11 Best Games Like Lioden

Are you fascinated by role-playing games where you’re free to be any animal?

Lioden is one such game. This web-based simulation game revolves around the virtual world of lions.

As a player, you can create and manage your pride of lions. You get to be the King of your kingdom. It even gets more interesting as you’re responsible for managing both the breeding, hunting, and social interactions of your pride.

You can also create new generations with specific traits and characteristics. The game comes with genetics, so offspring can inherit traits and appearances from their parents. I think this adds to the depth and complexity of the game.

The game graphics like the lion breeds and environment are also really beautiful, artistic, and detailed. Plus you can play in real-time whether in seasons or day-night cycles.

The Lioden player community is extremely large giving you access to other game lovers. You can communicate with them through forums or direct messaging.

All in all, it’s interesting how this game hands you the freedom to create a whole new world. You can even develop backstories and personalities for your lion characters.

If you enjoy simulation games where you can manage and interact with virtual creatures or characters, there are several other games like Lioden that you might find appealing. I have taken my time to review them in this article.

Some of the best games like Lioden include WoldQuest, Howrse, FeralHeart, Animal Jam, Dog Dazz, and Horse Eden.

With that said, let’s now get into the proper review!

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Best Games Like Lioden You Should Explore

1. WolfQuest

Like the name suggests WolfQuest is a simulation game where you play as a wolf and explore the wilderness. You can play alone or with friends on your computer, iPhone, or iPad.

I saw that the game has an interesting backstory. Rather than moving straight to establishing your territory, you’ll start as a young gray wolf. Your journey starts from the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park where your family pack is based.

You’ll first learn how to hunt against prey like mules, deer, moose, or elk. Once your skills are perfected, you’ll look for another wolf to become your mate.

That’s when your mission to establish a territory begins. It’s more like a boy growing into a man and finally settling down with a wife to start a family.

But before that happens, you must buy a home or rent a space. That’s exactly how it unfolds in WolfQuest. You’ll choose a den site with your mate where you’ll move in and raise a litter of pups.

As their father and leader, you’ll be in charge of feeding them and defending them against attacks or competition. You also need to teach them the skills required to be a wild wolf.

Overall, you want them to succeed and it’s on you to make that happen. If you ever get confused, there is a section on the website titled, “Wolfpedia” where you can get more information about wolf behavior, ecology, and the game in general.

To make your wolf character unique, you can choose to customize its appearance by either giving it a coat color or markings. Like Lioden, the game offers dynamic seasons and weather conditions. The online community is also very active.

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2. Howrse

If you’re a horse enthusiast, you should try this online simulation game. Here, you’ll be breeding horses, taking part in competitions, and generally managing your equestrian center.

The game features are super detailed and engaging. First, if you want your horse to have specific traits, skills, or colors, you can pair them for breeding to achieve that, just like you would in Lioden.

Even at that, you can train your horses to improve their skills and abilities. You’ll have access to different training options to ensure that they excel in different equestrian disciplines.

The best part is that the game offers a variety of competitions like dressage, show jumping, cross-country and lots more! You’re free to enter your horses into these competitions and stand the chance to earn rewards, prestige, or rankings.

“Equus” is the name of the in-game currency. You’ll be offered that if you win any of the competitions. In return, you can use it to buy items, horses, or services.

Another interesting feature of this game is that players can build and customize their equestrian center including stables, training facilities, and pastures.

Bear in mind that your horses will age over time. So, you need to manage their lifespans and make decisions about retirement and breeding opportunities.

Finally, you’re free to track your achievements and rankings from the game dashboard. You can showcase your progress and success within the Howrse community.

Like Lioden, Howrse is free to play. You can also download the Android and iOS versions from the Play Store and Apple Store.

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3. FeralHeart

FeralHeart is one of the best alternatives to Lioden especially if you are keen on creating and customizing feral characters like wolves, big cats, dragons, or other fantasy creatures you can think of. I love that players are free to choose how their characters look.

The fact that this game doesn’t focus on one type of animal unlike Lioden gives room to more exploration. First, there is an open world filled with diverse landscapes including forests and mountains, each with its unique environment and atmosphere.

