22 Best Online Games To Play When Bored in 2024

Looking for a robust list of online games to beat the boredom? Whether it’s a dull day at work or a lazy weekend, everyone faces moments when they must pass time at work or home.

No worries, though, as online browser games are a fantastic remedy!

There are different types of browser games, including both single-player and multiplayer games. Some games look outdated and use simple graphics, while others are more modern.

So, let’s dive in and explore some engaging online games that promise to turn any bout of boredom into a thrilling gaming experience!

Pick the one you like.

Best Online Games To Play When Bored

1. PAC-MAN Doodle – Best Browser Game To Play When Bored On Computer

PAC-MAN Doodle

PAC-MAN Doodle is a browser game built into the Google search results. To access it, just enter “Google Pacman” into the search bar on Google.com.

Alternatively, you can access a full-screen version by visiting this page.

If you’ve played Pac-Man as a kid, this game will bring you a lot of nostalgia and old memories. First released in 1980, Pac-Man is one of the most popular arcade games of all time.

The goal is simple: to eat all the dots in the maze without crashing into one of the colored ghosts, which will cause you to lose a life.

You only have three lives before the game is over. The more dots you eat, the more points you get.

If you eat one of the big dots (power pellets), the ghosts will turn blue for a short time, during which you can eat them for extra points. They will then be sent back to their cage, from which they will be released again.

If you eat the cherries, you get extra points.

2. The Chrome Dino GameAddictive Offline Game To Play At Work For Short Breaks

Chrome Dinosaur Game

The Chrome Dinosaur Game is a fun game built into Chrome. It is one of the popular online games to play when bored on Google Chrome browser, since it doesn’t require an internet connection.

In fact, when you have a bad internet connection, Chrome gives you a network error page with a picture of a pixelated dinosaur. You can then immediately launch the game by pressing the space button on your keyboard (or pressing anywhere on the screen on mobile).

If your internet goes out for a few minutes at work and you’re bored, simply play the Chrome dinosaur game until you get your connection back.

You can also visit the Chrome Dino game by typing Chrome://Dino into your browser bar or visiting the network error page (chrome://network-error/-106) and pressing the space bar.

Note that the game is only available on Chrome. However, there are several replicas of the game online, including Dino-Chrome.com.

Chrome Dino game is also one of the best games to play when bored on Chromebook.

Here’s how to play the game:

Once you launch the game, your goal will be to jump over cactuses. The dinosaur will run forward by itself, but you have to use the arrow bars on your keyboard to jump over cactuses or speed up.

As the game goes on, it will get more difficult. Cactuses will appear more frequently, and they may also increase in size and number; the dinosaur will also start running faster.

Your score will be displayed at the top. If you hit a cactus, the game is over, and you’ll have to start again.

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3. Geoguessr


Geoguessr is a browser-based geography game that is fun and educational at the same time. You will be shown a random street view on the map, and your goal will be to figure out where you are in the world, using hints such as street signs, license plates, traffic markings, and graffiti.

Playing this game allows you to broaden your knowledge of geography and also gives you a chance to explore the world virtually. Furthermore, you can expand your knowledge of how different countries look.

There is a competitive component to it as well, as you can play against other players in tournaments and earn badges. There are 50 million people signed up to Geoguessr, so there are plenty of people to compete against from all over the world.

Geoguessr has a free account that allows you to play in 2D view. While it used to have a better free plan, Google’s limitations to its Google Maps StreetView API forced Geoguessr to start charging – fortunately, we created a list of 15 free Geoguessr alternatives that you can try instead.

Geoguessr is available in 10 different languages. Furthermore, in addition to being available in your browser, you can download the mobile app and play the game on your mobile device.

4. Google Maps Snake Game

Google Maps browser game

The Snake Game is a Google Maps browser game that is fun and easy to play. To start, choose a destination – Cairo, São Paulo, London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, or “World.”

Your objective is to use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to pick up as many passengers as possible. As you pick up more passengers, the game will get harder and harder – if you crash into the edge, you lose the game.

As you pick up more passengers, your score will increase. Sometimes, you can get bonus points for picking up special characters – for example, on your way to Tokyo, snag the ramen for additional points.

When the game is over, you will see your score, and you can share it with friends.

An alternative to the Google Maps version of Snake is a more traditional version of Snake built into the Google search results. Simply search for “Google Snake” or visit this page.

Snake browser game

The game’s objective is very similar. You’ll have to move the snake around with your keyboard arrows, this time picking up cherries instead of people.

If you crash into the edge of the board, you lose. Try to pick up as many cherries as possible before losing.

5. Minesweeper Online – Fun Game To Play At Work Breaks

Minesweeper - browser game to kill time

Considering its straightforwardness, minimalist graphic needs, and no reliance on sound, Minesweeper stands out a solid choice for a web game to play at work breaks.

Minesweeper is a video game first released in the 1960s. If you had an old Windows computer, you’re probably familiar with the game, as it came preinstalled on earlier versions of Windows, like Windows XP.

