created by Kairosoft, and it expertly combines simulation, strategy, and adventure to give you a wholesome gaming experience like no other.

The game kicks off with your character crashing on a remote and uninhabited island. It is then up to you as the lone survivor to tame that wild island and turn it into a thriving settlement, while uncovering the many secrets it conceals.

Furthermore, there’s city-building and creature-collecting involved in the gameplay. You’ll have to build structures, grow crops, and raise animals to feed your expanding population while also exploring the forest to hunt down and train the island’s distinctive creatures called beasties.

The more you explore the island and engage in combat with foes, the more beasties you domesticate and they help you in the long run to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Beastie Bay DX has amazing graphics and you can play the game on iOS and Android.

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12. Bulu Monster

Next on our list of the best games like Flight Rising is Bulu Monster, which is set in another fantastical world with mysterious creatures of all sizes waiting to be tamed and bred to produce even better ones.

One thing Bulu Monster shares with most of the other games on this list are the battles which not only make the game competitive but add that extra layer of adventure, making it a lot more exciting than other laid-back games on this list.

The game is set on Bulu Island and the players are supposed to capture and train monsters and then use them to battle other stronger monsters. There’s a lot of strategy required to handle the many obstacles in this game, so come prepared.

On top of the battles and the training, the game has a very expansive map with amazing landscapes that you can explore and look for rewards and other precious items.

Once you defeat enough monsters, you earn Bulu Points which can be used to level up your own creatures, making them more powerful.

Bulu Monster is available on Android and iOS.

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13. Fish Tycoon 2

Fish Tycoon 2 is the second installment of the Fish Tycoon game series and it offers some of the best graphics on this list that rivals Flight Rising.

Players of Fish Tycoon 2 are thrown into a compelling environment where they inherit a failing fish breeding operation. It is your goal to sell and breed various fish species in order to revive the business and restore it to its original glory.

The game is fun, but if you think it’s a walk in the park then you’re in for a very rude shock. It demands creativity and the strategy of finding the right balance in order to keep the business alive is not easy.

The guidelines are simple: breed and crossbreed diverse fish species to produce novel and uncommon types. You must carefully manage your fish tanks to make sure they are correctly maintained with the necessary cleanliness, temperature, and food.

Finally, once you’ve met all the necessary requirements, you’re allowed to sell your fish as they develop and procreate to generate in-game currency.

The game has over 400 species of fish so far, which is very impressive. Moreover, you can take part in multiple challenge modes to spice things up and make the game more competitive. The real-time simulation is another thing that stood out for me as it allows you to see your fish grow.

Fish Tycoon 2 is compatible with iOS and Android.

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14. My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters combines the charm of catchy melodies with Flight Rising’s combative gameplay to give users a unique playing experience on their mobile devices.

The game incorporates simulation, strategy, and musical features where players are supposed to create a harmonious island full of a variety of cute and melodious creatures. But pulling this off is easier said than done.

Players in My Singing Monsters start with a single monster and gradually add more by breeding and hatching them.

The three main game mechanics are feeding, breeding, and collecting. To keep their monsters content and entice them to sing, players must make sure they feed them properly. Breeding is done by fusing various monster types to produce new and original creatures.

Finally, the final player task is gathering different creatures and strategically positioning them on the island to produce a musical composition that is harmonious and agreeable to the ear.

The more you advance in the game, the more locations and creatures you unlock and this comes with vast libraries of beautiful musical scores.

You can play the game on Android and iOS.

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15. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary was made for people who are conscious about the preservation of pristine habitats that support endangered animals; butterflies in particular.

Compared to Flight Rising, Flutter is more educational and it has an amazing collection of colorful butterflies that should keep you occupied for a while.

The game involves players raising and taking care of a collection of lovely butterflies. They start out with a single butterfly and progressively increase the size of their sanctuary population by gathering, rearing, and breeding other kinds.

On top of this, they have to plant and maintain particular host and nectar plants in order to draw butterflies to their sanctuary and keep them from leaving. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary also involves missions that players have to complete in order to collect points and other items that make their sanctuaries safer.

The early stages of the game introduce players to basic butterfly care with the challenges becoming more intricate as you progress.

You can play Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary on Android and iOS.

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16. DragonVale

DragonVale is one of the games closest to Flight Rising as it also involves dragons, but in this case, more colorful and bigger ones.

In DragonVale, players are invited into a universe where they are given the responsibility of breeding and raising dragons with a variety of body types, sizes, and elemental characteristics.

Players begin with a little island and a few dragon eggs, with the sole responsibility of caring for the eggs until they hatch into dragons which then require more care and feeding to grow.

The most exciting bit of the game is that you can create one-of-a-kind dragonlings with distinguishing features and elemental prowess by mating several dragons.

You may grow your wonderful dragon park and fill it with eye-catching habitats, attractions, and decorations as you hatch more dragons.

I particularly liked the fact that you can earn currency and points in the game by taking part in various activities like completing quests, receiving visitors in your dragon park, or competing in some events.

Furthermore, you can level your dragons up, increasing their abilities and value while unlocking other locations and more dragons.

This stunning game can be played on iOS and Android.

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Wrapping Up

That completes our list of the best games like Flight Rising that should keep you busy if you’ve already hatched all your dragon eggs and raised them to maximum sizes.

The best part is that there’s enough variety to choose from. If you still want to keep playing with dragons, then DragonVale and Dragon Cave should be more than enough.

If you want to go the opposite direction and deal with domestic pets, Goatlings and Neopets can offer you the challenge you seek.

Get the game that excites you the most and start breeding!

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