Another beautiful benefit of this game is that it allows players to meet and interact with each other in the game world. You can even form friendships, alliances, and rivalries with other players’ characters which is super interesting.

Together, you all can partake in tasks and challenges. The tasks can either be cooperative if you’re playing with friends or competitive if playing with your rivals.

To add more realism to this virtual game, there are a range of social emotes and actions that you can use to communicate with other players through their characters.

To crown it all, FeralHeart is web-based like Lioden though you can also download the full app from the website. To play the game from your browser, you should register first.

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4. Animal Jam

If you have kids, Animal Jam is the best online simulation game for them. The game also serves as their playground where they personalize their favorite animals, chat with friends, and learn fun facts.

Their chosen animals are represented as avatars. They can either be a wolf, panda, or tiger. I love that the game incorporates educational content related to wildlife and nature.

Through quizzes, in-game information, and videos, your kids will learn fun facts about animals, ecosystems, and conservation.

I think the game’s seamless combination of entertainment and educational content made it garner popularity among kids and parents.

At first look, you’ll notice that the interface is colorful and friendly. The game is free to play just like Lioden.

However, there is a premium membership option that gives you additional benefits like access to exclusive animals, dens, and in-game currency bonuses.

Since Animal Jam is targeted at younger audiences, there are parental controls to help you manage your kid’s gameplay experience. You can reduce their time limits or tweak the chat settings.

The game truly prioritizes safety and maintains a moderated environment to ensure that the interactions and content are appropriate for children. Upon registration, you can play the game online or download the app from the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Store.

There are also PC and Mac versions which can be downloaded from the website.

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5. Neopets

Eager to explore an online virtual pet shop? Neopets should be your go-to game. Founded in 1999 by two college students, Adam Powell and Donna Williams, the game is centered on players adopting and caring for virtual pets and playing games.

I particularly find this game interesting because it gives you the chance to explore as much as you can. The pets you adopt in your world are known as “Neopets” and they come in different species and colors.

Each of them also has its unique characteristics and abilities. The name of the virtual world where the Neopets reside is called Neopia. This world is divided into lands and regions with different themes and activities.

You can explore these areas with your Neopets, complete quests, and also interact with other characters. Additionally, there are different games that you can play and earn in-game currency called, “Neopoints.”

You can use this currency to purchase items and food at the virtual marketplace. I love that the game offers more than 50 different Neopet species to choose from. There are also smaller creatures known as Neopet Petpets which serve as companions to the Neopets.

The game is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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6. Horse Eden

Horse Eden is another online simulation game that you can consider in place of Lioden. This game is solely focused on horse-related events.

That is to say, your role as a player is to manage a stable of horses, train them, and compete in equestrian events such as dressage, show jumping, and cross country.

The genetics feature of the game allows you to breed exceptional horses. But to achieve success, you also need to hire and train skilled riders.

Interestingly, there are lots of events and competitions to explore in this game, even end-of-the-year awards. The most accomplished horse riders can aspire to compete internationally at the Horse Eden World Games.

Another advantage of the Horse Eden game is that beyond the competitive arena, players can also take their horses and riders on serene trail rides to relax and recuperate. You can also enroll them in specialized training clinics and even host your shows or auctions.

Most of all, players are required to construct barns, pastures, arenas, and crop fields to expand their group and create a perfect stable environment.

Horse Eden is free to play and is also web-based. You only need to create an account on the website to access the game.

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7. My Free Zoo

How thrilling will it be to take on the role of a zoo director and manage a virtual zoo? Well, you should find out on the My Free Zoo game. It is a free-to-play online zoo simulation game.

This game typically teaches you zoo management. At first, you’ll start with a small plot of land and gradually expand the zoo by adding enclosures, attractions, and facilities for both the animals and visitors.

You are also responsible for taking care of different animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, and aquatic creatures. You’ll feed, groom, and ensure their overall well-being.

As a zoo manager, it’s also your job to attract and satisfy visitors. That alone is essential for the success of your zoo. The more visitors you have, the more revenue you will generate.