The goal of the game is to open all the squares on the board while not touching any hidden mines. You can’t know for sure which box hides a mine, but you can use the numbers on adjacent squares (that you already opened) to determine the likelihood of a particular square having a mine.

For the best online minesweeper gaming experience, play on Minesweeper.Online. The website mimics the old style of Minesweeper – the one you’ll be familiar with if you played the game on an older version of Windows.

Minesweeper.Online also features leaderboards and an online arena, tickets to which you can get while playing Minesweeper. There are also several playing modes and difficulty levels.

Another great place to play the game is MinesweeperOnline.com, which requires no login and gives you the classic version of the game.

minesweeper on Google Chrome

For a quicker way to play minesweeper, just enter “minesweeper” into Google to get the built-in version on Google. You can also visit this page.


However, Google’s version of Minesweeper, while adhering to all the rules and allowing you to choose a difficulty level, has a more modern interface, without the nostalgia of the old Minesweeper.

Minesweeper has also found its way into Microsoft Teams through the ‘Games for Work’ app, making it accessible for coworkers to engage in a game during meetings.

It hints that Microsoft values the addition of casual games in the workspace to foster creativity, teamwork, and dialogue.

Yet, balancing play with work duties is crucial. Always adhere to your company’s rules about playing games during work to maintain yours and your coworkers’ productivity levels.

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6. Solitaire

Solitaire card game

Solitaire is a card game that is at least a few hundred years old. There are online versions of this simple game, which you can play alone, with the objective of creating four stacks of cards in ascending order.

This game’s simplicity and ease of play make it a go-to option for a quick break or time filler.

For the rules of the game and different variations, see here.

There are a few places to play solitaire online. I recommend Solitaire, which is a website that is totally free and doesn’t even require registration.

You can either play by yourself on Solitaire or enter multiplayer mode to play against someone else online.

While registration is not required, you can create an account and track the leaderboard if you wish.

The website features different versions of Solitaire, including Spider Solitaire. It also features other games, such as:

  • Hearts and Spades
  • Mahjong
  • Yahtzee
  • And others

Another way to play Solitaire is to simply play it on Google by Googling “Solitaire Google,” as Google has a version of the game built into the search results.

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7. Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-tac-toe is one of the simplest and easiest games you can play while bored. It doesn’t require much mind work, making it perfect if you just want to pass the time without thinking too much.

You can play the game on PlayTicTacToe.org. Alternatively, simply type “tictactoe” into Google.com to find the version of the game that is built into the Google search results.

On Google, you can select a difficulty level or play against a friend.

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8. Chess


Chess is an awesome classic game to play. Not only is it fun, but it challenges your mind and sharpens your brain.

Research suggests that playing chess can help you improve your focus, improve your memory, stave off dementia, help with ADHD, and a lot more! However, it can also be very addictive, especially if you are playing short games online with real people.

I recommend using Chess.com, where you can play against a computer or real people. You get to choose your difficulty level, and you can also choose games of different lengths.

Chess.com is entirely a browser game, with no download required. It also features puzzles and lessons that will help you become a better chess player.

One of the reasons I recommend Chess.com is that whether you’re playing against a computer or a real person online, you don’t need to register for an account. You can play as a guest.

However, I do recommend creating an account, as it allows you to track your skill level and improve your overall score. As you win more games against real players, your score will improve.

After registering, you can also sync your account when you use the Chess.com mobile app on your phone.

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9. Slither.io

Slither.io is a fun multiplayer game that you can play right in your browser. Enter a nickname for yourself and then click on the Play button.

The game is simple to play, but the instructions aren’t spelled out, so let me explain them to you.

You control the snake with your cursor, and your goal should be to eat as many shining pellets as possible. The more pellets you eat, the bigger you will grow.

However, if you crash into another user, you will die, and you will then turn into pellets for other players to eat.

You will notice that your snake avatar is very small while starting out, while some other players have massive avatars. They’ve simply eaten a lot of pellets. But watch out for them, as they are easier to bump into.

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10. Sinuous

Sinuous is like the reverse of Slither. Your goal is to move around while avoiding the constant red dots around you.

If you hit the red dots, you will end up losing the game. However, you should try to hit as many dots that have colors other than red.

Use your cursor to navigate around the endless red dots and see how long you can last!

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11. Check Box Race

This fun but useless game is perfect for when you are bored with nothing to do. The goal is to check as many checkboxes as possible, as fast as possible.

There is a line of 100 checkboxes, along with a timer tracking how long it is taking you to check all of them. The frustrating part of the game is that it is all too easy to accidentally “uncheck” a checkbox you just checked, setting you back and causing you to take longer to fill out all the boxes.

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12. A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a text-based role-play action game. It has no graphics, but you can enable audio for a more interactive and enhanced experience.

The game starts with you alone in a dark room. You light a fire, gather wood, and stoke the fire, and then a stranger stumbles into the room.

You’ll have to react to different circumstances, such as a wanderer coming into the room and offering help. Can you trust them?

You can build traps to catch animals and increase your stores of fur, but you’ll require wood for that. You can go out and gather wood to increase your wood stock.