And with the revenue, you can provide amenities like food stands, restrooms, and souvenir shops which can enhance the visitor experience.

I like that players can customize their zoo with aesthetically pleasing decorations, paths, and landscaping. You’ll earn rewards for completing the competitions.

Best of all, the game offers social features that allow you to interact with friends and other players. You all can visit each other’s zoo and exchange gifts and animals.

As much as the game is web-based, there is also the mobile version which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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8. Alicia Online

Alicia Online is another cool game to try out if you love horses. The game is mostly known for its colorful and vibrant graphics plus it combines horse racing and role-playing game (RPG) elements.

Hence, Alicia Online is more of a horse racing game. There are lots of horse races to explore with other online players. Interestingly, these races happen on beautifully designed tracks where you’ll meet various terrains and challenges.

You’re free to choose any horse of your choice and customize it to your taste. Also, to improve the horse’s racing performance, you’ll need to engage in training activities to enhance its stats and abilities.

In addition to that, Alica Online runs a full in-game economy where players can freely buy and sell their horses and other valuable items.

Like Lioden, the game can be played online upon registration. However, you can still download the PC version from the official website.

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9. Dog Dayzz

If you’re a dog lover, you’ll love this game! It’s a web-based online simulation game like Lioden where you can create and care for your virtual dog. How fascinating!

The primary aim of the game is to provide a realistic and engaging experience of caring for a pet dog.

Here’s how the game works: First, you need to choose and adopt a virtual dog from a variety of breeds and colors since every dog on the system has its own unique characteristics and traits.

The next step is to train this virtual dog in different skills and behaviors such as obedience, agility, and even tricks. Your dog needs this training to get better at its abilities.

Another interesting feature of this game is that it offers a wide range of activities for you and your virtual dog to participate in. Some of these activities include dog shows, agility competitions, and other events where you get to showcase your dog’s skills and abilities.

You can also personalize your dog’s appearance and interact with other players in the game. Like Lioden, Dog Dayzz is free to play as long as you’re a registered user.

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10. Wajas

Wajas is an interesting simulation game where you can create and take care of your wolves. Aside from selecting them, you can design them and even sell them on Wajas.

From my search on the website, there are 17 kinds of wolves to choose from with lots of different colors and shapes.

You’ll also meet other players through the chat board, discuss your wolves, learn new things about the game, and eventually become friends.

If you haven’t played this game before, rest assured that you’ll feel like a pro in no time just by being active and learning from the chat board.

Overall, Wojas is designed to be played at no cost. While there are additional features on the premium version, you can still earn money from winning competitions and even selling your wolves.

You need a login and player name to register.

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11. Planet Zoo

The good thing about Planet Zoo is that as much as it’s a simulation game that involves creating and managing your zoo, you can still design enclosures for lions. In that way, you’re running a den of lions like the Lioden game.

There are also other amazing animals for you to take care of, providing homes for them, studying how to take care of them, and helping them have babies.

Generally, as a zoo manager, whatever choices you make, whether good or bad, will affect the world. You’re running a whole world with animals which can be super exhilarating.

The virtual zoo is what you make of it. You should constantly research for ways to make your zoo better and most importantly, make sure that your animals are safe and happy.

Another reason why I love the Planet Zoo game is that it allows you to run wild with your imagination especially when it comes to designing and building your zoo. You can dig lakes and rivers, make hills and mountains, as well as create caves and paths.

The best part is that you can’t hoard this creativity from the world. Planet Zoo allows you to show off your cool virtual zoo on the Steam Workshop where people from all over the world can adopt your designs in their zoos. You’ll also get ideas from their creations too.

Finally, Planet Zoo can be purchased from the Steam Store.

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Final Word

As you have seen, there are lots of online simulation games like Lioden. While most of them are web-based, others require you to download either the PC or Mobile version.

Feel free to go through the review again and pick the game that you’re fascinated with.

If you’re a horse lover, games like Horse Eden and Howrse should be your go-to. In the same vein, if you’re fascinated by wolves, WolfQuest is a good bet.

All in all, make sure that your choice aligns with your desires and interests.

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