13. Isleward

Isleward is a massive multiplayer online browser game that features an open world (Fjolarok) that you can explore. It’s open source and moddable.

As it’s a cross-browser game, you can play against anyone on any device.

The world of Fjolarok has been devastated, and its inhabitants are working to rebuild it. It has tons of sewers and caves to explore – try it out for yourself!

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14. Powerline.io

Powerline.io is another fun snake game that you can play in your browser. It’s a multiplayer game, and your goal is to kill other users while avoiding getting killed yourself.

You will use the arrows on your keyboard to control your movement. If you crash into another snake, you will die, so your goal is to get close enough to other snakes to force them to crash into you, which will boost your avatar.

One of the cool things about Powerline is that it allows you to talk with other users and say things like “LOL” or “RUN” by pressing T and then pressing numbers on your keyboard.

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15. Pinball

Pinball is a classic arcade game that has been around for a long time. There are many versions of the game, but you can play one version online for free on PlayPager.com.

Start by using the launcher to launch your ball (use the down arrow). Then, use your right and left arrow keys to control the ramps at the bottom of the screen and prevent the ball from falling into the hole in the middle, instead launching it back up to continue hitting lights and other objects to score points.

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16. Line Rider

Line Rider

Line Rider is a cute but weird little game that requires you to draw a line for a sledder to ride on. You’ll start on a blank screen with a sledder in the middle.

You then use the drawing tools to create a line for the rider. Click the play button to start the ride and watch how the sledder slides down your line (or bumps and crashes if you drew the line the wrong way).

There is no real goal to the game other than to prevent the rider from falling over. For that, though, you’ll need a basic grasp of physics.

Line Rider is somewhat of an internet meme. Advanced players have been able to create intricate loops and slides that the sledder boy can ride on without falling down or crashing.

Artists use Line Rider as a way to make doodles in the background while having the sledder boy ride down a line in the foreground.

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17. 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word is a word game that challenges your mind and helps you develop your thinking skills. There are a number of versions of the game available online, but I am using the one from Silver Games for this article.

The game gives you four pictures, and you have to choose the word that can represent all four pictures. You can only select certain letters, though, which you will use to fill out the exact number of boxes given to you.

For example, in the screenshot above, the answer is “happy.” As the game goes on, it gets increasingly difficult to figure out the association between the four pictures.

18. Crossword Puzzles – Browser Game To Play Online that Enhances Vocabulary and Language Skills

Crossword Puzzles

There are many crossword puzzles that you can play online. I recommend using Boatload Puzzles, as it features tens of thousands of crossword puzzle games with varying degrees of difficulty.

You can start with the first puzzle and go all the way up to crossword puzzle #40,000, or you can enter a puzzle number (from 1-40,000) and start from there.

The puzzles are like all crossword puzzles; you have to figure out which words to choose based on the hints, the number of squares available, and crossing words.

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19. Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball is one of the weirdest fun games I’ve seen! You control a little slime blob, and you have to play volleyball with either the computer or your friend.

You use your letter and arrow keys to control your slime ball, and your goal should be to throw the ball over the net and never let it touch the floor. If it touches the floor on your side, you lose a point to your opponent.

Slime Cricket and Slime Tennis are coming soon.

20. BrowserQuest

Free MMO role-playing game

BrowserQuest is a free MMO role-playing game in which you choose a character and then explore worlds, find treasures, talk to and interact with other players and NPCs, kill creatures, and more. While the original version of the game is now defunct, you can play it on BrowserQuest.io.

When you select a character, the tour browser will automatically save it for the next time you play the game, but you can also select a new character.

You can use your mouse to control your character or click on a point on the screen you want it to go to.

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21. Wordle

Wordle is a fun game to play

Wordle is a captivating cool game where you are to guess five-letter words, having six tries to guess the word correctly. Each time you make a guess, the tiles will change color and reveal which letters you got right.

If you get a green letter, that means you got the right letter in the right spot. If the letter is brownish-yellowish, it means the word contains that letter somewhere, but you didn’t place it in the right spot.

If all the letters that you guess remain white, that means you guessed no letter correctly.

The goal is to guess the right word by the sixth try.

Wordle is a popular game, and there are a number of places you can play it online. The New York Times has a daily Wordle challenge (linked above), but you can also play unlimited Wordle games on WordleGame.org.

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22. Color Pipes


Color Pipes is a simple little game that requires you to connect two dots of the same color to create colored pipes that fill up the board. It seems pretty simple at first, but you can choose from several difficulty levels to make things a little harder.

It’s better suited for kids, but you can also play it as an adult if you are looking for a way to idle away your time without the need to think too much.

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Best Online Games To Play When Bored – Wrapping It Up

I recommend starting with Pac-Man, as it’s the easiest browser game to play when bored online and also very accessible. However, there are so many cool games that it can be hard to decide which one to play.

Ultimately, the best game for you is one that you actually enjoy playing; sometimes, you might be in the mood for a silly game rather than one that requires you to think. If you get bored with one game, you can always switch to another.

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